Best HVAC Schools in Houston – 2021 Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: June 15, 2021
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Every day, young people are looking for a unique set of skills to develop and work on. Everybody needs something sustainable to live on. Therefore, HVAC technician in Houston has recently gained lots of attention. You can find numerous programs and training schools available in Houston that can help you be a certified HVAC technician.

This article will guide you through it. 

Requirements to Be an HVAC Technician in Houston

For you to be a certified HVAC tech in Houston, you will need to fill out some Texas requirements. These include a state-administered examination and some forms which will take you to the exam’s ACR Contractor License Application. Many programs that we have also discussed in this article prep you for these exams and also for EPA certification

Licensing in HVAC technology is vital, therefore make sure to check whether or not the program you choose preps you for such tests and licenses. There are 2 types of licenses in Houston, Class A, and Class B. 

Salary and Job Outlook in Houston

As an intermediate level HVAC tech in Houston, you will be offered a pay rate on the hour-wage basis. The pay usually varies between $11 and $28. However, if you are an experienced, HEPA-approved technician, the pay can drastically change if you take up a full-time job. Annually, an HVAC technician can have up to $48000 to $70000. 

The factors that affect the wage rate for a technician include:

  • Experience level
  • Quality of certification
  • Reputation of HVAC school
  • College degree
  • Extra skills and qualifications to offer (e.g., Driving license)

Houston is often referred to as a place with thriving demand for HVAC technicians. Almost a total of 7000 HVAC related employees were hired in the Houston metro area in 2018 alone. 

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Houston

In the following section, we have listed and reviews some of the best HVAC schools in Houston that you can get in to achieve certification. 


Houston Community College

Our Review of the Program

Houston community college or HCC is one of the best, well-known community colleges in Houston. The institute offers a wide range of programs that offer great value to their students. Known as one of the best business colleges too, HCC has an incredibly flexible and versatile HVAC training program. 

The HVAC, or the air conditioning training, in Houston provides introductory learning to basics, terminologies, and skills. It prepares you to qualify as an expert technician that is aware of important terminologies and makes sure you understand air conditioning technologies, including refrigerators. 

Also, they provide proper training for the final destination, which is EPA certification. EPA certification is the key a student will need to get started with their professional HVAC program. Moreover, HCC also has facilities that allow students to enhance their learning. They have several campuses and financial aid services as well. The preparation provided by HCC is great for entry-level jobs. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a program that will let you get a good entry-level job, this program is going to work for you. After completing the program, you will be a certified HVAC technician who can also take up independent jobs and contracts. 


San Jacinto College

Our Review of the Program

The HVAC training program offered by this college is in line with the advancing demand and industry in Houston and all over the world as well. The institute is hugely focused on how the need for well-trained technicians is increasing in the state as well as the city. 

The program offers to teach skills that will help in entry-level jobs, and also enables students to become licensed technicians. Your license will get you many good opportunities, including independent HVAC work as well. The benefit of this program is that it is available for fast track. This means that you will be able to graduate from the program and be ready to get your license in 16 weeks! 

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Therefore, for people looking for something quick due to a shortage of time, this program is a great pick. However, one possible drawback of this fast track program can be that it might end too soon and not be able to help you focus on every detail in HVAC technologies. 

Apart from that, the opportunities and scope of this versatile program can allow the students to be residential technicians, refrigerator technicians, and even independent business contractors. Another important aspect of this institute is that they have multiple locations. This enables many students to have access to their quality program with ease, from anywhere in the city. 


Tulsa Welding School

Our Review of the Program

The Tulsa Welding school focuses a lot on the atmosphere that Houston’s metro area has created for HVAC technicians. They realize the increasing demand for such skills and certifications. Their institute specializes and provides specific training courses for technical skills. 

By putting their complete focus on the teaching and learning of hard skills such as professional welding and pipefitting, they are able to provide specific attention to the student’s development.  

Their HVAC program lasts for up to 7 months and is a full, complete course that focuses on training students for advanced HVAC technologies such as green and eco-friendly alternatives being made. This, as a result, will allow the graduate students to take up challenging and higher-paid jobs that involve advanced HVAC technologies. 

Moreover, the students can immediately get entry-level jobs or become independent contractors as well. Consequently, you will be fully equipped to take up a job right after graduating from the program. The benefit of this institute is that they also offer scholarships and financial aid plans for these programs. So, if you have limited resources, this institute will back you up. 


Lone Star College

Our Review of the Program

The HVAC program at this institute is meant to develop skills and understanding of the technologies related to the environmental air control industry. As a student, you will be having great exposure to the whole outlook of the industry, while getting access to quality learning assisted by highly qualified faculty. 

This institute is known for its lenient-admissions. They accept the majority of the students, so you will not be going through any difficulties. The program focuses hugely on developing basic to intermediate skills that can get you to entry-level jobs. It lasts for up to 2 years and gives the graduates a certification to enter the workforce immediately after. 

The years of training and studying HVAC tech will lead to a greater understanding compared to shorter programs that last only up to a few months. They also let you transfer the program after 2 years to any renowned college or university, while also providing efficient faculty as advisors. 

The presence of quality teachers and trainers is also a highlight of this program and institute. You will be mentored by highly qualified individuals who will also guide you about your opportunities and scope for the future. So, this institute has a more futuristic approach where they prep you for the long term rather than only for short-term entry-level jobs. 


Altierus Career College

Our Review of the Program

For those looking for a well-balanced, student-centric HVAC training program, this institute will be the best place for them. The institute offers the students of the program with a complete tool bag that they will need throughout the course. This will add great value to your learning experience and will be great for those with a shortage of resources. 

The diploma has a duration of up to 9 months. For quick yet effective training, this much time is ample. It aims to prep you for credible certifications, most importantly, the NCCR certification. These certifications will help you become more credible professionals and get started with work right away. 

Also, with such certifications, you will be better equipped to take up jobs and tasks that pay more and require more credibility. You can choose to be either an HVAC Refrigerator professional or an HVAC technician. The great part about this program is that it also comes with financial aid. The blended program aims to provide students with comfort and a good work-life balance. 

For more information and a detailed look into the program, the institute also arranges campus tours and has videos on their website as well. So, use these features to get familiarized with the program before you can actually sign up for it. 


Before you go ahead with a training or a new program, it is important to see where that profession or skill stands in the city or state you are in. Make sure to get familiar with the requirements of the state you are in. 

You do not want to sign up for a program that does not match these requirements, because then it will be a waste of time and money. Many institutes, such as HCC, prepare you for international standard certifications such as NCCR and EPA.

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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