Best HVAC Schools in Phoenix – 2021 Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated: June 15, 2021
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Thinking of pursuing HVAC fulltime? This article will provide you with all the information you will need to be an HVAC technician in Phoenix. Furthermore, you will find reviews of all the best HVAC schools. You can read on to find out more data and use it to make your decision. 

Requirements to Be an HVAC Technician in Phoenix

Phoenix is a city located in Arizona, so the requirements of being an HVAC technician will be based on the requirements of Arizona. We’ve listed them here for you so you can get a better insight. Make sure that you go through these thoroughly from other sources well before you apply. 

EPA Certification

In order to be an HVAC technician in Phoenix, you need to be EPA section 608 certified. Once you pass this test, it doesn’t expire, so you need not take it again. If you want to service small appliances, you must take a Type 1 certification. For bigger appliances and more high-pressure items, Type 2 certification is required. 


If you don’t choose to take EPA certification, you must enroll yourself in a school where you are being apprenticed. You must have the skills of an electrician and must be able to handle hand tools and soldering equipment. 

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Record Keeping

If you are an HVAC technician in Arizona, you must keep records of all the refrigerants you work with. Furthermore, you must also be certified to use and purchase the chemicals needed to fix an appliance. Diligence in record keeping is a must for HVAC technicians in Arizona

Salary and Job Outlook in Phoenix

Before we dive into the reviews of the schools, it would be a good idea to take a look at the average annual salaries of an HVAC technician in Phoenix. Therefore, this portion aims to highlight the growth of this career path in Phoenix and the annual earnings of HVAC technicians. 

The annual wage for an HVAC technician is $47,610 in the US, as there is a heavy demand for them in the country. This can be broken down into $22.89 per hour, with a postsecondary non-degree award required for entry. In Phoenix, the salary is about $45,000. This is the basic salary and does not include overtime or peak seasons. Hence, this is quite an impressive package that can grow as you learn new skills along the way. You can also expect to receive opportunities for advancement in the career as well. 

The growth rate of this job in 13% and it is growing faster than average. Due to commercial and residential construction of buildings, the employment growth for HVAC technicians will rise, and the job opportunities for them will be fruitful. 

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Phoenix

Now that you have the necessary information, let’s take a look at the detailed reviews of the top schools. Our review aims to give you an insight to their HVAC program so that you can select one accordingly. 


Gateway Community College

Our Review of the Program

This establishment is considered to be outstanding amongst other HVAC schools in Phoenix. It has broad apprenticeship programs for handymen, circuit testers, and HVAC mechanics. It has earned various honors and accreditations and offers a wide variety of programs.

Gateway Community College devotes itself to giving quality education on campus as well as off-campus locations. They give exceptional courses and utilize the best equipment for training and development. Together, this college offers about 150 degrees and certifications to choose from.  

The entirety of the projects and courses offered at Gateway Community College are extensive and equipped with amazing faculty. There is no discrimination, and each student is given equal opportunity to flourish and make something out of themselves. The tuition rates are also quite affordable, and campus life is very comfortable. 


Refrigeration School, Inc.

Our Review of the Program

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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The Refrigeration School ensures that the students have hands-on practical experience for HVAC training. They will not be taught in the morning only, but will also be able to take evening classes based on the student’s own convenience. 

Graduating from this school, you will be sure that you are equipped with all the knowledge and experience to deal with any HVAC-related technical issues. You will learn how to repair as well as install residential and commercial heating, refrigeration equipment, and ventilation systems. 

Along with this, the school offers financial aid for those people who have merit but not enough funds. There are career services for the students as well, and scholarships are also offered to bright students.

HVAC technicians are very popular in Phoenix, which is why this school provides all the necessary training that you will need for a successful career as a technician. You can count on the Refrigeration School to help pave your way for the future. 


National Technical Institute

Our Review of the Program

At the National Technical Institute, you will be paving your way to a successful and bright future. Since HVAC technician is one of the fastest-growing professions in Arizona, this school can help you launch your career. 

NTI offers morning and evening classes, so you can choose whatever timings suit you better. They also offer affordable tuition rates, financing options for your degree, and excellent faculty to keep you focused. They engage in hands-on training using real-world techniques to help your career accelerate. 

Not only will you be able to get extensive knowledge and information about the program, but you can gain experience as well. The students can also opt for the EPA 608 certification exam from the school, and the courses available are flexible to fit into your daily routine or schedule. The school aims to prepare the graduates for being an entry-level technician and then building a more advanced career from there. 


UEI College

Our Review of the Program

UEI College ensures that all students have an equal right to a good education. They aim to put students’ comfort and convenience first and offer morning and night shifts for ease. The programs offered by this institute are also very wide and impressive.

Teaching methodologies adopted here in UEI college is very hands-on and practical. Instructors are encouraged to memorize students’ names and observe each student’s strengths and weaknesses, respectively. Financial aid will also be available to those who apply for it, and there are multiple externship opportunities to flourish in this field.

Moreover, the faculty is always dedicated and committed to providing you the best training and experience for your future. You can easily graduate from school in as little as 10 months, and you will find yourself confident and able to handle all the technical issues. Career services are also available to students who are unsure as to which career path to follow. 


Electric League of Arizona

Our Review of the Program

This is an excellent school for those who are specifically looking to enter the electrical career path. The school is non-profit and is aimed at increasing opportunities for growth in the HVAC field. Being a member of the school, you can take your dreams and make them into a reality.

The Electronic League of Arizona is equipped with the latest technological tools and equipment to aid you in learning. The professionals there provide hands-on practical training to make you more productive and successful in the career path you choose.

The school has been providing HVAC education for quite a long time, and they are equipped with the best faculty members. Along with that, there are multiple interesting programs to choose from, and they also have specialized training programs for students as well. If you’re looking for a credible, reliable and impressive school to study HVAC from, this is the best one out there in Phoenix.


We hope that this article provided you with enough guidance and information to shortlist an HVAC school in Arizona. There are several factors to consider before enrolling in one, so go over the websites of each respective school for further information. Good luck with your applications!

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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