Best Swamp Cooler Thermostats – 2021 Top Options Reviewed

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

Evaporative coolers have outstanding features that will help bring down those blistering summer temperatures.

Unlike standard air conditioners that use refrigeration cycles or vapor compression, swamp coolers evaporate water to cool the indoor areas.

However, you need one of the best swamp cooler thermostats to ensure that it maintains the correct temperature, and we’ll show you how to select the correct one.

Comparison of the Best Swamp Cooler Thermostats

  • Communication range of up to 40 meters
  • Remote control detects room temperature automatically
  • LCD display has a back light for easy reading
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  • Automatic pre-programmed on/off controlling
  • Compatible with 1 or 2 speed motors up to 1 HP
  • Room temperature is always displayed on LCD
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  • Best for the Money
  • Easy to use, safe, and reliable unit
  • Quick and simple installation without wiring
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  • Compatible with 2 speed motors up to 1 HP
  • Onboard sensor has 50 - 90° F control range
  • Easy to install in existing outlet box with minimal wiring
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How to Choose a Swamp Cooler Thermostat

You shouldn’t merely head to the first online store you find and buy a thermostat. There are several factors for your to look at first, which we’ll assess in this section. 


One of the most significant elements of a swamp cooler thermostat is the display. You’ll want to clearly see at what temperature you’re setting it so that it doesn’t become too cold or warm.

Furthermore, take a look at what features are available on the display. There might be specific icons for timers and other settings. Finally, check to see if the LCD lights up for use at night.

Dimensions and Appearance

You don’t want a bulky swamp cooler thermostat sitting on your wall or affixed to a different service. You might only have a certain amount of space to place with, so ensure you purchase one that suits your requirements.

Besides the size, decide whether the appearance will suit your swamp cooler the surface where you plan to install it. You don’t want to place a bright pink cover on a black area unless that’s what you’re aiming for in your entertainment area.

More: Swamp Cooler Cover Buyer’s Guide

Temperature Settings

Of course, the only way you can maintain the room’s temperature is through proper thermostat settings. If you look at the product details, you’ll be able to tell what the maximum and minimum ranges are.

This feature is essential when you’re living in extremely cold or hot regions. You’ll also want to evaluate if you can pre-program these settings.

Pre-wet Cycles

Some swamp coolers have cooler pads for performing their work. These items need to be thoroughly wet before the blower becomes active.

Thermostats sometimes have a pre-wet cycle that you can set to two or four-minute intervals. Check the product specifications to see if it includes it.

Manual Controls

There may be times when you need to override the thermostat, either for safety reasons or due to a preference. Surprisingly, some manufacturers forget to include this feature or don’t deem it necessary.

Having manual controls is a significant benefit, as it lets you change the settings if the thermostat’s automatic features aren’t working correctly. You can also change the default configurations.

Review of the Best Swamp Cooler Thermostats

It’s time to reveal our recommended list of the best swamp cooler thermostats. Please bear in mind that you should evaluate each one based on your needs at home, as one product doesn’t provide solutions for all situations.

Best Overall

Nashone Wireless Plug in Thermostat

Nashone Wireless Plug in Thermostat, Digital Thermostat Outlet LCD Display Temperature Controller with Heating and Cooling Mode for Portable Heater, Wall Panel Heater, Window AC, and More


Display: LCD screen

Batteries Needed: Yes

Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.54 x 2.32

Weight: 6.4 pounds

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A feature that stands out with this swamp cooler thermostat is that it can work with air conditioners that heat or cool. You can switch between the temperature units in Celsius or Fahrenheit, making it compatible with any region. 

Unfortunately, you’ll find few customer reviews sharing any experiences due to the product being relatively new. 

If the temperature drops below or above a specific range, you’ll receive a notification as a warning. You’ll also be notified if the batteries run low, as you won’t be able to control any of the devices without it.

Bottom Line

The Nashone Wireless Plug in Thermostat is remarkable for its performance. You can connect it to several devices while controlling the heating and cooling.

You’ll also love the versatility in setting the measurements and the advanced features that the remote control provides.


Temperature warnings

Interchangeable between ℃/℉

Remote control includes sensor

Supports heating and cooling modes

Control several devices simultaneously


Few customer reviews available


Dial Manufacturing 7617

DIAL MANUFACTURING 7617 Cooler Thermostat 115/230V


Display: LCD screen

Batteries Needed: No

Dimensions: 8 x 5.5 x 2.5

Weight: 9.6 pounds

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


This Dial Manufacturing thermostat has an automatic start and stop function, providing you with exceptional cooling when you need it. When it comes to temperature control, you can pre-program various settings for different circumstances or if you want it to turn on or off at a specific time.

You won’t find an elegant or beautiful design, though. Even the digital display is a bit bland with two buttons on the side. The other issue is that stock is challenging to find, making it rarely available in online stores.

There are two motor speeds you can activate, depending on how much airflow you’d like. If you need to change how the swamp cooler operates, you can manually override the system.

Bottom Line

Consisting of a single component, you’ll receive most of the basic functions you need for your swamp cooler. There are timer modes you can program, while you can override it if you need to change the functions.

One of the top features is how much you can control the pre-wetting controls, choosing to only use the pumps or setting the cycle times.


Two motor speeds

Automatic on/off function

Pre-wet cycles of two and four minutes

Manual controls for pre-wetting and fan speeds

Pre-programmable settings for various temperatures


Plain cover with dull design

In demand and challenging to find stock

Best for the Money

Hycency OPS100N

Hycency Programmable Wireless Plug in Thermostat Outlet, Electric Thermostat Controlled Outlet with Built-in Temperature Sensor Remote Control (White)


Display: LCD screen

Batteries Needed: Yes

Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 2

Weight: 6 pounds

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This product has two components. The thermostat plugs into a wall socket while you can control it wirelessly with a remote that reaches up to 66 ft. 

The remote automatically turns your device on and off depending on the temperature. However, it needs to be within a specific range of the cooler and have working batteries for it to perform this function.

The plug has a safety design to ensure that the maximum load isn’t reached and to protect it from shorting. You’ll also be able to manage both heating and cooling modes with a sensor in the remote control.

Bottom Line

There are many features to enjoy with this affordable thermostat. Besides the programmable levels and timers, you can easily install it with the plug-n-play feature.

It also has a more attractive design than most of its competitors, while the stunning remote control has a sensor to detect whether it should switch the cooler on or off.


Sensor built into the control

Heating and cooling modes

Easy plug-n-play installation

Wireless plug-in system with remote control

Safe 3-prong prong design with low power consumption


Remote needs to be within specific range to work effectively

Editor’s Pick

Champion Cooler 110423-2

MasterStat Thermostat for Evaporative Coolers


Display: LCD screen

Batteries Needed: No

Dimensions: 0.63 x 2.75 x 4.5

Weight: 1.65 pounds

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


If you have a swamp cooler with ducts, this thermostat is the ideal choice. It can manage up to two speeds, so ensure that you have the correct motor installed in your device.

The provided wires are thin, so wiring the thermostat can be challenging. You may need to keep some extra wires at hand. If your swamp cooler has a heating mode, you won’t be able to control it with this device.

On the plus side, it has a wide temperature range you can set it at, even for extremely hot climates. You’ll also receive spare fuses in case the one installed burns out.

Bottom Line

You’ll love the rain-proof box that’s included, especially if you plan to install the thermostat outside. The controller isn’t much to look at, but it lets you program the pump cycles, timers, and temperatures.

Of course, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your swamp cooler’s motor.


Contains spare fuses

Can handle up to two speeds

Designed for ducted swamp coolers

Includes rain-proof box for exterior installation

Onboard sensor for temperatures between 50° and 90° F


Wiring can be challenging

Doesn’t include a heating mode

Honorable Mention

Briidea Wireless Thermostat

Briidea Wireless Thermostat Temperature Controller LCD Screen 3 Prong Plug With Built-in Temp Sensor Remote Control Receiver White Heating & Cooling for A/C Fans Heaters Coolers


Display: LCD screen

Batteries Needed: No

Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.7 x 2.1

Weight: 5.6 pounds

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


The feature that stands out for this thermostat is wireless remote control management. It has an elegant design with an LCD providing you with detailed information about temperatures and timers.

There are two small issues with the remote, though. Firstly, you may find it difficult to program since the manual doesn’t give clear instructions. If you plan to install it in an outside area, like a chicken coop or greenhouse, the remote control needs to remain in the space since it holds the sensor.

The thermostat is ideal for swamp coolers while having a plug-n-play design. Therefore, it’s easy to install and pair to each device. 

Bottom Line

Overall, you’ll enjoy the cooling management system and advanced functionality of this thermostat. It has a stunning appearance, but it also lets you set timers and pump cycles at will.

Fortunately, it has a fast installation, so you’ll be cooling your home or outside porch in no time.


Easy pairing between devices

Elegant, stunning remote design

Display with detailed information

Wireless remote control functionality

Plug-n-play functionality with easy installation


Challenging to program

Remote needs to in the target area

What is a Swamp Cooler Thermostat, and How Does It Work?

Swamp cooler thermostats let you set when the device should switch on or off, based on the room temperature. You can also determine when the internal pump needs to soak the cooling pads and alter fan speed.

In this way, the HVAC device will increase the pump when the temperature rises, soaks the pads and engages the fans. Once the preferred temperature is reached, it will either switch off or slow down.

One other setting it has is the desired fan speed level. The option you choose will determine how long it takes to reach the preferred temperature levels and the power consumption. 

Benefits of Investing in a New Swamp Cooler Thermostat

There are several benefits to investing in a new swamp cooler thermostat. While we’ll mention them here below, ensure that these are the functions you need to make the most of them. 

Improved Comfort Levels

If you just have a standard air conditioner with no thermostat, you’ll have to adjust the temperature level manually every time you feel uncomfortable.

It becomes annoying after a few days, and you may end up leaving it off to save some frustration.

Thermostats maintain your preferred levels, lower or increasing the cooling power so that you can feel comfortable at all times. It even switches off and on automatically, saving you electricity when it doesn’t need to be running.

Timer Delay

Nashone OPS100N+OTS100N

If you don’t let the device soak the cooling pads first when it starts up, hot air will circulate in your home before the cold air appears. However, using standard remote controls means you need to set up the preparation before turning on the swamp cooler.

A thermostat provides a solution to both problems. With a timer delay, it takes up to five minutes to prepare the soak pads for you. All you have to do is switch it on, and it will start cooling your space when it’s ready.

Timer Configuration

Another inconvenience is having to get up while you’re relaxing or sleeping to turn the swamp cooler off. Fortunately, the thermostat has timer settings where you can configure it to shut down after two to six hours. You can sleep in peace knowing that it won’t run all night.

Manual Override

While thermostats work automatically without intervention, sometimes it pays to override the functions to a new setting. It doesn’t take this freedom away from you, still letting you have complete control when needed.

Common Issues When Using a Thermostat With a Swamp Cooler

You may experience some issues after installing your thermostat, usually after a few months when things start going wrong. Some of these indicate a problem with the thermostat, but you should also look at other factors.

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Air Conditioner Not Switching On or Off

The swamp cooler won’t switch on or off if the room’s temperature doesn’t call for it to do so. However, you may want to see if it’s set to ‘cool’ and lower the level to see if it makes any difference. 

If that doesn’t work, then something else may be the issue. Be sure to check the following:

  • Make sure the breaker hasn’t tripped, or there isn’t a blown fuse;

  • Reset the power and see if that resolves the issue;

  • Check the power cable, and maybe swap it with another one;

  • Ask a technician to assess the motor.

Control Panel Isn’t Working Properly

If the LCD or panel isn’t working as it should, there’s probably an issue with the thermostat or a component linked to it. Once again, check if it’s set to cool and lower the level to see if it makes any difference. 

Alternatively, you can exchange the batteries or reset factory settings for the thermostat. You can also unplug and reinsert the power cable to see if that resolves the issue.

Swamp Cooler Is Emitting Hot Air

The thermostat failing can cause the swamp cooler to blow hot air instead of cold. You can have someone recalibrate it, which may fix the problem, but you’ll need to replace it in most cases.

There may also be other reasons for this problem not related to the thermostat:

  • Dirty or blocked filters stopping the airflow;

  • Condenser or evaporator may be blocked;

  • Fins and vents may be dirty and clogged;

  • The liquid may have run dry.

Device Is Not Reducing Humidity

Some swamp coolers have the additional function of reducing humidity in the home. When it stops performing this function, many people believe the thermostat is to blame.

The thermostat only maintains room temperature and not humidity levels, so there’s probably a different reason for this issue. However, it could be that the device isn’t receiving signals from the thermostat to cool the room when there’s high humidity, so make sure you investigate this option.

Price Points of Swamp Cooler Thermostats

Not all thermostats have the same price ranges. You may pay more for extra features, while it’s all about the brand name in other cases. While prices don’t generally reflect quality, here are some of the features you may see in these cost ranges.

$10 – $50

These are your most affordable options and can consist of one or two small components. The thermostats have small temperature ranges for you to manage, and may only consist of cooling and low speeds. You’ll also probably find that it has a basic LCD.

$50 – $100

You’ll find more functions available here, with the thermostat able to handle larger motors and better temperature ranges. The remote control will have more functions available, while you’ll also see more safety features added. 


This price range has top-branded products or high-end features. You can manage heating and cooling, while you’ll find advanced protection from the weather and other risk factors. The remote control will be able to handle extreme temperatures, while installation will be a breeze.


Swamp coolers are exceptional at keeping your home cool during those hot summer days. However, you need an effective thermostat to ensure that it switches off and on when needed while managing its pump cycles properly. We hope that this guide has assisted you in selecting the right one for your home or office.

People Also Ask

We may have left you with some lingering questions thanks to our detailed article. Here are some FAQs we’ve found online or received from our audience. You can also send us any questions you may have about swamp cooler thermostats.

Can You Use a Smart Thermostat With a Swamp Cooler?

Yes, there are several smart thermostats with advanced settings for swamp coolers. You can also use a smart app to manage it from your smartphone or tablet, giving you more freedom when away from home or lying in your bed.

Does Nest Thermostat Work With an Evaporative Cooler?

Nest thermostats do work with swamp coolers, specifically ones that you install on a roof. It helps manage it better with different ventilation and fan-speed options. However, you need to ensure that it’s compatible with your device.

Will Any Thermostat Work With a Swamp Cooler?

Not necessarily. You see, thermostats can handle different ranges for distance and temperature, while they can only manage specific motor speeds. Furthermore, some thermostats can manage heating and cooling, whereas you would only need cooling in most instances. You’ll need to check whether it’s compatible.

When To Replace Swamp Cooler Thermostat

There are various signs that indicate it may be time to replace your swamp cooler thermostat. For instance, it may not be blowing cold air anymore, or the device might be running all the time without shutting down. If your cooler isn’t starting, that could also be a sign of a thermostat failure. Ensure that you investigate all options before you do so, though.

How Hard is it to Install a Thermostat For a Swamp Cooler?

It depends on the model. While many thermostats are plug-n-play, you may still need to configure the wiring. In other cases, you may need to install the device in an attic, basement, or external space that creates a more challenging installation. Read the product specifications and customer reviews to see what others have to say

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