Duraflame Heaters Review (2022 Guide)

| Last Updated: December 21, 2021

No matter how freezing cold it is outside, you want your home to be just the right temperature so that you can be comfortable and cozy. 

With winters just around the corner, we bring to you the best collection of electric heaters and fireplaces from the leading manufacturers in America: Duraflame. 

This article will discuss all that you need to know about the brand and provide you with a list of their top heaters

Comparison of the Best Duraflame Heaters

  • Comes with a 3D flame display effect
  • Comes with the overheat protection feature included
  • Adjustable thermostat to provide a variety of heat settings
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  • Will easily heat up a large space
  • Quick and easily gain desired heat
  • Lightweight and compact design to safe space
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  • Best Duraflame Infrared Heater
  • Comes with quite a high heat output
  • Quick and easy access to heat controls
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  • Best Duraflame Portable Heater
  • Will quickly and easily heat up a large space
  • Stay-cool to the touch feature is included
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  • Best Duraflame Tower Heater
  • Maintains natural humidity with infrared heating options
  • Strong and durable design to last longer
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What to Look For When Buying a Duraflame Heater

You might have shortlisted the company you want to buy from; however, there are still some factors that need to be looked at. This section will highlight key aspects that you should be aware of when buying a heater. 

Type of Heater

First, decide the type of heater you are looking for. As you will see from our list as well, Duraflame has a wide variety of electric heaters. Some are electric fireplaces; some are heaters with a contemporary look while some rock a traditional appearance. You can trust them all to heat up your room, but knowing the type you want will help you do more directed research. 


The next thing you should consider is whether you will keep your heater fixed in just one place or want to move it around. Electric fireplaces are usually not very portable and are fixed into the wall; however, some come with their exterior. On the other hand, heaters are more portable and lightweight and can be moved around the house. 

Heating Capacity

Duraflame has many heaters with varying heating capacities, BTU values, and square feet that they can heat up. You should have a rough idea of how you will use your heater, hence, decide the right heating capacity for yourself. 

If you choose a lower value, then it will have a hard time heating up the large room. However, if you choose a higher heating capacity, you might find it that the room is a lot hotter than you initially wanted. 

Review of the Best Duraflame Heaters

Now that you are informed about who and what Duraflame is and know what to look for when you go shopping, it is time to dive into the actual products. Below are some of the best heaters that Duraflame has released over the years with honest reviews. These have been chosen after going through strict selection criteria and screening. 

Best Overall

Duraflame 3D DFI-5010

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1000

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 13.07 x 24 x 23.4

Weight: 28.6 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

The customers absolutely love the 3D flames and the real impact they give off. Some of them even reported that they had guests who were scared to touch it because it looked so real. Moreover, they have lauded its heating capability as well, reporting it does a quick and efficient job.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There was more than one feature that made this heater outshine others. Firstly, its 3D flames are almost magical. They got every little detail right, from the flames dancing around the logs to the burning embers. Even the beveled glass door at the front adds to the view!

Moreover, it is really safe. It doesn’t get hot to the touch, and people have pets sleeping over it. They even have an overheat protection mechanism where the device automatically shuts down to avoid any overheating issues. Its heating capacity is also pretty commendable. The best part is that it doesn’t dry out the air and makes sure the natural vapor content is maintained in the room. 

Bottom Line

This is one of the top products on this list for a reason. It is smart, efficient, has a great aesthetic appeal, and does the job it is designed for remarkably well. In conclusion, you cannot go wrong with this Duraflame unit. 


Patented design for very real-looking flames

Safety features won’t allow the device to overheat

Doesn’t dry out the air and preserves natural humidity

Powered at 5200 BTU with a heating zone of 1000 square feet

Flame settings can be adjusted, including colors, speed, and brightness


Has a return window of only 30 days

Doesn’t make any crackling sounds to go with the 3D fire


Duraflame DFI-550-22

Duraflame DFI-550-22 Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with Remote Control 1500W, Black


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1000

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 21 x 10.75 x 23

Weight: 18 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers have been impressed by the looks of this heater. They are even more delighted at the fact that it comes in two colors: red and black. They also liked that it was lightweight so much so that a differently-abled person could also move this about, as mentioned in the reviews. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This electric stove heater by Duraflame brings warmth, comfort, charm, and ambiance to any room it is placed in. The electric flame with burning logs is a nice addition and adds to the visual appeal. You can use this all year round as the flames can be turned on without turning on the heat function.

Moreover, its zone heating mechanism falls lighter in the pocket and is quite efficient. The manufacturers have taken into account safety precautions; hence it is safe to be used around children and pets. Its operational door also has an upgraded handle, which makes it more stylish and convenient. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this will make your room cozy and comfortable, and that is exactly what you want out of a heater. The flames and overall exterior have appealed to many customers, and they have loved that as much as its performance. 


Can be used in a setting with kids and pets

Has a great heating capacity and 4600 BTU

Flame effect can be turned on with or without heat

Infrared heating mechanism keeps the air war, moist, and comfortable

Safety measure to monitor the temperature of the plug to prevent it from catching fire


Has plastic legs

Doesn’t have a digital readout to tell you the temperature in the room

Best Duraflame Infrared Heater

Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU

Duraflame DFI030ARU Infrared Quartz Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed and Logs, Black


Coverage Area (sq ft): 400

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 20.5 x 8.66 x 12

Weight: 13.86 pounds

$149.99 On Amazon

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What Recent Buyers Report

Some customers bought it for aesthetic vibes and looks while others bought it for its heat function as well. Both were thoroughly satisfied with its performance. The logs are not too bright and easy to look at and have a soothing and calming effect. The heat function also worked pretty great for most customers. 

Why it Stand Out to Us

This heater looks quite different from most electric fireplaces and makes your existing fireplace more functional. The infrared heating mechanism heats up the room that it is placed within a reasonable amount of time and keeps it warm. 

Moreover, the manufacturers have taken into account environmental and health factors, which is why this doesn’t suck out the air’s natural moisture and won’t irritate your skin and eyes. 

The faux logs and embers give a very nice effect. They glow randomly and have a rolling and pulsating effect, which makes it look very real. It also makes a small sound that sounds like logs burning but is not loud at all and is usually drowned out in the hustles of conversation. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this electric fireplace is a tad bit different than most, and its unique look has made it a favorite for many customers. Moreover, its infrared heating mechanism makes it one of the best heating devices rolled out by the manufacturer. 


Doesn’t dry out the air in the room

Flame can be turned on without heat

Comes with a multi-function remote control

Logs are lively and rolling, giving it a very realistic effect

Has a massive heating capacity of 5200 BTU and can cover 1000 sq feet


Cord could have been longer

A few complaints about the heater stopping randomly

Best Duraflame Portable Heater

Duraflame 9HM8101 O142

No products found.


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1000

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 12.8 x 16.75 x 15.28

Weight: 26.4 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

People bought it for different reasons, for example, for their drawing rooms or their daughter’s room, and it seemed to fulfill the expectations of all. They loved how it is so reliable and does everything for which it is advertised. Many customers also mentioned that they found it to give them good value for their money. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product does not have many glamorous features, but it can deliver on all its promises and give exceptional performance. It doesn’t just heat up the room quickly but successfully maintains the temperature too. It even shows you the current temperature of the room with a digital preview. 

It is wood construction and cherry finish gives it a very traditional and vintage look. With the right thematic furniture, it could be one of the highlights of the room. It is also very portable – something that many customers are grateful for. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is not a heater with a fireplace preview or any extra-fancy features, but it is surely a mighty product. If you are someone who wants something old school and basic, then you will surely love this. 


Environmentally friendly

Shipped to you assembled 

Features an adjustable thermostat

Will remain cool and safe to the touch

Safer plug checks the temperature of the device and shuts it before it overheats 


Doesn’t have a view of a fire

Some people don’t like radiant heating technology

Best Duraflame Tower Heater

Duraflame 5HM8000-O142

No products found.


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1000

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 22.8

Weight: 22.8 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have given this product high ratings and many positive reviews, which is evidence of how much they have loved using this product. Many people had kids and pets around the house, and since it is only lukewarm to touch, they didn’t run into any accidents. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of its distinguishing features is the oscillating fans. Although they look really good, they have more functional uses as well. They do a much better job of cooling or heating than stationary fans. Rather than blowing air out directly and straightforwardly, they circulate or oscillate the air, which allows more coverage. Therefore, these fans provide better performance and comfort. 

The infrared heat produced by the heater, like other products from Duraflame, keeps the air comfortable and healthy by maintaining the natural humidity of the air. Lastly, the safety features are also up to the mark. The unit remains safe to touch, and the anti-trip and auto-shut features really reduce the likelihood of any accidents or damage. 

Bottom Line

Those that like to have a traditional touch in their heaters will like how it looks. However, everyone will appreciate it for its heating function and performance. We strongly recommend this heater to everyone.  


Has an auto-shutoff feature

Comes with a remote control

If it tips over, it shuts down automatically

Digital LED shows the temperature at all times

Uses oscillating technology for its heating mechanism 


Doesn’t show a proper fireplace 

People who want a modernized look might not love its visual appeal

Duraflame DFS-500-0

No products found.


Coverage Area (sq ft): 400

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 22.2 x 20 x 23.22

Weight: 16 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have been enormously satisfied with the performance and features of this heater. They really like the controls that allowed them to adjust their heat and flames in whatever manner they desired. Moreover, the metal body looks good and does not get too hot, either. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product appealed to us for several reasons. First of all, safety features have been taken seriously. It has a metal body that gives it a great look, but many people were concerned that it would go too hot. However, it remains comfortable to the touch. Moreover, its overheating prevention mechanism shuts off the device when it senses that it is getting too hot; this prevents the heater from being damaged. 

The price of this heater is also very reasonable. In fact, looking at the features and construction quality, the price almost comes as a delightful surprise. Furthermore, it is very easy to use, and since it is very lightweight, you can move it about conveniently. 

Bottom Line

The Duraflame DFS-500-0 is an amazing heater at a very attractive price. If you want something that will heat up your room in a comfortable manner and are on a budget, then buy this. You will be getting every penny’s worth. 


Cool to the touch the entire time

Realistic flame effect with or without heat

Comes with an overheating protection mechanism

Has an overall metal construction and a sleek black look

Powered at 4600 BTU and can heat up a 400 square feet area rather efficiently 


Doesn’t have a remote control

Warranty is inept as there is complicated assembly involved

Best Duraflame Fireplace Heater

Duraflame Electric Infrared 8511

No products found.


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1000

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 21.42 x 10.88 x 24

Weight: 22 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have loved using this product and have awarded it a high rating and for a good reason. Most people found it lightweight and easy to move around. Moreover, they reported that it heats up their rooms reasonably well and in a short period. Another thing appreciated by many customers was that it does not get burning hot to the touch. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its performance and construction quality are what made it stand out. The manufacturers have given special attention to the convenience factor for customers. It is lightweight and portable. The remote control is also a nice addition. 

Moreover, the heater maintains the natural water vapors in the air, hence, keeping it comfortable and healthy.

The zone heating mechanism also saves you money. With a centrally heated mechanism, portions of the house are heated but are unused, so the energy is wasted. However, with this unit, you only have to turn it on for the room you are in and when you actually want to use it. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this heater is loved by many. It does the job that it is designed for phenomenally and keeps you cozy and warm. Just set it up wherever you want, and you are good to go. 


Easily portable

Has two heat settings: high or low

Features a realistic flame and burning log effect

Safe enough to be used around children and pets

Keeps the room comfortable and maintains its natural humidity


Have to point the remote directly at the heater for it to work

Fan makes a noise when you shut it off and is cooling down

Who is Duraflame?

Duraflame is a fire log brand leader of America that offers a huge variety of fire-related products, like fire starters, fire logs, and BBQ products. The brand delivers innovative products that have top-notch quality, reliability, convenience, and environmental sustainability. With 50 years of experience, Duraflame, Inc. has expanded and innovated its product range to include several other fuels, all intending to help individuals enjoy their fires to the fullest.

Apart from fireplace fuels, the leading company also manufactures, distributes, and sells an entire range of quality grilling fuels under its sub-brands. The company aims to help people slow down and have an amazing time with each other!

How Does a Duraflame Infrared Heater Work?

An infrared system is present in most Duraflame heaters and is the mechanism that doesn’t allow the air to dry out. It maintains a healthy air environment as it preserves the natural humidity and the water vapors in the air. Moreover, it heats up instantly even if there is a larger area to heat. 

As the name suggests, an infrared heater works by emitting infrared energy waves. Since infrared waves are in the electromagnetic spectrum, all surfaces are receptors. The infrared waves hit the surface directly, which means it heats up efficiently. 

Types of Heaters From Duraflame

Duraflame has a wide range of heating products that it has released over the years. For our purposes, we can divide them into three main categories: electric stoves, heaters, and log sets. The details of each have been discussed below:

Electric Stoves

These are heaters that serve a visual purpose as much as they serve the heating purpose. They have a virtual electric fire over the logs. Duraflame has some of the most realistic fireplaces with glowing embers, dancing flames, and burning logs. These flames can be turned on without turning on the heat, which means you can enjoy the calming fireplace throughout the year. The heat function of these devices is also up to the mark, and all units are generally very efficient. 

Duraflame DFS-500-0


These are simple electric heaters, usually for one room or a smaller space. They act as supplementary heating devices and can be turned on when you are reading a book or watching television. Usually, you need to sit close to them or be in a small room.

Log Sets

These are devices that usually function alongside a fireplace. As the name highlights, these are log sets that give off a burning log and ablaze embers view as if the heat is emanating from them. Their heat function is also pretty spectacular and is loved by many customers. 

What Makes Duraflame Products Stand Out From the Competition?

Duraflame is a renowned name in the market and rightly so. Many customers turn to this brand when it comes to buying heaters or any fire-related product. They are reliable, have great customer service, and provide their customers with durable products. The following are some of the factors that distinguish it from others in the market.

Cost and Energy Efficiency

Duraflame takes into account the energy consumption of their devices and tries to make them as energy-efficient as possible. Many customers have lauded this factor and have often commented positively on this. Its zone supplemental heating technology ensures that only those areas are heated that you want, which means there are less energy consumption and waste.  

Value Addition

If you live in a house, but you don’t plan to live in it forever, you should seriously consider Duraflame as it is known to increase the resale value of a house. This could be a nice way of making sure that you do not sell the house at a lower price than at which you bought it. 


Duraflame takes the safety of its customers as a top priority. Therefore, apart from secure wire connections and quality construction, the company introduces additional safety features in its products.

For example, many of their heaters have an overheating prevention mechanism or an anti-trip system that shuts off the device when it falls down. This reduces the probability of accidents or any damage to your device. 

Duraflame 3D DFI-5010

Comparison Overview

Although Duraflame is a trusted name in the market, some customers are still on the fence about choosing it. However, don’t worry! In this section, we have compared Duraflame with other companies so that you know which one is the right fit for you.  

Lifesmart Infrared Heater vs. Duraflame

Both are excellent companies and manufacture quality products; however, Duraflame does have an edge in some aspects. While their heating capacity is pretty similar, if we talk about numbers, then most Duraflame heaters have 5200 BTU while Lifesmart heaters have 5100 BTU. Moreover, the former is usually preferred in its visuals and is usually preferred for its realistic fireplaces. Lastly, their products have better safety features than most, including Lifesmart. 

Duraflame Heater vs. Edenpure

Edenpure and Duraflame have a lot of differences. The former is computer-run and constantly samples the air to check if the heater is required to switch on, whereas the latter doesn’t do that. However, Edenpure can become hard to maintain, and its air filter gets dirty really easily, which affects its functionality. It is also very hard to disassemble and access, so you usually have to send it for service. Moreover, unlike Duraflame, their quartz bulbs are made in Mexico and are only assembled in the US, and the quality speaks of that. 


Duraflame has over 50 years of experience, and it is now well-versed in what the customer demands and how to provide it to them. Therefore, their products are usually heavily bought and have exceptionally high ratings. The heaters mentioned in our list are surely up to the mark and are some of the best available. 

People Also Ask

Even though the topic has been discussed at great length, the following are just some questions that will tell you some more about Duraflame and the kind of products they have. These questions have popped up in many people’s heads; hence, we strongly urge you to go through to gain clarity. 

Where Are Duraflame Products Made?

Many customers are concerned by this question and take this to be a huge determinant of the product’s quality. All Duraflame products are made in the USA. They have two manufacturing sites; one is in Kentucky, and the other is in California. Together, they both produce more than 14,000 miles of firelogs in one year. 

Who Makes Duraflame Products?

California Cedar Products is the parent company of sorts for Duraflame. In 1968, they discovered that the excess sawdust that was being prepared during the wood manufacturing process could be mixed with petroleum wax, giving birth to a new fireplace log. Later on, this company came to be known as Duraflame Firelog. 

Who Owns Duraflame?

The parent company was first owned by two brothers, Philip and Michael Berolzheimer. Later, when it was turned into Duraflame and started to make lots of profit, it was sold to Clorox Co. for $9 million in July 1978. Interestingly, in 1973, they also bought Kingsford, which was a charcoal briquette maker. 

How Long Has Duraflame Been Around?

Being one of America’s leading brands for fireplaces, heaters, firelogs, and all fire-related products, Duraflame has been around for over 50 years. This has given them extensive experience to study and serve the market and respond accordingly. 

Why Are Duraflame Products so Popular?

Duraflame has made a trustworthy and rather reliable name for itself in the market. This is why this name is so popular when you go to buy products in their family. This has been made possible due to their long experience, consistent performance, stellar customer service, and outstanding products.

What Kind of Warranty Does Duraflame Offer?

Duraflame provides a one-year limited warranty. This is true for all its electric fireplaces. During this time, they will give you any and all required replacement accessories or parts. Their technical support is always available and is toll-free in case you require any assistance. However, very rarely do customers have to avail of their warranty as they don’t run into any problems. 

How to Change Duraflame Heater From Celsius to Fahrenheit

All such questions and queries have been discussed in detail in their manuals. However, to answer the question, there is a button named ‘HEATER’ on the control panel. To shift from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, just push down that button for three to five seconds, and it shall do the deed. 

How to Reset Duraflame Heater

There are two ways this can be done. First is the manual reset option in which you turn off the power and unplug the device for five to seven minutes. After that, plug the device back in and use it as you normally do. The second way is the Master Reset way in which you shut down the device and unplug it. After that, press down on the power button of the unit for a while.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Duraflame Heater?

It might be difficult to find a direct answer to this question as there are a lot of factors associated. It depends on the unit you purchase, how long you run it for, and the electricity rate in your state. However, you may use the calculator just to give you a ballpark value.

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