Best Portable Air Conditioner Accessories – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 24, 2021

Accessorizing your portable air conditioner (AC) might not be at the top of your to-do list before summer.

Still, when the heat hits, you’ll start feeling the need for quality vent kits and hoses.

Let’s be smart about it; don’t run around picking the first hose you found in a shop nearby. Read our article to learn about the best brands and products on the market. Find out why you need accessories at all.  

Comparison of the Best Portable Air Conditioner Accessories

  • Coming with a limited lifetime coverage
  • Highlighted by an anti clockwise universal fit
  • With an adjustable length of up to 80 inches
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  • Featuring a strong sealed tape for enhanced isolation
  • Made out of heavy duty PVC materials
  • Highlighted by a sliding door vent kit
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offers an energy efficient and eco friendly performance
  • Beginner friendly installation without fancy tools or drilling
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  • Highlighted by a light and strong construction
  • Efficient at reducing and purifying warm air
  • Highlighted by a sleek and an adjustable profile
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  • Perfect for winter and summer AC unit protection
  • Highlighted by an innovative universal fit
  • Two attractive colors including grey and blue
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Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Portable AC

Summer is the season for your AC unit to shine. If you manage to accessorize it correctly, you’ll raise the efficiency, make your house cool and convenient, and your sleep will be serene despite the heat outside.

How Well the Hose Fits

Finding the right-sized exhaust hose as a substitute for the broken or torn original can be tricky, especially if your model is a bit old or out of standard. Still, the market is filled with products of different fits and lengths. You just need to read their descriptions.

It’s also crucial to buy the right threading for the hose; otherwise, the exhaust port won’t work. We recommend checking your model before buying the new one.

The Material Used in the Kit Design

Kraftex Air Conditioner Hose

Window and door kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cheaper versions lack the sturdiness and convenience because of:

  • The materials used: thermal cloth or cellophane

  • The fastening methods: zippers and velcro straps

These don’t do much good in terms of sealing the heat from outside creeping in. Some brands offer better-designed kits made from sturdier materials like PVC and chip wood.

These are better at isolation and provide overall security for your house. They also last longer and fit better.

Quality vs Budget

Sure, there are a lot of cheap and easy-to-use accessories on the market. However, you should look at the correlation between price and quality. That’s one of the reasons we have the “best for money” category in our rating.

The best example to illustrate this point is the window vent kit. Many brands offer cheaper alternatives that are easy to tear and don’t hold the heat well. Similarly, hoses that cost less might not be as good at holding the heat as more expensive ones.

Always check the customer reviews before buying. It’ll ensure you get the best quality to money ratio.

Review of the Best Portable Air Conditioner Accessories 

This section describes specific accessories you might need for your portable AC. The products cover anything from hoses and window seals to covers and couplers. Read on to find the best options for your appliance.

Best Overall

Kraftex Air Conditioner Hose

Air Conditioner Hose. Portable Exhaust Vent with 5.9' Diameter, Anti-Clockwise Thread & Length up to 80'. Compatible with LG, Delonghi and Many More Portable Air Conditioners

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The Kraftex AC exhaust hose is a high-quality product that promises to fit all leading portable AC brands. The standard diameter and extendable length are two qualities that make the product worth buying.

Customers mention that it’s sturdier than the original hose included in the package. While some buyers get confused about the threading direction, both clockwise and counterclockwise products are available.

Bottom Line

Kraftex produces high-quality portable AC exhaust hoses both as extensions and substitutes to the original ones.

Most customers are happy about the way it fits and serves. The only negative is that the hose is more expensive than other models on the market. Still, the material quality and fast installation make up for the price.

Choose the right threading and fitting couplers, and the product will serve you for years.


Quality polypropylene

Shrinkable and flexible 

Long-lasting and durable

Easy and quick installation

Universal fit for 5.9″ exhaust outlets


More expensive than most models


gulrear Sliding Door Vent Kit

gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Sliding Door Vent Kit, Universal Balcony Sliding Door Seal Plate for Portable AC, Max Adjustable Length 220cm/87 Inch,Suit for 15cm/5.9 Inch Exhaust Hose

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This product is a good fit for sliding glass doors. It fits vertically to accommodate the AC exhaust hose. With all the necessary parts included in the package, this is an ideal choice for getting your portable AC setup with little extra effort.

It’s sturdy, with excellent quality, and can save you some serious money on your bills.

Some customers complain that it’s hard to install. To put the plates together, you might need to use house tools like a screwdriver. Another hurdle might be fitting the plates together right. Still, the package includes everything you need for a painless setup. 

Bottom Line

The gulrear sliding door vent kit is one of the higher quality products available. Compared to the less expensive models, this is made from quality PVC and seals the door with isolation tape.

While some buyers might have difficulties during installation, once installed, the product will hold the hose in place and keep the hot air out.


Suits 5.9″ exhaust hoses

Adjustable length for the best fit

Durable and lightweight PVC build 

Combination of fixed and adjustable plates

Hermetic sealing with tape (included in the package)


Only for single-hose AC units

Installation might be more complicated than anticipated

Best for the Money

HOOMEE Adjustable Sliding Window Seal

HOOMEE Adjustable Sliding Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner and Tumble Dryer–Min Size 25x102 – Max Size 25x152cm - Works with Every Mobile Air-Conditioning Unit, Easy to Install, Waterproof

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The HOOMEE adjustable sliding window seal is a portable AC accessory that can work wonders for your cooling goals. The product is made from sturdy, water-resistant materials, and you don’t have to use a drill or any other house tool to get it fitted to the window.

Rub the window panes with alcohol and attach the velcro straps, cutting out the unnecessary parts. You need no adapters to connect the hose: the kit comes with everything you need for installation.

The window seal is useful for sliding and hanging windows, but ensure that you’ll be able to cover the length. If one product isn’t enough to do so, you can attach two for length. 

Bottom Line

While some customers might have had problems with the zipper length, the installation process is straightforward. Reusing it is also possible.

It fits horizontally and vertically, depending on the window style. The product still works better when attached to an upward-sliding window, as there’s less pressure on the zipper in that position.


Easy to install and use

Zipper, full-frame loop tape

No need to drill holes and use adapters

High-quality, water-resistant materials used

Size adjustable: fits hung and sliding windows


The zipper length seems to be a problem for some users

Works better with cooling AC models, as the seal might not protect you if it’s freezing outside 

Editor’s Pick

DIYC Window Adapter

5.91'' Portable Air Conditioner Window Adapter Exhaust Hose Connector Tube Connector Air Hood Baffle Plate Mobile air Conditioning Accessories (5.91'' (150mm) Square mouth white)

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This PVC tube connector is the accessory that can make or break your AC performance. Low-quality connectors might decrease the efficiency of the unit by letting hot air into the room. DIYC adapters ensure efficiency and fit perfectly on your AC with a 6″ exhaust port.

The product is durable and sturdy. It works well with the original hose and with whatever replacement you’ve found on the internet.

Make sure that the size is right both for the AC and the hose. You’ll also need to see if the square mouth and screw holes fit the unit’s existing attachment outline.

Bottom Line

While some size and color deviations are possible during the manufacturing process, those are insignificant. The product arrives as expected and performs at its highest. Once fitted, it lasts many years.


Durable and high-quality material

Efficient design without “leakages”

Perfect fit for a 5.91″ exhaust hose

Easy to install, not many tools needed

Excellent fit for an original and a replacement hose


The color and size might differ slightly due to manufacturing errors

Honorable Mention

Perfitel Universal Portable Air Conditioner Cover

Perfitel Universal Portable Air Conditioner Cover Dust Proof Sunshade Fabric Covers with Telescopic Rope AC Cover Protector Defender - Full Winter AC Cover Indoor Protection (Brown)

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The Perfitel portable AC cover is a quality product for universal use and fits various popular AC brands. It’s dustproof, and it provides good shading and protection during winter. The cover also ensures breathability to prevent mold from building up inside the unit.

Although experts say that it’s better not to use covers and to store your AC in a box, this product is a good option for keeping the unit clean indoors (not in a garage or the attic).

It comes in two neutral color options: grey and brown. Both look perfect in any interior, in case you want to cover it and keep the unit in the living room for winter.

Bottom Line

With overwhelmingly positive reviews and a superior design, this product is a good fit for different AC shapes and sizes. It keeps dust off the unit, looks neat, and ensures good shading when idle. Pull the cover over your AC, and it’ll be as good as new before the next season.


Neutral color to fit into the exterior design

Secured with a chord buckle to protect the whole unit

Made from highly-elastic fabric to ensure the secure fit

Usable with a plethora of brands due to its universal size

Keeps the AC clean during the off-season and operational as soon as you take it out of storage


Doesn’t have a pocket for the hose

Types of Accessories for a Portable AC

This section discusses what types of accessories are available on the market and the goals they accomplish.

To Raise Efficiency

Your AC power consumption can be the most substantial part of your electricity bill. If the hose isn’t connected to the unit well enough or the window seal doesn’t hinder the hot air creeping in, the AC might work harder than it should.

Accessories that ensure higher efficiency for the unit can be categorized here. These include:

  • Exhaust hoses made from quality plastic

  • Window seals or door fittings with sealant foam inserts

  • Couplers to secure the hose and fit perfectly into the unit

To Ensure Security

While an AC can cool down your house and make it more pleasant for hotter months, it might also create unnecessary vulnerability due to doors and windows not locking fully (the window kits hinder the original fixtures). 

Security locks for windows are the best solution when the window kit is installed. 

gulrear Sliding Door Vent Kit

To Increase Convenience

Last but not least, the AC is supposed to increase the convenience in your house. While the unit may be portable, you might not be able to approach it all the time. Having a remote control will ensure that you can change the temperature or turn it on without even getting up.

Leading brands usually have a dedicated remote control included in the box. Still, pairing it with a universal one is also a solution for AC models lacking an original. These are available at affordable prices and can:

  • Power the unit on and off

  • Set temperatures and fan speeds

  • Control timers

  • Change modes

How Accessorizing Can Improve the Effectiveness of Your Portable AC Unit

As we mentioned above, your unit’s efficiency is a top concern for the indoor air temperature and the monthly electricity bill. If your house isn’t energy efficient, hot air can come back into the room and render the AC unit useless.

High-quality accessories can be the difference between a cool and comfortable room and the frustration of sealing the cracks with scotch tape.

Keep the Hot Air Out

If you’re using a portable AC unit, the weather outside must be too hot to handle. Investing in a high-quality window or door seal might save you from enduring the frustration of the hot air seeping into the room. Good weather seals can make a huge difference.

You might think that softer materials with simple velcro installation can be less painful to fit.

However, we’d recommend getting a dedicated PVC adjustable one. The latter can serve longer and be more efficient in sealing the hot air outside due to foam inserts.

You can also use these for a few years.

Vent the Unit Properly

Once you’ve checked the box of keeping the hot air out of the room, consider purchasing the best hose and couplers for your unit. When your AC works, it creates exhaust within the unit. Properly venting it can make or break its effectiveness.

Once you get a hose of the right size and threading and fit it into a quality coupler, the unit will do a better job of cooling the room.

Keep it Neat

Not everyone agrees with the necessity of covering the portable AC during its idle season. Still, having a pretty cover that goes with your interior design can make the appliance look more elegant and keep the dust out of the system.


As we can see, accessorizing your portable AC can be the difference between a large electricity bill and a manageable one. Besides, an exhaust hose doesn’t have to be ugly and take all the attention.

While buying accessories, combine the practical and design aspect in one, and you’ll have an excellent fit for your needs.

Perfitel Universal Portable Air Conditioner Cover

People Also Ask

Choosing the right portable AC accessories and correctly storing them is crucial for the appliance’s health and long service years. Here are a few more questions you might need answers to before jumping in and buying covers, hoses, and window kits. 

Can I Use a Portable AC Without an Exhaust Hose?

Although it’s safe to use a portable AC unit without an exhaust hose, it’s pointless. The accessory helps to get rid of hot air. If you’re not venting the unit, the hot air stays inside the room and renders the cooling inefficient.

As a result, you get a larger electricity bill and a warmer room.

Will Using a Cover on My Portable AC Make it Last Longer?

It’s debatable. Some experts say that AC covers promote mold buildup over time. Ensure that the cover material is breathable.

If you’re thinking about covering the unit while in storage, consider the user manual’s recommendations. 

How Do I Store My Portable AC Accessories in the Winter?

Your portable AC accessories also need proper care during winter storage. Vent kits, adapters, and window sliders need to be unscrewed, compressed, and gently set aside in a storage bin.

Make sure to store them in a well-ventilated, dry, and dark space. It’ll help prevent mold and keep all the parts in good shape.

We also recommend reviewing all the accessories for damages and tears to have time to replace them before you need to set up the unit again during the hot season.

How Often Do I Need to Replace the Hose for My Portable AC?

The exhaust hose for your AC is one of the less resistant parts and can be damaged easily, especially when you move the unit often. Originally manufactured hoses usually don’t break or tear until the warranty period ends. They can even last longer.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find replacement hoses that last two to three seasons. You just need to use them with care and store them correctly.

Can I Reuse a Window Kit from Year to Year?

Depending on the material, it’s possible to reuse the setup every season. Cheap designs are likely to tear, but some PVC or aluminum solutions can serve you for a few years.

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