Best 240V Electric Garage Heaters – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 12, 2021

Lots of people spend their free time in garages doing many technical tasks and chores. This can get difficult in winters as central heating systems are usually not connected to garages.

For this purpose, people have to get separate units to keep the temperature at an adequate level. Many different models are available in the market for you to choose from.

In this article, we’ll be enlisting the best 240V electric garage heaters and the factors that should be kept in mind before making a decision.

Comparison of the Best Electric Garage Heater 240V

  • High heat output of up to 6000 Watts
  • Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • Comes with an advanced airflow feature included
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  • Will heat up quite a large area
  • Comes with overheating protection included
  • Can be used with a variety of power outlets
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  • Best for the Money
  • Is directly connected with power breakers
  • Will easily heat up a room of up to 500 square feet
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  • Comes equipped with a 4000 watt element
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Can be attached to the wall or ceiling
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  • Strong and heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a heat output of up to 7000 watt
  • Comes with 5 louvers for improve airflow
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What Are Some Advantages of a 240V Heater for a Garage?

Temperatures fall significantly in winter, and the movement is restricted. People try to stay indoors. To make the most of their time, people have different activities to keep them hooked. A garage is a place that can be used to do several tasks, like for storage purposes or executing a DIY project. 

The following are some of the main advantages that a 240V Electric Garage Heater gives you.

Adjustable Thermostat

Throughout the whole day, the temperate keeps changing from being cozy during the day to ice-cold in the night. To tackle this, you need an adjustable thermostat. It will help you to set the temperature of your room in a desirable setting. Over the months, the weather gradually changes, and the same amount of heat won’t be enough to keep you warm. Thus, with an adjustable thermostat, you can change the settings according to the usage.

NewAir G73

Overheat Protection

A garage is a place that is not occupied all the time. Most of your time is not spent there, and you only go there for a specific purpose. So, you need to be careful when a unit is running in your absence. This is why an overheating protection feature is available in the top units. Most new garage heaters are integrated with overheat protection to prevent any mishap.

Wall or Ceiling Mounted

Keeping a heater indoors always has its risks. Any accidental contact can cause an unfortunate incident. To avoid this, these units are mounted on a wall or the ceiling. This keeps them out of reach and makes them safer than portable or other types of models.

Review of the Best 240V Electric Garage Heaters

Let’s take a look at this year’s top picks.

Best Overall

Dr. Heater DR966

Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater, 3000-watt/6000-watt, DR966 240V


Coverage Area (sq ft): 600

Power (watts): 6000

Dimensions: 14.5 x 13 x 14.5 inches

Weight: 27 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

A number of recent users have appreciated the unit and are satisfied with the purchase. The heater is reported to be easily mountable and performs very efficiently. Even on cold winter nights, it does an exceptional job. It is also known to be relatively much quieter than other units in the market.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Some top-quality features and functions are added to this unit, making it one of the best. It has an adjustable 3000W or 6000W settings for you to choose from. You can control if you want high-level performance or want to save on electricity bills.

Furthermore, the unit has an adjustable thermostat with HIGH and LOW settings. This allows you to set the temperature of the garage according to your convenience. Also, it can be mounted on a wall or on the ceiling, whichever is more suitable. It comes in a gray color with an epoxy finish.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this is one of the top-rated units in the market and is highly recommended by us. It has various useful features and has very positive reviews from people that bought it recently.


A classic gray epoxy finish

Variable 3000W or 6000W wattage settings

Five-way settings to customize the direct airflow

Optional wall or ceiling mounting, bracket included

An efficient eight-inch fan for maximum airflow and minimum turbulence


Difficult to set a certain temperature

Flimsy build quality can affect performance


Fahrenheat FUH54

Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount 5000 Watt Electric Heater, Model# FUH5-4


Coverage Area (sq ft): 400

Power (watts): 5000

Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.4 x 14

Weight: 24 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers who’ve bought the Fahrenheat FUH54 have claimed that the product lived up to their expectations and delivered the promised quality. The overheating protection helps the user not to worry about the heater all the time, which is pretty relieving.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Fahrenheat FUH54 is one of the top-rated products on the market and has impressed most of the customers. It can be mounted on a wall or on your ceiling with a bracket that comes with it. It also has an adjustable thermostat, which lets the user set the temperature anywhere between 45⁰C and 135⁰C.

Moreover, this unit has adjustable louvers that can be set in any direction by changing the angle. It has an exceptional design and is equipped with an efficient fan, which only starts when the system has warmed up, preventing any cool air from getting into the room.

Bottom Line

We can conclude by calling Fahrenheat FUH54 one of the best 240V electric heaters. It has great heating power, which can be fully utilized with the help of the adjustable thermostat. Plus, the modern design of this model makes it worth your money.


Suited for larger spaces with powerful heating

Top-quality design enhances the overall performance

Overheat protection feature to ensure maximum safety

Easy to install anywhere on the ceiling with included brackets

An integrated single pole thermostat, adjustable between 45⁰C and 135⁰C


Air projection not up to the mark

Best for the Money

NewAir G73

NewAir Portable Garage Heater, Ceiling Mountable Hardwired Electric Heat with Adjustable Louvers, Heats up to 500 sq ft, G73, Ivory, 8.90'D x 9.10'W x 11.25'H, White


Coverage Area (sq ft): 500

Power (watts): 5000

Dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 14 inches

Weight: 15 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Value for your money is something you’ll get by investing in this unit, as claimed by a large number of users. The NewAir G73 is a very affordable unit and has a lot of great features. It keeps the garage effectively warmed up on freezing winter nights. It is safe, and no unfortunate incidents have been reported.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for an efficient unit at an affordable price, the NewAir G73 is a great choice for you. It has great power, and it is supported by a fan that works excellently. Besides, the adjustable louvers help distribute the air where required.

Furthermore, this unit has many safety certifications. It has been UL-certified after many safety tests and is also an ETL-certified unit with overheating protection. This makes it one of the safest heaters and truly a great choice for anyone looking for a quality product for their garage.

Bottom Line

In short, it is a highly recommended product since it is one of the safest units. The heater is very reliable and is loaded with all of the premium features and specs. It is a tried-and-tested favorite of many.


Low maintenance because of a smart design

Long-lasting and durable stainless steel body

High-grade safety due to UL certification testing

Built-in thermostat makes the most of the 5000W power

A powerful fan helps evenly distribute air to up to 500 square feet


Professional installation required

Dimplex DGWH4031G

DIMPLEX DGWH4031G Garage and Shop Large 4000 Watt Forced Air, Industrial, Space Heater in, 11 x 7.25 x 9 inches, Gray/Black Finish


Coverage Area (sq ft): 400

Power (watts): 4000

Dimensions: 11 x 7.25 x 9 inches

Weight: 12.1 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

This Dimplex unit is highly efficient and heats a room in as quickly as 20 minutes. Recent buyers have loved this. It is easy to install and has great features. People were especially satisfied with the auto-shutoff feature, which automatically turns off the machine after the room reaches the desired temperature. It then keeps the temperature regulated.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Made from premium stainless steel, this Dimplex unit performs well even in challenging weather conditions. It has a powder-coated epoxy finish to ensure protection from any kind of rust.

Additionally, the electric heater has adjustable temperature control from 45⁰F to 77⁰F, at 13,640 BTUs. The fan installed helps to save up a lot on the electricity cost as it uses the residual heat already present. Besides, it also has an auto safety shut-off, which helps to maintain safety standards.

Bottom Line

The features being offered by Dimplex at such a price is certainly a great bargain. Durable stainless steel body, efficient heating system, and multiple safety features are all backed by a one-year limited warranty. This should be among the top contenders for someone looking for a new electric heater.


In-built swivels help to adjust airflow

Excellent build quality with a stainless steel body

Adaptive temperature control, ranging from 45⁰F to 77⁰F

Highly economical due to residual heat being used by the fan

Attachable to any wall or ceiling with the help of the included bracket


Can get a little noisy

Performance declines over time

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975 7500-Watt 240-Volt Hardwired Shop Garage Electric Heater, Wall/Ceiling Mounted with Remote Controlled Thermostat


Coverage Area (sq ft): 750

Power (watts): 7500

Dimensions: 15 x 19 x 13 inches

Weight: 26 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

The unit is very easy to install and comes with all the necessary tools required, making it suitable for people who aren’t too tech-savvy or well-equipped. It works very smoothly and performs as described by the manufacturer. It is highly suitable for areas with subzero weather conditions. The customer support services from the product’s manufacturer are also highly impressive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Last but not least, the Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975 is a feature-rich unit and provides you with a great experience. It efficiently distributes air throughout your garage. There are many different levels of settings to choose from, and the unit requires very low maintenance. 

Additionally, this electric unit meets all the safety standards, including UL and CUL certification. It consists of an enclosed motor and a steel casing to ensure that nobody mistakenly comes in contact with the motor. 

Bottom Line

In short, this Dr. Infrared Heater is a great choice for your heating needs and consists of all the premium features. It is very simple to use and has received high praise from buyers who purchased the unit recently.


Easy installation and smooth operations

Smart design ensures even distribution of heat 

UL and CUL-certified design, making it extremely safe

Remote-controlled thermostat, ranging from 50⁰F-90⁰F

Climate control feature with the help of digital thermostat


No overheat protection feature available

Thermostat can only be controlled from the remote

Can You Really Find a Quality 240V Electric Garage Heater That’s Affordable?

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the price of a product. Is it affordable? Is it too expensive? These are some of the more common thoughts. But the thing that matters most is the quality of a unit. An electric garage heater is something you’ll want to have for a long period. This is why quality should be the top priority. 

Most modern affordable electric units are equipped with some of the top features and have a fairly long-lasting design. They are meant to do the job efficiently and provide great value for money.

When Is It Time to Replace My Garage Heater?

While buying a heater for your garage, you would want something that will last longer, requires minimal maintenance, and delivers the best quality. On average, a decent-quality product will last for eight to ten years. 

Several signs can help you identify if something is wrong with your heater. Then you can get it checked by a professional and decide whether to get it repaired or replaced. The first and primary sign is a sudden decline in performance. Additionally, any unusual noises from the unit are also a sign that it should be taken to get checked.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a 240V Electric Garage Heater?

Looking for an electric garage heater can get a little tricky due to the various aspects involved that ensure that a product is top-notch. Different people have different requirements, depending on their usage. The following are some of the basic factors that you should consider before making a purchase decision.


The first and most important factor is the size of a heater. It all depends on the size of your garage, measured in square foot. Meanwhile, the power capacity of a unit is measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU). On average, 20-40 BTUs are required to warm each square foot area of a well-insulated room.


Mounting Options

While choosing a heater, you must have a location in your head where it will be installed. Most modern products are mounted on walls or the ceiling. This depends on which part of the garage you spend the most time in and where the heat distribution will be even. A wall bracket is generally required, which is mostly now included with the product.

Safety Features

With increasing technological advancements, more and more safety features are being introduced. The most important safety features include overheating protection, tip-over protection, and cool-touch construction. Make sure your chosen unit has some, if not all, of these. 

How to Wire a 240V Electric Garage Heater

If you are installing a unit for the first time, here are some key steps and tips to remember:

  1. Make sure the unit you are installing is suitable for the square feet area of your garage. Usually, 240 volts or 17000 BTU are ideal for such spaces. 

  2. Unscrew the fitting where you can get access to the wire connections. You will need ten gauge wire and two shielded wires. 

  3. Always remember to tape the wire with the current with electrical tape. 

  4. Before connecting the wires, install the plate or the unscrewed cover that you earlier unscrewed to access inner wirings. 

  5. With 240-volt units, you do not have to worry about polarity. Using wire nuts, you now have to connect wires of the corresponding color. So the black wire will be connected with the second black wire. The same will be done with the white wires. 

  6. To use the wire nut, simply hold two wires together and twist the nut over them clockwise until they are tight and secure. 

  7. When screwing the plate back in position, make sure the wires don’t jumble up and block the fan on the inside of the unit.

If you need further help with the installation and need a visual aid, refer to the video given below. 


In conclusion, after an in-depth analysis of the top-quality 240V garage heaters and what elements make the best products, you now know how to choose an ideal unit that will efficiently heat your garage.

Just remember to don’t go after the premium features; rather, select what will meet your requirements. Expensive features don’t always mean high performance. Sometimes, moderately priced units can do the job equally well.

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