HVAC Material You Should Be Reading


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The HVAC industry was founded on innovation and it is what continues to drive it today. HVAC technicians at the top of their field are tuned into the latest technologies and advancements in the industry. In addition to ever-improving technology pertaining to equipment and tools of the trade, ceaseless changes to rules and regulations make staying current imperative in the HVAC industry.

Having subscriptions to the leading HVAC periodicals is one way to separate yourself from the average professional. It can help catapult your career past your peers. Below are some reviews of well-known HVAC publications you might find in the mailboxes of various industry professionals and experts.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (ACHR) News is published by the fourth-generation, family-owned BNP Media Company. BNP media was founded in 1926 and is based out of Troy, Michigan.

ACHR News is considered one of the HVAC’s leading publications and boasts readers from air conditioning & refrigeration, plumbing, and heating industries from around the world. ACHR News targets contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers, engineers and owners/managers of the HVAC industry. They offer in-depth articles, “webinars”, and a plethora of HVAC information delivered in various formats. The publication is available as a weekly print edition or online.

Engineered Systems Magazine

Engineered Systems Magazine is another publication of BNP Media Company. Engineered Systems Magazine touts that it is “written by engineers for engineers. This periodical specifically targets facility engineers and has a very large library of resources broken down into the various system types, specific equipment, and sectors of facility management. This monthly publication is available in print and online.

Contractor Magazine

This monthly publication targets mechanical contractors in a wide spectrum of specific industries that includes HVAC. Contractor Magazine states that its “mission is… to help business owners and managers run better businesses and help them maintain, repair and install… (Mechanical) systems for residential and commercial, industrial and institutional buildings throughout North America.”

Contractor Magazine offers product reviews, industry news, instructive articles & videos, and many other resources for mechanical contractors. It is available in print and online.

HVACR Business

This magazine is unique because of its sole focus on the business side of the HVAC industry. Each issue of HVACR Business is produced with owners and corporate-level managers of HVAC businesses in mind. The HVAC industry is a very technical industry and this is evident when you pick up most HVAC periodicals. But unique marketing and business challenges are also specific to the HVAC industry. HVACR focuses solely on these topics and has grown into a major HVAC business publication in just eight years. HVACR Business provides its publication to customers monthly in print as well as online.


This online resource is geared towards professional engineers, distributors and contractors in the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping industries. PHCP Pros is actually a conglomerate of columnists from several different industry publications that cover a vast number of topics. PHCP Pros offers a wealth of information concerning market strategies for industry’s manufacturers and service providers. PHCP Pros is an online publication.

Home Energy

Decades ahead of its time, Home Energy was a publishing pioneer in the home-energy conservation movement that is now at the heart of today’s innovations in the residential HVAC industry. A group of experts at the University of California at Berkeley started the Energy Auditor and Retrofitter magazine in 1984. The name was shortened, but their goal of advancing energy efficiency and conservation in existing homes through the dissemination of information has grown by leaps and bounds! Home Energy is a quarterly periodical that is published by a non-profit bearing the original name of the publication. It is available online and in print.

National HVAC and Refrigeration Insider

This periodical claims to be the HVAC industry’s most-widely circulated publication and has been in print in some capacity since 1969. It also is available online and had a presence in the digital world since 2010. This publication covers a wide range of topics, news, product information, and business & advice for HVAC Contractors. It is also a massive advertising platform for HVAC providers and suppliers. National HVAC and Refrigeration Insider is available monthly, in addition to four quarterly issues, in print and online.

Supply House Times

Supply House Times is another entry from BNP Media Company. BNP Media. This publication is written for wholesale suppliers in HVAC and related industries and is the official publication of the American Supply Association (ASA). New products, marketing strategies, trends, and everything in between that concerns industry supply professionals and managers are covered in the Supply House Times. This publication is offered monthly in print and online; the online edition offers information in formats including videos, eBooks, podcasts, webinars and even quizzes!


The HVAC industry is a giant industry interwoven with many other industries. The vastness of this technical universe provides a workplace for an endless number of differing professionals.

The noticeable differences in the target audiences for the short list of publications above lends to the vast number of career options available in the HVAC industry. Hopefully we have opened your eyes to new resources and help advance your career in the HVAC industry by inspiring a quest for knowledge.