Best Corner Electric Fireplaces – 2022 Top Picks

| Last Updated: July 17, 2021

Are you thinking of utilizing a corner space in your room with something decorative? A corner electric fireplace could be a great option for you. 

It is a convenient heating option that offers various styles and designs, making your house look beautiful. 

This article will provide a detailed description of the best corner electric fireplaces. These products are added to the list based on their features and specifications that would best suit your needs and budget.

Comparison of the Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

  • Includes a mantel to improve the overall looks
  • A 1500 heater is included for better heating
  • A remote control included for better comfort
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  • Durable materials used in construction
  • Comes with a nice finishing for improved looks
  • Comes with an easy remote control included
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  • Best for the Money
  • Dual heating options for improved heating capability
  • Designed to be a nice decoration for your room
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  • Best Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand
  • Improved cable management options feature included
  • Display and heat can be turned on separately
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  • Will provide heat for to 1000 square feet
  • Easy to use and operate remote control
  • Improved aesthetics for better overall looks
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Characteristics of Our Favorite Corner Electric Fireplaces

Corner electric fireplaces are great options to make unused corners of the house look stunning. These come in various styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and finishes in multiple colors. Consequently, you could find the perfect addition to your room from a wide range of models. 

Safety features such as auto shutoff hold significance when it comes to buying an electric fireplace. Below are some of the key features:

Space-Saving Design

Corner electric fireplaces offer a wide range of designs. Some are convertible that could be used on a flat wall or a corner wall. A corner electric fireplace that fits perfectly makes a small room look larger. Therefore, a portable electric fireplace would be a better option.

Additional Heat Capacity

A corner electric fireplace offering additional heat for 400-1000 sq.ft makes for a great option. What could be better than a stylish fireplace that provides efficient heating for your house?

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace

Realistic Flame Effects

Flame effects are an important feature in a corner electric fireplace. Having realistic flame effects give an authentic look and add to the ambiance.

Convenient Plug-in

Most corner electric fireplaces can be easily plugged into any electrical outlet without requiring an electrician’s help. It makes the installation of the fireplace easy and simple.

Review of the Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

For you to get the best corner electric fireplace, we have chosen top models that make for an excellent option. Below you will find in-depth reviews of the best corner fireplaces. So, read on to get a more comprehensive understanding of the products.

Best Overall

Real Flame 5950E

Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace, Small, Espresso


Power: 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: N/A

Heat Output: 4,780 BTU/h

Dimensions: 40.94″ x 25.28″ x 37.6″

Weight: 77 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

According to some buyers, this is an attractive model that adds appeal to the room. The features like remote control, flame effect, timer, and adjustable thermostat make it a complete package. Also, buyers could assemble it easily. The heating capacity may not have been satisfactory for some users, but its appearance made up for it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Offering an attractive appearance and advanced functionality, this product will make your room magnificent. If you are looking for something pleasant-looking along with other features, this model is the one for you. It is available in dark walnut, white, and espresso, which compliments both classic and temporary décor. Moreover, the electric firebox could plug into any standard outlet for convenient setup.

Furthermore, the heating capacity offered is fairly well. Besides, it comes with remote control, a programmable thermostat, flame technology, and a timer. All of these features make it one of the best electric fireplaces.

Bottom Line

Overall, this attractive model will certainly add ambiance to your room. If you want something that could enhance your room’s appearance, then this electric fireplace model is the best pick for you. It offers all the required features that one would look for in a corner fireplace.


Easy to assemble

Pleasant looking unit, good for luxurious rooms

Features programmable thermostat along with a remote control

Comes in three great finishes, complimenting different décor from classic to temporary

Includes timer function, brightness settings, and ultra-bright vivid flame LED technology


Heating capacity may be low


Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace

BOWERY HILL Corner Electric Fireplace in White


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: N/A

Dimensions: 15.75″ x 45.5″ x 40.5″

Weight: 97 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

People who purchased this product expressed content over its functionality. The heating capability of the fireplace is sufficient enough to warm up a small apartment or a room. Users found it to be beautiful, easy to use, and affordable. Thus, it is a good purchase for anyone looking for a quality corner electric fireplace at an affordable price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bowery Hill Corner electric fireplace offers great quality at a reasonable price. Its remote control offers four-way adjustability and provides great comfort and ease. You can just customize your fireplace by just sitting on your sofa comfortably.

Moreover, it looks beautiful and works great in small spaces. The heating power is sufficient enough to warm up a small room. It is user-friendly, offering remote control and lifelike flames and logs.

Also, it features an automatic shut-off along with glass that stays cool to the touch, thus ensuring safety. The energy-efficient LED light bulbs to light the fire, which gives a traditional look to your living or dining room. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this unit by Bowery Hills comes with a beautiful design along with advanced features. It not only gives your room a charming look but also provides comfort and ease during chilly weather. Hence, do consider this quality product!


Features energy-efficient LED light bulbs

Comes in a traditional, clean, and coastal style

Includes flames and logs having five-level adjustments

Auto-shutoff along with glass that stays cool to the touch

Remote control offers four-way adjustability to control the fireplace from the comfort of your sofa


Unsuitable for large spaces

Best for the Money

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Mantel Wooden Surround Firebox, 43' TV Stand with Black Freestanding Electric Fireplace & Logs, Home Space Heather, Adjustable Led 3DFlame, Remote Control,750W/1500W


Power: 750 watts / 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: N/A

Dimensions: 43.3″ x 39.6″ x 13.7″

Weight: 36.08 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this unit sturdy and well-built. They could easily put it together, as the instructions were pretty clear. The amount of heat it releases is also sufficient enough to cozy up the room. Moreover, the users were satisfied with the ambiance it added to the room. All in all, this fireplace offers high quality at a fairly reasonable price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This R.W.Flame unit is one of the best electric fireplaces at an affordable price. If you are tight on budget and want to get a high-quality fireplace, then you should consider this option.

Also, it has a classical appearance that would give an elegant look to your room. It will bring you warmth and comfort safely. It features an adjustable thermostat that would customize the fireplace. It has lifelike flame effects that are easily installed and give you a feel-good environment in your home.

This model could be used for various purposes, as well. For instance, you could use it as a TV stand or place decorations and photos on top of it.

Bottom Line

All in all, the R.W.Flame electric fireplace offers great value for the money. It has all the essential features, along with a beautiful design. It is also multi-functional, making it a great unit to invest in.


Lifelike flames and burning log design

Two heating modes: 750W and 1500W

Cool to touch glass ensures safety for pets and children

Speedy and effective heating of the room up to 400sq.ft

Multipurpose; can add TV, photos, and other decorations on top of it


May not be suitable for a traditional-looking room

Best Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

WE Furniture Entertainment Center

Walker Edison Woodcroft Classic Fireplace Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50 Inches, 44 Inch, Driftwood


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: 4,600 BTU/h

Dimensions: 44″ x 16″ x 30″

Weight: 95 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the reports suggest that the unit is very sturdy and easy to put together. Moreover, the TV stand fits perfectly in the corner, which makes the living room look bigger. It is a simple electric fireplace that is easy to install with a simple plug-in unit. Also, the heating capability is adequate for the needs of users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With space to hold other units such as TVs, this unit by WE Furniture is a versatile product. You could warm up your living room from the fireplace while watching your favorite TV shows or playing video games comfortably. This simple fireplace comes with cable management features, which runs cords in the back of the TV stand. It is easy to install as it is a simple plug-in unit. Also, it fits perfectly in the corner of the room. Therefore, it could free up the other walls, making your living room look larger. The simplicity of the console would give an elegant look to your room as well.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this model comes as a corner fireplace console that gives you the option of using it as a TV stand as well. It perfectly fits in the corner, giving you more space in the living room. This is the best option if you want to have a fireplace in the corner with a TV.


Great for multi-media rooms

Good for beginners, since it is easy to install

Simple electric fireplace having a simple plug-in unit

Shelving capacity to place electronics on top of the fireplace console

Includes a cable management system, and can hold TVs up to 48 inches


Does not come with a remote control

Editor’s Pick

Windsor Corner 23DE9047-PC81

Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace Media Cabinet 23DE9047-PC81


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 1,000 sq ft.

Heat Output: N/A

Dimensions: 27.25″ x 46.25″ x 35.5″

Weight: 135 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were satisfied with the design and function of Windsor Corner 23DE9047-PC81. They took a little longer to assemble numerous pieces of the product. However, if the instructions are followed properly, then it makes the task easy. Also, the cabinets and shelves to place electronic media components turned out to be handy for users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This advanced Windsor unit is a convertible heater that is suitable for both corner and wall applications. It offers an impeccable display for your flat-screen TV and electronics.

It also features a front-flip center shelf and two side cabinets that provide storage space for DVDs, electronics, and other accessories. It can hold flat-screen televisions of up to 50 inches. Besides, it comes with LED lighting and a radiant log set that gives a realistic effect. It also features a powerful infrared heater that provides an additional heat of rooms up to 1000 sq.ft. Consequently, it warms up a room more effectively and efficiently than other conventional heaters.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this magnificent electric fireplace is ideal for giving your room an elegant look. This electric fireplace media console offers you space to place TV on or above it, depending upon your needs. Also, it has the great heating capability, providing you warmth and comfort.


Serves as a wall unit and corner unit

Comes with a shelf for electronic media components

Includes multi-function remote and spectra flame technology

Multi-functional unit with two side cabinets, which could be used for media storage

Consists of a 23-inch electric insert that provides additional heat for up to 1000 sq.ft


Might take longer to assemble

Are All Corner Electric Fireplaces The Same?

Corner electric fireplaces differ from one another based on their features, such as heating capacity, storage and space, flame effects, and design.

Moreover, the heating power of corner fire electric fireplaces varies. Some use infrared heating technology that can heat larger sized rooms, whereas others use a conventional fan heater to warm up the room.  

Photo credit:

Besides, some products feature LED flames to give a flame effect, whereas others have flame technology. There are different settings for the flame available in each fireplace model as well.

Each corner electric fireplace has a unique design and style. Therefore, while buying a corner electric fireplace, you must know what you need. In this way, you would be better able to analyze the differences and shortlist products that align with your requirements.

What is the Purpose of a Corner Fireplace?

Corner fireplaces come in unique designs and add a lot of ambiance to a room. They provide additional heat, but they have other purposes. They include:

Frees up Space

A corner fireplace is placed in the corner of the room to give it a charming look. It offers a stylish design that enhances the appeal of the room. Moreover, it frees up the other walls that can be utilized for other purposes.

Heating Purpose

Having a corner fireplace gives your house a decorative look with additional heat. It serves as a great option to efficiently heat up space, along with enhancing the interior of your room.

Ideal For Small Spaces

These fireplaces are ideal for small houses. They utilize the corner of the room, thus, giving space to other walls. This enables you to better utilize the small space of a room.


A fireplace at the far corner of a room is used for ambiance as well. It comes in unique designs that enhance the look of the house. Installing a stylish corner fireplace adds a lot of ambiance to the room.

Some models offer TV stands as well. Therefore, it could be used to place a TV on top of it, making for a perfect corner of your room.

Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace (Photo credit:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces have several attributes that make them desirable to be placed in the house. They add ambiance and efficiently heat up the room, which makes them multi-functional. Some pros and cons of corner electric fireplaces are listed below:


Here are some advantages of this unit:

Easy Installation

Corner electric fireplaces are generally easy to install. The assembly of the parts is easy if you follow the instructions properly. Also, they easily plug into the standard electrical outlet. Therefore, you do not require professional installation.


These electric fireplaces are economical as they do not require masonry. Also, there is no added expense of propane, wood, or gas, making them energy-efficient.

Safe to Use

Electric fireplaces are safe to use as there are no fumes, smoke, sparks, or odors emitted. 


These fireplaces can be moved from one room to another. You could easily rearrange the room by just moving the unit from one place to another. Many convertible units allow you to convert a corner fireplace into a flat wall fireplace within a few minutes. 


Let’s not overlook some significant disadvantages:


Electric fireplaces cost a little higher than space heaters. The high cost is because of the decorative firebox and mantle.

WE Furniture Entertainment Center


Corner electric fireplaces are chosen based on their affordability, portability, style, efficiency, and safety. While buying one for yourself, you must keep in mind its key features that best suit your needs and budget. Now that you are well aware of the features and specifications of the top models, the buying decision should be easier for you. 

People Also Ask

After analyzing the features of corner electric fireplaces, you still might have a few questions about the model you intend to buy. Therefore, the following questions might help clear up things further. 

Do Any Electric Fireplaces Look Real?

There are electric fireplaces that look real with lifelike flame effects. These mimic an actual fireplace without using coal, wood, or gas. An electric fireplace features a flame effect, which gives an authentic fire appearance. It mimics the exact behavior and color of a real flame.

How Much Space to Allow for a Corner Electric Fireplace?

Before installing a corner electric fireplace, you must consider your room layout thoroughly. Ensure the front of the fireplace is located at least three feet (0.9m) away from combustible materials like bedding, furniture, pillows, clothes, and curtains. Also, combustible materials should be 1.5 feet away from the sides, and never near the rear of the unit.

How to Measure for a Corner Electric Fireplace

To place a fireplace in your room, you need to measure the area where it will be sited. You need to consider not just the spot where it will sit but also the things that will surround that area. You need to measure the size of the room and any furniture that will be around. Then, choose the unit whose dimensions align with the size of the room.

How Do You Frame a Corner Electric Fireplace?

Setting up an electric fireplace is simple as it is like most ready-to-assemble furniture. You will find pre-drilled holes and all the hardware needed that includes screws and nuts. Usually, there are six to eight pieces included in putting the mantel together. Once the mantle is put together, you just need to insert the heater/fireplace and screw it in. Then, you can place the unit wherever you like. Finally, plug it in and enjoy it!

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