Richmond Water Heater Reviews: 2020 Guide

| Last Updated: April 15, 2021

Established in 1983, Richmond is one of the market-leading, popular brands that has marked their presence in the market for their excellent quality products. Their water heaters are one of the most outstanding product ranges. The following article will take a look at some unique services and features Richmond water heaters have to offer, and will also review the best Richmond water heaters available.

If you’re looking for a new water heater or want to replace an old one, you’re likely to be familiar with the Richmond name. A subsidiary of Paloma Industries, Richmond water heaters are famously manufactured by Rheem. It is one of the biggest engineering companies in the U.S.A.

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They use cutting-edge technology to ensure rigorous testing of all products and only deliver the highest quality to the customer. If you would like to find out more about Richmond water heaters, this guide breaks down some of the benefits of the brand, and gives a little information about their service.

How Does Richmond Compare to the Competition?

There are numerous other brands in the market that manufacture and offer good quality water heaters. However, there are a number of differences between Richmond and its competitors. Let’s take a look at some unique and outstanding features and products Richmond has to offer:

Residential and Commercial

Richmond water heaters are designed to meet both residential and commercial needs and usage. Their versatile product line is suitable for both purposes, which makes them cater to multiple types of customer needs.

Hybrid Heaters

Hybrid heaters are now Richmond’s latest and most outstanding product line. These heaters use more than one type of power source, making them suitable for many uses, and are also energy efficient.

Versatility of Options

While hybrid heaters, commercial, and residential heaters themselves are a number of options, the list of products by Richmond goes on. You will find electric, gas, and propane heaters, as well and will find a range of products varying from budget-friendly to higher-end premium prices, too.

Efficient Contact System

The best part about Richmond is their easy-to-use, user-friendly online website, and contact system. You can get in touch with them for warranty information or product information within a matter of minutes.

Comparison of the Best Richmond Water Heaters

Product Name

Unit Size (Gallons)

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

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Condenser Fan Motor (i.e., Single vs. Two)

Cost of Unit Only

Installation Cost

Encore High-Efficiency Condensing Power



Two Pipe System

$2000 - $3000

$900 - $3000

Encore RMTG Non-Condensing Direct Vent

11,000-199,900 BTU/h




$900 - $3000

Encore Series Hybrid Heat Pump

50, 65, 80


Two Pipes


$900 - $3000

Essential Plus Heavy Duty Gas Water Heater


0.58 - 0.61

Not Specified

$800 - $900

 $900 - $3000

Essential Power Vent

40 - 50


Two to Three Pipe System


$900 - $3000

Essential Plus Atmospheric Gas Water Heater

40 - 50

0.58 - .64

Single Pipe

$500 - $600

$900 - $3000

Encore RMTGH

11,000 - 199,900 BTU/h


Two Pipes

$1200 - $1300

$900 - $3000

Essential Electric Water Heater

30 - 40




$900 - $3000

Essential Table Top Water Heater




$600 - $700

$900 - $3000

Encore Standard Electric Water Heater

40 - 55

.92 - .93


$500 - $600

$900 - $3000

The Best of Richmond

Products Undergo Extensive Testing

For quality assurance, Richmond is nearly unbeatable. As Richmond is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality for every device that leaves their manufacturing line, the company rigorously tests every single model to make sure it is up to scratch. The procedures test both the quality and reliability of the water heater models, to ensure consistent performance with every device.

Richmond also performs regular tests to make sure they pass all governmental regulations. These tests are imperative. They recognize that Richmond is matching or outperforming the industry standards. Tested in their own laboratories and by third-party laboratories for an unbiased review, Richmond products always meet the highest standards.

Self-Cleaning System

One of the big problems with water heaters is the difficulty in cleaning them. Water heaters that aren’t cleaned often end up with limescale buildup and issues with corrosion. Richmond water heaters combat this with EverKleen technology, which is installed in every model. It fights the buildup of sediment and of scale, which ensures that the model is running at its maximum efficiency.

The EverKleen technology works by pushing water through an inlet tube, which circulates the water into a high-velocity spiraling jet of water. This jet negates the ability of sediment to settle in the tank. It also helps to even out any hotspots at the same time.

Heaters Contain the Lifeguard Heating Element 

Limescale buildup can crust the inside of water heaters and cause damage to the components. The building up of limescale inside a water heater will lead to a drop in the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance.

With this in mind, Richmond water heaters are equipped with a specially designed Lifeguard Stainless Steel Heating Element. The stainless steel helps to prevent the buildup of scale in the tank while resisting damage to itself. This increases the lifespan of the heating element due to its excellent durability.

Equally, the stainless steel heating element is resistant to dry-fire burnt outs, which can happen accidentally.

Water Heaters Have a Quick Recovery

When looking for a water heater, people often only look at the first-hour rating to determine the amount of hot water each model can deliver. However, it is integral to look at the rate of recovery of any water heater, to determine how quickly it can reheat the water.

Richmond water heaters stand apart by their recovery rate, as the speed is almost unmatched in the industry. They are designed to work at peak water production and can handle many showers at once.

While the dishwasher and washing machine are operating, Richmond water heaters will sense the demand for hot water and adjust accordingly to ensure the supply is meeting the demand and the temperature remains constant.

LDO System to Ensure Their Products Run Efficiently

Protecting your water heater means maintaining it; something that very few homeowners do. When a water heater is full of lint, dust, and oil, you will notice a significant decline in its performance. With this in mind, Richmond water heaters include a system that helps to neutralize lint, dust, and oil.

The LDO system, named The Richmond Integra System is designed in a remarkably unique manner to help reach dust and other debris in the hardest places of your water heater. It helps to expand the lifetime of the products, while also ensuring that peak performance metrics are hit.

Flammable Vapor-Resistant Design 

Flammable vapors can be deadly, as they can reverse back into the combustion chamber, resulting in fire shooting out of the top of the water heater. Not only is this obviously a fire hazard, but also the fumes can be noxious and cause health issues.

Richmond has covered the possibility of this issue with a forward-thinking design that helps to prevent flammable vapors from entering the combustion chamber. In the instance that flammable vapors are present, the combustion chamber will automatically shut-off to protect the product. In terms of safety, this feature makes Richmond’s model a great option for the family household.

A Drawback of Richmond

Richmond puts a strong emphasis on customer service, which has led them to a very strong and loyal customer base. However, the warranty only includes one year of labor coverage. This implies that if the water heater is fitted correctly, the next time there is a problem, you are likely to have to pay for the labor in the event of a repair.

On top of this, the cost of labor for repairs is very high, yet you are left with no other choice if there is an issue. Customers recommend really double checking the installation after it is put in, just to ensure everything is correct. This will help prevent the need to call an engineer to fix an existing issue.

Richmond Water Heater Models

Richmond offers gas, electric, and solar water heaters. Their range is diverse and caters to both commercial and residential applications. With varying tank sizes and flow rates, Richmond offers a comprehensive line of products that cater to all household sizes and uses.

They have three types of tankless water heaters: condensing, mid-efficiency, and electric. Their tankless range encompasses point-of-use and whole home models that allow on-demand hot water for versatile applications. They enable continuous hot water, while being extremely compact to fit anywhere, and range in size up to 8.8 gallons per minute. They have self-diagnostic troubleshooting to attend to any issues and promise excellent energy efficiency.

Their range of electric water heaters come with durable stainless steel 5550-watt heating elements that have nine and 12-year warranties. All come fitted with EverKleen Self-Cleaning System to extend the lifetime of the water heater by preventing the buildup of sediment and scale. The water heaters are insulated to prevent standby heat loss. 

The heat traps installed prevent conductive heat loss. This helps to lower energy bills and increase efficiency. Some of these water heaters even showcase the Energy Star seal to prove their high efficiency.

Known for their fast recovery times, the gas models come with long warranties. They also include the cleaning system to help extend the longevity. Fully insulated, the low input pilots are included to help reduce energy wastage while the heater is on standby.

This, coupled with the low emission burner, helps to decrease fuel costs and ensure a greener, cleaner hot water source. With many models reaching the Energy Star rating, these are a cheap investment.

Solar models take it one step further. They reduce emissions to almost nothing while diminishing energy bills. All solar models meet the standards required for solar storage and the durable components give these heaters their long lifespan.

Quick Take: Best Richmond Water Heaters

Review of the Best Richmond Water Heaters

The following are the best Richmond water heaters available. All units have a specific quality, making them suitable for particular user needs and usages. Take a look to find the best model for yourself. 


  • Truly eco-friendly with very low NOx
  • Rated by Energy Star, ensuring reliability
  • Has a long venting length ranging up to 60 feet 
  • Low lead compliance makes it environment-friendly 
  • Corrosion-resistant design featuring dual anode rods 


  • Might dent easier than expected

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Encore Water Heater by Richmond is one of their best performing series. This heater is one of the highly advanced, higher-end models equipped with outstandingly distinctive and exclusive features such as its self-diagnostic system. This system makes it a very user-friendly unit since it helps maintain the heater the right way, by alerting you and taking necessary steps in times of emergencies. Moreover, the efficiency rating of this unit is more than enough, making it a cost-effective model overall. It also has a long-lasting construction, such as its brass-made drain valve. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this is the leading unit on our list, mainly for its energy-efficient features. Plus, it is also meant for those users who are environmentally conscious but also need the comfort and ease of consistent hot water. The Energy Star rating, warranty supporting the unit, and the low lead compliance, all help ensure the reliability of this unit. 


  • Ultra-low NOx burner design
  • Good for low-flow demand situations too
  • Saves up to 12,000 gallons per year 
  • Comes with both a residential and commercial warranty 
  • Integrated with EcoNet application for energy-efficient functionality


  • More suitable for low-flow demands
  • Might create hot water and not warm

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most prominent thing we like about this unit is its 12-year warranty. The warranty covers the tank and the replacement parts of this unit, which makes it a valuable and cost-friendly unit in the long term. Moreover, it is also truly impressive with its advanced, smart Eco-Net system that connects to your mobile phone and sends you important alerts and notifications alerting you about the unit’s status. With all the advanced features, it is also equipped with an environment-friendly, efficient design that has an 0.82 UEF efficiency rating. 

Bottom Line

The unit is a really good choice for people that have a low-flow demand or have small to medium households. This is not the best unit for large households or really huge demands. Its efficiency rate is truly impressive and crucial for ensuring the longevity of the product. The ultra-low NOx design is meant to add great value to your money. Saving gallons of water and backed by a reliable, generous warranty, this unit will surely make the investment worth it. 

Best for the Money:
 Encore Series Hybrid Heat Pump


  • Has 5 different operation modes
  • Connects with a mobile application and sends alerts
  • Easy installation with its easy access side connections 
  • Washable air filters located in an easy-access position
  • Audible alarms and service alerts make it truly reliable 


  • Wi-Fi kit is sold separately, adding to the cost 
  • More suitable for larger homes or higher flow demands

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to making the most efficient, advanced, and user-friendly units, Richmond does not disappoint. For this reason, this Encore Series hybrid pump is the best in terms of ease of use. Its most distinctive feature is the built-in LCD screen meant to help you control the thermostat and keep up with the unit’s status easily. Moreover, it also runs in a variety of five different modes. These include an energy saver mode, heat pump mode, high demand, electric heat only, and vacation mode. All these features, along with an alarm system that alerts you through audible tones, are really important and guarantee the user’s comfort and also ensure safety. 

Bottom Line

The budget-friendly product by Richmond is one of the best in the market, mainly for its easy-to-use design and low-maintenance build. The no-filter feature makes it an easy-to-maintain unit and requires minimal supervision and cleaning. The five operation modes and mobile application connectivity all add up to make an amazing overall unit. The Wi-Fi kit needs to be bought separately, which might be an added cost but is also fully optional. The unit is great for small to medium-sized households. 

Best Richmond Gas Water Heater:
 Essential Plus Heavy-Duty Gas Water Heater


  • No filter cleaning needed
  • Low lead compliance makes it safe for use
  • Piezo ignitor does not require light or matches for startup
  • Efficient and eco-friendly design, with Energy Star rating, too
  • Long-lasting tank construction, featuring premium-quality anode rods


  • Installation might not be that easy
  • Large capacities make it more suitable for higher demand 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We think this gas water heater is one of the best due to its easy ignition system. It has a Piezo ignitor feature that requires no matches to light up. This easy ignition will give you great peace of mind, as you will neither have to do it yourself nor have to supervise it for safety purposes. The unit also has a no-filter design, making it easy to clean and maintain, as well. Along with this, the low lead compliance and low NOx design all make for a brilliantly efficient and environment-friendly unit. Another important feature that stands out in the market is the premium quality anode rods that are meant to last a long time and guarantee exceptional longevity of the unit. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, we think this unit is the best for those looking for an easy-to-use-and-maintain heater. It might not be the easiest to install, but once fitted, it will lead to exceptional performance. Its easy ignition system, along with environment-friendly functionality and long-lasting construction that requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, all make the unit worth your money. It also has a good capacity that can cater to the demands of a large household. 

Best Richmond 40-Gallon Water Heater:
 Essential Power Vent


  • Requires no filter cleaning
  • Tank and parts have separate warranties
  • Low emissions design makes it eco-friendly 
  • Whisper quiet blower technology ensures comfort for the user 
  • Heater automatically disabled by the detection system when flammable vapor is detected


  • Limited warranty compared to other longer warranties

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Most of the units we find in the market have huge capacities that make them suitable for larger households, therefore making it hard for buyers to select one for smaller demands. Hence, this unit truly stands out to us with its smaller capacity yet equally efficient and outstanding functionality meant to cater to the needs of small and medium households. It has a capacity of 40 gallons and also features technologically advanced features such as the flammable vapor detection system that adds great stability and safety to the unit. It also does not have any filter, which again, makes it easy to maintain.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the unit is a really good choice for people who have a smaller hot water demand. However, the exceptionally advanced features, such as the whisper-quiet blower, all make it a worthy unit. It is also meant for all types of users since it requires only a standard 120V AC outlet that makes it versatile and practical, too. All these features are backed by a six-year warranty, which is less than the 12-year warranty Richmond provides with other products. 

Best Richmond 50 Gallon Water Heater:
 Essential Plus Atmospheric Gas Water Heater


  • Tank and parts both have 9-year warranty
  • Does not have any filters and is low maintenance
  • Easy and quick ignition requires no matches
  • Eco-friendly design featuring a low lead design
  • Long-lasting tank construction featuring premium quality anode rods 


  • Not for smaller households or low-demand usage

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The 50-gallon capacity of this unit makes it suitable for use in large homes, as well as in smaller homes. This versatile unit is meant for everyone who looks for a valuable water heater with long-lasting construction and ease of use. The first and most important feature of this unit is its no-matches ignition, which makes it user-friendly, especially for beginners and first-timers. It also does not have any filters, meaning that minimal cleaning is required. Another great part about it is its tank and parts warranty for nine years each, meaning that your costs will be covered for a long time, adding value to your money. 

Bottom Line

This 50-gallon water heater has an efficiency rating of about .58 to .64 UEF, which makes it a relatively reliable and cost-efficient alternative. The most prominent feature of this unit is its easy ignition, nine-year generous warranty, and the no-filter design. It is really easy and convenient to use, with its flammable vapor detection system that provides the unit and you with security and safety. The EverKleen System is another very important feature, which is going to minimize the sediment build-up in the unit and therefore, ensures longevity. 

Best Richmond Tankless Water Heater:
 Encore RMTGH 


  • Water savings of up to 1,100 gallons per year
  • Easy and quick installation with a self-diagnostic system
  • Overheat film wrap features ensure safety and reliability
  • Environment-friendly design featuring a low NOx emission design
  • Comes with digital remote control to ensure convenience and ease of use


  •  Water temperature might be inconsistent if multiple outlets are in use

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Tankless water heaters are now the new hit in the market. Their size and efficiency make them really popular today. Therefore, Richmond has manufactured some of the best tankless water heaters in the market that are meant to add comfort to a user's experience. The most distinctive part about this tankless unit is its efficiency rating of 0.93 UEF, which is really high and better than most other products. Plus, it also stands out with its digital advanced design featuring an efficient remote control design that makes adjusting the unit easy.

Bottom Line

Overall, we find this Richmond tankless water heater a truly impressive model for its build design and quality, as well. Other than the high-efficiency rating, it also ensures convenience for the users with its remote control feature. It is also more environment-friendly, considering that it can save up to 1,100 gallons per year. The heat exchanger is built with stainless steel material, which ensures longevity and durability of the overall unit, too. Other important safety features, such as the over-heat wrap all ensure the good value of this unit. 

Best Richmond Electric Water Heater:
 Essential Electric Water Heater


  • Isolated design guarantees minimal heat loss 
  • Compliant with H.U.D., ASHRAE 90A-80 and NAECA
  • Low lead compliance makes this eco-friendly, as well 
  • EverKleen device ensures good maintenance and cleanliness
  • Premium-quality anode rod ensuring the longevity of the tank


  • More high-end, might not fit all budgets

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Before you buy any water heating unit, the compliance of that product is really important. For this reason, this Richmond electric heater stands out to us in the market. It meets and conforms to multiple standards set by authorities, which makes it a reliable product and also guarantees longevity. Moreover, it is also equipped with an intelligent design meant to enhance the durability, such as its insulated design that reduces heat loss and hence, increases efficiency. With low lead compliance and several compliance standards, this is a truly eco-friendly unit overall. The EverKleen patented device is again a really important feature meant to reduce sediment build-up.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we think this electric heater is meant for people with higher budgets. It has a flexible design meant to cater to multiple user needs and consumer demands. It has the infamous EverKleen System that is going to make the cleaning and maintenance of the unit user-friendly and efficient. Another very important feature is the high temperature cut-off, which further ensures safety and reliability of use. All these features make it a higher-end unit and, therefore, it is also suitable for larger households.

Best Richmond 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater:
 Essential Table Top Water Heater


  • Backed by a 6-year warranty
  • Isolated tank design ensuring minimal heat loss
  • Easy to install and easy to remove from tabletop
  • Low lead compliance makes it environment-friendly
  • Acid and heat-resistant construction with baked enamel material


  • Has a limited warranty compared to other models
  • Not the best for high-demand or large households

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Electric heaters are one of the best types of units that ensure convenience and ease of use for you. They are efficient, longer-lasting, and also technologically advanced. Similarly, this Richmond electric heater is meant to add great convenience and comfort to your experience with its easy-to-install design. The table-top design will fit on any small to medium-sized space and can be removed easily when cold water is needed. The most distinctive feature of this unit is its construction quality. It’s made with baked enamel, which makes it resistant to heat and acid, ensuring longevity and durability. Moreover, it is also no less in terms of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness with its low lead compliance. 

Bottom Line

Summing it all up, we think this tabletop water heater is a great alternative to other higher-end units. It is easy to install, and the best part about it is that it can be removed easily in times when you need to access cold water. It’s a convenient and user-friendly unit that anyone can install in their homes for low-demand usage. Its construction quality is meant to guarantee longevity, backed by a generous six-year warranty by the brand itself.

Best Richmond 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater:
 Encore Standard Electric Water Heater


  • High 0.92 UEF rating
  • Easy to read and use diagnostics
  • Easy and efficient digital thermostat settings
  • EverKleen device ensures minimal sediment buildup 
  • Low lead compliance ensures environment-friendliness


  • Costlier model than other options
  • Might put a strain on electricity bills 

Why it Stands Out to Us  

Equipped with the best of all features, this Richmond 50-gallon electric heater is the best in terms of efficiency. Its efficiency rating of 0.92 UEF surely makes this an outstanding product, as it makes the unit a truly energy-efficient model. Moreover, it is also equipped with the EverKleen device meant to get rid of sediment build-up without having you clean and maintain it regularly. Another most prominent feature is its easy and efficient digital thermostat. This makes it a user-friendly unit, especially for those who are using such a unit for the first time. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can all agree that a unit with a 0.92 UEF rating is worth the money. This long-lasting, well-built unit is meant to add value to your money with its advanced features, especially the digital thermostat control. It’s a great choice for medium to large-sized households. We also recommend it to beginners or people who have not used water heaters before. Even though it’s a costlier, higher-end model, it will prove to be really eco-friendly.

Our Review

This 15-gallon electric water heater comes with a six-year limited warranty for the tank and all parts. Bear in mind that this doesn’t cover labor.

This product is made to suit the water demands of one or two people and does it very easily, keeping a constant, precise temperature and on-demand hot water via an automatic thermostat. It comes with a 2000-watt heating element and a factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve.

Its compact design makes it a versatile model to install in the home and the unique wall mounting, located on the side, makes the installation process super easy.

On safety, there is an overheat cut-off function that serves to protect against fire risk by cutting off the fuel supply if the tank is overheating. The tank is glass-lined to prevent corrosion in the tank.

Our Review

This 20-gallon water heater is for point-of-use application and is suitable for families of around 2-3 people. It can comfortably cope with a few extra appliances, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, running at the same time.

This model comes with a six-year parts warranty and a one-years’warranty on home labor, as well. The water heater itself is actually easy to maintain. Since it already features a durable factory-installed pressure and temperature relief valve.

The design is engineered with space-saving in mind. With a compact housing unit that can be employed in any kitchen or bathroom, it includes wall mounting fixtures, if required. It is made to simply retrofit into the area where your existing water heater is.

Quick Tips to Ensure You Still Have Hot Water at Home

Although it might sound strange, it is important to know the location of your water heater, in case you find yourself without hot water. While this may seem obvious to some, but many people don’t know exactly where it is, as it can sometimes be hiding in the basement or in the attic.

Secondly, try to come to grips with what type of water heater you have. Is it a point-of-use or is it a whole home water heater? Does it have a tank or is it tankless? What type of tankless heater is it? Make sure to write down the name and model number of your water heater. If you run into any issues, it will be easier to explain the issue to a repair person if they know the model they are dealing with.

Make sure that when you replace the tank, you choose the right tank for your household needs. If the tank is too small or the flow rate is too low, you’ll find yourself without hot water. This happens because your hot water demand is higher than the amount the heater can supply.

A tank or flow rate that is too large will result in wasted energy. Equally, if you have a tank heater, make sure you look at both the first-hour flow rate and the heat recovery rate. Tankless water heaters have a flow rate in gallons per minute. You can get a professional help to fix it and the Richmond website offers to help you with sizing the correct water heater for your needs.

Insulation is key, especially if you have a tank water heater. You need to insulate the tank to prevent standby heat loss. Equally, insulating the pipes ensures that the heat is not lost on the way to the point of use. You should insulate them to prevent condensation in the summertime, too.

If you have a tank heater, maintaining it is integral to making sure it doesn’t conk out and leave you with no hot water. For it to run on peak performance, you must drain and flush the tank. You can do this by opening the valve to let all the water out.

Once you have done this, use the cold water inlet to flush the tank through until the water runs clear. This removes all the sediment that builds up on the bottom of the tank and helps to increase the performance efficiency.

With this in mind, ensuring the water heater is running effectively is the best protection against water shortages in your household. Bringing in a professional at least once a year to check the water heater over will determine if it is in good working condition. Remember that most water heater warranties require you to have it inspected for the warranty to be valid, so don’t get caught short!

You can also try cutting out long showers and installing energy efficient heads on the showers in your house and aerators on your sinks. This will use less hot water at any one time, which increases the amount of time you will have hot water for.

What Kind of Warranty Does Richmond Offer?

The standard warranty that most Richmond units come with is up to 12 years. This includes a warranty that covers the labor, the parts, and the tank of the heater separately. However, the warranty always varies between different products. There is an important process you need to follow to claim the warranty.

· Online registration and verification

To claim, register, or verify your warranty, Richmond provides convenient online services. Their online website portal can verify and register your warranty in a matter of minutes. Make sure to get the serial number of your product along with other details from the seller and use those to verify and claim the warranty.

· Only for product malfunctions and not personal errors

The warranties only cover the costs of the product. Any damages caused by you and/or your usage will not be covered by the warranty.

Who is Richmond?

Richmond is itself a subsidiary brand. It comes under a bigger company, Rheem, who is the actual manufacturer of the water heaters. The brand was founded in 1983 and has been one of the most popular brands ever since. It is based in Atlanta, GA. The subsidiary Richmond was particularly created to make valuable, residential, and commercial water heaters, particularly. Most of their products are Energy Star rated, which makes them stand out in the market. One of their most recent and distinctive product lines is the hybrid water heating system.

Richmond is a brand of water heaters manufactured by the well-known engineering firm, Rheem. Rheem started out in 1927 but didn’t break into the field of water heater engineering until the 30s and 40s.  A privately-owned company, Rheem was brought into the Ruud Manufacturing Company nest when it was acquired by the giant, paving its way to success.

In the late 80s, however, Rheem was further acquired by the Japanese firm, Paloma Industries, the world’s biggest gas-appliance producer.


When you are buying units such as water heaters, on which a great deal of comfort depends upon, then the reliability of the brand and the manufacturer matters a lot. It is important to make sure the company you are buying from has a reputable position in the market and is also providing the best quality products. Richmond has been around for a long while, which makes them experienced and also reputable. Their versatile range of products surely does stand out today.

Richmond water heaters are reliable devices, available with a whole range of options. Designed for easy installation and family-friendly application. Richmond water heaters are of high quality, meet all regulations, and are tested to ensure they are consistent at every turn. Yet it is important to remember that despite their generous warranty, labor costs often have to be paid. Despite this, Richmond is a friendly and helpful firm with durable products. 

People Also Ask 

The following section will deal with some important questions and confusion that first-time buyers often have. Make sure to take a good look so you can make a well-informed decision.

How to Drain a Richmond Water Heater

It is important to make sure that the source of power is out of the tank. Once the power supply is switched off, disconnect the cold water valve of the tank. Locate the drain valve at the bottom of the heater, and attach it with a hose. Once attached, open the drain valve to let out the sediment and the dirt. Remember to flush out the tank by rushing cold water through it and letting it all out 2-3 times.

How Long Do Richmond Water Heaters Last?

Richmond’s warranties last for up to 12 years. Their focus is highly concentrated on the longevity of their products. If used with proper care and by following all the instructions on the provided manual, they can last for up 12-15 years.

Are Richmond Water Heaters Made by Rheem?

Richmond is a brand under Rheem. These efficient water heaters are manufactured by Rheem but are sold under the name of Richmond, since it is a separate subsidiary meant for selling water heaters for residential and commercial usage.

Are Richmond and Rheem the Same Company?

Richmond was founded in 1983. It is based in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Rheem is the parent company that only deals with the manufacturing of products and not the selling and trading. Rheem is based in California and was founded in 1925. While Richmond solely deals in water heaters, Rheem is known for manufacturing all types of units ranging from boilers, heaters, air conditioners, and ventilation products.

Are Rheem Water Heaters Good?

Rheem is an American company that has been in the manufacturing industry since 1925. Over the years, the company has gained a huge reputation in the market for its versatile product range made with high quality materials and efficient design. Rheem is probably also more known than Richmond, due to its outstanding operation and long presence.  

Now manufactured all over the world including in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and Mexico, Richmond’s facilities are of the highest quality and reach a high standard of production for both residential and commercial water heaters.

With a huge corporation behind them and a reach out to leading technology, Rheem has pushed Richmond water heaters into the spotlight, affording them the reliable reputation they have today.

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