Rheem Water Heater Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 2, 2021

Hot water is a basic necessity for everyone, thus, choosing the right water heater is an extremely important decision. A superior-quality heater should be durable, easy to maintain, and extremely energy-efficient. 

One of the most reputable names in both water and air appliances, Rheem is one company that ensures its products stand good on all these features. It focuses on quality and customer care, and has produced countless innovative designs during its numerous years in business.

Read on to learn more about this ingenious company and the different quality water heaters it has to offer!

How Does Rheem Compare to the Competition?

One of America’s leading water heater companies, Rheem manufactures heater models in solar, electric, gas, tankless, and hybrid styles. But what makes this company stand out from its competition? Here are some things that truly set Rheem apart:


While Rheem has designed countless products in its 100 years of operation, it’s currently the only company in the world that manufactures pool & spa heating, water heating, cooling, heating, and commercial refrigeration units. It’s also the biggest manufacturer of water heaters in North America. So, whether you live in a family home or a compact apartment, you’ll certainly find a suitable water heater.

Award-Winning Innovations

From next-gen energy-efficiencies to cutting-edge technologies, the company has always been a pioneer in designing some of the most creative and innovative advancements in cooling, heating, and water heating. Boasting countless award-winning solutions, it delivers advanced comfort, experiences, and savings to customers.


Rheem’s zero waste initiative is what really makes it stand out from the crowd. The company considers the impact it has on the environment and has taken the initiative to change and become more environment-friendly. It develops energy-saving products, like the Professional Prestige series. Most of the units in this series are designed with a built-in recirculation pump and a hot start program that minimizes the bursts of cold water during peak usage times.

Comparison of the Best Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem manufactures a wide range of water heaters and choosing one that best suits your needs can be extremely difficult. To help you understand the different models, here is a comparison of some of the best water heaters available today:

Model Name

Fuel Type


Tank Capacity (Gallons)


Cost of Unit Only

Energy Star Rated


Propane Gas



























PROPH50 T2 RH350 D







PROG40-38N RH62

Propane Gas







Propane Gas













PROE40 M2 RH95











Limited Lifetime Warranty



Review of the Best Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

To help you with your decision, here are some detailed reviews of some of the best tankless water heaters designed by Rheem:

Best Overall

Rheem RTGH-95DVLP-2

Rheem RTGH-95DVLP-2 Tankless Water Heater, Grey, Grey


Max Water Flow (GPM): 0.40

Energy Factor (EF): 0.93

Dimensions: 27.5 x 9.75 x 28.5″

Water Temp Range: 85 – 140°F

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Why it Stands Out to Us

With an efficiency level of 0.93 UEF, the condensing heat exchanger recycles exhaust heat and captures more energy during combustion. The minimum flow rate of 0.40 GPM further ensures hot water, even in low situations. It also helps save thousands of gallons of water every year. Due to its ultra-low NOx burner, it has low emissions and meets all SCAQMD rule 1146.2 requirements.

Moreover, it virtually eliminates wastage of water by providing hot water instantly. Freeze protection ability of up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit also allows users to use it in extremely cold conditions. Lastly, the heat exchanger is backed by a 12-year of warranty, showing Rheem’s confidence in its products.

Bottom Line

To put it simply, this unit is extremely eco-friendly and user-friendly. It instantly provides a continuous flow of hot water for extended periods of time without any fluctuations. Water Savings setting helps owners save almost 1,100 gallons of water every year, while the 0.40 GPM flow rate ensures hot water in low demand situations, as well.

With environmentally-friendly low emissions, the unit is designed with a Maintenance Notice Setting. This feature alerts and reminds users of a service check after 500 hours of use. While the unit is backed by a 12-year warranty, frequent repairs might still be required.


Self-diagnostic system ensures easy service and installation

Includes a digital remote control and a built-in condensate neutralizer

Innovative Water Savings technology helps conserve almost 1,100 gallons every year

Minimizes bursts of cold water with the help of exclusive Hot Start Programming

Guardian Overheat Film Wrap prevents it from reaching dangerous temperatures


Might require frequent repairs

Water might get too hot too quickly

Best Rheem Tankless Water Heater

Rheem RTEX-13

Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Residential Tankless Water Heater, GRAY


Max Water Flow (GPM): 3.17

Energy Efficiency: 99.8%

Power: 13kW at 240V

Dimensions: 12.63 x 8.25 x 3.63″

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Although this unit is compact and petite, it still boasts all the sought-after features of tankless heaters. Firstly, it’s designed with an external digital thermostat that has an LED display. This allows users to adjust the water temperature in one-degree increments to find the perfect setting.

We also love it because of its 99.8% energy-efficient rate. However, it really stands out because of its fast heating process. Providing hot water whenever and wherever you need it, it minimizes energy and water waste. The included showerhead produces a flow rate of 1.5 gallons every minute, which further helps conserve water.

Bottom Line

There are several different high-efficiency units, but this model is undoubtedly the best tankless heater for residential use available today. If you’re looking for a better alternative to the huge tank heaters, then consider buying this one. It’s a lot smaller than normal heaters and uses less power, as well.

Although you’ll have to wait for hot water if the unit is installed away from the faucets, it’s still one of the best models Rheem has ever produced. It’s also cheaper than traditional models and helps save on electricity and water usage. So, if you’re living in a small apartment with limited access, this unit is the one for you!


Efficiency rate of 99.8% helps save electricity bills

Compact and small design can be fitted anywhere

Innovatively designed for simple installation and easy replacement

Digital temperature display makes it easier to control temperature and flow rate

Robust copper heating elements are designed with a brass top to increase durability


Requires a 60-amp breaker box

Not suitable for use in colder climates

Point-of-use unit, so you’ll have to wait for hot water if it’s installed away from the faucet

Review of the Best Rheem Hybrid Water Heaters

The following are reviews of the best Rheem hybrid water heaters available today, so make sure you give them a look before finalizing your purchase:

Best Rheem Hybrid Water Heater

Professional Prestige 50-Gallon EcoNet


First Hour Delivery (Gal.): 67

Energy Factor (EF): 3.7

Dimensions: 22.25 x 61″

Water Temp Range: 37-145° F

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Since this unit is the best hybrid heater, there are several reasons why it stands out to us. Not only does it have an extremely efficient 3.55 energy rating, but it’s also designed with smart technology that allows users to control it from their phones. In other words, you can easily check and change its settings without going into the garage or basement.

Secondly, it features a water boost feature that ensures hot water is there whenever you need it. Lastly, it has a water sensor, five different operation modes, and a high-quality anode rode that ensures durability and extends the unit’s life.

Bottom Line

One of the most efficient units available, this model help save up to $5000 and has a payback period of fewer than two years. Capable of holding 50 gallons of hot water, it produces ample flow for a two-bathroom house. It’s incredibly efficient and boasts smart technology, making it truly stand out from the crowd.

Innovatively designed with Wi-Fi connectivity, users can pair it with their phones and receive maintenance reminders and alerts. Although it has a high price tag, the cost-saving benefit in the long run is certainly worth the investment. However, there is a bit of a learning curve.


Delivers 67 gallons of water in the first hour

Premium-quality anode rod ensures durability and longevity

Water sensor sends an alert if water is detected outside the unit

Strategically located side connections and electrical junction box provide easy access

Free mobile app and EcoNet enable users to control water temperature, monitor the system, and choose between settings


Bit difficult to install

Has a learning curve

Expensive than other models

Review of the Best Rheem Gas Water Heaters

With so many models available today, choosing the right heater can be an extremely time-consuming and difficult task. To make this decision easier, here are reviews of the best Rheem gas water heaters:

Best Rheem 40-Gallon Gas Water Heater

Rheem PROG40-40N RH67 PV

Rheem PROG40-40N RH67 PV Professional Classic Residential 40K BTU Power Vent Natural Gas Water Heater, 40-Gallon


First Hour Rating (Gal.): 86

Energy Factor (EF): 0.69

Recovery: 40.4 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 19.75 x 59″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the best gas heaters, this model primarily stands out to us because of its Guardian System & Sensor. Designed with an exclusive fuel and air shut-off device, it protects your house from any potential damage. There’s also no filter to be cleaned, making it virtually maintenance-free

A protective control system further turns off the unit automatically if a large amount of flammable vapor is detected. We also love this unit because of its low emissions. With a low NOx design and an eco-friendly burner, it helps save energy and water. Moreover, it meets all 40 ng/J NOx requirements.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is designed to provide more hot water at an incredibly low operating cost, and certainly deserves a place on our list of top picks. With a 0.69 UEF and a temperature range of 80 to 155 degrees F, it ensures there’s enough hot water for a back-to-back shower. It does not have a filter, making maintenance incredibly easy.

The Protective Control system prevents the accumulation of flammable vapor, while the EverKleen patented system protects the unit from sediment buildup. Although the unit is backed by a six-year warranty, users have reported receiving defective models that stop working after a few months of use.


Backed by a 6-year warranty

Does not require any matches, ensuring ease of use

EverKleen patented system prevents any sediment buildup

Does not have a filter, making it incredibly easy to maintain

Protective control system disables unit if flammable vapor starts to accumulate


Quality control of the unit could be improved

Recovery time is a bit longer than other models

Best Rheem 50-Gallon Gas Water Heater

Rheem PROG50-36P RH60 LP

Rheem 50 Gallon PROG50-36P RH60 LP Water Heater


First Hour Rating (Gal.): 85

Energy Factor (EF): 0.64

Water Temp Range: 36.4 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 20.5 x 61.25″

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The unit’s ease of use is what makes it stand out from the crowd. Designed with an electronic ignition system, it saves energy, monitors system performance, and helps eliminate the standing pilot light. The combustion air intake system is innovatively designed, so you don’t have to replace or clean any filters, making it virtually maintenance-free.

It’s also Energy Star qualified and boasts a special resistor that protects it from rust, ensuring durability and longevity. Furthermore, it’s Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to monitor the heater’s operation remotely.

Bottom Line

An energy-efficient unit, this model exceeds the latest Energy Star standards. With a 50-gallon tank, it’s designed with an environmentally friendly, 40,000 BTU/hour, low-NOx burner, and provides more than enough hot water for three to five people. It also comes with a pressure and temperature relief valve, making installation incredibly easy.

Although the unit’s self-cleaning technology prevents mineral and sediment buildup and saves fuel costs, the vapor sensor might stop working after a few months of use. The durability of the model could also be improved as some buyers reported that their units stopped working after a few years.


Can be used at 10,200 ft. above sea level

Dual-certified for portable space and water heating

High-quality anode rod increases the life of the tank

Fights mineral and sediment buildup, saving fuel costs

Electronic gas control improves service and monitoring


Application functions are limited

May stop working after a few years

Vapor sensor might need to be replaced after a few months of use

Review of the Best Rheem Electric Water Heaters

To ensure you don’t end up wasting your money, the following are detailed reviews of some of the best electric water heaters offered by Rheem:


Rheem® Gladiator™ XE50T12CS55U1


First Hour Rating (Gal.): 63

Energy Factor (EF): 0.92

Recovery: 25 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 20.25 x 58.38″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit provides more than enough hot water for three to five people. Designed with the power to control, the power to protect, and the power to know, it truly stands apart from its competition. The 360° LeakSense detects potential leaks, while the integrated EcoNet Wi-Fi allows users to track energy usage, control water temperature, and monitor the unit from their phone.

Lastly, the LeakGuard Auto Shutoff Valve protects your house from potential water damage by shutting the unit off if a leak is detected. Moreover, the innovative self-cleaning feature maintains efficiency and ensures the tank lasts for many years.

Bottom Line

With a 50-gallon tank, this unit provides more than enough hot water for the entire family. It delivers around 55 to 68 gallons of water per hour and is designed with innovative features that help maintain its efficiency and prolong the life of the tank.

The Econet app further allows users to check whether there’s enough hot water before they shower, while the Element Health Indicator identifies which element or part needs to be serviced and when. The 12-year limited parts and tank warranty gives users peace of mind. However, some customers received defective products, so quality control could be improved.


Parts and tank are covered by a 12-year warranty

Leak detection system accurately detects water leaks

Brass drain valve ensures faster drainage and easy service

Built-in Wi-Fi can be used to control the unit remotely and to receive alerts

Auto shutoff valve prevents overheating and protects your house from water damage


Quality control could be improved

App is a bit problematic and inconsistent

Best for the Money

Rheem XE30T06ST45U1


First Hour Rating (Gal.): 46

Energy Factor (EF): 0.92

Recovery: 21 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 19 x 47.5″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Backed by a six-year warranty and featuring dual copper heating elements, this model offers countless features at a fraction of the price. The 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor makes it incredibly energy efficient, while the premium quality anode rod ensures a longer tank life.

Providing more than enough hot water for up to two people, is designed with an automatic thermostat that maintains the desired water temperature, and has two 4500-watt elements. Furthermore, the unit comes with pressure and temperature relief valves that ensure easy installation. Lastly, an included 2.5-inch insulation blanket further adds efficiency.

Bottom Line

Delivering 46 gallons of hot water every hour, this model provides excellent value for money. A 0.92 UEF ensures efficiency, while the isolated tank design significantly reduces heat loss. Furthermore, the electric junction box is situated above the heating elements for quick and easy installation, while the included pressure and temperature relief valve add convenience.

An automatic temperature control thermostat maintains the desired temperature level, and a six-year warranty gives users peace of mind. However, the recovery rate is slower compared to other models, and it is a bit noisy when the top element is in use.


Extremely easy to use and maintain

Capable of providing 46 gallons of hot water per hour

Parts and tank have are covered by a 6-year limited warranty

High-quality anode rod protects the tank and ensures durability

Over-temperature protector shuts off power if the unit starts to overheat


Noisy when the top element starts working

Recovery rate is slow compared to other models

Best Rheem Electric Water Heater

Rheem XE20S06ST38U0


First Hour Rating (Gal.): N/A

Energy Factor (EF): N/A

Recovery: 17 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 17 x 31.5″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Being the best electric water heater, this unit is incredibly efficient and delivers an outstanding performance. With a 0.92 UEF, it is innovatively designed with dual 4500W and 3000W copper heating elements. The tank is further isolated to reduce any conductive heat loss, ensuring hot water whenever you want it.

When it comes to performance, this model has a first-hour rate of 33 gallons. Furthermore, it has a recovery rate of up to 21 gallons per hour at a 90-degree rise. The unit is also backed by a one-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is undoubtedly the best electric water heater ever produced by Rheem. Featuring dual copper heating elements, it’s backed by a one-year warranty, showing the company’s confidence in its products. The high-quality anode rod and over-temperature protector ensure longevity, durability, and reliability, while the strategic location of the electric junction box makes installation incredibly simple. However, Rheem needs to improve its quality control, as some customers reported receiving dented and defective products that started leaking after only a few months of use.


Isolated tank design significantly reduces heat loss

Comes with a pressure and temperature relief valve

High-quality anode rod ensures the tank lasts you a long time

Over-temperature protector shuts off the unit if it starts to overheat

Electric junction box is strategically located above the heating elements to make installation easy


Bit noisier than other models

Quality control of the company is poor

Water might not be hot enough for some users

Best Rheem 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater

Rheem PROE40 M2 RH95


First Hour Rating (Gal.): 55

Energy Factor (EF): 0.93

Recovery: 21 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 20.25 x 48.25″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Since this unit is the best 40-gallon electric water heater, it stands out to us for several different reasons. Firstly, it’s designed with two 4500W elements and a thermostat that automatically maintains the temperature of the water at the desired level. Secondly, it boasts a high-quality anode rod that ensures durability and longevity.

Specifically designed for manufactured homes, it comes with a six-year limited parts and tank warranty, giving users peace of mind. Lastly, it’s innovatively designed with side water connections that make installation incredibly simple and easy.

Bottom Line

Specifically designed for longer life, this unit is manufactured with a premium-quality anode rod and resistored heating elements. With a 40-gallon tank, this unit provides more than enough hot water for homes with one to two people.

The exclusive diagnostic system further identifies the exact location of non-functioning and functioning elements, while the EverKleen self-cleaning system prolongs tank life by preventing sediment buildup. However, the water might not be hot enough for some users.


Recovery rate of 21 GPH ensures water heats up quickly

Increased efficiency saves money, energy, and enhances tank life

Automatic thermostat maintains water temperature at the desired level

EverKleen self-cleaning system prevents the buildup of harmful sediment

LEDs identify the exact location of non-functioning and functioning heating elements


Water is not hot enough for some

Does not provide good value of money

Best Rheem 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater

Rheem MR50245

No products found.


First Hour Rating (Gal.): 57

Energy Factor (EF): 0.91

Recovery: 21 GPH at 90°F Rise

Dimensions: 23.5 x 62.75″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

The Rheem Marathon Water Heater is an outstanding product that is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable water heater. Its non-metallic construction eliminates rust and corrosion, which could cause leaks in typical water heaters. The lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer is a great plus point, as it provides customers with a safe investment.

These water heaters are lightweight, which makes them an ideal replacement for your existing water heater. With the installation of these water heaters, you will not run out of hot water, as they are capable of providing ample hot water for three to five people.

Bottom Line

Rheem Marathon Water Heaters are a durable, energy-efficient, lightweight, and reliable solution to all your water heating problems. With the installation of these water heaters, you can say goodbye to smelly water as this fiberglass tank is constructed without an anode rod.

Its lifetime warranty ensures users that they do not have to worry about changing their water heater for a very long time. It allows you to save money and is a great investment in the long run. Get ample running hot water every time you take a shower without worrying about leaks or corrosion buildup with this efficient and long-lasting water heater.


Provides greater value for money

Superior construction prevents rust and leaks

Perfect replacement for your existing water heater

Lightweight and perfect size makes installation a breeze

Long-lasting titanium component prevents corrosion buildup


The product comes with poor customer support

What Kind of Warranty Does Rheem Offer?

While Rheem products are built to last, they can be damaged by external factors, such as environmental concerns, problems in the manufacturing process, and water or air conditions. Thus, all Rheem models include a Certificate of Limited Warranty that specifies the warranty details. 

You can further register the unit on Rheem’s website to gain access to the additional warranty information and to learn more about any extended warranty options. However, you’ll need the serial and model number for registration. 

All units are backed by different levels of warranty. Water heaters can have limited warranties for anywhere from 1 to 12 years. Some units cover labor for a couple of years within the warranty. The company also provides a Protection Plus Plan that can be used to extend protection and warranty for an additional four years.

In 12-year warranties, labor expenses for repairs, permits, removal, disposal, reinstallation, and service of failed or defective parts are only covered for the first three years. For the remaining nine years, you’ll have to cover all such expenses. 

Moreover, if you sell your house, the warranty can be transferred to the new owners. For a small price of $25, you can transfer the warranty within 30 days of the sale.

Who Is Rheem?

In 1925, brothers Richard and Donald Rheem partnered up with the Pacific Galvanizing Company in Emeryville, California, to galvanize steel drums. The plant was soon enlarged, and a second co-partnership with the name Rheem Manufacturing Company was formed to produce steel drums. 

By 1930, the two brothers had absorbed both co-partnerships, incorporated the company, and purchased the Republic Steel Package Company. This merger resulted in a new plant and increased its product portfolio, which now included tanks and boilers. The company purchased the John Wood Manufacturing company a year later and started manufacturing automatic gas storage water heaters.

From 1940 to 1945, it manufactured war equipment and received an Army-Navy “E” award for its excellent production. 

Today, Rheem has numerous lines of water heaters that are incredibly efficient and designed with cutting-edge technology. It has also become the largest producer of water heaters in North America.


To put it simply, Rheem water heaters are an excellent investment, especially because their wide variety caters to all different budgets and needs. If you’re searching for a reputable water heater brand and need an energy-efficient, durable, and high-quality model, Rheem is certainly the way to go! Make sure you go through all the aforementioned products to find one that best suits your requirements.

People Also Ask

Choosing the best water heater can be a very technical and difficult task, especially for someone who’s buying a unit for the first time. To clear any doubts you might have, the following are some of the most frequently asked questions that will surely help you:

How Long Does a Rheem Water Heater Last?

As a rule of thumb, tank-style water heaters have an average life of around eight to twelve years. If your model has passed the ten-year mark, then it’s better to replace it or purchase a tankless model.

Is My Rheem Water Heater Under Warranty?

All Rheem units are covered by different warranties. The warranty details of your model will be included in the Certificate of Limited Warranty. You can also extend warranty coverage and access additional warranty benefits by registering the unit. However, you’ll need the serial and model number to do so.

How Do I Determine the Age of My Rheem Water Heater?

You can determine your heater’s age by decoding the serial number of the unit. Rheem usually incorporates the manufacturing month and year in the first four digits of the serial number, but you can also enter the unit’s serial number at Rheem’s website.

Where are Rheem Water Heaters Made?

With operations based in Atlanta, Rheem has manufacturing plants in Montgomery, Alabama, Eagan, Minnesota, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Oxnard, California. It also has a parts distribution center based in Randleman, N.C. However, the company recently decided to shift its production to Mexico.

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