Best Portable Air Conditioner Window Kits – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: June 23, 2021

Portable air conditioners are a brilliant option for people without access to an AC unit. They are best for cooling small to medium-sized areas and keeping you refreshed during the summer. They are also a great way to save money.

With excellent ventilation, they are ideal for recreational vehicles. Especially with a window kit, they can be a great temporary solution to your AC needs.

Portable air conditioners suck in warm air, cool and humidify it, and then blow it back into the room. The heat extracted from the air is blown back outside through an exhaust vent. A window kit is necessary to connect the vent to the window so warm air gets blown outside instead of inside the room. 

Comparison of the Best Portable AC Window Kits

  • User-friendly, universal design is suitable for all portable ACs
  • PVC clamping rail for all sliding windows
  • Durable PVC material can be attached easily
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  • Ideal for horizontal and vertical sliding windows
  • Designed specifically for dual hose portable ACs
  • Adjustment length of up to 140cm with 3 plates
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  • For all portable ACs with air outlet with 5-inch diameter
  • Adjustment length of up to 120cm with 3 plates
  • Durable PVC material fits sliding windows or doors
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What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Portable AC Window Kit?

To find a portable air conditioner window kit built for the job, you have to consider several factors, or you might be disappointed. You need to find a kit that will fit the dimensions of your window. You also need it to match your exhaust hose size, and be both functional and durable.

Portable Air Conditioner Unit Size and Room Size 

The size of your portable AC window kit will be determined by whether the AC unit will be stationary or moved from place to place. For a stationary unit, the size should be suitable for the available space and the room’s dimensions.

If you want an AC that can keep the entire room cool, especially if it is a large one, you will need a suitable kit. For a room-to-room AC, only specific window kit designs will allow you to remove and install it easily. Will it fit in your car? Can you carry it on your own? These are all factors to take into consideration when selecting a window kit.

Size and Overall Design of the Window

Certain window kit designs are meant to suit windows of different sizes and shapes. Know the measurements of your window, in addition to the size flexibility of your window kit. Consider your window’s overall design, and then decide on a window kit that will work for you. 

Exhaust Hose Size

The most crucial aspect to consider is the size of your AC unit exhaust hose. If the size of the window kit’s opening exceeds the diameter of the exhaust hose exiting it, your AC unit will perform inefficiently. Hot air will manage to escape the room, and cold air will be let outside.


If there is any possibility that you will be moving your window kit from place to place, you will need a window kit amenable to easy installation and removal. A window kit with an adjustable length or width is ideal for use with windows of different sizes. 

Review of the Best Portable AC Window Kits

Here is a list of some of the best portable AC window kits based on the reviews. You can find one that suits your primary needs and is ideal for you. 

Best Overall

tBesme Portable AC Window Kit

tBesme Window Seal | Portable AC Replacement Window PVC Seal Bracket | Multipurpose Window Vent, Suitable for Portable Air Conditioner with 5.1'/13cm AC Air Conditioner Diameter Hoses

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Material: PVC

Installation: Effortless and straightforward

Flexibility: Lightweight, easily installed or removed, doesn’t take up much space when stored

Hose Diameter:  Suitable for all portable air conditioners with 5” diameter hoses.


This product is energy-efficient and dependable. The windowsill for AC systems with exhaust hose improves efficiency by preventing the entrance of warm air. 

Any portable air conditioner with a 5” diameter exhaust hose is compatible with the PVC seal kit. Make sure you have an exhaust hose of the right size before buying this window kit.

Bottom Line

This product is easy to use in any work or home space and on different window types. The best feature is that it can be removed and stored when not in use, saving space.


Universal model

Made of durable PVC

Seal size of the rail can be adjusted between 67 and 120 cm

Stable windowsill prevents entry of hot air, therefore increasing the air conditioner’s efficiency

PVC clamping rail can be installed and secured vertically and horizontally on almost all sliding window types


Does not come with installation instructions

Editor’s Pick

gulrear Portable AC Window Kit

gulrear Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Window kit, Window Seal Plates Suitable for Portable AC vent kit Adjustable Length from 20' to 55' for 5.9' Diameter Exhaust and Intake Outlet Portable AC

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Material: Durable PVC material

Installation: Easy to install

Flexibility: Made of light material and adjustable track making it easy to install and remove.

Hose Diameter: Suitable for a 5.1 and 5.9 inches diameter hose.


The gulrear Portable AC Window Kit is made of durable PVC material. The portable air conditioner window kit allows for easy installation as it is made of lightweight material and an adjustable track. It is suitable for a variety of slide doors and window heights.  The window kits fixing plate also supports installation to a slide door or window. 

The window kit is suitable for hose diameters of 5.1 inches and 5.9 inches.

Bottom Line

It is only suitable for hose diameters of 5.1 inches and 5.9 inches. Apart from that, it allows for easy installation, has durable PVC material, and can be suitable on slide doors and windows.


Designed of durable PVC material

Light weight material makes for easy installation

Fixing plate allows for connection to a window or slide door

Adjustable plates suit different slide doors or window heights

Track and screw are adjustable making the installation process easy


You might want to consider getting a strong sealant for any gaps

Honorable Mention

Jeacent Portable AC Window Kit

JEACENT Window Seal Plates Kit for Portable Air Conditioners, Plastic AC Vent Kit for Sliding Glass Doors and Windows - Adjustable Length Panels for Exhaust Hose of 5” Diameter

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Material: PVC

Installation: Easy

Flexibility: Saves on energy use and has a freely adjustable length

Hose Diameter: Suitable for exhaust hoses of different sizes


The Jeacent Portable Window Kit is easy to fix and install. It’s suitable for exhaust hoses of various sizes. There’s a strong seal kit that easily diffuses the hot air so that it doesn’t return into the room.

It can also be adjusted in length and stretched freely, making it suitable for windows of various sizes.

Bottom Line

Overall, this window kit is easy to install without damaging the frame. The PVC material is practical and will last you for many years.


Is convenient and practical

Made of durable PVC material

Suitable for a variety of models of portable AC units

Easy installation and removal process without damaging the window 

Diffuses hot air effectively and prevents warm air from circulating in the room

Length can be adjusted to suit differently sized windows, which means the kit can be moved from place to place


The product does not come with a hole sealer


Kraftex Portable AC Window Kit

Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit | AC Window Kit Seal for AC Hose with 5.9' Diameter | Window Vent Kit with Air Conditioner Window Exhaust Panel | Sliding Window Casement with Window Duct Adapter

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Material: Strong, waterproof plastic

Installation: Easy

Flexibility: Works with horizontal and vertical sash windows

Hose Diameter: Suitable for an AC with a 5.9” diameter hose extending up to 41 inches


The Kraftex window seal is the perfect solution for all AC hoses with a diameter of 5.9 inches. The window seal does not come with a hose and is made of only three plates. 

The design of the plastic window sill is compatible with windows of many different shapes and sizes. 

The product might work to vent a dryer out of the window as long as the hole size suits the size of the hole in the plate. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this window kit is ideal for many portable air conditioners and suitable for windows of various shapes and sizes. It’s easy to install thanks to the simplified process.


Easy to install due to its slot, slide, and lock process

Seal design accommodates many different sizes and shapes of windows

Common design suitable for a portable AC unit and dryer vent for a window

Saves energy by releasing hot air out of the window and sealing the hole shut


Material might be thinner than expected

Depending on the size of your window, you might need to buy additional plates


YKB Portable AC Window Kit

YKB Portable Ac Window Kit - Air Conditioner Window Seal for Hung Window and Sliding Window - Suitable for Exhaust Hoses of Different Sizes - Adjustable Length of 50-100cm

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Material: Nature-friendly fabric

Installation: Easy to install

Flexibility: Suitable for air purifiers, portable ACs, exhaust dryers, dryers, and dehumidifiers

Hose Diameter: Suitable for any hose diameter measurement


The YKB window kit is made of nature-friendly fabric. It has a zipper that self-locks and the window kit has a waterproof coating. The window kit can effectively obstruct the exchange of air from within and without your home. It also has good adhesion and will leave no trace of a rip. The adjustable window kit is suitable for exhaust hoses of different sizes.

This product is lightweight, portable, and easy to install and remove. Keep in mind that the material may not be suitable for harsh weather like strong winds. 

The window seal has a zipper that locks itself and in cases of tearing, it leaves no trace due to its excellent adhesion.

Bottom Line

It is suitable for exhaust hoses of different sizes and other applications such as air cleaners, dryers, and exhaust vents. Besides the wide application, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to install.



Well-sealed; won’t let air or pests in or out

Easy to install and remove due to its light weight

Consists of environmentally-friendly waterproof fabric

Adjustable and ideal for both single and double windows, with a 50-100 cm length and width

Has a wide application; suitable for air cleaners, dryers, mobile air conditioners, and dehumidifiers


Made of light material

What Purpose Does a Portable AC Window Kit Serve?

Portable air conditioners require a venting window because they release hot air through their hose or hoses.

For the room to be kept cool, window kits allow you to connect your portable AC to your window and set your exhaust hose through an opening to let the hot air outside. This way, the AC keeps the cool air in the room and the hot air out, and this will also increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Portable AC Venting Options

The purpose of a portable AC unit is to cool down a room. Through the cooling process, heat is extracted from the air. If you do not vent your air conditioner outside or into another room, the hot air will remain locked up inside the space, and your AC unit won’t do you any good.

Therefore venting is essential. Here are a few venting options to consider.

Venting Through Windows

The easiest and most common way to vent your portable AC in your home is through a traditional window. All you need to do is get the right window kit and ensure that it is correctly installed. 

Venting Through Casement Windows

Unlike traditional windows, casement windows open like doors and can be of use as another venting option.

Unfortunately, standard window kits are not suitable to use and vent out with casement windows. It will require ingenuity to create a vent out of your casement windows.

Venting Through a Wall

Unlike window vents, wall vents release the hot air into another room, such as a storage area or garage. To make a wall vent, you have to cut a hole in a wall big enough to fit your AC unit’s exhaust hose. After installation, you can then cover the hole’s circumference with a sealant for the exhaust hose to remain in place.

Venting Using a Drop Ceiling

This technique requires adding or re-engineering a drop or suspended ceiling into a ventilation zone. It’s mostly used in areas that aren’t equipped with windows. You need to cut enough of a hole in a ceiling panel to accommodate the exhaust hose. Seal it off with some sealant to complete the process. 

There are endless ways to vent your portable air conditioning, and the fact that there are other options besides using a window makes portable AC units versatile machines.

What Happens If I Don’t Vent My Portable AC?

If you do not vent out your portable AC unit, moisture will build up and neutralize the air conditioner’s cooling effect. The hot ejected air will remain locked up inside the space. Keep in mind, the less humidity inside a room, the cooler it feels.

The unit will end up running the air in your room through a cycle between hot and humid, eventually heating the room more than it cools it off. Your AC will be ineffective.


If ever you are deciding on getting a portable air conditioner or a window kit, keep in mind that there are many factors to consider, such as unit size, room size, energy use, maintenance, and installation. There are also many venting alternatives to consider depending on your particular needs. 

You should enjoy your portable AC, but you also have to ensure that it is well taken care of, installed correctly, and in the right place, in addition to taking steps to prevent potential problems from the beginning. 

People Also Ask

Here are answers to some questions you might find to be useful and informative.

Drilling an exterior wall for a portable AC  is worth it, especially for people with a limited amount of space in a room. This way, you can optimize the placement of your air conditioner. With proper installation, the unit will be highly effective.

Is It Possible to Vent a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Screen?

In most cases, window screens are not a problem as they do not impede the installation of the exhaust hose using a window kit. Portable AC units come with an expandable window unit adjusted to fit vertical or horizontal windows. The hose should not need to extend beyond the window, making installation easier and allowing your screen to stay in place.

Is It Worth Drilling an Exterior Wall for a Portable Air Conditioner Unit?

Drilling an exterior wall for a portable AC  is worth it, especially for people with a limited amount of space in a room. This way, you can optimize the placement of your air conditioner. With proper installation, the unit will be highly effective.

Can a Portable Air Conditioner Vent Into the Loft?

Venting your air conditioner into the loft might not be a good idea, as there is usually an inadequate exchange of air in the loft to remove excess moisture. The moisture might condense on your possessions, leading to rot. In other instances, the hot air finds a way to get back into the house, creating an undesirable warmth.

Do Portable Air Conditioners Come With a Vent Kit?

Venting kits almost always accompany the air conditioner unit when you purchase a portable air conditioner. This is because the AC venting kit must be installed for the AC unit to work correctly.

What are Portable Air Conditioner Vent Kits Made Of?

Portable air conditioner vent kits are made of durable, lightweight material that is easy to remove and install. They are suitable for home and office use.

Do All Air Conditioner Vent Kits Fit All Windows?

Most air conditioner vent kits are designed for the traditional standard window. Other window types such as sliding and casement windows need you to recreate the vent kit or the window itself for proper installation.

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