Best Swamp Cooler Covers – 2021 Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

It’s been a sweltering summer, but now temperatures have started to drop, and you no longer need to use your swamp cooler.

Now is the time to switch off your cooler for the winter, but you also need to protect and cover it so that it’s ready for use during next year’s summer. 

Comparison of the Best Swamp Cooler Covers

  • Fabric is breathable and resistant to mold and mildew
  • Heavy-duty grommets and tie-down string for durability
  • Protects the cooler from snow, wind, rain, and dirt
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  • Weather barrier against cold air, dirt, and dust
  • Convenient washable fabric is strong and tough
  • Elastic edge allows for secure fit
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  • Best for the Money
  • Fabric is breathable and resistant to mold and mildew
  • Robust grommets and tie-down string for durability
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  • Best Swamp Cooler Ceiling Cover
  • Thick interior insulation - easy to install
  • Includes a 2 year limited warranty
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  • Best Canvas Swamp Cooler Cover
  • Prevents condensation formation on internal parts
  • Keeps debris and dirt out of cooler
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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Swamp Cooler Cover

What factors do we need to look at when buying a swamp cooler cover? We discuss the most critical factors to consider when purchasing swamp cooler covers. 

Weather Conditions

It is essential to consider what weather the cover needs to stand up to when buying a swamp cooler sheath. The weather conditions determine how durable the covering needs to be and how well it needs to be secured. Many covers that work well in some parts of the country are unsuitable in areas with high winds. A well-insulated wrapping is better for regions that experience colder winters. 

On the other hand, if you only experience mild winters and light winds, there is no need to buy a heavy-duty cover. In regions with a dry winter, waterproofing is not a significant concern. Still, it could be the leading factor in another area. 


Type of Cooler

The type of cooler determines the design of the cover. Covers for the different coolers vary in size and shape, so you need to be sure you’re buying the correct one. 

Outcome You Want to Achieve

Some covers have better insulating properties than others, and some fabrics have better breathability. Perhaps you have limited storage space and need a cover that folds into a compact package when not in use. Although we often overlook these factors, they should play a critical role in determining which fabric and design are best for you. 

Review of the Best Swamp Cooler Covers

An integral part of keeping your swamp cooler in good working condition is the cover protecting it from winter weather. Stinting on this vital part of the preservation process for an evaporative cooler leads to heartache further down the line.

To help you choose the best cover for your cooler, we have reviewed the top products available on Amazon. 

Best Overall

Dial WeatherGuard Down Draft 8935

WeatherGuard Evaporative Cooler Cover - Down Draft - 34' w 34' d 40' h


Material: Polyester

For Cooler Type: Downdraft Units

Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 40 inches

Weight: 1.75 lbs.

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Dial supplies an excellent product that lasts for years and stores easily for the summer months when it’s not in use. The strong drawstrings ensure that the cover stays in place even through storms. The waterproof, breathable polyester fabric prevents both water ingress and the formation of mold. The lace-up corner accommodates your plumbing and electrical connections, and the cover doesn’t shrink or deteriorate in the sun. 

A few extra grommets would improve ease of fitting, but otherwise, this cover is perfect for its design application. WeatherGuard could look at the method of UV protection, but the product is safe for everyday use. 

Bottom Line

Overall an excellent product. The fabric is light, durable, and UV protected to give years of service. The well-thought-out design accommodates the swamp cooler’s electrical and plumbing connections, and the cover won’t shrink. The breathable fabric helps prevent mold formation while still weatherproofing the unit.


Polyester cover doesn’t shrink

Breathable fabric helps prevent mold

Straightforward, compact folding for summer storage

Double-stitched seams and heavy-duty grommets for durability

Lace-up corner accommodates the plumbing and electrical connections


Cover could use more grommets, but it still works well

Polyester has a Titanium Dioxide coating for UV protection, which is possibly carcinogenic


Champion Cooler MasterCool MCP44-EC

MasterCool Exterior Cooler Cover


Material: Polyester

For Cooler Type: Exterior grill cover only

Dimensions: 44 x 33 x 11 inches

Weight: 1.15 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


The lightweight construction makes this cover easy to fit, and the compact storage size means that you won’t be tripping over it all summer. Polyester is an excellent fabric for exterior covers. This one does the job of keeping cold air and dust out of your home when the cooler isn’t in use. 

The elastic edge means that the cover fits snugly and looks neat. The material is possibly too flimsy, especially on the sides. The supplied tie-down cord doesn’t hold the covering securely enough in high winds. You can easily overcome this problem by using a stouter, extended cable in windy areas. 

Bottom Line

The cover’s purpose is to keep dust and weather out of your home, and it does that. We recommend that you change out the supplier’s cord for a longer sturdier one in high-wind areas. A washable and easily maintainable cover means that it looks neat year-round with little maintenance.


Material is waterproof

Compact storage for the hot months

Fabric is washable and easy to maintain

Lightweight construction for easy fitting and removal

Grill cover keeps cold air, dust, and pollen out of your home


Washable cover isn’t UV protected

Tie-down system needs a little tweaking for areas with high wind

Best for the Money

Dial Down Draft 8912

Dial Manufacturing WeatherGuard Evaporative Cooler Cover - Down Draft - 28' w 28' d 34' h


Material: Polyester

For Cooler Type: Downdraft Units

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 16 inches

Weight: 2.35 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


The cover looks good, and it does its job. The breathable fabric allows moisture to escape from the unit, preventing rust and mold. Waterproofing of the material still keeps rain and snow away from the cooler. The lace-up corner accommodates plumbing and electrical fittings. 

The double-stitched seams don’t appear to hold up well in windy conditions, though. The absence of grommets on the skirt contributes to the problem. For areas without too much wind, however, this product is excellent value for money. The compact storage size and uncomplicated fitting are an added benefit. 

Bottom Line

If the best value for money is critical to you, then you have found the right cover. This cover doesn’t stand up well to the wind, but it’s an excellent choice for any other area. The design is good, and the breathable fabric helps prevent rust and mold while still keeping out the weather.  


Easy to install

Polyester cover doesn’t shrink

Breathable fabric helps prevent mold

Effortless, compact folding for summer storage

Lace-up corner accommodates plumbing and electrical connections


Not suitable for very windy conditions

Skirt cord is sheathed instead of running through grommets

Best Swamp Cooler Ceiling Cover

Classic Accessories 52-034-151001-00

Classic Accessories Evaporation Cooler Cover Heat Plug, 20' x 20'


Material: Hurricane Fabric

For Cooler Type: Pillow for inside vent

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 4 inches

Weight: 1 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Essentially, this cover is an insulated foam pillow with a removable hurricane fabric cover in a neutral gray color. The pad is discreet and fits well with any decor. The foam insulation keeps heat in the house, and the friction fit prevents drafts that would typically come through the vent. With this cover in place, you will save on heating bills. 

We still recommend putting an outside cover on your swamp cooler to protect it from the elements. At least with the ceiling cover in place, you don’t need to worry about stray drafts getting in under the outdoor housing, and you will still be cozy indoors if the wind tears through the covering. 

Bottom Line

The excellent insulation afforded by this cover saves on heating bills through the winter, and you’ll have no more cold drafts in the house. On the downside, your outside unit still needs protection from the elements to prolong its lifespan. It is a good option for extra protection indoors, but you should use it in conjunction with an outside cover. 


Fabric is easy to clean

Easy to install and remove

Excellent insulation properties

Friction fit gives a full, positive seal

Two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


Bulkier storage

Doesn’t afford protection to the outside unit

Best Canvas Swamp Cooler Cover

Brian’s Canvas CCDD363636

36'W x 36'D x 36'H Down Draft Heavy Duty Canvas Cover for Evaporative Swamp Cooler (36 x 36 x 36)


Material: Canvas

For Cooler Type: Downdraft Units

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 36  inches

Weight: 7.19 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


A traditional canvas cover has its advantages. The heavier fabric is more secure in strong winds than the lighter types, and because canvas shrinks, the manufacturer makes them a little bigger than the actual dimensions. It’s a durable and long-lasting cover that protects your cooler from rust and mildew while keeping away dust and debris. 

If you like to go with tried and tested canvas material, expect your covers to be a little heavier than the polyester kind. Also, the folding and storing of these covers aren’t as easy as with lighter types, but they’re worth it since you will only install this protection once a year. 

Bottom Line

The heavy-duty cover should last you years and stays secure even in strong winds. The canvas cover is a little more challenging to install and remove because of its weight, but well worth the extra effort. Don’t be surprised if the covering seems a bit large at first, as the manufacturers make allowance for the canvas’s shrinkage. 


Durable and long-lasting

Heavier cover is less likely to flap or be blown off

Protects your swamp cooler from rust and mildew

Very effective at keeping dirt and debris away from your cooler during winter

Heavy-duty canvas protects the evaporative cooler from weather, dust, and debris


Bulkier storage

Heavier than other types

What Size Swamp Cooler Cover Do I Need?

Before deciding on a swamp cooler cover, you need to have the correct size and shape. You need to consider the type of swamp cooler, the vent’s form, and whether you need an inside cover or an outside cover. 

Measuring for a Downdraft Cooler

The downdraft cooler is the easiest to measure. It is a cube, so all you need are the height, the width, and the depth. It’s best to add an extra one to two inches to the width and the length for easy fitting. Some materials shrink, so take that into account as well.

Measuring for a Round Cover

The round cover is equally easy to measure as all you need is the height and the diameter. Add an extra one to two inches to the diameter for easy fitting. 

Brians Canvas CCDD363636

Measuring for a Side Discharge Cover

For a side discharge cover, you need to measure the height, the width, the depth, and the height of the lip at the cooler’s top. You also need to add an extra one to two inches for easy fitting.  

Ready-Made Covers

There are many ready-made covers on the market, and some manufacturers have a guide to show which brands and models their covers fit. Alternatively, you can buy a product with the dimensions that most closely match those of your swamp cooler. 

Types of Swamp Cooler Covers

When you purchase a swamp cooler cover, there are three main factors to consider. These factors are what type of cooler you have, what part of it you want to cover, and what kind of weather the cover must withstand.

The cooler or part of the cooler you want to be covered determines the cover’s shape, and weather conditions determine the construction material.

Cover Shapes

Here’s an overview of different types of cooler and the cover shape best for them.

  • Downdraft Cooler: Cube shape covering all four sides and the entire height. 

  • Sidedraft Cooler: Cube shape covering only three sides to accommodate the side vent.

  • Round Downdraft Cooler: Round cover covering the whole length.

  • Inside Vent Cover: A cover designed to close inside vents. These coverings fit inside the duct or outside the flue, and there are various securing methods.

  • Outside Intake Cover: Cubic cover for exterior vents. 

Construction Materials

We give a quick overview of construction materials and the weather conditions that they can withstand.

Classic Accessories 52-034-151001-00 Material
  • Canvas: Canvas is waterproof and can withstand the harshest weather conditions without cracking, though it does need cleaning and drying for storage.

  • Polyester: Lightweight, washable fabric ideal for milder weather conditions.

  • Hurricane Fabric: Hurricane fabric is a PVG coated fabric suitable for the harshest weather conditions. It can also be used indoors and can even function as a transparent storm window covering.

  •  2-ply Polyester: The 2-ply polyester is stronger than the standard polyester and less likely to rip in windy conditions.

  • Poly Cotton Blend: Suitable for indoor use only.

Top Brands in the Swamp Cooler Cover Space

The easiest way to ensure that your swamp cooler cover is of the best quality is to buy from a reputable, established brand. Let’s look at the top brands for swamp cooler covers.

Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories has come a long way since 1983 when Jacob Engelstein started manufacturing seat belt pads and fuzzy dice in his Seattle basement. In the 38 years since then, Classic Accessories has become one of the leading brands for outdoor covers.

Their innovative designs and use of the latest technology in materials have magnified their reputation across different industries.  

Dial Manufacturing

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Dial Manufacturing has remained in the same family since its founding in 1965. The company specializes in accessories for evaporative coolers. It has representatives in every factory in the US manufacturing these coolers.

Their in-house engineering team is well known for quality control and innovative design. Many of the evaporative cooler manufacturers use Dial parts in their coolers. 

Brian’s Canvas

Founded in 1983, Brian’s Canvas Covers has a 16,000 square foot facility in Clearfield, Utah. Brian’s specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty cotton blend canvas covers for evaporative coolers and has expanded into other US markets.

Brian’s quality artistry, excellent process, and great design make them one of the leading manufacturers of evaporative cooler covers. Outstanding customer service and commitment keep this company near the top of the list.

Price Points of Swamp Cooler Covers

The question that everybody wants to know the answer to is: How much will this cost me? We give a quick overview of what to expect in different price ranges. 

Under $25

You can get a variety of covers for under $25. You can find good quality heat plugs and indoor vent plugs in this price range and even a few good-value canvas coverings for downdraft and sidedraft swamp coolers.  

From $25 to $50

The majority of swamp cooler covers fall into the $30 to $40 price range, and you can buy any type of product you need for this money. High-quality covers come in at around $42. If you pay more than $50, you’re probably at the wrong shop.  

Over $50

Only the biggest and highest-quality covers cost over $50. 

How to Winterize a Swamp Cooler

Winterizing your swamp cooler is an essential maintenance task to prolong the lifespan and save money on your heating bill during the cold months. It’s nice to have cool air circulating during the summer, but nobody wants a cold draft coming through the vents once the temperature starts dropping.

We have set out a step-by-step guide to winterizing your swamp cooler. Or you can watch the YouTube video below:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Switch off the power to the swamp cooler at the breaker. You don’t want somebody accidentally switching it on while it’s covered.

2. Remove the drain plug from the cooler sump and drain the water. Leave the stopper out, but tie it to the cooler to avoid losing it over the winter. You don’t want stagnant, smelly water lying in your cooler sump for six months. You also don’t want that dirty water running through the pump and over the pads when you start your cooler for the first time in the summer. 

3. Check the condition of the cooling pads. They usually need to be changed at the end of the summer season. 

4. Replace the side covers and pads. 

5. Put the cover over the evaporative cooler and tie it down securely. The more secure the covering is, the less chance it can flap around and tear in the wind. 

6. Disconnect the water supply to ensure that no water can flow into the cooler when it isn’t in use. 

Your swamp cooler is now ready for the winter and protected from rust, weather, and debris. Your house vents should be sealed, keeping the warm air indoors, and the cold air outdoors.  


Fitting a winter cover on your swamp cooler is worth the small investment in time and money. Winterizing your cooler saves you heating bills and prolongs the life of your appliance. 

People Also Ask

So you still have questions, or maybe you skipped to this section to see if your query was here. We have answered a few of the most-often-asked questions about swamp cooler covers here. 

Why Cover a Swamp Cooler in Winter?

Covering your swamp cooler in winter saves on heating bills. It also prolongs the life of your cooler by protecting it from rust, mold, and debris. Covering your swamp cooler during the cold months also enhances your home’s comfort by eliminating cold drafts coming from the vents.  

How Do I Cover the Air Vent For My Swamp Cooler?

For an indoor vent, there are magnetic covers, or you can purchase an insulated pillow that fits snugly inside the duct and prevents water, dust, and cold air ingress. You can cover outside vents with a tied-down canvas or polyester cover. Remember to switch off the breaker before covering the vents. 

When Should I Cover My Swamp Cooler?

Ideally, you should cover your cooler within a week of the last use for the season. If you leave it too late, you may experience water ingress through the vents or dirt buildup. 

How Long Will Swamp Cooler Canvas Covers Last?

Canvas covers can last many years, but they need to be looked after properly. Before storing your canvas cover, you need to ensure that it’s clean and dry. The product also needs to be stored in a dry place to prevent rot. 

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