Quorum Ceiling Fan Reviews – 2022 Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

A ceiling fan can be more than just a medium of regulating temperature and balancing airflow. It can be a beautiful accessory for the ceiling of your homes, and what better option to opt for than beautiful Quorum ceiling fans?

To help you find the best one, we have the ultimate guide to the best Quorum ceiling fans. 

If you want to learn more about it, keep on reading!

Comparison of the Best Quorum Ceiling Fans

  • Simple remote wall control with 6 different speeds
  • Fifteen oak blades for proper air circulation
  • A 72-inch blade sweep
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  • Switchable speeds with a convenient pull chain
  • Blades hang 8 inches from the ceiling
  • Perfect for studio rooms
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offering an airflow of up to 5982 CFM
  • Six blades for optimal air distribution
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  • Best Quorum Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Tropic ABS blades for adding décor
  • Compatible with LEDs that are bought separately
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  • Highlighted by an attractive bronze finish
  • Adjustable speeds from wall control
  • Perfect for saving energy
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Who is Quorum?

Quorum has been one of the leading manufacturers of ceiling fans and lighting for the past 35 years. The brand offers an enormous selection of products with different designs, styles, and finishes. They have over 1200 fans and 3000 lighting fixtures to choose from. 

The company’s philosophy is to break free from the mundane and manufacture what excites individuals. They focus on giving consumers a modern and contemporary take on ceiling fans and fixtures, so they can experience how much the right lighting and ambiance can affect the overall setting of the room. Quorum International is widely applauded for its elegantly designed, durable, and versatile products. 

What Makes Quorum Products Stand Out From the Competition?

One may wonder what exactly makes Quorum products stand out from the several other products available. Well, certain features make them stand out from their counterparts and allow them to be worthy of investment. These include:


Quorum products are meticulously designed and have a stunning outlook. They have several style options to choose from, which can dramatically enhance the look of a room. There is an option for everyone to choose no matter what their design references are; be it modern, contemporary, or traditional, you will find a fan design you appreciate. 


Quorum fans are highly energy-efficient and don’t compromise on the airflow. They have an excellent design that minimizes yearly costs to maximize your savings. Furthermore, many units come with light fixture adaptation to improve any room’s lighting situation without costing much.   


Don’t be fooled by the modern and elegant design; Quorum fans are constructed with excellent quality material and are backed by excellent warranty service. Thus, they are more than just pretty to look at. They are highly durable. Furthermore, they are available in several different finishes to choose from. 

Review of the Best Quorum Ceiling Fans

Quorum has a lot of options for ceiling fans, which makes it truly difficult to decide which one to choose. Therefore, we have compiled and reviewed some of their best ceiling fans for you, so you won’t have to do much research. 

Best Overall

Quorum 197215-9

Quorum International Windmill 72' Patio Fan - Galvanized - 197215-9


Dimensions: 12 x 6 X 16.46

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are largely impressed with this unit due to its spectacular design. They applauded the makers for its silent operation and convenient design. Some buyers did complain that the downrod wasn’t big enough. However, overall, it is delightful. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit caught our attention due to many reasons. Firstly, it has a stunning design, which makes it more than just a ceiling fan. It truly makes a statement and is bold. It has 15 weathered Oak Aluminum Blade with a 72” blade sweep. It is UL-damp rated, which means it can be installed outside on the patio or porch without any worries. 

Furthermore, it is pretty convenient, given that it is remote controlled. It has six different speed settings to choose from, and the best part is that it makes little to no noise even at its maximum speed. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is pretty impressive, be it the stunning design or the impressive performance. It surely seems to leave a mark wherever it is employed. Even though it is on the slightly expensive end of the price spectrum, the unit is worth the splurge.


Offers six different speed settings

Can be operated via remote control

Comes with all necessary tools for installation

UL-damp rated and operates with little to no noise

Equipped with 15 weathered Oak Aluminum Blades


Too small for the fan size

Highest speed isn’t sufficient


Quorum 51306-8


Dimensions: 18.05 x 11.16 X 7.6

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers overall are happy with this product. Its design is pretty convenient as it has three separate settings to choose from and can be operated via remote control. Consumers wished the installation was slightly simpler; however, the unit is worth it given its affordable price point.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

We particularly like this fan because of its simplistic construction and traditional look that allows it to blend well in several settings. It has a simple and traditional design that features six studio white blades and an overall white finish. It has a 30″ blade sweep and a 25-degree blade pitch. Plus, it can be operated using a remote control, which is always a big plus. 

It has three different speed settings, which can be adjusted according to preference. Furthermore, it has a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to ensure longevity.

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit doesn’t fail to impress with its simple and traditional design and efficient and effective functionality. It does what a ceiling fan is supposed to do yet amps it up a notch, making it an excellent investment.


Three-speed settings to ensure comfort 

Stunning design with six studio white blades 

Features a manual reverse switch on the motor

Offers airflow capacity of 3350 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Equipped with one-year manufacturer’s warranty and is UL-indoor rated


Installation was slightly tricky

Best for the Money

Quorum 96015-86

Quorum International Windmill 60' Ceiling Fan - Oiled Bronze - 96015-86


Dimensions: 12 x 6 X 16.46

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

This unit seems to have garnered largely positive reviews. Consumers are highly impressed with its stunning design, spectacular performance, and sturdy construction. It is slightly on the more expensive end of the price spectrum; however, buyers found it to be worthy of investment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are several eye-catching features that this unit offers, which make it stand out from others. Firstly, its overall design is beautiful with an oiled bronze finish that adds more character to any room it is installed in. It has 60” weathered oak blades with a 30-degree blade pitch.

This unit has six different fan speed settings to choose from, plus it comes with a wall control included, which makes controlling the speed to be convenient. It is energy-efficient and aids in maximizing savings in the long run. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is one of the best you can get your hands on. It has a stunning design with 15 blades and an overall oiled bronze finish. It is meant only for indoor use and is highly convenient to operate. 


Stylish design with oiled bronze finish

Comes with wall control to easily control airflow

Offers six different speed settings to choose from 

Efficiently uses energy to minimize yearly energy cost

Features 15 weathered oak fan blades with 60″ blade sweep


On the expensive end of the price spectrum

Doesn’t come with a light kit or remote control included

Best Quorum Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Quorum International 135525-8

Quorum International 135525-8 Monaco Patio Ceiling Fan with Decorative Studio White ABS Blades, 52-Inch, Studio White Finish


Dimensions: N/A

Special Features: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers have largely appreciated this product for its well-rounded and meticulously constructed design. They find it to be one of the more affordable yet best designed models. Some consumers complained that the installation was a bit tricky to do on your own. Nevertheless, they find the overall product to be worthy of investment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There’s a lot to this unit that captures one’s interest. Firstly, the design has elegant leaf-shaped studio white ABS blades that add volumes of grace to any indoor room setting. However, it has a UL-wet rating that makes it capable of withstanding and resisting snow and rain. 

It offers three different speed settings and a convenient way to control them according to preference. Furthermore, the fan motor is backed with a limited lifetime warranty, which ensures that you get a durable and long-lasting product. 

Bottom Line

There aren’t many units as well-designed and crafted as this one. It is highly versatile and functional. It is equipped with a stunning design, excellent warranty service, and sturdy construction, so it certainly is worthy of investment.


Airflow of 5055 cubic feet per minute 

UL-wet rating with studio white finishing 

Materials required for installation included

Offers limited lifetime warranty on some parts

Equipped with leaf-shaped studio white ABS blades


Tricky to install on your own

Editor’s Pick

Quorum 95210-86

Quorum International Windmill 52' Ceiling Fan - Oiled Bronze - 95210-86


Dimensions: 12 x 12 X 16.46

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

This unit works exceptionally well and has garnered positive reviews from buyers. It features a beautiful design with an oil-bronzed finish that adds elegance and style to a setting. Furthermore, consumers applauded the fan’s quiet and effortless operation, which ensures a peaceful cooling experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best part of this unit is that it can be added to any room, and it will add elegance to it with its stunning oiled bronze finish. It is incredibly well-designed with excellent-quality material. It carries a fan motor that is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. 

It comes with six different speed settings to choose from and includes a wall control to conveniently control the airflow. It offers energy efficiency and provides improved airflow. It is ideal for indoors as it has an indoor safety rating. Another great part about this unit is that it operates with little to no noise, even at higher settings. 

Bottom Line

Last but not least, this unit is incredibly well-designed and highly reliable. It comes with all the tools required for installation, plus it has a limited lifetime warranty for the fan motor.


Operates in a silent manner

Comes with wall control included

Features a stylish oil bronze finish 

Offers improved airflow and greater energy efficiency

Equipped with six different speed settings to choose from


Consumers find that installation takes a while

Types of Ceiling Fans From Quorum

It can be quite confusing to select a product if you aren’t aware of the different types available. Here are the different types of Quorum ceiling fans you’ll come across in your conquest of finding the one perfect for your home. 

Indoor Fans

These are your standard ceiling fans installed inside rooms. They must be installed at least seven feet above the ground, according to the National electric code. They are available in several designs, finishes, and styles, plus they aren’t supposed to be installed on the patio, porch, etc. 

Photo credit: heatwhiz.com

Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans are capable of resisting moisture, which allows them to be the perfect all-weather option for patios, etc. They are categorized into two types, UL-rated damp, and UL-rated wet fans. The former can resist humidity and moisture, which makes them suitable for covered patios, porches, etc. Meanwhile, the latter can withstand snow and rain, which makes them suitable for gazebos, exposed patios, and porches.

Remote Controlled

Such ceiling fan types offer greater convenience as they allow one to change the speeds of the fan or the light settings through remote control. Furthermore, some ceiling fans can even transmit frequency in the 40-to-50-feet range. 

Quorum Fan vs Hampton Bay – Comparison Overview

Consumers often compare these two brands on several merits, and people find choosing one quite difficult. A comparison between the two can make things clearer.  


Both of these brands offer a limited lifetime warranty for the fan motor, whereas the other components (except a few like blades, finish) are warranted one year from the date of purchase. 


Quorum products tend to be pricier compared to Hampton Bay products. This can be due to several reasons, including the style of fan, type of materials used, etc. 

The overall quality of Quorum products is more consistent. They have higher quality parts and offer a plethora of designs to choose from. 

Photo credit: heatwhiz.com

How to Install a Quorum Ceiling Fan

Consumers often wonder how to install a ceiling fan. Some of them even consider it to be incredibly daunting; however, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Let’s break down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps so you can understand them better:

  1. Before starting the process, make sure the power is off at the breaker or fuse. 

  2. Locate the blades, blade arms, and blade arm screws. 

  3. Assemble the blades to the blade arms using three blade screws and tighten them securely.  

  4. Repeat the process for all the blades. 

  5. Locate the fan motor assembly and remove the shipping blocks from the bottom of the motor.

  6. Flip the motor and allow it to rest to make sure the wrong underneath isn’t getting crushed. 

  7. Unbundle the wiring coming from the top and make sure it’s as straight as possible.

  8. Remove the safety lock clip and set the pin from the adapter on top of the fan, and set it aside for now.

  9. Loosen the two set screws on the side of the adapter until they clear the interior part of the adaptor.

  10. Then, locate your desired length of the downrod with the ball assembly attached.

  11. Bundle the wiring together and pass it through the canopy’s bottom side and pull the excess through, allowing the canopy to sit on top of the motor housing. 

  12. Next, gather the wires again and push them up the downrod and pull all the excess through to allow the downrod to slip into the motor adapter.

  13. Align the holes in the adapter with the holes in the downrod and reinsert the pin. Then replace the clip onto the pin.

  14. Raise the canopy, pull up slightly on the downrod, and evenly retighten the set screws. 

  15. Upon moving to the ceiling, if you have an extra wire for separate light control that you don’t plan on utilizing for installation, cap it, and tuck it in.

  16. Fasten the mounting bracket to your electrical box using appropriate screws. Tighten the screws until the bracket sits snuggly against the ceiling.

  17. Next, lift the motor assembly into the mounting bracket and rotate to ensure that the notch in the ball engages the tab in the bracket.

  18. Make all wiring connections and tuck the connections into the electrical box.

  19. Loosen one screw at the bottom of the mounting bracket about halfway and entirely remove the second screw. 

  20. Raise the canopy and engage the keyhole slot on to the remaining screw. Then, insert the second screw and tighten both until the canopy is secured against the ceiling.

  21. Install the blades on to the motor utilizing the screws in the blade arms. Tighten until they are secure and repeat for all the blades.

  22. Restore power, and your fan is ready to go!

If you are confused or feel as if you need more clarification on any step, feel free to watch the following video:


Quorum ceiling fans are stylish, elegant, and efficient. They can add grace and a stylish element to any setting, which is why they are so popular. If you are looking for more than just airflow regulation from a fan, then Quorum fans can be the perfect choice for you. 

This post takes you through all you need to know about Quorum fans, like how to install one, some incredible recommendations, etc. Hopefully, it was useful in aiding you to find the right one. 

People Also Ask

Consumers have a ton of questions when it comes to buying the right ceiling fans. Therefore, we took the liberty of answering some of your most frequently asked ones. Hopefully, this will resolve any confusions you may have. 

Where Are Quorum Products Made?

Quorum products are made in Fort Worth, Texas, where the manufacturer is also headquartered.

Who Makes Quorum Products?

Quorum international came into existence in 1991, and its owners are Raymond Hung and Marty Matthews

Who Owns Quorum?

Fort Worth-based Davoil, Inc own quorum International.

How Long Has Quorum Been Around?

Quorum International has been manufacturing excellent quality products for over 35 years. 

Why Are Quorum Products so Popular?

Quorum products are applauded for having excellent quality, stunning designs, and durability. They give an excellent look at the ceilings of your house, have a beautiful finish, and are incredibly functional as well, which is why they are immensely popular. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Quorum Offer?

Except for the fan’s blades and finish, the rest of the components are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. 

How Are Quorum Ceiling Fans Rated?

Quorum ceiling fans are highly rated and considered to be some of the best out there in the market. They have garnered largely positive reviews due to the excellent construction, stunning design, and durability. They seem to be critically acclaimed by the audience. 

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