Best WiFi Air Conditioners of 2019 – Rated & Reviewed

It is the age of smartphones, smart homes, smart cars, smart refrigerators – you name it, and it is probably enabled by the internet to make your life easier. Now, this kind of artificial intelligence has hit air conditioners, too. Read on to learn more about these products and how they can revolutionize your AC experience.

Best WiFi Air Conditioners Comparison Chart


LG Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

  • Has Multiple Control Options, Including WiFi and Remote
  • Energy Efficient Enough to Work During Low Power Periods
  • Fan Produces a Large Amount of Blowing Power
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Kenmore Smart 04277087

  • Comes With “Fins” to Drect Air-Flow
  • Has a Power Saver Mode to Cut Costs
  • Easy to Get the WiFi Up and Running
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JHS 10,000 BTUs Portable Air Conditioner

  • Has Three Different Functions, Including an Oscillating Feature
  • Easy to Transport, With Both Handles and Wheels
  • Great Choice for a Secondary Air Conditioner
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Frigidaire 10000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner

  • The Best Looking Window Air Unit You’ll Find
  • Unit Lights Will Shut Off at Night
  • Smart Features Allow You to Always See the Temperature
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  • Good for Supplementing a Central AC System
  • Fins Will Automatically Adjust According to Fan Speed
  • Has Handle Indentations on the Sides for Easy Transportation
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What is a WiFi Air Conditioner?

A WiFi Air Conditioner is a “smart” air conditioner that can have WiFi access enabled. This access usually links up to an app on a user’s smartphone (and most are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphone models). The app will allow you to control aspects of your air conditioner whenever your phone is connected to the internet.

These aspects can include temperature, fan speed, different settings (low power mode, fan mode, etc.), and even the times when you want your air conditioner to automatically turn off or on. These devices are incredibly convenient and the air conditioners of the future!

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a WiFi Air Conditioner

When looking for WiFi air conditioners, there are a number of qualities you should consider:

WiFi Capability

What exactly can the connectivity enable your air conditioner to actually do? Some units can be effectively controlled from afar using smartphone apps, while others take it a step further and can be linked with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home. Think about what would work best for your needs and plan accordingly.


Of course, you could have the smartest air conditioner in the world and if it is not capable of accomplishing the basic manual function of providing cooler air, it is absolutely no good. Make sure you invest in a reliable unit that you know will always come through on the hottest days.

Energy Efficiency​

Window units have come a long way in regards to energy efficiency. Check out a unit’s EER rating to ensure you are getting the best model when it comes to keeping your energy costs low (and saving our planet in the process!).

Review of the Best Wifi Air Conditioners

Now that you know what to keep in mind, let’s check out some actual products!

LG Energy Star Window Air Conditioner, 8,000 BTU, White


  • Quiet
  • Easy to Use
  • Strong Cooling Capacity
  • Great for Smaller Rooms
  • Can Rapidly Cool Rooms


  • Included Instructions Are Not Particularly Helpful

Our Review

The LG Energy Star Window Air Conditioner is an awesome offering with a number of convenient features, most notably, the ability to control it with your smartphone through the LG SmartThinQ app, which is compatible with both Apple iPhones and Google Androids. The app allows you to use your phone to adjust the unit’s temperature, mode, and fan speed, and even gives you the opportunity to schedule when the unit will turn on or off in the future.

There are also a number of great manual features with this unit, such as the ability to close the outside vent to block unpleasant outdoor odors and an indoor vent that points upward to better circulate the air around the room, as opposed to a front-facing vent that could potentially just blow air onto one specific surface. The energy saving mode will save you a ton of money and also works effectively when your electrical utility lowers the amount of available juice on hot days.

Bottom Line

The LG Energy Star Window Air Conditioner is a great unit with a number of technological and manual convenience features. Just know it may take you some time to decipher the instructions.   

Kenmore Smart 04277087 room-air-conditioners 8,000 BTU White


  • Quiet
  • Cools Rooms Quickly
  • Well-Made of High-Quality Material
  • Easy to Get the WiFi Up and Running
  • Kenmore Provides Good Customer Service


  • Comes With Confusing Installation Instructions
  • Integration with Amazon’s “Alexa” Does Not Work Particularly Well

Our Review

The Kenmore Smart 04277087 is an awesome smart air conditioner that will effectively cool your room. It has four different modes: fan, cool, eco, and dry, all of which can be controlled via WiFi (and one of which, eco, will save you substantial energy costs).

The operation is via the Kenmore Smart AC app, which works on both smartphones and tablets. If you are not a huge fan of the app, you can also control the unit using the included remote control. Besides the technological features, this also just happens to be an extremely well-made window unit.

It comes with “fins” to help direct the cool air flow to exactly where you need it to go. It is quiet, even when the unit is powering down. It is simple and easy to operate. There really is not much you won’t enjoy when working with a Kenmore Smart A/C!

Bottom Line

The Kenmore Smart A/C is a great window air unit that can be effectively controlled using the WiFi enabled app. It is advertised as being compatible with Alexa, but many users did not find that feature to function particularly well.

JHS 10,000 BTUs Portable Air Conditioner WIFI Remote Control with Mobile App, A016-10KR/B1 Portable AC Unit Small Air Cooler Dehumidifier with Timer, Sleep Mode and 2 Fan Speeds


  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  •  Easy to install
  • Has an Antibacterial Filter to Keep the Air CleanCompact Size
  • Has a Remote Control in Addition to the WiFi Settings


  • Louder than some other models
  • Can Be Difficult to Get the Drainage Pipe to Fit Properly

Our Review

The HS 10,000 Portable Air Conditioner is an awesome air conditioner with a number of great features that will make handling it both simple and easy. It can be controlled via the JHS Smart app, and no matter where you are in the world, if you have WiFi, you will be able to manipulate your air conditioner.

It has three different functions, including a “swing” oscillation feature to get the cold air evenly distributed all the way around the room. It is also incredibly easy to transport, with some quite handy features, such as handles on the side and wheels on the bottom – so you will be able to hook this guy up anywhere in your house!

It is particularly great as a secondary air conditioner if you have a room that your central air system just is not cooling well. It is energy efficient and will not drive up your electrical bill, particularly when you consider that it comes with a programmable timer so you will be able to set it to turn on and off.·           

Bottom Line

The HS 10,000 BTUs Portable Air Conditioner is a top-notch product that you will be able to easily set up wherever you need it most. Just keep in mind that it can be louder than some of the other options on this list.

Frigidaire 10000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner w/WiFi Control 10,000


  • Modern and Sleek
  • Cools Rooms Quickly
  • Connects to WiFi Quickly
  • Has an Econ Mode for Maximum Efficiency


  • On the Louder Side
  • If You Lose Power or Internet Unexpectedly, You Will Have to Re-Install the WiFi Features

Our Review

The Frigidaire 10000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner is probably the most beautiful window A/C you will ever see – we know that that sounds weird, but trust us, it is completely true! This item features a minimalist design that maximizes its aesthetic appeal so that for once, you will not be forced to choose between being cool and comfortable in your own home versus having a gigantic eyesore in your living room.

Its smart features work well and will enable you not only to control the unit from afar but also to see what the current temperature in your house is so you can gauge what temperature you need to set the unit for. Best of all, the lights on this unit will automatically shut off at night so that they will not interfere with your sleeping – not a feature that many smart air conditioners (or not smart air conditioners) have these days.

Bottom Line

The Frigidaire 10000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner is a gorgeous product that you will barely even notice. It can be a little inconvenient to reprogram if the power or internet randomly cuts out, though.

LG LP1417WSRSM 115V Portable Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control in White for Rooms up to 400-Sq. Ft.


  • Powerful
  • Fan Produces Strong Blowing
  • Remote Control Comes With Batteries
  • Good for Supplementing a Central A/C System
  • Plug Has a Built-In GFCI, So No Need to Buy Your Own


  • Takes Up a Lot of Space
  • Has a Short Power Cord

Our Review

The LG LP1417WSRSM is controlled by the LG SmartThinQ app, just like the LG Energy Star product described above. To reiterate, the app allows the user to adjust the unit’s temperature, mode, and fan speed, with the option to automatically schedule the unit to turn on and off as well.

This unit has a number of awesome convenience features, including top fins that will automatically adjust according to the fan speed in order to guide the air in a direction to maximize coolness.

It also rolls on casters and has handle indentations (similar to those you would find on a cardboard box) on its sides for easy transportation. Its collapsible hose comes with adapters to fit all window types and you will not require any tools for assembly, so it is pretty simple to set up as well. Best of all, this unit does not require a large amount of energy, so you will ultimately save money in the long run when you go with this LG.

Bottom Line

The LG LP1417WSRSM is a great product with a number of convenient features to make your life easier. It is a little limited by its power cord length, though.    

Types of WiFi Air Conditioners

There are several different types of WiFi air conditioners, outlined below:

Window Units

Window units are typically installed in an exterior window and are great for constantly cycling air through a house, instead of cooling the air that is already present. Window units do typically require a bit more work to install, though.

Floor Units

Floor units are freestanding units that can be tucked into a corner of a bedroom. They are nice because you can place them literally anywhere, but they do take up a decent amount of space inside a home as opposed to a unit that just sits on your windowsill.

Flexible Units

Some products can function as both window and floor units. These units are great if you are not sure which option will cool your home best and you want a unit with some adaptability to try out different locations.


WiFi air conditioners can actually make cooling off your house fun, instead of turning on your unit right when you get home and then sweating on the couch until it has effectively cooled your space. With these devices, you can control every aspect of your unit from afar and set it to perform precisely in whatever way suits you best. The future is here, folks!

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