HTP Water Heater Reviews – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Hot water is a blessing, especially in winter or in cold climatic conditions.

Earlier, there existed large water heating tanks that occupied a great deal of space. However, the discovery of water heaters has made our lives extremely easy. You can now fit these heaters anywhere and enjoy a seamless supply of hot water whenever you desire.

This all-inclusive guide will help you identify some of the best HTP water heaters available on the market today.

  • A built-in fire tube heat exchanger and stainless-steel tank for durability
  • Best overall and best HTP Crossover water heater
  • ASSE 1017 thermostatic valve for enhanced draw capacity and temperature control
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  • Laser welded with 316L stainless steel for anti-corrosion properties
  • Best for the money
  • Backed with a 7-year residential warranty or a 3-year commercial warranty
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  • Comes with Pulse, Smart and Time Sequenced recirculation modes
  • Designed with a hi-fin heat exchanger for superior performance
  • No registration with 12-year residential warranty and 5-year commercial warranty
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  • Comes with an incredible .95 Energy Factor and a .93UEF
  • Safety measures include burner overheat cutoff, flue and water high limit temperature switch
  • Best HTP tankless water heater
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  • Features an enamel heat exchanger for maximum performance
  • Provides high versatility with four different models based on gallon capacity
  • Best HTP indirect water heater
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  • Delivers a .94 Uniform Energy Factor for high energy efficiency
  • Comes with a lead-free label and complies to SDWA
  • Best HTP Everlast water heater
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  • 96% thermal efficiency rating provides excellent fuel savings
  • Best HTP Phoenix water heater
  • A multipurpose unit designed for water heating and space heating
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How Does HTP Compare to the Competition?

HTP is an American heating and hot water manufacturer and supplier that was first founded in 1974. The cornerstone of this American company is to deliver highly efficient and user-friendly products to its customers. Today, HTP serves a wide range of heating systems and solar products for commercial and residential sectors.

HTP Products

With a high focus on energy-efficient devices, HTP serves a variety of products to its potential users. Their state-of-the-art technologies have allowed HTP to excel in developing heating systems and various solar products with high efficiency. So far, HTP has developed water heaters, hydronic boilers, solar thermal, combination heating appliances, tanks, pumps, steam boilers, and a wide range of accessories.

Main Features

HTP heating systems are renowned for their energy-efficient solutions. Their growing solar products and a wide range of heating systems have made them formidable in the heating industry. HTP recently launched the first of its kind Munchkin broiler, based on modulating/condensing technology introduced for the first time. Today, HTP is a major contender in the space heating equipment industry, and has been for several decades.

Why Choose HTP

HTP has always been a pioneer in developing water heating systems and technologies. HTP promises a one-stop solution to all your water heating problems. Their ‘customer first’ policy is the cornerstone of their operations, making them one of the leading heating and hot water manufacturers worldwide.

Comparison of the Best HTP Water Heaters

HTP has now been serving commercial and residential sectors for the past few decades. With their highly efficient heating systems, they are known for their exceptional product quality and safety in the heating industry. Today, they are considered pioneers of water heating solutions. To help you acknowledge their excellence and reliability, we have compiled several statistics for their various water heating systems.

Model Name

Storage Volume (Gallons)

Btuh / Input Range

Energy Efficiency

Max GPM Rating (High)

RGH 20-76F


37500 - 76000

96% TE/.89 UEF




19900 - 199000

96% TE/.92 UEF




35000 - 100000

95% TE/.89 UEF




15000 - 150000

95% TE/.94 UEF





95% TE/.93 UEF










95% TE/.94 UEF




35000 - 130000

96% TE/-





-/.93 UEF


Review of the Best HTP Water Heaters

If you are seeking a permanent solution to your water heating problems, HTP’s water heaters won’t disappoint you. Built with state-of-the-art technology, these devices are capable of delivering excellent and long-lasting services to their customers. In the section below, we have reviewed the very best water heaters manufactured by HTP.

Best Overall and Best HTP Crossover Water Heater
The Crossover®


  • Promises ultra-high thermal efficiency of 96%
  • 6 years residential warranty, 3 years commercial warranty
  • Digital guidance for your model with HTP’s mobile app
  • Compact and lightweight design with an improved output
  • Features a Crossover’s Multi-Function Control Panel for convenient controls


  • Occupies storage space after installation
  • Cannot be mounted on walls using a wall bracket
  • Comes with a tank that stores water rather than instant heating

Why it Stands Out to Us

HTP Crossover models are one of a kind. Designed with a thermal efficiency of 96%, this product is the ultimate buyer’s dream. It comes with a 20-gallon tank for water storage, which can heat water to a 167F. It is compatible with all recirculation systems and delivers negligible NOx emissions, which leaves no carbon footprints, and it comes with thick insulation to ensure any standby losses. 

Furthermore, it is equipped with the ASSE 1017 thermostatic valve, which increases draw capacity and provides temperature control. If we talk about performance, it features a stainless-steel fire tube heat exchanger, which enhances the performance of the device.

Bottom Line 

If you are looking for something that delivers extremely efficient operation, we suggest considering this device. Featuring a Multifunction Control Panel, the Crossover provides personalized temperature control. You can adjust the flow, the flow sensor, and the heat capacity of the system. It’s a relatively compact and lightweight water heater with a high output.

Apart from this, it ensures reliability with its 6-year residential, 3-year commercial warranty. Most importantly, you can use the HTP mobile app for any guidance and instructions regarding your product model. All in all, it is an incredibly efficient Energy Star rated water heater that you would be fortunate to have at your disposal.

Best for the Money:
The Phoenix 316L


  • Five to one turndown rate of this model
  • 316L anti-corrosion resistant build quality
  • Provides maximum efficiency with an outdoor sensor
  • 2-inch thick foam insulation provides minimal heat loss
  • Features a hybrid cupronickel/stainless-steel heat exchanger


  • Supports gas combustion but not liquid propane
  • Instructions are difficult to understand
  • Requires additional parts and adjustments above 4500ft sea level

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Phoenix 316L is a gas-fired water heater that is highly efficient and extremely versatile. It is made of stainless steel to ensure high durability and efficient heat transfer. It’s an Energy Star rated model with a 96% thermal efficiency and a five to one turndown. The Phoenix is available in three different tank sizes and supports both residential and commercial sectors.

The 316L is a laser-welded stainless-steel body that is resistant to corrosion as compared to standard units. It features a cupronickel/stainless-steel heat exchanger that delivers the ultimate heat transfer capability to the module.

Bottom Line 

Designed for your ultimate care and satisfaction, this water heater is an all-in-one solution to your heating needs. Featuring an outdoor sensor, it can automatically adjust for maximum efficiency. The 2-inch thick foam insulation keeps the heat loss to a minimum.

The lightweight design of the Phoenix supports ease of installation. Inexpensive PVC and CPVC piping are readily supported by this gas-fired water heater, ensuring minimum installation costs. Furthermore, the 316L comes with a 7-year residential warranty and 3-year commercial warranty to provide reliability and convenience. Our final verdict would be that it’s an ideal energy-efficient solution for all your heating and hot water needs.

Best HTP Hybrid Water Heater
The Crossover Wall


  • Comes with built-in recirculation pumps
  • Wall-mounted model enables you to save space
  • Eco-friendly device with minimum NOx emissions
  • 96% thermal efficiency rating and .94 UEF displayed by the product
  • Can be used in recirculation lines, solar water heating, and geothermal applications


  • Supports only a small amount of water in the tank
  • Outside installation only available for RGH-199 model
  • Doesn’t possess a smart screen or touch control display

Why it Stands Out to Us

We wouldn't be wrong if we described this model as a tank and tankless water heater paired in a single unit. The Crossover Wall water heater possesses built-in recirculation capability, which allows it to deliver hot water to multiple fixtures. Its fire tube design enables prevention from bursts of cold water. Apart from dual activation, its most important feature is the endless supply of hot water due to its recirculation ability. It comes with three recirculation modes: pulse, smart, and time sequenced. It also features small storage while delivering superior performance with 96% thermal efficiency and up to .94UEF.

Bottom Line 

The Crossover Wall water heater also features a multifunction control panel for desired temperatures. The controls offer a wide range of functionality adjustments for the user to ensure maximum convenience and reliability. Like other Crossover models, this module also delivers ease of installation with a wall-mounting capability. Its compact design allows you to save storage space.

Apart from that, it comes with a convincing 12-year residential warranty for home usage and a 5-year commercial warranty. Our final word would be that it’s a must-buy product if you seek an ultimate energy-efficient solution for your needs.

Best HTP Tankless Water Heater:
Hydra Smart RTC


  • Corrosion resistant stainless-steel body
  • 0.95 Energy Factor with a 10 to 1 turndown ratio
  • 5-year commercial and 12-year residential warranty
  • Can be converted to an outdoor model using enclosure kit
  • Supports PVC, CPVC, and Polypropylene piping, which are inexpensive and easy to install


  • Not field convertible
  • Does not possess water storage capability
  • Enclosure kit is charged and sold separately

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Hydra Smart RTC is a tankless commercial condensing gas water heater built with stainless steel to provide a seamless hot water operation. With a .95 Energy Factor and a 0.93 UEF, this highly efficient water heater is all you can desire.

The 10 to 1 turndown ratio and eco-friendly nature of this model without NOx emissions make it a great all-around performer. It can deliver up to 18 units while 6 units are common vented. Available in natural gas or liquid propane, it can provide you an interrupted supply of hot water.

Bottom Line

If you want to invest in a durable, high-performance water heater, this device might put a stop to your search. Paired with an eco-friendly nature and safety mechanisms, this module should be the go-to option for everyone. It possesses a NOx combustion system, which makes it environment-friendly. A flue high and water temperature high limit switch is present for further safety.

This advanced modulating water heater offers a premium-grade heat exchanger that delivers superior heat transfer capability. In short, it’s an optimal choice even for altitudes as high as 10000 feet above sea level.

Best HTP Indirect Water Heater:
SuperStor Contender Water Heater


  • Foam insulation ensures minimum heat loss
  • Glass-lined steel tank assures a corrosion-resistant body
  • Comes with ceramic coated smooth design to resist hard water
  • Instant and consistent hot water supply with minimum maintenance
  • 7-year residential warranty for home usage while 5-years for commercial use


  • Not designed for outdoor purposes
  • Comparatively larger size unit offered by HTP
  • Increased weight might cause inconvenience during installation

Why it Stands Out to Us

The SuperStor Contender is an indirect fired water heater. What strikes us about this unit is the specifically designed enamel heat exchanger. This heat exchanger delivers phenomenal performance by negating any lime buildup even after years of operation. Its optimum heat transfer capabilities paired with thick foam insulation keep heat loss to a minimum.

The SuperStor Contender comes in four different gallon capacities, which can be used in either residential or commercial sector. It is also equipped with an oversized changeable anode rod protected by a glass-lined steel tank for maximum protection.

Bottom Line

Tired of inefficient heating systems? You can save hundreds of dollars by investing in a modern, efficient water heater such as the SuperStor Contender. Designed with a glass-lined steel tank, this unit offers significant durability when paired with magnesium anode rods. They act as an anti-corrosion resistance and helps in increasing the life of the tank.

The silver plastic coating on the outer surface ensures rust-free components, even in a moist environment. The unit offers 7-years of residential while a 5-year commercial warranty coverage. It’s an ideal pick for anyone looking to invest in a high performing and sturdy unit.

Best HTP Everlast Water Heater:
The Everlast® Residential


  • Easy installation with its lightweight design
  • Laser welding makes it resistant to leakage
  • Titanium elements ensure the durability of the unit
  • Low watt density reduces the risk of burning components
  • Features a dip tube to reduce the mixture of hot and cold water


  • Designed for residential and home use only
  • Requires product registration for the lifetime warranty
  • Steel body paired with electrical lines can be dangerous

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Everlast Residential is an electric water heater designed to perfection. Its high energy efficiency is paired with a sturdy design made of stainless steel and titanium elements. This unit does not require anode rods and is highly resistant to scale build-up, which assures a long-lasting operation. Featuring a .94 UEF, the stainless-steel body provides sufficient water draw without high energy consumption.

Additionally, it also features low watt density elements that keep the chances of element burnout to a minimum. What strikes us is the safe and secure design of this unit; it is lead-free and poses no threats to your family.

Bottom Line

If you are tired of using traditional gas or propane-fueled water heaters, then this might be something worth trying. This electric heater is designed to impart high user safety and security measures to negate any mishaps. With a highly efficient stainless-steel frame and insulation, the Everlast Residential is all you need.

Its lightweight and corrosion-resistant design make it an easy installation device with high convenience. Most importantly, it comes with a lifetime warranty for its users; however, you might want to get yourself registered. All in all, it’s a user-friendly product designed for homes and residential areas.

Best HTP Phoenix Water Heater:
The Phoenix® Multi-Fit


  • Five to one turndown ratio for this device
  • Top and side connections for easy installation
  • Hybrid cupronickel/stainless-steel heat exchanger
  • Anode free and durable stainless-steel construction
  • Advanced electronic display provides high convenience


  • Only supports gas as a fuel
  • Suitable for commercial uses and applications
  • Offers comparatively lower versatility with two different models

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a highly efficient gas-fired commercial water heater. The phoenix multi-fit water heater is constructed using stainless-steel for maximum sturdiness and anti-corrosion properties. Its compact design enables it to be fitted anywhere. It also features multiple inlet and outlet connections, which simplifies the replacement of this module.

The Phoenix Multi-Fit comes in an 80 and 100-gallon model and various BTU sizes. However, it is only ideal for commercial usage and applications. The advanced modulating burner delivers a five to one turndown ratio, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. In short, it’s a highly efficient and durable water heater.

Bottom Line

If you want an Energy Star rated water heater with high-quality performance and long-lasting durability, then we suggest this product. The Phoenix Multi-Fit is an extremely lightweight and non-bulky water heater that features multiple inlets and outlets.

Its 96% thermal efficiency allows you to save hundreds of dollars on utility bills. It requires inexpensive PVC or CPVC piping to operate perfectly under any given conditions. Its cupronickel/stainless-steel heat exchanger enables maximum heat transfer in any given situation. Most importantly, it comes with an electronic panel with a display to view current or recent operations. It can be used for water heating and space heating applications.

Best HTP Electric Water Heater:
The Everlast® Grid-Enabled Water Heater


  • Ideal for electric thermal storage applications
  • Comes in a wide range of models for user convenience
  • 316L stainless steel construction enables high protection
  • Features a Lockout Box to disable lower element tampering
  • Possesses durable components and operation mechanisms


  • Does not offer a commercial warranty
  • Designed for single or multiple-family dwellings
  • Altitude compliance not mentioned by the manufacturer

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit is ideally manufactured to operate in an electric thermal storage or demand response program. The Everlast Grid-Enabled water heater features a disconnect that can only be enabled by a company’s operator and a Lock-Out box that disables the tampering of the lower element.

It can be installed as a traditional unit; however, it offers a configuration mechanism for setting different temperatures and input values. The construction of this water heater is comprised of excellent build quality. It allows minimal heat loss while resulting in maximum power and energy savings.

Bottom Line

The tank is laser welded, while the stainless-steel screw plugs offer maximum corrosion resistance. If you want a product that offers high durability and performance at the same time, this is a suitable option. However, this product offers a residential warranty only.

The Everlast Grid-Enabled water heater provides energy-efficient operation with high-performance values. You can experience a flawless hot water supply while using this water heater. Furthermore, its corrosion-resistant frame provides high durability and allows efficient operations for longer durations. All in all, it’s a highly efficient electric water heater with reliable performance and enhanced durability.

9.  HTP RGH-199

HTP RGH-199 Effiency High-Efficiency Crossover Hybrid 76,000 Btu 20 Gallon Stainless Steel Condensing Water Heater


  • Supports both liquid propane and natural gas 
  • Features built-in recirculation system compatibility
  • Capable of providing hot water at multiple fixtures
  • Highly durable with a stainless-steel anti-corrosion build
  • Features air handler application for combination heating


  • Replacement of defective parts cause inconvenience
  • Tank Leakage reports question the reliability of the product
  • Ineffective technical assistance offered by the manufacturer

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about what this model HTP has to offer is the advanced modulating technology. It features a 10 to 1 turndown ratio. The build quality of this model is also highly durable. It is encased with a stainless-steel coating that offers protection against corrosion. Its 3.5-gallon fire tube heat exchanger assures optimal performance and delivers enhanced water heating.

With a built-in leak detector, this model is fully capable of detecting any gas leakages in the tank, thus ensuring the safety of the user. Apart from that, it also comes with an air handler application that supports combination heating and domestic hot water.

Bottom Line

The RGH-199 is a super-efficient model rolled out by HTP that offers great energy efficiency and performance. With its hybrid dual functionality, it can operate on both liquid propane and natural gas. The 3.5-gallon fire tube heat exchanger is superb in its own way. It enables a high-performance output and makes sure that the user gets an endless and consistent supply of hot water.

The advanced modulating technology introduced by HTP provides an incredible 10 to 1 turndown ratio. If you require a modern and super-efficient model for your needs, then you won’t find a better option than this.

What Kind of Warranty Does HTP Offer?

HTP offers two types of warranties, which we will be discussing below.

Basic Limited Warranty

The limited warranty provided by HTP warrants each water heater module to be free from defects in workmanship and components.

Residential Use Warranty

This warranty is applicable for water heaters that are used by a single-family or multiple-family dwellings. However, it is necessary that the original consumer resides in that dwelling on a permanent basis. Also, the operating temperature should not exceed more than 140F. HTP generally offers a 10-year warranty on the tank while a 1-year warranty on the parts.

Commercial Use Warranty

A commercial use warranty is only applicable when the usage falls beyond the definition of a ‘residential use’ setting. HTP offers a 1-year warranty for tanks and parts while in commercial use. 

Extended Product Warranty

HTP also offers an extended product warranty for its several models.

Commercial Installations

You can purchase an extended warranty on several Phoenix Commercial Models for $450 and achieve an additional 2-year warranty on tanks/heat exchanger. The Phoenix SA models are not a part of the program.

Residential Installations

HTP provides a limited lifetime warranty on SuperStor Pro Indirect Fired water heaters. You can receive a lifetime warranty on the tank/heat exchanger. However, the coverage for replacement components will remain 1 year from the date of installation of the product.

Who is HTP?

HTP is one of the leading heating and hot water manufacturers in America. Founded in 1974, it has been able to achieve maximum energy efficiency levels using state-of-the-art technology in the past few decades. Based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, HTP is renowned for its popular Munchkin boilers.

HTP was the first to introduce the modulating/condensing technology and is considered as the leader in water heating systems. Their water heating products include the famous SuperStor Indirect store tank and the 316L Stainless Steel Phoenix water heater. Their new additions include Elite FT boiler, Solar Skies solar line, and a wide range of heating systems for residential and commercial purposes.


Purchasing a water heater can be an extremely difficult task, considering the myriad of products and brands available on the market. However, it’s essential to find a product that suits your requirements. We tried our best to ensure to give you all the information you need to confidently select one of the best water heaters from the best manufacturers.

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