Best Gas Garage Heaters of 2022 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: December 21, 2021

Winters have many likable traits, but working in the garage or the workshop during winters isn’t one of them. It can be truly a daunting task to complete a project during the cold temperature and unfavorable weather. This problem can be sorted with the help of a good-quality garage heater. 

There are different types of garage heaters. This post specifically goes into detail about the best gas garage heaters one can get. To help you narrow down your options, we have the complete review of the best units available as people often struggle with finding the right one. 

To find out more about them, keep on reading!

Comparison of the Best Gas Garage Heaters

  • It operates at a low noise output
  • Very easy to install and uninstall in the wall
  • Comes with low profile and compact design
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  • Comes with quite a high heat output
  • Can be used with a variety of heating applications
  • Automatic low oxygen Shut-off system
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  • Best for the Money
  • Uses Blue Flame technology for heat generation
  • Comes with a high heat output of 30 000 Btu
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  • Best Natural Gas Heater For Garage
  • Comes with a long 3 years warranty included
  • Heat output of up to 80 000 Btu per hour
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  • Best Ventless Gas Garage Heater
  • Quite easy to assemble and install
  • Made strong and durable to last long
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What Makes a Great Gas Garage Heater?

One of the major inquiries people have is regarding what makes a gas garage heater worth it. Well, certain features factor into making a good-quality heater. These include:

Easy Installation

The ease of installation is incredibly important. Good-quality garage heaters have an easy installation process, so you don’t have to hire a professional to do it for you. Look for a unit that comes with the mounting hardware needed for installation, as well as a descriptive instruction manual. Good customer service can also make a huge difference. 

Good Warranty

It’s important to look for a unit that is backed by good warranty service. A good warranty ensures the product’s reliability and durability and shows the brand’s trust in its product. Look for a unit that is backed by at least a one-year warranty. 

Excellent Design

The design is one of the topmost features to look closely into when looking for a good-quality garage heater. Look for features such as an oxygen depletion sensor, which allows the air quality levels to be maintained by turning off the gas supply in case oxygen levels drop. Furthermore, the design should offer smooth operation, high functionality, and be convenient to use for the consumer.

Dyna-Glo BFSS30NGT-4N

Types of Gas Garage Heaters

As we’ve already mentioned, there are different types of gas garage heaters. It is crucial to know the one you want and the one that fits best according to your situation. Here are all the types of gas garage heaters below for you to look into. 

Forced Air Gas Heaters

Every heater brings benefits and complications to the table. Similarly, a forced air gas heater is often a popular choice as it is considered safer, secure, and is said to offer better, rapid heating. It is equipped with ventilation pipes that reduce the risk of low oxygen levels and aid in maintaining air quality levels. However, installation is pretty tricky as it involves installing vents, and these units generally have a lower efficiency rating than their counterparts. 

Infrared Gas Heaters

Essentially, infrared gas heaters work by burning fuel to heat either a steel tube or ceramic surface through which infrared radiant energy is emitted. This is what basically heats up the room. 

They are much more efficient than forced-air gas heaters and tend to have a simpler and cheaper installation. However, they don’t have any means of circulating fresh air into the garage, which may eventually lead you to install additional ventilation to maintain air quality levels.

Review of the Best Gas Garage Heaters

There are several gas garage heaters on the market, which can make it truly exhausting to find the perfect one. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled and reviewed some of the best gas garages out there. These are high-quality, work incredibly well, and prove to be a good investment. Let’s take a look!

Best Overall

Modine HD45AS0111

Modine HD45AS0111Natural Gas Hot Dawg Garage Heater 45,000 BTU with 80-Percent Efficiency Grey


Coverage Area (sq ft): N/A

Heating Capacity (BTU): 45,000

Dimensions: ‎26 x 12 x 16.5 inches

Weight: 60 pounds

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Buyers are very pleased with this unit because it is meticulously designed. It has a neutral-colored appearance that looks very stylish. It is low-profile and super easy to install. Even though some users find it to be a bit expensive, it is totally worth the investment.

There are several reasons why this product stood out to us. Firstly, it has an incredible design that is equipped with multiple features that ensure a smooth operation. It has a neutral-colored body. The design is low-profile and lightweight and can be installed using only two-angle brackets.

It is equipped with a permanently lubricated motor, which reduces maintenance needs. It offers a 100% shut-off with continuous retry. This allows it to have safe ignition in case the product doesn’t light up on the first try. This unit is certified to be used commercially as well as domestically, making it a highly versatile unit.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a highly reliable, durable, and incredibly well-designed unit. It is equipped with safety features that ensure protected operation. Plus, it’s highly convenient for consumers, given its easy-to-install design.


Quick and efficient installation process

Low-profile design in a stylish neutral color

Certified to be used commercially, domestically, and industrially

Features a permanently lubricated motor which is highly dependable

Comes with a standard power exhaust which simplifies roof or side-wall venting


Slightly noisy


Mr. Heater F299831

Mr. Heater Corporation F299831 Vent-Free 30,000 BTU Radiant Natural Gas Heater, Multi


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1,000

Heating Capacity (BTU): 30,000

Dimensions: 23.75 x 11.25 x 27 inches

Weight: 26.8 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers love this product due to how well-designed it is. They love how it offers battery-powered ignition and comes with a battery included, which makes starting it very easy. Some consumers did find that installation a bit tricky to do on their own; however, that didn’t stop them from praising this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This wonderful unit is equipped with exceptional features that ensure a smooth and quiet operation. It has a thermostat that allows automatic temperature control. It has a 30,000 BTU output per hour and can heat up to 1000 sq feet. Plus, it comes with all the mounting hardware included.

Furthermore, this unit has an automatic oxygen shut-off technology, which allows it to shut off the gas supply in case the oxygen levels are dropped too low. This allows the air levels to be safe, so the quality of air is maintained. It has battery-powered ignition and comes with a battery included, which makes starting the unit very easy.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit makes for a great investment to keep your garage warm and toasty. It carries multiple features that offer maximum convenience and safety to consumers while ensuring the longevity of the product. It comes with all the mounting hardware needed to install it as well.


Runs on natural gas and can heat up to 1000 sq feet

Equipped with automatic low oxygen shut-off technology

Features a thermostat for automatic temperature control

Battery-powered electronic ignition makes starting the unit is easy

Comes with all the wall mounting hardware and legs needed for installation


Not easy to install

Comes with a 4500 ft high altitude restriction

Best for the Money

Dyna-Glo BFSS30NGT-4N

Dyna-Glo BFSS30NGT-4N 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Thermostatic Vent Free Wall Heater, White


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1,000

Heating Capacity (BTU): 30,000

Dimensions: 28.07 x 10.51 x 24.09 inches

Weight: 24.8 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

The DynaGlo gas heater seems to have quickly become a consumer favorite, given its high-quality construction and impeccable performance. The design is highly innovative and takes consumer convenience into account greatly. Some consumers did find that the product to be slightly noisy, but that isn’t a dealbreaker at all.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This incredible product mainly caught our attention with its impeccable design. It has multiple features that allow it to provide excellent performance and compete with many higher-end units. In addition, it has blue flame heating technology, which allows it to distribute heat as your central heating system does.

It features a built-in ODS (oxygen depletion sensor), which shuts off the gas supply as soon as the oxygen content becomes too low to maintain healthy air levels. Ignition is also super easy as it only requires only a long press of the battery-assisted igniter.

Bottom Line

There aren’t many units as well constructed as this one. It truly is one of the best gas heaters for your garage. It is highly reliable and durable, plus the design is very innovative and ensures smooth and safe operation.


Features a press battery assisted igniter

Operates on natural gas only and works with 99.6% efficiency

Offers 15,000 to 30,000 adjustable heat output for a 1000 sq ft room

Uses blue flame heating technology which works great for insulated areas

Comes with hardware and bracket included which is required for mounting


Doesn’t come with stand legs

Some buyers found it to be noisy

Best Natural Gas Heater for Garage

Mr. Heater F260560

Mr. Heater F260560 Big Maxx MHU80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater,Black


Coverage Area (sq ft): 2,000

Heating Capacity (BTU): 80,000

Dimensions: 30.31 x 27.55 x 22.04 inches

Weight: 88.2 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers have been swept off their feet with the unit’s high-quality construction and innovative design. It is quite meticulous and highly innovative. Buyers did find it to be a bit noisy and hard to install, yet it still proves to be a great investment and a consumer favorite.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Mr. Heater unit doesn’t fail to impress us with its high-quality construction and incredibly engineered design. It carries multiple features that ensure safe and smooth operation. It has a low-profile design, which allows it to be easily installed even in low ceiling buildings. It has a magnificent heat output of 80,000 BTU, which can easily heat up a 2000 sq ft area.

Furthermore, it’s wonderful because it is backed by a limited three-year warranty that is applied to its parts as well as burners. The unit comes along with two angled brackets for ceiling mount.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this unit is truly a gem. It works incredibly well and does a fine job of heating your workshop or garage. It has a high-quality construction and an impressive design which is consumer-friendly and well-engineered.


Comes with two angle brackets for ceiling mount

Heat output of 80,000 BTU and can heat up 2000 sq. ft

Comes with a limited three-year warranty on parts and burners

Features a powered exhaust that allows horizontal or vertical venting

Low-profile design allows it to be easily installed in low-ceiling buildings


Buyers found it to be noisy

Some consumers found it to be a bit hard to install

Best Ventless Gas Garage Heater

Mr. Heater F299741

Mr. Heater MHVFGH30NGBT Vent Free Heater, Black


Coverage Area (sq ft): 1,000

Heating Capacity (BTU): 30,000

Dimensions: 27.5 x 9.75 x 25.25 inches

Weight: 30.25 pounds

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all buyers are pretty happy with this unit. It features a wonderful design that is equipped with many features to allow a smooth and safe operation. It has top-notch quality construction. Some consumers wished that the igniter was of slightly better quality, but the overall unit is still incredible.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What’s not to like about this incredible unit? It features a highly innovative design that takes into consideration both convenience and high functionality. It has been constructed to meet industry standards so that it can be dependable and durable.

Furthermore, it has a heat output of 30,000 BTU, which allows it to heat a 1000 sq ft area. It comes with all the brackets and fasteners needed for installation. It has blue flame technology, which allows even heat convection. Plus, the quiet integrated blower allows the gentle circulation of heated air.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, this unit is a great investment. It is well-designed and constructed from the best quality materials. It has a quiet and smooth performance and offers multiple features that offer consumer safety as well.


Created with industry standards for dependability

Heat output of 30,000 BTU to heat up to 1000 sq feet

Features blue flame technology for even convection heat

Comes with all the brackets and fasteners required for installation

Has a quiet integrated blower that allows gentle circulation of heated air


Igniter isn’t of the best quality

Smells of gas on when it is operating on low heat

Garage Heater Electric vs Gas – Comparison Overview

Electric and gas heaters are the most popular types of garage heaters. Consumers often wonder how the two products differ from one another. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two so you can see how similar or different they are. 



Both the units can be pretty convenient to use for consumers.  


They essentially serve the same purpose. 

Photo credit:


Gas heaters can be great for mostly cold places, whereas electric heaters can be convenient for people living in warmer climates looking for a unit to bust out just for the winters. Here are all the differences between the two:

Heating Time

Electric heaters heat up a lot slower than gas heaters do as they have to wait for the heating element to be completely heated up. The latter produces maximum heat when burners start to operate, thereby providing faster heating. 


Gas heaters require more maintenance than electric heaters. The reason behind this is simply that they run on combustible fuel, so to keep them highly functional and running smoothly and efficiently, it’s important to maintain them yearly.  


Gas heaters are much more expensive upfront than electric heaters. However, in the long run, the latter can be more costly as it runs on electricity, which is more expensive than natural gas, which is what a gas heater utilizes to operate. 

Photo credit:

How to Install a Gas Heater in the Garage

Most people find installing a garage heater on their own pretty intimidating and complex. However, that isn’t the case. Installing a gas heater isn’t that hard once you have the right instructions. Basically, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Firstly, decide the placement of your heater. In case you want to work at an angle, add a couple of two-by-four screws and screw them into the joist.

  2. It can be challenging to hoist up and attach the heavy heater up to the joist alone. To help with that, wrap a couple of cargo straps around the case first.

  3. Then, take a marine block and tackle to help with the heavy lifting and attach its upper end to the two-by-fours you’ve attached to the joist.

  4. Attach the lower end to the cargo straps. You should now be able to hoist up the heater easily, and once it’s in position, clamp up the mounting flanges and drilled clearance holes.

  5. Next, insert the carriage bolts and finally twist the nuts with a socket wrench until they are tight.

  6. Attach the T-shaped piece of the flue to the back of the furnace. The next piece goes up the t-shaped piece to the roof, which means there needs to be a hole in the roof right above the current piece. Mark the position carefully.
  7. On the roof, draw a circle six inches in diameter and make the cut out using a jigsaw. On the top of the roof, set the flashing, which will make the watertight seal of the flue and make sure you center the large opening on the bottom of the hole you cut on the roof.

  8. Apply a sealant to the shingles where the flashing base will sit.

  9. Then, slide the flashing underneath the upper shingles into the circular cut out and secure it with nails.

  10. Pass the vent pipe through the flashing and connect the lower end of the pipe to the vent coming out of the heater. The joints will be held together with couplings that need to be snapped into place.

  11. On the top of the roof, slide down a weather ring on top of the vent and slide it down to the top of the flashing.

  12. Finally, apply the vent cap in place and apply a sealant to the nails. Finally, make the electrical connections and attach the flexible gas line.

If there is anything about this description you find confusing, don’t hesitate to watch the following video. It goes over the process in slightly more detail and will hopefully be able to help you:

Safety Considerations When Using a Gas Garage Heater

When it comes to using a gas garage heater, there are certain safety considerations to keep in mind. These are important so that you don’t end up having a bad experience. They are crucial for your protection as well as the durability of your product. Have a look!

Safety Features

One of the biggest safety considerations to make is to ensure your product is equipped with the basic safety features. This means it should have an oxygen depletion sensor that automatically shuts off the gas supply in case the oxygen levels drop. 

Furthermore, it should have tip-over safety measures that ensure the product is automatically turned off in case it tips over. Flammable liquids, aerosols, and other things that might catch fire easily should be kept away from your product to avoid ugly consequences. 


When buying a gas garage heater, it’s crucial to look for a unit that is suitable for the entire area. The product you opt for should have a heat output per hour that is enough to warm up your entire garage or workshop. Most products mention the area in sq ft that they work best in; thus, be sure to check that before investing. 

Mr. Heater F260560


The placement of the unit makes a world of difference. Do not place your heater in the way of movement; otherwise, it will get knocked over by your foot or some other movement. It would be better to mount it on the wall or ceiling in the correct place, so it’s not too high or too low to allow even heat distribution.  


For those who like to spend time in the garage practicing their hobbies, working on crafts and projects, the winter months can be pretty rough as it gets too cold to work comfortably. Therefore, to counter this situation, a garage heater is a must. 

There are several types of garage heaters, but gas heaters seem to be a popular choice. Thus, this post was dedicated to helping you find the perfect gas garage heater. It included all you needed to know about how to buy one, the different types available, safety considerations, and some incredible product recommendations to look out for. 

Hopefully, you now understand which product can be the right investment for you.  

People Also Ask

People tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to buying, using, or setting up a garage heater. Thus, we took the most frequently asked questions and answered them to clarify any confusion you may have. 

How Big of a Gas Heater Do I Need for My Garage?

To find how big of a heater you need, measure the square footage of the room by multiplying its length and width. Then, divide that area by 200 and multiply the answer by 9000.

However, if your garage is already insulated like the rest of your house, then you should multiply it by 6000 instead of 9000. The answer you get should correspond to the BTU output of the heater you intend to invest in. 

Will a 1500-Watt Heater Heat a Garage?

It is generally considered that ten watts are required to heat one square foot of a room. Keeping this in mind, a 1500-Watt heater should be able to heat about an area of 150-square feet. 

Where Should I Place My Garage Heater?

It is important to make sure that you place your heater on interior walls and mount them away from doors, photo frames, circuits, and windows. The ideal position to place your heater would be about seven feet above the ground and about four inches below the ceiling. 

What Size Gas Line for Garage Heater?

The pipe sizing should be done in such a manner that each appliance inlet is met with the maximum supply of gas and nothing less the minimum gas supply pressure required. The pipe length should be long enough so that it covers the distance from the meter to the farthest power outlet.

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