Best Portable Air Conditioner Hoses – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 23, 2021

It can be frustrating to find your portable AC exhaust hose torn or broken when you unpack it for summer.

Our article will help you to replace it as soon as the problem occurs.

We touch on several hose types, their size and length, and the best brands on the market.

Comparison of the Best Portable Air Conditioner Hoses

  • Hose can be extended from 16 to 78 inches
  • Design is durable and universal for easy fitment
  • Comes with an energy efficient seal
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  • Polypropylene build is flexible, portable, and durable
  • Snaps into place for simple installation
  • Universal hose fits various air conditioner models
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  • Best Portable Air Conditioner Drainage Hose
  • Has heat insulation to be suitable for indoor use
  • Made from industrial, durable PVC with insulation foam
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  • Best for the Money
  • Easy to install by screwing into place
  • Polypropylene build is flexible, portable, and durable
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  • Twists into place for simple installation
  • Polypropylene build is eco-friendly, durable, and non-toxic
  • Hose can be extended from 17 to 80 inches
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How to Choose a Hose for Your Portable Air Conditioner

Before buying a portable AC hose, we recommend you consider a few factors. Of course, choosing the right one for the given air conditioner BTU is a no-brainer. Still, installation, convenience, and maintenance are also essential.

Single or Dual Hose Design

While single hose ACs are a spread choice due to their price, dual hose designs are more efficient.

The former draws warm air in, cools it, and pushes the ready air back to the room. The warm particles and moisture are expelled through the exhaust hose and the drainage pipe. This solution has no space to draw more air, creating “negative air pressure” inside the room.

Consequently, warm air will creep in through the door, window, and other cracks in the building structure. When this happens, the efficiency of your unit decreases.

On the other hand, dual hose units draw a controlled amount of air from outside through the second hose to cool down the appliance. As a result, the AC experiences less strain during cooling and serves longer.  

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Exhaust Hose Size and Length

A standard exhaust hose is somewhere from 5 to 7ft long and made out of high-quality plastic. You can use longer hoses too. However, experts don’t advise having it longer than 12ft, as it can bend and move. Plus, the AC exhaust force might not be able to push out the residue air.

Another aspect to consider is the bend angles. If the bends at 90 degrees anywhere on the length, the AC might stop working, as the moisture won’t escape.

As to the size of the hose, it should be around 5″ or more. Anything smaller won’t work.

Installation and Maintenance

The best portable air conditioning units are small and convenient. They should be easy to install, remove, and repair. The user should be able to use them in different rooms with no difficulty. Thus, hose installation and removal need to be as simple as possible.

Review of the Best Portable Air Conditioner Hoses

In this section, we go through the top five exhaust hoses for portable ACs. We cover the overall best, the runner-up, and the editor’s pick. Read for recommendations, pros and cons, and specs. Each honest review ensures that you find the best hose for your air conditioner.

Best Overall

TURBRO 5.9″ Exhaust Hose

TURBRO Portable Air Conditioner Universal Exhaust Hose - 5.9 Inch Diameter, 78 Inch Length, Anti-Clockwise Thread

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Length (shrunk/stretched): 16/78″

Diameter (outer edge to outer edge): 5.9″

Thread: Counterclockwise

Color: White

Flexibility: Flexible


TURBRO 5.9″ exhaust hose is a quality product that can replace your original hose for a wide range of AC brands. It’s flexible and trustworthy, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, and can endure high exhaust temperatures.

The easy installation is one of the highlights of this replacement hose. You only need to stretch the ends and rotate them into the connectors on either side.

Please note that it doesn’t come with the couplers. If you need to replace those as well, there are recommended models that fit perfectly with TURBRO.

Bottom Line

If you need a longer, more durable replacement with all the benefits of the original one, this product won’t disappoint. It’s easy to install and makes an excellent choice from an energy efficiency standpoint.


Expandable and longer than original hoses

Stays solid and intact between 14 and 122℉

Durable polypropylene counterclockwise build

Easy to snap into place and flexible for larger areas due to length

Standard compatibility with portable AC brands like Frigidaire, LG, Honeywell, and Whynterent


No cons to mention


Hotop 5.9″ Exhaust Hose

Hotop Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose, 5.9 Inches Diameter and 59 Inches Length Exhaust Vent Hose with Counterclockwise Thread Compatible with Portable Air Conditioner

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Length (shrinked/stretched): 11/59″

Diameter (outer edge to outer edge): 5.9”

Thread: Counterclockwise

Color: White

Flexibility: Flexible


This extendable exhaust hose is a good replacement piece for your portable air conditioner. Customer reviews highlight that it’s even sturdier than the original ones that came with the product.

The product is made from quality polypropylene, which ensures no leakage or cracks. Its wiring reinforcement is counterclockwise, so you need to make sure that the original hose was of a similar build.

If you’ve made the right measurements, the product will fit perfectly and serve you for a long time. Many customer reviews mention that it isn’t as easy to collapse for storage as they would like.

Bottom Line

Hotop exhaust hose is a quality product for your AC unit if it can accommodate a 5.9″ outer diameter. It’s sturdy, attaches to the appliance securely, and doesn’t allow leakages. It’s explosion and crack-proof and resists high temperatures.


Stretchable and flexible

Easy to install and change

Sturdy and durable material

Secure attachment to the AC unit

Compatible with standard 5.9″ models


Hard to collapse to the original size once it’s been stretched

Best Portable Air Conditioner Drainage Hose

LBG Products PVC Drain Pipe Hose

LBG Products PVC Insulated Water Drain Pipe Hose for Air Conditioner, Flexible Anti-freezing (1.9ft)

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Length: 1.9ft

Diameter: Pipe = 0.9”; Inner 1 = 0.49”, Inner 2 = 0.61”; Outer 1 = 0.65”, Outer 2 = 0.78”. Fits a 5 to 8” hose and 3 to 5” drain connector.

Color: Light grey

Flexibility: Flexible enough for a drainage pipe


As you might already know, your AC creates hot air exhaust. Cooling also results in dehumidification and condensate production.

Most air conditioners gather the drainage water in a container inside the unit. There are several methods to get rid of it. You can drain it into a pan, bathtub, or sink. Still, if you want to avoid a manual process, connecting a hose is also a valid option.

Once attached, the product will drip the water into the drainage system of your house without you even knowing it. While this method is convenient, it also takes away from the portability of the air conditioner.

LBG Products PVC drain pipe is a product that will serve its purpose without extra effort.

Bottom Line

Use LBG pipe to get rid of the condensate water from your portable AC without needing a manual drainage process. This flexible PVC hose is easy to install and adjustable.

Its end sizes allow you to connect two similar pipes. Thus, you can easily adjust its length to reach the drainage system. The only thing you need to ensure is that the hose tilts downwards for easy water flow. Otherwise, the AC might malfunction.


Universal design and ease of use

Easy to install by attaching it to a 5″ drain connector

Soft and flexible to fit all installation made of PVC material

Two of these pipes can connect to make a longer one if necessary

Insulated build to avoid leakages indoors due to second condensation


Ensure that your unit needs a water drainage pipe

Best for the Money

Easy Breeze 5″ Exhaust Hose

EasyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose - 5 Inch Diameter - 59 Inch Length - Counterclockwise Thread Extra Durable - Replacement hose for 5' Portable AC units

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Length (shrinked/stretched): 12.6/59″

Diameter (outer edge to outer edge): 5”

Thread: Counterclockwise

Color: White

Flexibility: Medium Flexibility


With a high rating and mostly positive reviews, this product is a good fit if you have to replace your old AC hose. Although Easy Breeze hose works well, it costs almost half of what other products on our list do. 

It might be sturdier than other mentions on our list, but it gets the job done. Many reviewers mention the ease of installation once you have the right coupler. The product description says that it has counterclockwise threading to ensure that the customers purchase the right one.

Bottom Line

The product fits standard AC units. Still, we recommend that you ensure that you’re getting the right threading and size. It might not be as flexible as some other hoses. However, if you’re searching for something cheap that also gets the job done, this is an excellent option.


Affordable, with comparable quality

Fits securely on a 5″ exhaust channel

Good fit for standard portable AC units

Easy to install into the coupler and on the appliance

Stretches and shrinks enough to accommodate your space


Less flexible than other models on our list

Editor’s Pick

Belleford 5″ Exhaust Hose

BELLEFORD Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose XL - 5 Inch Diameter - 80' Long - Universal Flexible Clockwise Room Airconditioner AC Vent Replacement Tube - Window Kit Extension Accessories

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Length (shrinked/stretched): 17/80 inches

Diameter (outer edge to outer edge): 5″ (Belleford also offers 5.9″ and 5.12″ options)

Thread: Clockwise (counterclockwise variations for larger sizes are also available)

Color: White

Flexibility: Flexible


We believe that an excellent AC hose should fit the production from the top brands on the market. Belleford 5″ exhaust hose is a perfect fit for units from Sharp, Honeywell, Haier, LG, and many more.

In the contracted state, the hose is the longest among the described products. It’s a pro and a con, depending on the length of the original one on your appliance. It weighs 1.94 pounds, which makes it lighter than other exhaust hoses.

To install it, you need a fitting connector and a screwdriver. Our experience with it and customer reviews didn’t reveal any disadvantages for the product.

Bottom Line

Belleford 5″ exhaust hose is a quality product at a reasonable price. You can use it to replace or extend the original hose on your AC.

According to some customer reviews, it exceeded their expectations due to the convenience, speed of installation, and how well it fits their units.


Flexible polypropylene

Fits leading portable AC brands

35% longer than the standard-sized hoses

Environmentally friendly, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

No-fuss installation by rotating the product into the connector plug


No cons to mention

Types of Hoses for Portable ACs

Portable ACs use two types of hoses. One is for exhaust, and the other is for drainage. These differ in materials used, length, and flexibility. While exhaust hoses are built to handle hot air, drainage pipes are adapted for carrying water.

Exhaust Hoses

These hoses carry the hot air out of your AC through the window. These pipes are made from polypropylene and use metallic threading inside to help the airflow. Besides, the latter makes it easy to extend and shrink.

This benefits not only everyday use but also ensures secure storage.

The best exhaust hoses are wide, lightweight, flexible, and durable. Replacement hoses don’t usually come with connection couplers, so we recommend you check two things before buying:

  • The rotation direction of the threading
  • If the pipe comes with couplers
EasyBreeze Exhaust Hose

Drainage Pipes

Some AC models drain residue moisture through openings on the back of the appliance. The original manufacturers might not include these pipes in the box because it’s easy to empty the AC drainage by removing the plugs and tilting the device.

However, some users prefer connecting the air conditioner to the mainline to avoid extra work.

These pipes are usually narrow and made from flexible yet sturdy plastic. Often, they’re insulated to help the system avoid double condensation.

Top Brands in the Portable Air Conditioner Hose Space

Most portable ACs eventually need a replacement hose. Knowing the best brands by name will help you choose the best product for your needs. Below are our top picks in the air conditioner hose and drainage space.


Established in 2013, TURBRO is a company that focuses on turning your house into a home. According to their about page, the brand is always looking for new ways of bringing comfort to its customers. Efficiency and innovation are in the DNA of the company.

Their product lines include air conditioners, heaters, and fireplaces. Besides being among our choices for the best exhaust hose brands, TURBRO also exceeds expectations in other home comfort accessories like conditioner covers, support brackets, window seals, and vent hoses.

LBG Product

This brand is an HVAC accessories provider for residential and commercial projects. With a louver and sheet metal workshop in New York, the company manages to provide timely delivery on all their projects and top-notch communication with their customers.

Included in our top picks is the brand’s drainage pipe. However, it’s not the only product we’d recommend. Other categories include anti-vibration pads for ACs and dryers, mounting systems, sheet metal components, HVAC tools, heat insulation, and other accessories.

LBG Products PVC Drain Pipe Hose

What’s the Difference Between a Dual Hose vs Single Hose?

Although both types serve the same purpose of cooling the air, single and dual hose air conditioners are quite different in the technology they use to achieve the final goal. Below, we discuss the most crucial aspects you should consider while choosing one of these options.

Air Control

Single hose units draw the air from the room, creating “negative pressure” as they give back only the part of the air it drew in. As a result, hot air finds ways to get into the room through various cracks in the building and around the windows.

This gives the unit less control over the airflows. On the other hand, dual hose ACs draw additional air through the second pipe, making the exchange more natural.

Most of these AC units also act as air purifiers and dehumidifiers, filtering and improving the indoor air quality.


Single and dual hose air conditioning units of similar tonnage (BTUs) have different efficiency in the same area. The former work much harder than the latter to the same effect. Although single hose ACs use less electricity, they cool the same room less efficiently than a dual option with the same BTUs.


Dual hose ACs are pricey, but if you want better cooling and more power from your machine, choosing them might be the better decision.


Quality exhaust and drainage hoses are essential for your portable AC. You don’t have to settle for low quality when the original one breaks or tears. Use our guide to find the best one for your appliance and extend its service time. 

People Also Ask

Our article might’ve already answered your basic questions about the best portable AC hose types and brands. Still, let’s review the most frequently asked ones to ensure we haven’t missed anything important. 

How Long is the Exhaust Hose That Portable Air Conditioners Come With?

Portable ACs come with a hose of 5 to 7ft. However, you can easily find and replace them with a longer one (up to 12ft is the advisable length). The bends should also be gentle (more than 90 degrees) because the unit might struggle to push the air and moisture out.

Can I Extend the Exhaust Hose for My Portable Air Conditioner?

Technically, yes.

However, extending the hose might cause an efficiency drop. Usually, the hose that comes in the package is of the specific size that will help the unit operate at its peak. While you can stretch it to its maximum length, keeping it in the shortest possible one is recommended.

What Do the Hoses on a Portable AC Do?

During operation, portable AC units take the air in, send it through the coils, and then return it back to the room. During the process, it generates heat, simultaneously drawing the moisture out of the air. The hose aims to move the exhaust (warm air and water droplets) out of the AC unit.

Can You Use a Dryer Vent Hose for a Portable Air Conditioner?

The manufacturers don’t recommend it. However, it’s possible if you look for the right size (5″ and larger). You should also get rid of the flaps on the outer part of the dryer vent. The AC’s compressor might not be strong enough to open the flaps. 

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