Pelonis Heater Reviews: 2020 Guide

| Last Updated: March 4, 2021

If you’re finding it a little chilly, and you want to add a space heater to your surroundings, Pelonis is a great choice. Pelonis is a brand known for its diversity in the heating industry.

Pelonis’ wide range of space heating products provides high quality supplementary or zonal heating, with stylish designs, while emitting very little noise. Their products strive for energy efficiency, while each of their models incorporates a bunch of safety features to reduce fire and burning risks. Take a look at this guide to understand what Pelonis has to offer.

  • Five temperature settings and three heating options allow customized heating
  • Swivel caster wheels with 360-degree rotation provides ease of portability
  • Works quietly so it doesn’t disturb your work or sleep
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  • Compact and lightweight unit is easily portable for use anywhere
  • Equipped with ceramic heating element that is energy-efficient
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat for customizable comfort
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The Best of Pelonis:

Quiet Products

Pelonis aims to provide products that integrate seamlessly into the home. This is why they choose to focus on creating heaters that are as silent as possible. Their heaters are up to 50% quieter than other comparable heaters.

By implementing their DC Motor Advantage technology, Pelonis is now able to offer heating inclusive of fans with half the noise emissions. The Segmented Switched Reluctance Motor is integrated into their products to help circulate the air effectively for even heating, without interrupting day to day life.

The Pelonis range also includes models that are completely silent. Such as oil-filled radiators and quartz heaters. Neither technology uses a fan, yet provides fast and effective results.

Safety is their Top Priority

Pelonis makes safety one of its top priorities when designing its heating products. They meet or exceed all industry safety standards, which can be seen in the safety features employed in their models. This includes tip-over protection which shuts off the heater if it falls over.

This is particularly useful for those with pets and children. The overheat shut-off turns the heater off if the temperature surpasses safe levels, reducing the risk of a fire. Most of their products also incorporate outer casings that are cool to the touch. This stops you from burning yourself if you brush past it; also an excellent feature for those with young children.

Efficient Products

Pelonis heaters are a great energy efficient option for heating. Where central heating requires you to heat every room in the house, Pelonis space heaters are ideal for zonal heating. This means you only need to use the power to heat rooms on demand, lowering your energy bills.

Pelonis has dedicated itself to producing a range that reflects energy efficiency. Oil-filled radiators provide a safe way to heat large rooms through radiant quartz heaters that are quick to heat spaces and objects. Their state-of-the-art technology enables them to deliver products that don’t put a strain on your utility bills.

High Quality Products

Pelonis pitches itself as a high-quality manufacturer of heaters, utilizing dynamic technology and providing durable products. Its heaters are built with the highest grade components to ensure a long life for the products. Pelonis boasts the highest quality, dramatized by their aesthetic appeal. With slick designs that neatly fit into the decor of any home, compounded with their noiseless fan technology, Pelonis gives high-quality experience with its heating devices.

Designed to be portable, customers report that Pelonis heaters are quite durable, and are able to be moved around without damage. Equally, they have a long lifespan for an economical price. This is supported by the antifreeze mechanisms and the safety features.

A Drawback of Pelonis

Pelonis heaters are remarkably efficient at a good price, with great design features. However, not all incorporate a digital display on most of the products. There is either little to no indication of the temperature, with only ‘settings’ to choose from, or it is difficult to read. Digital displays make heating devices more convenient. Especially if they include a remote control.

Other customers feel that although their heaters are relatively energy efficient, they still see spikes in their energy bills. This is especially true if customers are using them as their primary heating devices, instead of using central heating.

Types of Pelonis heaters

Pelonis has a comprehensive range of heaters that meet the requirements of most people. They have radiators, ceramic heaters, fan heaters, and radiant/quartz heaters. Each with their own benefits.

Oil-filled radiators are an energy efficient way to heat large rooms. Using convection heat, radiators transport heat through the room without making a sound. The oil-filled radiators have adapted digital displays. While also featuring a timer setting and variable temperatures up to 95F.

Ceramic heaters heat the air around them over a ceramic heating element. This heats the air quickly, which is then blown around the room. Pelonis ceramic heaters can be easily directed or can be set to oscillate to spread the warmth. As the outer casing is cool to touch, these are a great choice for families with animals or small children. The antifreeze technology also helps to increase its lifespan in very cold winters.

Pelonis range of fan heaters, though a little noisy, inject heat fast to the place that needs it most. A cheap option for the budget-conscious, fan heaters are portable due to their lightweight and don’t get hot to the touch.

Radiant/Quartz heaters direct focused infrared around the room. It warms objects directly, instead of warming the air in the room. This direct radiant heat warms people quickly and doesn’t escape out of windows like hot air. These heaters are highly efficient, and Polenis models are a great addition to work areas, basements, and workshops.

Top Models in the Market

PELONIS NY1507-14A Digital Radiator Heater

This oil-filled radiator heater is extremely quiet to use and needs very little maintenance. This model has three heat settings at 900 watts, 1500 watts, and an eco-mode, while also having 5 temperature settings. It can heat a space of around 150 square feet.

The wheels make it easily portable, allowing you to utilize this model for zonal heating. The 70-inch cord, which wraps around, provides long-range within a given space.

This model does come with a digital display and remote control. It lets you select the modes you desire effortlessly, without even leaving your chair.

It is a very safe device, featuring both protection for instances of overheating, and a tip-over safety switch to turn it off if it falls. The power indicator light lets you know that the heater is on, to prevent accidental burns.

The heater comes with a year’s warranty.

PELONIS HC-0179 Ceramic Heater  

This ceramic heater is designed to offer excellent energy efficiency while operating without any sound. The ceramic heating element heats very quickly, meaning the heater can bring the temperature of a room up in a short space of time.

The heater comes with three settings: 1500 watts and 1000 watts of heating power, and a fan-only mode for use in the summer. It can heat around 150 square foot at any one time on the highest setting. The adjustable thermostat helps to ensure energy efficiency, while the compact design, carry handle, and lightweight makes it very portable and easy to carry.

It includes overheat protection, and the tip-over shut-off but does not have a digital display or remote control. This makes it a little harder to control and maintain the temperature. The warranty on this heater is a year.

How to choose the right space heater for you 

Picking the right heater for you is important to ensure you buy something that meets your heating needs as well as not costing you a fortune; either upfront or in running costs.

First, consider the fuel source. Gas heaters are generally more efficient than electricity. However, the invention of infrared, quartz and micathermic technology has led to far more electric energy-efficient heating devices than ever before. Many of Pelonis’ products are very energy efficient options for supplementary heating that don’t cost too much to run.

You need to consider the size of your space first. As a rule of thumb, heaters will heat 1 square foot for every 10 watts. This means that a 1000 watt heater will heat around 100 square feet. When choosing a heater, take this into account to ensure you purchase the correct size.

A heater with too much capacity will overheat your room, running up heating bills, and wasting energy. A heater that is too small will struggle to heat the room.

Consider daily life in your household. Is it a tangle of running pets and adventurous children? If that’s the case, you’ll be looking to make sure you have good safety features incorporated. You need to look for devices that don’t heat up on the outside, while also having tip-off and overheat protection, in case of an accident. Having power lights and a digital display can also help for the nighttime.

Will you need to move the heater around? If so, consider some portability features, such as wheels or a carry handle. In this case, you may also need to think about the weight, going for a lightweight option like a ceramic heater, over a heavy oil-filled radiator.

Model HC-0120 Ceramic Heater - Source

Get a feel for the durability of the brand. Reading customer reviews will give you an indication of the lifetime of certain products and whether their parts break due to being flimsy. Products that offer generous warranties tend to be more durable as the company has confidence that they won’t need to replace their product.

Remember to always consider the aesthetics. While price and efficiency are important, you don’t want the heater to clash with your room. Think about the space you have to fit it as this is likely to affect the style you choose. For example, a large oil-filled radiator may stick out in a smaller room, with no space to tuck it away.

Pelonis Company History

Pelonis, as a company that emerged 25 years ago, has a quarter of a decade of experience in the heating industry. But it is not as old as some of the veterans in the heating industry. In fact, it has dedicated itself to creating a diverse and inclusive range of heaters. This way,  it has implemented energy-efficient solutions at cheap pricing.

The company has developed quickly, focusing on research and development. That has allowed it to propel forward into becoming one of today’s leaders in heater manufacturing. With an eye on customer service and satisfaction, Pelonis products are designed to integrate into any home without causing disruption. Hence the sleek designs and quiet motor technology.


Pelonis is a well-known brand that’s progressed quickly in its 25 years. With a huge range of heating products, Pelonis offers a wide choice of technology and operating styles. As well as varying aesthetics and energy efficiency options.

If you are looking for choice, Pelonis has a great reputation across all its products while providing cheap and friendly heating solutions. If you’re looking to add little extra heat to your workspace or spare room, you’ll find that Pelonis heaters will do the trick without breaking the bank.

People Also Ask

Pelonis is a trusted and reliable brand, and choosing one of its products won’t make you regret at all. However, you might still have questions before you can be fully confident in your purchase. Here are some questions to help you out.

What is a Pelonis Heater?

All such heaters that are manufactured by Pelonis are known as Pelonis heaters.

Who Owns Pelonis?

Originally registered in America and founded in the mid-90s, Pelonis is under the ownership of Midea and is now present globally, including in countries like India, China, and Canada.

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