Lochinvar Water Heater Reviews – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: July 2, 2021

Sometimes, a hot shower is what you need after a long tiring day, isn’t it? For this, you need a competitive water heater at your place.

This is something Lochinvar water heaters help you out with. These water heaters have brought great comfort to the lives of many across the globe.

Here is all you need to know about Lochinvar water heaters to have warm water at your disposal. 

How Does Lochinvar Compare to the Competition?

Lochinvar has fierce competition in the market. This is why they have to offer more than others, which keeps them on top. Here is how Lochinvar distinguishes itself from other water heater manufacturing companies. 

Heat Generation

Heat generation is the primary function of all water heaters, isn’t it? Lochinvar makes sure to have the highest heat-generating water heaters out there. They have the latest technology in their units to make heaters that provide the necessary British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat. 

High Efficiency

The water heaters by Lochinvar are better than others because they run on very low power. Electric heaters consume the minimum possible electricity and help you cut down on utility bills. The gas heaters also run on less fuel comparatively, which puts a lesser strain on resources.

Greater Affordability

Lochinvar water heaters have amazing prices compared to rival company products. They offer so much at such low prices that customers love it. 

Superior Construction

Another thing that helps Lochinvar beat others is the construction quality of their products. The internal parts and outer frame are both weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. This makes sure the heater continues to work for you for years. 

Comparison of the Best Lochinvar Water Heaters

  • Ideally suited for residential use
  • Has a water heating capacity of 50 gallons
  • It is compliant with NAECA III
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  • Heater with a high nominal capacity
  • Low NOx burner saves the environment
  • Large capacity of 75 to 100 gallons
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  • Best for the money
  • Junior electric heater with a compact size
  • Has a storage capacity of 28 gallons
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  • Best Lochinvar electric water heater
  • Works on multiple voltages
  • The heater is NAECA III compliant
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  • Best Lochinvar gas water heater
  • Environment-friendly water heater with high efficiency
  • Steel tank has a glass lining
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  • Best Lochinvar tankless water heater
  • Condenser helps in improving water heating capacity
  • Built-in pump for a clean layout
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  • Best Lochinvar 50 gallon water heater
  • Design is suited for sidewall and rooftop placement
  • ENERGY STAR qualified construction of the heater
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Lochinvar has been producing amazing water heaters for a long, long time. They have kept consumer demands in mind and have modified their products accordingly. This has enabled users to trust their heaters more. We have carefully gone through these products and have put together a comparison of the best models. 

Model NameNominal Gallon CapacityRated Storage CapacityPower IntakeStandard Voltage1st HR RatingWeight (Pounds)
LTN100 75989575,100 BTUN/A125275
JEA030KDB Junior28264500 W240V47101
HPA052KD50464500 W208V / 240V68196
UPN040 40ES Ultra Low Nox403842,000 BTUN/A76170
LTI-540P-NN/AN/A15,000 BTUN/AN/A71
PRN040 40ES403840,000 BTUN/A71174 
ARMOR X2™N/AN/A999,999 BTUN/AN/A910

Review of the Best Lochinvar Water Heaters

The weather for hot baths is here, and you may be looking for a new water heater. Here is the ultimate review of our favorite water heaters by Lochinvar to help you choose one. 

Best Overall



First Hour Rating (Gal.): 66

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 3.45

Recovery Rate: N/A

Dimensions: 22″ Dia x 63″ H

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Lochinvar water heater gets our attention due to the approval by NAECA III. This means the construction of the heater and its internal parts are reliable. The NACEA III qualification makes not only its construction reliable but also its working. 

The water capacity of 50 gallons is a good aspect, too. It makes it best for moderate use at home and in small commercial units. Moreover, the heater is compatible with both 208 and 240-volt energy inlets. This makes it easier for you to use in multiple settings based on your needs. 

Bottom Line

This Lochinvar heater has left a definite impression on its users and rightfully so. It is liked a lot because of the thermostat it has. The thermostat is quite easy to use and change settings. This makes it more useful, as you can alter the temperature settings according to your needs. 

Furthermore, this Lochinvar heater has a fused glass lining within the steel frame. This traps the heat inside the heater, making it more energy-efficient. Lastly, the cylindrical body is a nice feature, too, which helps in saving floor space. 


Heat pump has very high efficiency

The fused glass lining is quite reliable

Works with both 208 and 240 voltages

Has a completely adjustable thermostat

Cylindrical body is easy to balance on the floor


No display of current water temperature

Exterior is oversized compared to the inner container




First Hour Rating (Gal.): 125

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 0.6

Recovery Rate: 81 GPH at 90ºF Rise

Dimensions: 26.5″ Dia x 61″ H

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Lochinvar water heater makes it to our list as a runner-up because of its high-quality construction. It has a high water storage capacity, decreasing the need for recirculation. This also helps you have a consistent supply of hot water once it gets full. The storage capacity of 75 to 100 gallons is also quite impressive. 

This seems even better when you compare it with the size of the heater on the whole. The heater has approval from ENERGY STAR®, which makes it more trustworthy. Overall, it has a safe frame and very reliable functioning. 

Bottom Line

Considering all the features, we can safely say it is a great water heater. It satisfies the needs of household users and small commercial users, as well. The best thing about it is that it has very high energy efficiency. 

The heater has a safe burner, which emits low NOx radiation. This does not cause any harm to the environment and ensures a safe atmosphere at home and on the whole. In addition to these, it has an anode rod in it. It helps in removing the excessive charges and leaves the heater safe to use.


40,000 to 75,100 BTU gas intake

Smart fuel burning increases efficiency

Protective anode rod to increase safety

Glass lining to trap heat inside the heater

Compatible with ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements


Vent diameter is small 

Tall frame is hard to balance without support

Best for the Money



First Hour Rating (Gal.): 54

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 0.93

Recovery Rate: 21 GPH at 90ºF Rise

Dimensions: 24″ Dia x 33.5″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Junior Electric heater stands out to us most due to its sleek construction. The size is so compact that it is hardly a bother to install it, even indoors. The exterior of the heater is stylish as well, and it merges well with its surroundings. 

The heater also impresses us with its price, as it is highly affordable. It has a storage capacity of only 28 gallons, but it is not a problem. It heats up the water quickly and this makes up for the lack of storage space. 

Bottom Line

This Junior Electric Water Heater by Lochinvar is a nice addition to our list, as it has high usability. This is both due to its compact size and high efficiency. The most striking feature is the fused glass lining, which minimizes the loss of heat. Moreover, it has been approved by NAECA, which increases its reliability. 

The heater has a simple body and an even simpler operation. This makes it easy to be used by even people who have no prior experience. The heater is even easier to configure due to the thermostat in it. So, you will have a great time using it if you choose to buy it. 


Is compliant with NAECA

Best for use in small homes

Fused glass lining to save heat

Thermostat is open to adjustment

Simple cylindrical frame helps save space


Requires a wattage of 4,500

Works on a standard voltage of 240 volts only

Best Lochinvar Electric Water Heater



First Hour Rating (Gal.): 86

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 3.45

Recovery Rate: N/A

Dimensions: 27″ Dia x 69″ H

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This electric water heater is worth mentioning on our list due to its reliability. It runs on electricity and does not leave any pollutants in the air. It is also great due to its high compatibility with multiple voltages. 

It works equally well with both 208 volts as wells as 240 volts. This is why you can get it and use it easily, no matter which part of the world you live in. The heater also catches our eye because it has a heat pump in it. The compliance with the standards of NAECA III increases our trust in it. 

Bottom Line

Keeping all this in mind, we can say it is one of the best options for residential users. The compatibility with 208 and 240-volt inlets increases its usability. This, along with the fact that it has a glass lining to save heat, makes it a great choice. The heater has a water storage capacity of 50 gallons, which helps average users. 

This gives you enough space for water, which you can use for multiple purposes at home. Thus, getting this one will be a wise decision if you want something highly reliable. 


Nominal capacity of 50 gallons

The thermostat is fully adjustable

Fused glass lining is highly durable

Higher efficiency with a heat pump

Operates on both 208 and 240 volts


Very heavy to ship

Needs a high wattage to work

Best Lochinvar Gas Water Heater



First Hour Rating (Gal.): 76

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 0.7

Recovery Rate: 43 GPH at 90ºF Rise

Dimensions: 20″ Dia x 67″ H

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Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us due to both its structure and working. The water heater has a steel tank that occupies less space and provides more heat to the water. This helps in saving both space and fuel needed to warm the water. 

Other than this, the heater has a fused glass lining inside the steel tank, which prevents heat loss. This helps you have a constant supply of hot water, even if you turn off the heater. Along with this, there is an anode rod that minimizes the loss of heat and increases safety. 

Bottom Line

This is one of the best water heaters in the market, which has very eco-friendly working. The fuel efficiency is so high that there is hardly ever any unburnt carbon in the gas. This leaves you feeling secure, as the gas tank is safe. 

Moreover, the heater is environment-friendly also, because of the reduced emission of NOx radiation. This helps in ensuring a safe environment at home for both you and your kids. Also, the heater has its construction qualified by SCAQMD, which increases its reliability.


Construction style approved by SCAQMD

Anode rod to protect the heater from damage

Latest technology with ultra-low NOx emissions

Vents are ultra-powerful with modern construction

Low pressure on the atmosphere due to eco-friendly working


Needs a gas input of 42,000 BTU

Has lesser storage capacity compared to the size

Best Lochinvar Tankless Water Heater

Residential Tankless Condensing with Built-in Pump Gas Water Heater


Max Flow Rate (GPM): 10

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 0.93 indoor / 0.95 outdoor unit

Recovery Rate: N/A

Dimensions: 17.75 x 11.25 x 23.63″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Lochinvar water heater is one of our favorites, owing to its tankless frame. Since the heater does not have a reservoir tank in it, it has a very small body. You can easily fit it inside your house and still save a lot of space for other things. It has a condenser in it, too, which helps in decreasing water and heat loss.

The water recirculates through the pipeline in the heater to make sure there is no cold water. This makes this unit ideal for those who want to save space and money, but want a reliable supply of hot water. 

Bottom Line

This is a nice tankless water heater for modern users who want to have smart home appliances. It takes up minimal space and gives maximum heat within no time. It has a built-in pump, which leaves less mess around it. This makes it an even better heater for you if you want to keep things clean. 

Other than this, the heater has a display for tracking the heat settings in it, too. So, you can simply have a look at the control center and see the temperature of the water. Hence, you have to get this heater if you want more active control of your heating system. 


Works both indoors and outdoors

Stylish grey body looks quite attractive 

Smart display to track the activity of heater

Tankless frame has very practical dimensions

Integrated recirculation pump to prevent losses


Only for light usage at home

Consumes 199,000 BTU of heat per hour

Best Lochinvar 50-Gallon Water Heater



First Hour Rating (Gal.): 81

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): 0.72

Recovery Rate: 50 GPH at 90ºF Rise

Dimensions: 30″ Dia x 67.5″ H

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Lochinvar water heater grabs our attention with its amazing water capacity. It can take up to 50 gallons of water at a time, which is best for household usage. This heater is also good for small commercial units as it can heat up water fairly quickly. 

In addition to its storage capacity, it is great due to its construction quality. It is so good that it has been certified by ENERGY STAR, which is quite authentic. Moreover, it has a direct vent, which leaves no need for any messy valves or vents. 

Bottom Line

This water heater is perfect if you want a heater that goes well with sidewall and rooftop placement. The cylindrical heater is just tall enough to require extra support. It is also amazing due to the glass lining inside the steel tank. 

This helps in saving heat for a longer duration and in reducing fuel consumption, too. Moreover, the heater needs 45,000 BTUs of heat to operate well, which is not a big problem. So, you can go for it without any risk or hesitation. 


Has a capacity of 50 gallons

Needs 45,000 BTU heat input per hour

Glass-lined steel tank helps in retaining heat

Direct vent to cut down the cost of accessories

Anode rod provides the frame additional protection


Needs additional support for balance

No active thermostat to control the heat settings

Best Lochinvar Indirect Water Heater



Max Flow Rate (GPM): Up to 38

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF): N/A

Recovery Rate: N/A

Dimensions: 66 x 17 x 50″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This indirect water heater by Lochinvar stands out to us due to its ability to be used as a commercial heater. It can quickly heat large amounts of water without needing any extra fuel for it. It has a durable frame of twin-lined plates, which makes heating quicker and more effective. 

The heater is also such a big success due to its ability to heat up to 192 gallons of water per hour. This is a good thing if you have a need for large amounts of hot water to prevent any losses. 

Bottom Line

Lochinvar has won over a large number of happy customers with this water heater. This is because of the modulating control valve, which you can operate easily. Thus, users can control the flow of water and consumption of fuel according to hourly needs in their unit. 

In addition, the heater has a water boiler to heat up water. It leads to quicker heating and lesser losses of both water and heat.


Scale reduction pump for higher efficiency

Modulating control valve for easier control

Frame heat exchanger for quick heat transfer

Provides up to 192 gallons of hot water per hour

Double-wall plate has a stainless steel construction


Heat settings are hard to configure

Feels more expensive than other similar heaters

Best Lochinvar Commercial Water Heater



Thermal Efficiency: 96% (AHRI)

Power: 999,999 BTU/hr

Recovery Rate: 1,164 at 100°F Rise

Dimensions: 31 x 35 x 58.75″

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This commercial water heater is a nice addition to the list of best Lochinvar water heaters because of its efficiency. It has a condenser in it, which heats up water in much less time than other heaters. It also has a thermal efficiency of 96%, which is not present in many heaters in the market. 

Moreover, the heater has a turndown ratio of 10:1, which minimizes any loss of energy. So, its fuel consumption is much more effective than other heaters used for commercial use. 

Bottom Line

The best thing about this heater is the 96% thermal efficiency, but it has some other great features, too. It has a very eco-friendly functioning because of lesser NOx emissions. This makes it better for the environment, as it releases a minimal amount of toxins. 

Furthermore, the heater has a smart touch operation, which makes its configuration even easier. Its warranty of five years is another winning feature on the list of offerings by this great water heater. 


Has a thermal efficiency of 96%

NOx proportion is less than 20 ppm

Produces about 1 million BTUs per hour

A built-in cascading sequencer is present

Limited warranty of 5 years for greater reliability 


Mounting of the heater is tricky

Slightly heavier than other heaters

What Kind of Warranty Does Lochinvar Offer?

Lochinvar has a diverse range of water heaters that run on either gas or electricity. This makes each heater unique in terms of functioning and power input. These differences in each heater lead to a difference in the warranty offered by Lochinvar, too. Here is all there is to know about the warranty offered by Lochinvar.

The Duration

On average, Lochinvar offers a warranty of six to ten years. The warranty depends on the size of the water heater and the amount of heat it generates. The kind of energy input also determines the warranty. Usually, heaters by Lochinvar have a ten-year warranty on the parts and a six-year warranty on the frame. 

What Do They Cover?

They cover all the parts and components of the water heaters. 

What Do They Not Cover?

The warranty does not apply to your heater if you have used it excessively. It also does not apply to a heater in case of a careless or faulty installation. The damage due to fluctuations in the electricity supply does not come under this warranty either. 

Who is Lochinvar?

Lochinvar is a leading name in the water heater industry. They have been serving their customers for almost a century now. The company came into being in 1919 when Walter Vallett ventured into the water heating industry.

The company began as a small family business but soon flourished into a global manufacturer. Water heaters and broilers by Lochinvar are famous across the world. They have the most satisfying features at affordable prices. Lochinvar has extended its work units from the United States of America to the UK and other countries. This helps in meeting the demands of consumers promptly. 


Keeping all of this in mind, Lochinvar water heaters are true game-changers. They consume only the bare minimum of fuel and are very energy-efficient. The pricing and warranty of these heaters are also in the perfect balance. This leaves little room for improvement, doesn’t it? So, get a Lochinvar water heater for your home and enjoy a consistent hot water supply.

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