Ruud Water Heater Reviews: 2019 Guide

Having been formed on the back of the gas water heater inventor, Edwin Ruud, Ruud water heaters are a household brand name. What makes them such a leader is their dedication to durability and their innovative designs that keep ahead of the curve.

Not sure where you should look for a replacement water heater?

Ruud is likely to be a good start. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about the Ruud and their range of products.

The Best of Ruud:

Ruud, known for its customer service and technological innovation, is an excellent choice for a water heater. Here are some of the reasons why.

Offers a complete product line 

Ruud has one of the most diverse product lines on the market. Offering solar, tankless, hybrid and conventional water heaters, Ruud has both gas and electric installations for their residential and commercial ranges. Unlike many manufacturers, Ruud also sells parts to repairing the products, giving a more comprehensive approach to customer service. Their line showcases an inclusive range of mid to high-efficiency water heating products in varying sizes to fit your capacity needs.

Excellent customer service

Ruud dedicates itself to providing helpful customer service for everyone’s experience. They have a customer service helpline based in the USA. The team of representatives is dedicated to providing quick, reliable service. In general, customers have reviewed their experience with Ruud customer service as being of a high standard. In line with this, customers have reported excellent customer service from Ruud’s contractors when needing help with their water heaters, as well as all representatives on the phone.

Their website also offers tools to ease the customer’s experience, such as the energy calculator to help compare products to work out savings and the Econet app for remote control of your water heater.

Apps Available

In the era of smart homes, being able to control your water heater remotely is a thing of the present. Having an app for your system shows a brand’s dedication to providing up-to-date and innovative technology. Ruud has three apps to help clients use its systems.

The first app, Calcusave, is an information database system that compares information, and pricing of water heater replacement options on the market, to Ruud products. This helps customers to work out how much they would save with which option.

Ruud Contractor App is a database that allows contractors to work smarter, by using the QR code scanner to find all the information on products. This allows access to cross-referencing, warranty lookup services, and a learning center.

The EcoSmart app is the most impressive app which enables remote control of your smart water heater system. The app sends out warnings if a system failure occurs, while enabling you to set the heater to your desired preferences, and alter them from afar. The operation modes will also help with energy savings by recommending the best way to heat most efficiently.

List of awards

Ruud has won a treasure chest full of awards for their water heating ranges and services. For Home Builder Executive Magazine, Rudd won an award for being both the most innovate tankless brand and an award for being the most innovative tank brand of water heater.

This tankless model also reached the Top 50 Products in Architectural Products Magazine. voted them the number one brand for remodelers, while Builder Magazine voted the most familiar brand for builders during their own study. Most recently they were the Brand Survey Winner for Builder and Developer Magazine, showing the widespread satisfaction of their clients.

Energy efficient

Energy Star is an award founded by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy to introduce more energy efficiency to water heaters. Ruud is a partner with Energy Star, with a long list of their products reaching the requirements to gain this award.

Ruud’s heat pump technology is the reason for their high efficiency, enabling the products to consume less power and save money on electricity and gas bills. The heat pump is twice as efficient as standard comparable models, as it saves money by using the stable temperature of the Earth. This means it doesn’t need to work as hard, and therefore saves power.

Ruud provides an impressive warranty 

A warranty says a lot about a company, and short warranties suggest that the water heater might break very quickly. A long warranty indicates that a company trusts that the product will last a long time. Ruud warranties for residential products begin at 8 years for both the water heater and parts. For those who wish to pay a little extra, there is an extended 12-year warranty called ProtectionPlus, which provides limited coverage for those extra years.

Ruud warranties are impressively comprehensive in comparison to other warranties on similar products by other brands. Equally, they are known for honoring their warranty when problems occur.

Major Drawback of Ruud 

One of the major issues that customers have found when installing Ruud products is the customer service on repairs, though friendly and polite, does not always diagnose the problem correctly. The issue with this is that it delays repairs for customers, leaving them unsatisfied. This has left customers with water heaters that don’t work for longer than is necessary.

Equally, customers have complained that sometimes the installation of the products is a little bit tricky. In this sense, there is an extra cost for hiring and installation engineers to come up and help put the products in.

Types of Ruud Water Heaters

Here are some of the most popular products by Ruud:

Ruud Professional 8.4 GPM Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater

This model is a high-efficiency condensing device run on gas that enables continuous water heating on demand. With a 93% energy rating, it also meets ultra-low NOx standards. It has been awarded the Energy Star for excellent efficiency, and 2 out of 3 LEED points for eco-friendliness. To boost, energy and water savings, it has water-saving settings that enable a decreased usage of up to 1,100 gallons per year, while the recirculation pump provides hot water faster, and therefore can save up to 12,000 gallons per year.

The installation is very easy, and there is a self-diagnostics system to help with this process. The water heater is EcoNet enabled for remote use and monitoring of your hot water usage.

Regarding safety and durability, the Overheat Film Wrap prevents the water heater from reaching dangerous temperatures, while it also has freeze protection to prevent damage to the components in cold weathers.

Ruud hybrid electric water heater

Dubbed as the most efficient water heater available, with a universal energy factor of 3.55-3.70, while also being Energy Star rated. The heat pump technology is designed to create maximum efficiency within this unit. This model provides extremely fast hot water with a first-hour delivery rate of 67 gallons for the 50-gallon model, 75 in the 65-gallon model, and 89 on the 80-gallon model. The ‘Vacation’ and ‘Energy Saving’ settings also increase energy savings when using this model.

It is easy to access the side connections and electric junction box, making it a simple install process.

This model is EcoNet-ready, allowing it to connect to Wifi devices and enabling remote access and control over the water heater. The water sensor alert hasn’t audible alarm, to prevent any issues with leakages.

Designed for durability, the premium grade anode rod has a resistor to help extend the lifespan of the tank. The stainless steel resistor elements also help to increase longevity, while the non-CFC foam insulates the tank to prevent heat leakages and energy loss.

Ruud professional achiever plus gas water heater

This gas-powered water heater offers 111 gallons first-hour rating for natural gas and 88 gallons an hour for LP gas. The recovery rate is about 47.5 to 65.7 gallons per hour. Heated with an eco-friendly burner, this model incorporates a low NOx design to ensure lower noxious emissions and better air quality.

The Flammable Vapor Detection System increases the safety of this system, by disabling the heat source in the case of flammable vapor accumulation. The premium grade anode rod, brass drain valve, and silicon nitride ignitor all increase the durability of the product, that also helps to improve its longevity. Equally the EverKleen self-cleaning system helps to prevent the buildup of sediment.

Basic Information you need to understand about water heaters

When looking at purchasing a new water heater, it is important to familiarize yourself with some of the key terms used in the descriptions. Understanding how water heaters are rated, helps you get a feel of what product is going to suit your requirements.


Water heaters have different sizes. While ‘bigger is better’ may sound like a good idea, having the wrong size water heater will lead to inefficient water heating and usage. If the water heater has a much higher capacity than you need, you’ll end up wasting energy and heating more water than necessary. If it is too small, it has to work very hard, which also consumes a lot of energy.

In this sense, when looking for a water heater tank, you need to look at the First Hour Rating to see how much water it produces. Equally with tankless heaters, look for the Gallons Per Minute rating. Compare this to your own household usage to define the right size for you.

The BTU or British Thermal Unit number will also help you determine its capacity. The higher the BTU input, the higher the amount of water per hour that can be produced.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency ratings are usually seen as a percentage or as the UEF. The UEF or the Universal Energy Factor is Energy Star rating system to determine how efficient the system is. The higher the UEF number, the more efficient the model is. Those rated with the Energy Star seal are very energy efficient products. While sometimes a little more expensive, they tend to save quite a lot of money in running costs.


If you are looking for a durable product, take note of the anode rod material, as you need a high-quality rod to help prevent corrosion. Equally, the material of the drain valves will help to keep the water heater working effectively, with brass being one of the best materials. Water heaters with self-cleaning technology will also last longer and will reduce the need for regular maintenance.

Ruud Company History 

Edwin Ruud, the founder of the company, was a mechanical engineer that came to America over a century ago. He was the inventor of the very first tank-style water heater that went into production in 1889 and later went on to become patented.

The company was formed in 1897 after Ruud bought his own patent, leading to the innovation in water heating products throughout the years for both commercial and residential applications. Now one of the largest manufacturers of water heating devices in North America, Ruud still dedicates itself to providing reliable, durable, energy-efficient water heaters, with dynamic technology and great customer service.


Ruud is a brand that has built its legacy as a leader in water heating. With a great loyalty program and a focus on customer service, Ruud provides a wide range of products that include forward-thinking technology that suits the modern world. Inclusive of durable parts and safety mechanisms, Rudd aims to provide longevity in its high-quality products. Choosing the right size is down to you, however, so make sure you understand your water usage before you take your pick.

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