Soleus Air Dehumidifier Reviews – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 6, 2020

All of us want healthy, maintained levels of humidity in our homes but that naturally may not always be the case. Thankfully, science has always made our lives better with developing innovative technology to help make our everyday lives easier with one of its greatest discoveries being dehumidifiers. Excess humidity not only leads to health issues in the long run but also deteriorates your comfort levels.

Excess humidity can be felt on your skin and leaves your hair frizzy. It also leads to the growth of mold and mildew that could destroy your house walls and leave your home smelling musty. Furthermore, in the long run, they can cause allergies.

A dehumidifier gets rid of not only excess moisture but clears your atmosphere of bacteria, toxins, dust mites, etc. thus improving the air quality you breathe in. Therefore, investing in a dehumidifier can be pretty rewarding if chosen carefully. Which brand better to trust with this decision than Soleus which has been serving people for nearly two decades?

Comparison Chart of the Soleus Air Dehumidifiers

  • The best overall on our list
  • It features evaporative technology.
  • It can suck up to 60 pints moisture from air
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  • It is energy star certified
  • The runner up on our list
  • It has 70-pint moisture removal capacity.
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  • Best for money on our list
  • It has a 70-pint per day moisture removal capacity
  • Innovative My Home mode saves settings for different places
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  • Best 30-pint model by Soleus
  • It is portable due to the smooth rolling caster wheels.
  • It has a My Home mode with pre-programmed humidity settings
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  • Energy Star certified
  • It has an 8.5-pint bucket.
  • The best 45-pint size dehumidifier
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  • It is portable
  • Best 70-pint size dehumidifier
  • It has a Myhome mode with pre-programmed humidity settings
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Who is Soleus Air?

Soleus is a leading company in manufacturing and trading innovative and efficient air products. It came into being back in 1998 as MJC America, and it currently trades under the name Soleus Air. It is a worldwide celebrated and applauded manufacturer of some of the best quality air products.

Their products have a global outreach and are appreciated and enjoyed by many. They originally just dealt with producing air compressors to use in air conditioning units; however, they expanded and started the retail of air conditioners, heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, etc.

Back in 2010, Soleus Air teamed up with one of its trusted partners Gree to form Gree USA. At that point of time, Gree had a wider outreach in countries such as Pakistan, Brazil, China, and Vietnam whereas Soleus had great market knowledge and a loyal customer base in the USA. The convergence of these two major industry leaders would enable them to target a larger audience with high quality products.

How Does Soleus Compare to the Competition?

You must be wondering what exactly is about this brand which makes it so special? Well, it's everything actually. The brand stands for excellence and high quality products. Their product designs are unique and of excellent quality. They come up with innovative features wrapped up in a modern and stylish design bound to bring your focus to it.


Soleus products look great. Apart from functioning in an excellent manner, they also score full marks in the overall looks department. These products are made from light materials which enable them to be easy to move around; however, they are still highly durable and heavy duty. They feature neutral colors which is the reason they look great in a number of different settings and don't clash with the aesthetic of the house.

High Capacity

Soleus products are the real deal. They have some of the highest water extraction capacity of any product in the market. Their products are not gimmicky in any form and are life savers for people living in highly humid areas. It is hard to beat these products as it does not get better than this.

Soleus Air 70-Pint WiFi Controls Energy Star Dehumidifier


Soleus caters to a wide range of audience. This means that they do not only target a certain market price point, or only deal with a certain area of problems. They create products which can be used by people in numerous settings. Whether you live in a less humid area or one with high humidity, you are likely to find a suitable product suited for your needs.

Energy Efficient

The biggest possible drawback of investing in a bad dehumidifier is that it could cost you a lot in your electricity bill and no one wants that. They are energy efficient and do not break the bank. That is another reason they are such a great purchase.

Quick Take: Best Soleus Air Dehumidifiers

These are our recommendations for the best Soleus Air dehumidifiers:

  1. Soleus Air LX-140
  2. SoleusAir 70 Pint Dehumidifier
  3. 70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Internal Pump

Review of the Best Soleus Air Dehumidifiers

Finally, here is the part you have been waiting for. These are some of the best Soleus products divided into categories for your ease. We have also discussed a few drawbacks so you are aware of everything you will be getting from this product and can make a decision accordingly.

Best Overall:
Soleus Air LX-140

Soleus Air LX-140, 14,000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner, 14,200 BTU Heater, Dehumidifier and Fan


  • It has an excellent design
  • It comes with three fan speeds instead of just two
  • Comes with an accessory kit, so you don't have to invest additional money


  • It is not very portable since it is heavy.
  • Some complain that the drain has a design flaw.

Our Review

We termed this product as the best overall and for some really good reasons. This right here is the complete package. Firstly, let's talk about how good it looks. This is one the best-looking dehumidifiers we have come across so far. It has a sleek and professional design. It has a white and black body and therefore would look great in a modern home setting. Plus, it wouldn't clash with your aesthetic as it features a neutral color palette.

Even though it looks great, it is the features one is more concerned about. This product functions very well. In this product, you get a 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner, 14,200 BTU heater and 60-pint dehumidifier all in one powerful machine which can accommodate areas up to 450 sq. ft. It is able to extract up to 60 pints of moisture from the air.

Furthermore, it has a three-speed fan which you can set according to your preference whereas standard industrial units only have two fan settings. This model is very user-friendly whether you talk about the installation process or the easy-to-read multi-color display which makes monitoring and adjusting settings easier.

It features evaporative technology which basically moves air over the condenser coils allowing the condensation to evaporate instead of collecting thus limiting the process of emptying the bucket. Furthermore, they have provided an auxiliary drain in case water builds up during high humidity levels. It's safe to say that there was a lot of thought put into the design and looks of this product. It comes with all the necessary accessories one requires to install the machine like 2 hoses, 4 window brackets and drain hose.

Bottom Line

If you can overlook the fact that it is a little heavy to carry around and that the drain is about half an inch above the ground making draining a bit difficult, it is a great machine. It has all you need from looks to features. It will prove to be a great investment.

Soleus Air High Efficiency 70-Pint Dehumidifier with WiFi Controls, White


  • It is easy to operate.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • It comes with pre-programmed humidity settings.


  • Some complained that it has a water leakage problem.

Our Review

Here is another great Soleus model which has made it to our runner up category. This is a great product for a number of reasons; one of them being its great looks. This product has very minimalistic and simple looks.

This is one reason why it would fit right in a number of different settings without clashing with its aesthetic. Furthermore, it is portable as it comes with smooth rolling caster wheels and is not as heavy as some of the other models in the market. It is by no means the lightest dehumidifier but not heavy either.

Apart from the looks, a major attraction of this product is its excellent features that are wrapped up in that stylish design. It has the capacity to extract up to 70 pints of moistures from the atmosphere. However, the company does not disclose the size of the water reservoir.

Mold and mildew are built up in the presence of excess humidity and can harm not only your walls but also you. Furthermore, they leave a musty smell which is very unpleasant. In the long run, a buildup of mold and mildew can lead to many allergies. This product efficiently prevents their formation and keeps the air fresh and clean from other bacteria and toxins as well, improving its quality.

This product is energy star certified. Furthermore, it is user-friendly as is comes with pre-programmed humidity settings which are specific for different regions of your home like bedroom, living room, basement, bathroom thus removing the guesswork out of operating it.

Bottom Line

It is an overall pretty great product with an excellent design and stylish overlook. The water leakage problem was reported mainly in areas with extremely high humidity; thus if that is not your case, then you are good to go. It can be a great investment.

70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Internal Pump (Renewed)


  • It has a stylish design.
  • It is portable and easy to move around.
  • Efficiently removes toxins, keeping allergies at bay.


  • Needs a bigger bucket.

Our Review

The brand has done this one great justice. We deemed this product to be the best value for money and for a good reason. This product has an excellent quality built and good looking design. It looks and feels premium quality. It has a stylish look which would fit in numerous interiors without clashing with their aesthetic. It is portable as well since it comes with smooth rolling caster wheels.

Its looks are amazing; however, the features are excellent as well. This product has the capacity to extract moisture up to 70 pints from the atmosphere in a day. Furthermore, it has a water reservoir capacity of about 14 pints. This dehumidifier comes with a "My Home" mode which basically has preprogrammed humidity settings that are specific to your bedroom, basement, bathroom, etc.

Therefore, it takes the guesswork out, and the only thing you've got to do is install this. The installation process is very easy as well. The product was made very user-friendly. It comes with a user manual which is descriptive of how to install this machine.

This 70-pint dehumidifier removes excess moisture and prevents the buildup of molds and mildew with great efficiency. It also eliminates dust and bacteria while circulating cleaner and less humid air in the room. Since these toxins could lead to allergies, they are important to get rid of. It also features a digital humidistat which displays the set humidity level and the room humidity.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent quality product. We did feel that it could do better with a bigger bucket since it is meant to work for larger spaces and higher humidity levels. If one overlooks the slight issue, then this could be a great investment.

Soleus #TDA30 Air Dehumidifier, 30-Pint


  • It has a sleek design
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface
  • Works efficiently in removing moisture


  • Not Energy Star certified

Our Review

The brand never ceases to amaze us with their high quality products. This one was the best 30-pint model by the brand and here’s why. It features an excellent design which works great and looks great. The overall look is what initially draws one in.

It looks expensive and stylish and has an overall white body with a glossy finish. It fits right in any space without clashing with the aesthetic of your house. It has simplistic looks yet has a modern vibe to it. Another great feature of the design is its portable nature. You can move this from room to room with great ease if that is required of it.

The features are what keep one interested in this product. It has a user-friendly interface that's easy to understand. It also has the capacity to extract about 30 pints of moisture from the air. The size of the water reservoir isn’t mentioned by the manufacturer.

Another interesting feature of this product is the “My Home” mode which comes with three settings; the living space, the sleeping space, and the basement. This has a preprogrammed humidity setting for each of those regions of your home. So, you don’t have to continue guessing the right settings. However, if you want to set your own custom humidity level, then you can do so manually using the digital humidistat.

This dehumidifier works efficiently in removing excess moisture and keeping the environment safe and clean. It prevents the growth of both mold and mildew and eliminates the musty smell that comes along with it.

Bottom Line

Energy Star certified products are quite energy efficient and do not cost a lot to run. This product is not one of those. Yet, it is a good investment for those of you living in not so humid areas. It features a great looking and high functionality design that would not disappoint you in performance.

Soleus #TDA45E Energy Star Rated Air Dehumidifier, 45-Pint


  • It is user-friendly.
  • It features a stunning design.
  • Efficiently removes moisture, bacteria, dust molds and mildew.


  • It has a small bucket size.

Our Review

This is a mid-sized dehumidifier for medium-sized rooms. This is our pick for the best 45 pint-sized one by Soleus and for good reason. This product has an excellent design paired with high quality specs; what more could one need from a dehumidifier?

It looks as great as it works. It comes with a sleek and professional look to it with a neutral color palette which makes it easy to fit in any setting without clashing with its aesthetic. It is portable given that it features smooth rolling caster wheels. This dehumidifier doesn’t only look good but functions even better. It has superior quality features bound to make one appreciate it.

It removes up to 45 pints of moisture from the air per day and has an 8.5-pint-size bucket. It has a “My home” mode which has three different settings which are for living spaces, sleeping spaces, and basement space. This mode has preprogrammed humidity levels for each of these regions in your home. Thus, you don’t have to do any guesswork.

This is highly user-friendly and easy to operate. It is Energy Star certified which means this product is energy efficient. It won’t be a big blow to your pocket and will be a practical device to run for a long period of time. It is reportedly very durable as well since it is made of high quality products.

It has an automatic shut off option which shuts off the dehumidifier when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity and indicates that the water tanks needs to be emptied. Furthermore, the digital humidistat displays the set humidity level and the current room humidity.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent product to invest in. It works great for a medium sized room and removes moisture efficiently. It is Energy Star certified therefore won’t be much of a burden financially either. It does its job quietly and is one of the models we have come across.

Soleus Air 70-Pint WiFi Controls Energy Star Dehumidifier, White


  • It is user-friendly.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • Works efficiently in removing moisture and mold and mildew.


  • It should have a bigger water tank.

Our Review

Here is another superior quality product that is a great investment. It features a killer design with excellent specs. We have termed it as our best 70-pint dehumidifier by Soleus, and we are going to tell you why!

It performs well and looks great; therefore ticking both of those boxes. This dehumidifier has a stylish body with stylish design. The overall white body makes it easy to fit into any setting without clashing with its aesthetic. It compliments a modern home very well. Furthermore, it can be moved around as it comes with smooth rolling caster wheels. Not that you are going to need; given that the pint-size it would easily be able to cover a whole floor.

This dehumidifier can remove around 70 pints or 9 gallons of moisture from the air per day. It has a mere 14-pint size water reservoir. This should’ve been a little larger as it would be required to be emptied multiple times if one is living in a highly humid area.

You can connect it to a close drain and run it on continuous drainage option. Furthermore, this is a smart machine in many ways. It will remember your settings even if the power goes out suddenly. So, you can sit relaxed knowing that it will turn back on with the same settings you set it on.

It features a Myhome mode that has three settings which are for livings spaces, sleeping spaces, and the basement. This mode basically has preprogrammed humidity settings for those specific regions of your house. Thus, you have even less to guess. It does it all for you.

Bottom Line

This is a great investment and certainly one of the best products by the brand. It would function well if you install it near a continuous drainage site thus you don’t have to worry about the small water tank capacity. Otherwise, it is a great product overall.  


Here we have given you some of the best products by Soleus. We have compared the good and bad and left the rest for you to decide. Soleus has some of the best quality products out there, and you won’t regret investing in the brand but don’t take our word for it; the facts are in front of you. The smart thing to do is to research and then make a decision.

One thing to always remember when looking for a dehumidifier is the conditions you are going to use it in and your needs out of the product; these two things will help you make a wise decision you would not regret.

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