Grandaire AC Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: August 31, 2023

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If your house is located in hotter regions, then an AC is a must.

Without a perfect, noise-free air conditioner, sweat will be your companion every step of the way.

So, if you are looking to install a new AC or want to replace your older one with a new one, then are you are in the right place.

Grandaire AC Reviews

How Does Grandaire Compare to the Competition?

As demand for electronic supply such as air conditioners increases, manufacturers try their very best to introduce high-quality appliances to their customers. The market for air conditioners is getting competitive day by day. Each brand has its own strengths and pain points; however, Grandaire has multiple advantages over its competitors. To make our point, let’s go through its strengths.

Grandaire AC Reviews wrt competition


If you look at reviews from its users, you will know that this brand has pleased its users by working effectively and has a track record of satisfying its customers. No matter the weather outside, this AC promises to achieve the results.


Grandaire offers multiple sorts of warranty to its customers, allowing them to make the most out of their investment. They have many options of warranty offered to buyers, on products like cooling products, furnaces, coils, and fan coils, Dry R-22, and multifamily units.

Grandaire AC warranty


Most of the models by Grandaire are noise-free. They aim to provide comfort in the home of their users. So, they make sure their AC doesn’t generate fan noises. If you want to dive into a deep slumber, then turn on Grandaire and catch up on your beauty sleep.

Comparison of the Best Grandaire Air Conditioners

We have mentioned some of the very competent AC models on our list. Have a look at their features, which include unit size, energy efficiency, home square feet, condenser fan motor, installation cost, and cost of the unit as well. Choose the one that satisfies you more, and fulfill your needs honestly.

Model NameUnit SizeEnergy Efficiency (SEER)Nominal BTU/HrMin. Circuit Ampacity
WCA6**4 Split System1.5 – 51618,000 – 60,00011.7 – 32.4
WCA5**4 Split System1.5 – 51418,000 – 60,00011.7 – 27.5
WCA4**4 Split System1.5 – 51418,000 – 60,00011.7 – 27.5
14 SEER Package Air Conditioner – WPA42 – 514.523,000 – 56,00011.5
WCA3**4GKN Split System1.5 – 51318,000 – 60,00011.8 – 29.0

Best Grandaire AC Reviews

Go through the main features, pros, and cons of some of the very best Grandaire air conditioners on our list. 

Best Overall

WCA6**4 Split System Air Conditioner

CA 6*4 Grandaire AC Reviews


SEER Rating (up to) 16 SEER

Cooling or Compressor Type: Single-Stage

Sound Rating (as low as) 69 – 75 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out to us because it is packed with all of the important features that are necessary to be a part of a perfect air conditioner. The very reason that you don’t have to go through its manual over fifteen times to install this unit makes it stands out to us. All you have to do is purchase this unit, call a technician, and get it installed.

If you think it needs a bit of servicing, then call an expert again, and through accessing its control panel, you can get it maintained. This model promises complete comfort and convenience.

Bottom Line

Looking for a perfect air conditioner to place in your office building or need an AC for your house? We have got you covered. We have carefully selected this Grandaire air conditioner because it is rather easier to install, easy to fix, easy to clean, and meets the needs and requirements of its users.

To achieve the optimum temperature within your home in extremely hot weather, consider getting this unit. This air conditioner is pre-coated, has multiple valves, has an easy-to-access control panel. Enjoy indoor when it is too hot to go outside!


Durable and reliable built quality

Comes with a generous warranty

Is very easy to maintain and clean

Equipped with galvanized steel for durability

Features high and low refrigerant service ports


Is a bit expensive


WCA5**4 Split System Air Conditioner


SEER Rating (up to) 14 SEER

Cooling or Compressor Type: Single-Stage

Sound Rating (as low as) 71 – 76 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Multiple warranty options, reliable and durable build, very easy to install, very easy to service are the reasons that make this unit exclusive. In particular, this model stands out to us because of the unlimited options it gives to its users.

Its user can take advantage of a one-year unit replacement warranty, ten-year parts limited warranty only if you ate able to register for this unit within the given time. But in case you forgot to register, you can take advantage of its 5-year limited warranty. Choose which one suits you more, and make a wise final decision.

Bottom Line

Most of the people are looking for electronic appliances that offer ease of installation and maintenance, and the ones who will stay for a longer time. If you are one of those people, then you are right place. If you are looking for these characteristics in your air conditioner, then your hunt stops right here.

Carefully go through the main features and pros and cons of this model, and we are sure you would be very pleased with this model. If this comes under budget, then start saving up some money and live a luxurious and comfortable life.


Is easy and quick to install

Stellar energy efficiency number

Multiple types of warranty are present

Valves are easy to access for service purposes

Adequate grilling space for protection purposes


The limited warranty is available

Best for the Money

WCA4**4 Split System Air Conditioner


SEER Rating (up to) 14 SEER

Cooling or Compressor Type: Single-Stage

Sound Rating (as low as) 72 – 75 dB

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

Why it Stands Out to Us

This split system air conditioner stands out to us due to numerous reasons. It excels in all departments, be it refrigeration circuit department, easy to install and secure, or reliable built. If you think your air conditioner is not performing well, and you reckon it needs some cleaning, then know that this model is very easy to clean.

There is no rocket science involved in the service of this model. All you have to do is to remove two screws, and you would be able to access the control panel, and all the changes can be made from there easily.

Bottom Line

This model comes with factory charged refrigerant, with external high and low service ports, and you can easily access the panel by removing the two screws. All of the models have very easily accessible valves. If you want perfection, convenience, and comfort, then you should invest in this model.

In case there is a problem with any of its parts, the person who has purchased this or the person in the ownership of this air conditioner can take advantage of multiple warranties that come with this air conditioner.


Inlet grill is also coated as well

Scroll compressors are available

10-year limited warranty on parts

Equipped with pre-painted cabinet

Comes with proper finishing over galvanized steel


Only five-year warranty if not registered timely

14 SEER Package Air Conditioner – WPA4


SEER Rating (up to) 14 SEER

Cooling or Compressor Type: Single-Stage

Sound Rating (as low as) 73 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this particular model really standing out in the market due to its efficient use of refrigeration circuits and an efficient-maintenance design. It comes with perfectly environmentally balanced R-410A refrigerant. Its inner tubes are made up of copper, and it has aluminum fan condenser.

Other than these factors, its base unit is tin-plated. All of these features make it stand out to us.  Other than this model stand out to us because it is extremely easy and quick to install both on the rooftop or even ground level. It comes with three-panel accessibility that further makes it user-friendly. All of these factors make it stand out from the rest.

Bottom Line

Lastly, this is an air conditioner that can easily installed, placed anywhere, is made up of reliable and durable material, and is backed by various generous warranty options.

Most of its important and hard-to-miss features are in front of you. If you think you can use this air conditioner to its full potential and if you reckon this model satisfies your needs, then it is time to set a few couples of bucks aside and invest. Most of its users are happy and very satisfied with the model, and we hope you would be too.


1-year unit replacement warranty

Has high-efficiency ECM indoor and blower motor

The high-pressure switch provides added reliability

Convenient to install on the roof-top or on the ground level

Comes with a base unit including tin-plated indoor coil pins


The quick registration process for warranty

WCA3**4GKN Split System Air Conditioner


SEER Rating (up to) 13 SEER

Cooling or Compressor Type: Single-Stage

Sound Rating (as low as) 70 – 79 dB

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

Why it Stands Out to Us

We think this unit stands out to us because of its unlimited perks. As we move along, we will mention some of the extraordinary features that make it stand out from the rest of the air conditioner models. This model is particular has a copper tube and aluminum fin coil – some of the must-haves to excellence as far as performance is concerned.

Other than these amazing perks, this model is here to stay for a long time. Its manufacturers have paid a considerable amount of attention to its durable and reliable built. Its grills are pre-painted, making sure they perform extraordinarily. All of these features make it worthy of being on our list.

Bottom Line

Overall, you should definitely consider this air conditioner as your option. This model comes in various sizes; you can choose between 1.5 tons to 5 tons size. If you are looking for air conditioners with scroll compressors, then you would really enjoy this unit.

Apart from this, as the outlet of this unit has to be placed outside, so the impeccable build makes sure that its out coating stays firm.  So even if you are living in an area where it rains a lot, you are in safe hands.


Extra grill spacing for protection

Features pre-painted cabinet over steel

Only two screws to access control panel

Is very easy to use especially for first-timers

Comes with external high and low refrigerant service ports


Only available in the northern region

What Kind of Warranty Does Grandaire Offer?

All of the air conditioners and air handlers produced by Grandaire are covered by a ten year part warranty. Although there is a limit attached to this warranty but still in the case of any issue warranties offered by Grandaire can help you save from plenty of financial damage.

This air conditioner company also offers Unit Replacement Warranty. To avail of this sort of warranty, you have to apply for the registration right away. And only its owner can benefit from this warranty card. So, if your unit compressor or outdoor coil fails to function properly within the first year of installment, then this warranty can help you. For more information regarding the type of warranty, you can ask the seller.

Other than this, it also offers five years part warranty, which is again only limited to the user whose name is on the registration list. If you are unsure about your warranty options, you can also refer to your warranty card and have a consultation session with your vendor. In case you need to take advantage of your warranty, make sure the person who has originally purchased is addressing the warranty claim.

Who is Grandaire?

Grandaire makes the very best air conditioners in the market; they aim to bring comfort in the lives of their users. With multiple warranties, efficient performance, and easy to use features, this is one of the very best air conditioners in the market.

They have a variety of air conditioners varying according to their dimensions, unit sizes, energy efficiency, and capability. To cater to the needs of its users, they have made sure they offer their products as per the requirements of their users. Their models are easy to operate, and they usually come with detailed, easy-to-read manuals.

Grandaire AC Review Conclusion

Now that all the perks and cons of some of the very best air conditioners are in front of you, making it easy to reach a final conclusion. Incorporate all of these factors and choose the one that can offer comfortable results for you and your family.

Grandaire AC Reviews, Grandaire AC Reviews

People Also Ask

Choosing an air conditioner is not an easy task; one has to be considerate reaffirming multiple factors. When you are shopping for your options, you might have a couple of questions circling in your mind. We have made a shortlist of such questions. Go through their answers and get rid of any confusion. 

Is Grandaire Made by Carrier?

An abomination of Carrier and Chinese parts led to the creation of Grandaire. If you look at the parts of these air conditioners, you will see that most of them have Carrier stickers on them, be it blower or something else, and some of the blower motors are made by the Chinese company.

Who Makes Grandaire?

All Grandaire products are made by ICP, International Comfort Products, which is a competent subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. Both of these companies are known to not make any compromises on the quality of the product. So, you can invest in these air conditioners without worrying too much.

My Grandaire AC Is Freezing Up – What to Do?

Multiple reasons are responsible for your Grandaire AC freezing up, from outside temperature, broken fan, to thermostat changes – it can be anything! If you Grandaire AC is freezing up, then you need to get in touch with the service guided. They will come up and see what’s causing trouble in your system.

Where Is Grandaire Made?

Most of the Grandaire products are made in the Baker Distributing Company. If you look at its repute and reviews by its users, they have a record of accomplishment of making high-quality AC. If you are looking for an air conditioner that you can trust, then Grandaire should be your pick.

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