Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan Reviews – Your 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: July 23, 2021

A ceiling fan is the most eye-catching appliance in any home. And trust us, those gaudy candelabra lights and annoying pull chains are more of an eyesore than an element of design. Nowadays, we have modern energy-efficient fans that boast silent operation and remote controls.

Like us, if you are a fan of such designs, we have the perfect brand for you to ship from: Casa Vieja. The manufacturer is well-known for its reliable products and showroom-style designs. In fact, they do not have a history of repair issues. The vast range includes more than 300 designs that are suitable for all applications. 

If you are looking to install a new ceiling fan, we have shortlisted some of the best Casa Vieja ceiling fan models for you to look at. Each design is followed by a comprehensive review to help you make a better choice. 

Comparison of the Best Casa Vieja Ceiling Fans

  • Offering an air circulation of 6968 CFM
  • With a power of 70 watts
  • Coming in form of a 72-inch brushed nickel fan
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  • Highlighted by a frosted glass LED light kit
  • Featuring attractive walnut finish blades
  • A beginner-friendly handheld remote
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offering a slope of 20 degrees
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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  • Highlighted by 15-watt LED bulbs
  • Coming with four blades for reversible air flow
  • Adjust between low, medium and high speed
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  • A lighting system of 3000K and 1106 lumens
  • Wood blades with an oil-rubbed bronze motor
  • Can be installed at damp locations
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Who is Casa Vieja?

Casa Vieja is a sub-brand of Lamps Plus Inc., a world-renowned designer, manufacturer, and seller of lighting, furniture, and other home décor items. Casa Vieja is their in-house ceiling fan brand. It features an extensive range of products in varying styles, sizes, and capacities. They are known for their quality build, reliable performance, elegant finish, and damp-rating. 

You will find edgy industrial-inspired looks, outdoor patio fans, elegant chandelier pieces, and classic traditional ones, all under one brand. They offer every design for an affordable price too. Moreover, most of their models come with a lifetime motor warranty.

What Makes Casa Vieja Products Stand Out From the Competition?

Casa Vieja is a reliable name in the ceiling fan market. You can purchase their models online or from local hardware stores, such as Home Depot and Target. They offer showroom-style fans with quality construction and affordable price. Here are certain factors that make Casa Vieja products stand out from the competition. 

Extensive Collection

Casa Vieja’s range of products is quite extensive. Regardless of the purpose, you will always find a product that suits your needs in their collection. Their range includes showroom-style high fashion fans, traditional classic models, outdoor styles, as well as flush-mount style, amongst others. Plus, they are sold for an affordable price that everyone can afford. 

72″ Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Ceiling Fan


The best thing about Casa Vieja is that they offer you an option to design your own ceiling fan. This is a feature that allows customers to create a customized model. You can choose between different motor types, blades, light kits, and controls. The final design is all your own. 

Lifetime Motor Warranty

Unlike many of its competitors, Casa Vieja offers a lifetime warranty coverage over the motor. This means that the manufacturer repairs or replaces the motor whenever the need arises. You can continue using the fan without any worry. 

Review of the Best Casa Vieja Ceiling Fans

Nowadays, homeowners have a strong preference for HVAC systems. While they are important, you also need a ceiling fan to supplement them. Ceiling fans have progressed more than just being a necessity; they are now a fully functional element of design to your home décor. 

Casa Vieja is one of the best manufacturers of modern ceiling fans. Their entire collection screams high fashion. Here is a detailed review of some of the best ceiling fans to help you pick out a suitable one. 

Best Overall

52” Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

52' Casa Delta-Wing Modern Contemporary Farmhouse Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Solid Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Damp Rated for Patio Exterior House Porch Gazebo Garage Barn - Casa Vieja


Dimensions: 27.2 x 12.9 X 8.5

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

This fan has overall positive feedback from customers who bought it recently. They report that it is a great addition to their homes. It has a powerful motor that cools down any residential or professional set up within minutes. The walnut finish is pleasant to look at. Plus, you can control it with either a wall mount or remote control. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan is one of the best selling units from Casa Vieja. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It comes with three walnut-finished, solid blades. With a huge blade span of 52 inches, the fan ensures smooth airflow in any outdoor setting.

The most convenient feature of this model is its remote control operation. You can easily control the speed without having to get up. In fact, the remote is designed such that you can operate it in the dark without needing to turn on the light.

Moreover, it boasts a super-quiet operation. On high-speed settings, you may hear some noise, but it is not unpleasant. It is more like a soft whoosh of air moving around, which is comforting. At medium and low speeds, you won’t even know that it is running. Available at an affordable price with decent customer support, you really can’t find anything better. 

Bottom Line

The 52” Casa Delta-Wing Ceiling Fan is a solid contender. It is also damp-rated with an oil-rubbed finish. The blade span is huge, and it comes with a six-inch downrod. All of this makes it an extremely functional yet efficient and quiet ceiling fan.


Includes a six-inch downrod

Boasts a blade span of 52 inches

Available with or without a light kit

Comes with a remote control feature 

Installation is a simple and straightforward process 


Blade angle could have been better 

Large blare span is not suitable for small spaces


52” Ancestry Vintage Hugger Ceiling Fan

52' Ancestry Vintage Hugger Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED 2 Light Dimmable Remote Control Golden Bronze Reversible Teak Walnut Blades for Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Family Dining - Casa Vieja


Dimensions: 26 x 11 X 11

Special Features: With remote and reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users love this powerful yet extremely quiet fan. They report that it is very beautiful to look at and runs at high speed without the slightest wobbling. Installation is a bit difficult. Buyers are satisfied with its quality as each component is solidly built. They are also happy with the responsive customer service that backs it up. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This ceiling fan is one of the most beautiful designs in Casa Vieja’s catalog. It has a lovely French country style that gives off a very vintage vibe. The powerful motor has a rubbed finish that allows it to run smoothly in both directions. It comes with five matching blades that generate enough wind force. 

In the center is the integrated light kit. It features two energy-efficient LED bulbs. They can be dimmed, but they are not very bright as it is. Fortunately, they are Interchangeable, so you can put in any bulb you want to enjoy a more personalized experience. 

Moreover, the fan supports remote control operation. The included remote has a very good reception. The design is ergonomic with chunky buttons. Each button emits a distinctive click sound when you press them. It also comes with a holder that you can fix in the wall to keep the remote from getting lost. The fan itself does not take up much vertical space, so manufacturers have conveniently included an extension pole for people who want it to hang lower. 

Bottom Line

If you want a ceiling fan that adds a touch of class to your home, be sure to check this one out. It features a classic design that is a pleasure to look at. The five blades can rotate in both directions at different speeds. Together, they guarantee better airflow throughout the room. 


Works smoothly in both directions

Equipped with a dimmable light kit

Capable of remote control operation

Features a gorgeous and elegant design

Delivers powerful airflow with noiseless operation


A bit difficult to install

Design makes it a bit heavy

Best for the Money

72” Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Ceiling Fan

72' Casa Velocity Modern Contemporary Industrial Farmhouse Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan Brushed Nickel Wall Control Damp Rated for Patio Exterior House Porch Gazebo Garage Barn Roof - Casa Vieja


Dimensions: 36 x 9 X 9

Special Features: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

This Casa Vieja fan has amazing feedback backing it up. Users are impressed by its ease of installation; in fact, some say that it is the easiest fan they have ever installed. They say that the huge blade span is responsible for a good amount of air. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The 72” Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Ceiling Fan features a brushed nickel finish. The sleek fan is very pleasant to look at and compliments different décor well. It comes with three matching blades that have a collective blade span of 72 inches. Despite that, this is one of the quietest fans you will come across. 

The nickel used in its construction increases its life by making it more durable. It is also damp-resistant, so you can easily use it in both indoor and outdoor setups. Although it does not support remote control operation, you can easily operate it with the included wall mount. 

It is one of the most powerful fans, yet it is whisper-quiet. The fan itself is very stable and sturdy. Even at the highest speed, it does not wobble much. Furthermore, the customer service is amazing. 

Bottom Line

Although it is one of their simpler models, this fan features a sleek and elegant design. It is a pure industrial model that does not have reverse direction, remote control, or light kit. You can install it indoors or outdoors and enjoy a powerful breeze throughout the room, that, too, with a whisper-light sound.


Features a high-quality build

Very easy to assemble and install 

Sleek design is pleasant to look at

Large blade diameter ensures optimum airflow

Stable design does not wobble, even at the highest speed


Does not rotate in the reverse direction

Cannot be operated with a remote control

Editor’s Pick

52” Casa Elite Modern Ceiling Fan

52' Casa Elite Modern Hugger Low Profile Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Dimmable Remote Control Flush Mount Brushed Nickel for Living Room Bedroom - Casa Vieja


Dimensions: 25 x 12.75 X 11.75

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this fan particularly love that this model is easy to install. They all love the nice low-profile design. They further state that the quality and finish are high, making this a great addition to a ceiling. The fan is a delight to see. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We believe that this fan is an excellent representation of the quality and style that Casa Vieja offers. The low-profile design can fit inside any room vertically as it does not take up much space. It features four high-quality metal blades that have a total span of 52 inches. Combined, they generate enough airflow to keep any large area cool and breezy. 

It includes an integrated LED light with a warm color, so you can turn it on to increase the room’s ambiance and overall environment. Both the motor and blades have an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and the most significant feature is its matte opal glass that adds to it elegant appearance. 

The fan is fully functional with remote control, reverse, and quiet operation. It is also very energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about it consuming too much electricity. 

Bottom Line

All in all, if you want a user-friendly model for yourself, you should check out this one. It is easy to operate, generates decent airflow, and supports remote control operation and reverse functionality. In short, it is everything that you can ask for, that, too, for an affordable price.


Operation is very quiet

Included light kit is dimmable

Available in three finish options

Boasts a whisper-quiet operation

One of the more energy-efficient models


Light is not very bright 

Instructions leave a lot to be desired

Honorable Mention

52” Casa Delta-Wing Ceiling Fan

52' Casa Delta-Wing Modern Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Solid Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Damp Rated for Kitchen Patio - Casa Vieja


Dimensions: ‎27.3 x 13.4 X 8.5

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are extremely satisfied with this unit. They report that it moves around a lot of air without making too much noise. Installation is also a straightforward process. The light is bright but does not hurt your eyes. They also state that the craftsmanship is simply stunning. It looks great and quietly moves a lot of air.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this trendy and fancy ceiling fan. It features a powerful oil-rubbed bronze finish motor and three solid and durable walnut wood blades. The motor spins them powerfully; hence it generates decent wind force. It is also built with a manual reverse pattern, so it can also spin the other way round to push warm air downwards. 

Even with its large blade span, the fan boasts a wobble-free operation. Since it is a common problem amongst large fans, the manufacturer did a good job of addressing this issue. With its six-speed options, you can use it as an outdoor or garage ceiling fan

Bottom Line

All in all, this fan features a beautiful and superior design. The motor is oil rubbed while the blades are wooden. Together, they enable the fan to work efficiently and generate plentiful airflow. Quiet, durable, and effective; it is one of the best-selling options from the brand.


Smart and pleasing to look at

Operation is silent and wobble-free

Available for a very reasonable price

Incorporates solid wood blades in its design

Supports convenient remote control operation


Reverse operation is enabled manually

Not as strong as other top-of-the-line ceiling fans

Types of Ceiling Fans From Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja is a household name for ceiling fans. Everyone who wants a modern yet efficient fan considers installing one of them. The reason? They do not have a history of repair issues. The product lineup is extensive, and they constantly add new designs to their already-outstanding collection. 

Whether you want an elegant piece for your home or are looking for an affordable classic design, they always have something for everyone. Let’s have a look at some types of ceiling fans from Casa Vieja. 

Ceiling Fans Without Lights

In the sea of ceiling fans that come with lights, Casa Vieja offers an option that comes without light. The Interceptor Ceiling Fan is a modern light-less ceiling fan that can be operated with remote control. It is damp-rated, has a modem look, and features three oil-rubbed, bronze finished, 58-inch blades.

52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fans 

Regardless of where you live, having a proper cooling system to cool your patio during the hottest months of the year is essential. Casa Vieja solves this problem with its 52-inch Plaza Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan. This stylish option is also oil-rubbed and can be controlled via remote control. And it comes both with and without a light kit, making it a smart and convenient choice. 

Flush-Mount Ceiling Fans

Even in the flush-mount ceiling fan market, Casa Vieja is not behind. The Habitat Brushed Steel Hugger Ceiling Fan makes sure to provide the perfect look for your home. It comes with a light kit, and there is an optional wall control. The design is also aesthetic and compliments the overall look of the room. 

Classic Ceiling Fans

Classic ceiling fans are your traditional style fans. In this regard, Casa Vieja has a strong contender in Lexington. It features a nicely finished design with five reversible blades. It is an energy-efficient model with a light kit. Even then, it is your classic affordable design.

52″ Ancestry Vintage Hugger Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja Ceiling Fans Installation Instructions

Nowadays, most homeowners prefer installing their ceiling fans themselves instead of hiring professionals. You don’t have to be a home improvement expert to install a ceiling fan. You can easily do it yourself as a weekend project. It takes only a few hours, and the reward is instantaneous. Here is how you can install a Casa Vieja ceiling fan:

Read the Manual Carefully 

The first step to any installation is reading the user manual carefully. This allows you to learn about the different components and accompanying hardware. And you also grow more confident in what you are doing. 

Determine the Installation Location

Your second step should be to determine the spot where you are going to install your fan. This is an important step as the right location not only ensures the fan’s efficiency but also keeps you safe. Your fan should hang at least eight to ten inches below the ceiling and seven to nine feet above the ground. The blades shield be at least 18 inches away from walls or any other wall mounts. Also, the installation spot on the ceiling should not be cracked or damaged. 

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Gather Your Tools

Now, gather all the tools you will need in one place. These include a drill, crescent wrench, screwdrivers, and wire cutters, amongst other things. You will also need a ladder. Keeping your things handy during installation saves you from the trouble of going out and getting each tool separately. 

Turn Off Power

Before you start installing the fan, make sure to cut off the power supply to the installation site. 

Install the Mounting Bracket

Take out the mounting box. Place the ladder beneath your chosen spot and secure the mounting bracket to the ceiling with the supplied screws and washers. Thread the electrical wires through the central opening on the mounting bracket. Pick up the ceiling fan wires. Loosen and trim them to a length that is six inches longer than the downrod that you are using. Also, strip half-inch of insulation off each wire. 

Assemble the Motor

Remove the motor from the shopping blocks. Take off the set screw over the motor coupling. Pass the wires through the downrod and hand-tighten it onto the motor. Now, replace the set screw on the motor coupling and tighten it with pliers. In the end, pass the canopy through the wires and downrod and let it sit loosely. 

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Hang and Wire the Controls

Now, lift the entire assembly near the mounting bracket. Make sure that the downrod ball sits into the slot of the bracket. Rotate to lock the assembly in a secure position. Place the wall control receiver into the mounting bracket. Connect and secure the wires.

Fix the Canopy

Slide the canopy up. Align the screw hole with the screw hole in the mounting bracket. Insert the screw and tighten. 

Attach Fan Blades

Lift the fan blades one by one and secure them to the motor housing. 

Test the Fan

Turn on the power supply and test the fan. Make sure that it turns on and off and also operates on all speed settings. 

Though we tried to simplify the procedure for you, check out the video given below if you are still doubtful. 

Problems With Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja is a reliable name in the ceiling fan market. It has been around for nearly forty years and has managed to make a solid name for itself. Yet the fans are electronic units, and like any other electronic product, they can sometimes malfunction, too. The common problems you might come across include dead remote control, an unresponsive receiver for the remote, a flickering lamp, and a fan not reversing. Let’s look at how you can overcome these. 

Remote Control Not Working 

There are multiple reasons why your Casa Vieja Ceiling fan remote control may not work. The most common culprits for this are dead batteries. So the first thing that you should do is replace the batteries. If that does not resolve the issue, find out whether the receiver is faulty. Try operating the fan with a different remote. If it functions, then your remote is broken. And if not, then your receiver might be faulty. In both cases, you should replace the faulty component with a good one. 

Receiver Not Responding

One common reason why a Casa Vieja fan does not respond to remote commands is a faulty receiver. You can confirm this by trying to control your fan with a different remote. Once you are sure this is the issue, you can arrange for a replacement receiver and install it on your unit. 

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Lamp Not Turning On

The most commonly reported problem in Casa Vieja is its lamp. Users report that the lamp sometimes starts flickering or goes out completely. This can be caused by a loose electrical connection or a bad light. Tighten all the lamp confections. If the problem persists, replace the lamp. 

Fan Not Reversing

According to EPACT, all residential fans manufactured after 2005 must have the reverse function. Casa Vieja fans are no different. They also have a reverse button to reverse the airflow direction during winters. 

Users sometimes report that their Casa Vieja fan blades do not change direction, even after the reverse button is flipped. When this happens, make sure that the switch is not in a neutral position. Flip it several times to ensure the correct position. In older fans, the reverse button can wear out. If that’s the case, it needs replacement. But if your fan is brand new, you should call for a replacement fan. 


Ceiling fans are an excellent way of cooling down an area. While they cannot work as an AC or get rid of humidity, they really can distribute both cool and hot air around a room in an efficient manner. Yet, we often make the hasty choice and end up with the wrong product. Trust us; there’s nothing worse than buying a beautiful new home fixture, only to have it burn out within a few months. 

Casa Vieja fans are surely solid contenders for your choice of a ceiling fan. They are modern and elegant, with an edgy industrial finish. Being showroom-styled products from an excellent manufacturer, you can trust them to deliver the best service. Above, we have reviewed some of the best Casa Vieja Ceiling fans. If you are on the quest for finding a reliable unit, you should give them serious thought. 

People Also Ask

Casa Vieja fans have been around for quite some time. Buyers have a special preference for them, and why not? The exceptional designs and high-quality finish make them stand out from the competition. You can buy them online or at your local hardware store. If their popularity has you amazed, here are some commonly asked questions to clear your doubts. 

Where Are Casa Vieja Products Made?

Casa Vieja products are made at the worldwide headquarters of Lamp Plus Inc. They are located in the Chatsworth district of the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. Here, the company operates a professional trade division, international offices, a hospitality division, and manufacturing plants. All Casa Vieja fans are manufactured here. 

Who Makes Casa Vieja Products?

A privately-held corporation, Lamp Plus Inc., makes these products. Casa Vieja fans, along with the rest of the line of products, are made at their worldwide headquarters. They are located in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California. Originally named Lamps R Us, the company is the largest specialty lighting company in the United States. 

Who Owns Casa Vieja?

Casa Vieja is the house brand of fans for the popular online retailer Lamps Plus. The privately-held organization designs and manufactures a variety of products. The line of products includes home décor, furniture, fixture lighting, fans, portable lighting, and lots more. Moreover, the corporation sells its products online or through local hardware stores. 

How Long Has Casa Vieja Been Around?

The company has been around for almost four decades. They are known for top-quality and ingenious designs. They are a preferred choice among homeowners who want to add an element of style. The high-quality, lifetime motor warranty and free shipping surely make it stand out from competitive brands. 

Why Are Casa Veja Products So Popular?

Casa Vieja products are popular for many reasons. The first one is the huge range of variety. You can choose between different models, styles, and colors. They also come at an affordable price, so you don’t have to dig deep inside your pocket. Each of their products is high in quality with an excellent and smooth finish. Furthermore, the brand has been renowned for forty years. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Casa Vieja Offer?

Casa Vieja is a known and reputable name in the ceiling fan industry. It is known for its top-quality and extensive range. Their fans are high in quality and stylish to look at. Most of the fans come with a lifetime motor warranty. You also get to enjoy free shipping on all their products. 

How to Change Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan Remote Control

The best thing about Casa Vieja Ceiling Fans is that you can control them with a remote. But they have a habit of breaking down at the most unexpected times. You can replace your original Casa Vieja Ceiling fan remote control with a new one. Just be sure to pair it with the fan by resetting it. 

Start by cutting the power supply to the fan. Remove the cover on the back of the remote control. Locate the small Learn Switch. Turn the fan back on. Press and hold this button using a screwdriver or a pen. Release once the light blinks twice. This indicates a successful pairing.

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