The Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters: 2020 Guide

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Finding the best energy efficient space heater is not an easy task and if you´re considering buying one, you should make the wisest choice according to what you really need. There are many types of space heaters and getting to know all of their specifications doesn't have to be a nightmare.

The criteria that will make you judge a heater as the best one can vary in many ways depending on what you´re looking for. Safety and cost are the main worries when it comes to choosing the best heater. However, in this article, we´ll focus specifically on the best energy efficient space heaters.

Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters Comparison Chart 


Our Rating


Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10000 BTU 115-volt Slider/Casement Room Air Conditioner with Full-Function Remote Control

Dr Infrared Heater, Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater

Homegear Compact 1500w Room Space/Cabinet Heater

Homegear Compact 1500w Room Space/Cabinet Heater

What is a Space Heater?

A space heater is the most suitable heater you´ll find to heat a single, small area. It is an efficient way to heat a chilly space for a short period of time. In contrast, a central heating system is used to heat many areas. A space heater is a good option when a central heating system is not completely effective in heating a specific space in the coldest time of the year. You can choose between different types of heaters.

Space heaters are powered by electricity or by petroleum oils like propane, natural gas, fuel oil or wood pellets. Although, the ones powered by electricity are very efficient when it comes to warming a room, they will make you spend some money on electricity bills.

Different space heaters excel at different tasks and the most energy efficient one depends on how or where you´re going to use it. In terms of technology, you´ll find the convection heaters, the infrared heaters and the micathermic space heaters. They come in different styles and designs to meet your heating needs and expectations.

Energy Efficient Space Heaters vs. Normal Space Heaters

Energy efficiency is a measurement for the quantity of energy used to power a space heater compared to the energy that it produces. Heat is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) and getting to know the energy that is produced for a certain amount of input energy is key when buying a heater.

Energy efficient space heaters will make you save money and will heat a space more effectively as opposed to normal space heaters. Nowadays, energy efficient space heaters are all about saving as much energy as possible and heating a room as effectively as possible. Power consumption and cost are very important to consumers, that is why normal space heaters are losing track in the market.

Energy efficient space heaters offer multiple heat settings and multiple power levels. These levels are measured in watts, amps, or BTUs. The higher the heater´s BTU rating, the better its performance. You can calculate using this formula:

Heater Wattage Rating X 3.413 (the number of BTUs that equal 1 watt) = BTU Output

A BTU (or British Thermal Unit) rating is useful when comparing the energy output, because BTUs measure the heating capacity of various fuels and heating units, that is why they´re a useful rating when comparing the energy output. For example, an 800-watt heater would deliver 2,730 BTUs and a 1,500-watt space heater would produce roughly 5,120 BTUs of heat. Energy efficient space heaters are generally more expensive than normal space heaters, but the market is changing and the price range also depends on design and style. That is why you can find the price of a heater ranging from 25$ to more than 2,000$. Before making your choice, try to understand what might be the cost of operating a certain space heater. Costs will depend on the type of heater and the room size. Large rooms such as basements will cost more to heat. 

This equation might help you out:

Kilowatts Per Hour x Electricity Rate x Operating Time = Daily Operational Cost

To determine the kilowatts per hour, see what is the on the heater and divide it by 1,000 (a 1,500-watt heater will use 1.5 kilowatts per hour). The cost per kilowatt hour is listed on your electric bill. Then you just have to know how many hours a day you´ll be using the heater. Here’s an example: 1.5 Kilowatts Used Per Hour X $0.10 kWh X 12 hours = $1.80 a day. Approximately $54 a month.

Other differences the consumers might find interesting between efficient energy space heaters and normal space heaters concern safety and noise. The most efficient ones have a multitude of features that will prevent them from overheating and wasting energy.

What Makes a Good Energy Efficient Space Heater?

Getting the grips with specifications of energy efficient space heaters will educate on how to make the ideal choice. When buying an energy efficient space heater consumers should look for features that save energy, money, improve safety and that are aesthetically appealing. One of the most important features is the thermostat and you can find heaters with programmable or adjustable ones. A programmable thermostat lets you regulate the room temperature and cycles the heater on and off to maintain the warmth. Adjustable thermostats don´t maintain the temperature, but still adjust heat based on your options.

On the other hand, programmable timers are also one of the most interesting features of energy efficient space heaters. You can set a heater to turn on and off at specific times and that you´ll save you a lot of energy. Multiple heat settings and energy saving modes are therefore common features in energy efficient heaters, as well as automatic oscillation that lets you distribute heat evenly through space.

For some, transportable energy efficient space heaters are a plus because some homes use space heaters as their main source of heat. For those who have pets or children, a cool to touch heater is a plus in what relates to safety. Some modern energy efficient space heaters have switches that turn off whenever the heater falls or overheats.

Indeed, all high quality models are silent and have an appealing design, besides having a multitude of heat settings that make energy efficient space heaters a convenient appliance for those who want to save money, energy and heat a space properly not forgetting aesthetics.

You will find portable floor heaters, wall heaters, space heaters and baseboard heaters. Floor heaters are compact and have a space-saving design, wall heaters are installed on interior walls and provide an extra source of heat, space heaters are suitable for tight places and baseboard heaters keep the environment warm from the floor to the ceiling. When buying an energy efficient space heater also keep in mind that there is convection heating, radiant heating and micathermic heating.

Convection heating is used in small spaces and is a good technology if you have pets or kids because ceramic space heaters have a cool to touch mode as the heating discs are hidden inside. Radiant heating delivers heat to areas directly in front of the heater like infrared heaters. Micathermic heating combines silence and efficiency and the process of convection allows the heat to flow in the room, heating the space evenly. It is also good for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

For buyers, the most important is to heat a room evenly, to save energy and to feel safe at the same time, so look for features that can assure that.

How to Choose the Right Energy Efficient Space Heater

If you have a small space, choose a heater that is sized appropriately. An energy efficient space heater that has the right size for the space, produces the amount of heat needed to adequately warm the square footage of the room. As convection heaters use fans to create circulation of air in the room, they are good at keeping the heat distributed evenly throughout it.

They are also used for larger spaces because of fans, so you can also opt for a radiant heater as it radiates heat passively keeping a small space warm and cozy. If you have any respiratory issue, use a convection based one. You will also find energy efficient space heaters that combine radiate and convection heat, which is great to make the air flow, to keep the warmth and to heat small or larger spaces.

When choosing the right energy efficient space heater make sure you calculate power consumption and costs. Determine what technology is more suitable for you, radiation, convection or micathermic and choose your power source whether it is electricity or one of the petroleum oils.

The most important feature is the thermostat to regulate heat and save energy, but if the energy efficient space heater you choose also comes with a programmable timer, a cool to touch feature and a switch off system that prevents accidents after falling or overheating, then you have what you need.

Quick Take: Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Reviews of The Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Finding the best energy efficient space heaters relies on your preferences. Consider the size of the space, your source of fuel and the money you have available before buying a heater. Thinking about consumer's preferences and needs, here is a selection of some of the best heaters on the market.

1. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater


  • Automatic Oscillation
  • Heat shut off function
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Compact, portable floor heater
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Self regulating ceramic element


  • Maximum Heat Power: 1.50 kW
  • It can fall, if you have pets or children in the house

Ceramic space heaters are convection heaters, so this is an efficient heater when it comes to keeping the room warm and saving energy. It distributes the heat evenly throughout the room and is cool to touch. It has several features that make it safe like the overheat protection switch.

2. Dr Infrared Heater, Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

As an infrared space heater, it is ideal for small spaces. It radiates heat directly to what´s in front of it and is a great source of centralized heat. It provides consistent and soft warmth to a space.


  • Remote control
  • Portable - it has wheels
  • Overheat protection switch
  • 12hr automatic shut-off timer
  • Heats up a large room with Auto Energy Saving Mode
  • Electric thermostat to regulate temperature and save energy


  • Although it has auto energy saving mode, it is better for smaller spaces

Its safety mechanisms decrease any danger associated with the use of heaters. It's easily portable which allows you to heat a small cold space in an instant. It is relatively small and has a great design. Overall, it has been rated as a great product.

3. AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater

This electric-powered heater provides heat through its 1500 watts of power. This model as 3 output options, low, high and fan only. It is cool to touch and has a power indicator light to let you know when it's plugged in. Easy to transport, small sized heater.


  • Very cheap
  • Black or silver color
  • Can be used anywhere you want
  • Overheat protection with auto shut-off
  • With adjustable thermostat to keep the warmth


  • Only 1-year warranty

This 1500 watt ceramic space heater is more suitable for smaller spaces or for those who are looking for a source of direct heat.  Its 3 levels of adjustability increase its versatility.

4. Homegear Compact 1500w Room Space/Cabinet Heater

Homegear Compact 1500w Room Space/Cabinet Heater

If you’re heating big spaces, this is a great model to choose. It is a portable, standalone device. It has a new smaller size but keeps the same power.  It has two different heat modes and a fan for year-round use.


  • ETL Certified
  • Overheat protection switch
  • Heats up a medium to large size room


  • Not cool to touch
  • Not suitable for small spaces
  • Not exactly portable, it could have wheels

Overall, this is a great option if you have a large space to heat. It has some features that make it safe to use and its different heat modes make it versatile. An integrated fan allows you to use it all year-round.


Choosing the most energy efficient space heater will make you come across with technical specifications that will make you learn a lot. Consider the space you want to heat and buy your heater according to its size. Finding the ideal space heater is not easy, but once you get there, you will have a cozy space at the ideal temperature. Choosing an energy efficient space heater that is not the most suitable for the space you want to heat will make it too hot or slightly cold.

For that matter, think about if you want a convection heater, a radiation heater or a micathermic one. Make a cost analysis and then choose if you want a space heater powered by electricity or by petroleum oils. The most modern space heaters are silent and cool to touch, so if you have children or pets take a look at those made of ceramics.

See what suits you more and make sure your energy efficient space heater is ETL certified and has a set of features that make it safe when overheating or falling. A thermostat and a programmable timer are essential to save energy. And remember, convection heating is the perfect option to evenly distribute heat throughout a space.