Best Garage Dehumidifiers – 2020 Buyer’s Guide Review

| Last Updated: September 2, 2020

Garages are an important part of any house. They are also a part that is prone to excessive humidity, which may affect the structure of the space and invite unwanted guests like mold and mildew, which just won’t leave.

It is therefore essential to invest in a good dehumidifier to keep your garage protected and well-maintained.

This article will be your guide to choosing the right dehumidifier for your garage and ensure you pick the best one.

Comparison of the Best Garage Dehumidifiers

  • Best Overall
  • The easy and convenient operation of the unit ensures that you avoid any hassle
  • The sleek design and beyond impressive features make it ideal for a modern home
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  • Runner up
  • The HGV system automatically defrosts any frosting up right away
  • Remote control functioning of the device allows you to adjust the settings of the device from your own zone of comfort
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  • Best for the money
  • The device performs very quietly, with a sound peak of 41 decibels
  • The auto restart function of the device allows it to start its functioning, right where it left after a power outage, without requiring the settings to be programmed again
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  • Best For Winter
  • Ready-select controls to choose from
  • Energy Star certification to ensure that the device uses minimal energy
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  • Honorable mention
  • A continuous drainage option saves you from the trouble of emptying the tank
  • Auto defrost mode gets rid of any frosting up within the device to ensure maximum functionality
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Why Would You Need A New Garage Dehumidifier?

In case you’re still wondering if you really need a dehumidifier for your garage, let us tell you that using this type of product for your garage does a lot more than just dehumidify it.

The lower levels of humidity in a room are the biggest saving factor from mold. Mold not only grows in damp areas, damaging everything that it touches, but it is also toxic when inhaled. It's therefore important to get rid any present, right away. And there is no better way of doing that than a dehumidifier.

Furthermore, humidity can cause corrosion of your vehicle and give rise to fungus and mildew too. A garage dehumidifier would kill the levels of humidity, saving you from all these problems in the longer run.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before you pick a dehumidifier for your garage, you need to understand what important aspects need to be considered.

Space of Garage

It is very important to consider the amount of space the dehumidifier will be required to cover. Different units are designed to cover different sizes of spaces and you need to find one that matches your requirements.

The Levels of Humidity

Another important thing that you need to consider is the level of humidity in your garage. Some devices may not work as efficiently to remove a huge amount of moisture from the air and may not work well in rooms with high levels of humidity


Dehumidifiers come with two types of drainage systems for the water that is removed from that air. First is the tank approach, in which the water is collected in a tank that is manually removed and drained. The other is through a drain hose which continuously empties the water into a drain. You have to consider factors like the availability of a drain and constant emptying of the tank before choosing the mode of drainage.

Quick Take: Best Garage Dehumidifiers

Review of the Best Garage Dehumidifiers

Now that we have established all the important concepts, like the need for dehumidifiers and all the important aspects that need to be considered, we can finally move on to picking the right one. To help with that, here are some of the best dehumidifiers that function ideally for a garage.

hOmeLabs 3,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier for Large Rooms and Basements


  • Offers Not Only Efficacy,  But Also Durability
  • Designed for 2500 Square Feet of Space, Which is Ideal for a Garage
  • Efficient at Eliminating Not Only Moisture But Bad Odors and Allergens, as Well
  • Comes With an Energy Star Certification That Not Only Makes it Environment-Friendly by Minimizing Power Consumption But Pocket-Friendly as Well, as it Barely Adds to the Electricity Bill


  • The Water Container is Not Large Enough, Requiring More Frequent Emptying
  • Does Not Feature an Automatic Shutoff Function, Leading to Overflowing of the Tank

Our Review

If you’re looking to invest in the absolute best for your garage, then hOmeLabs provides you with the perfect option. This 50-pint dehumidifier by hOmeLabs will function perfectly for your garage, eliminating the excess moisture from the air and ensuring that you get all that you ask for, all within a budget.

This 2500 square foot dehumidifier works efficiently, removing up to 50 pints of moisture from the air, in just a single day. When describing its working, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this device a beast, as it simply kills the excess moisture from the air. What’s best is that this device provides this functioning with very simple operation that proves to be not only extremely easy but convenient too.

Another big plus of the device is that one look at it can tell the unit was designed with the idea of a modern home. Its sleek body and clean look come with wheels and a handle that add portability to the unit. All in all, the device is an embodiment of convenience and durability that will make it last way longer than the humidity in your garage.

Bottom Line

This device offers you absolutely everything that anyone could ask for. It gives you all the needed features without weighing down your pocket. From its Energy Star certification down to its simple operation, everything about this unit makes it ideal for your garage. There is simply no better option.

ALORAIR Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifiers 198 PPD (Saturation), 90 Pints (AHAM), 5 Years Warranty, Condensate Pump, Auto Defrosting, Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator, Remote Control (optional)


  • Comes With a 5-Year Warranty
  • The Internal Corrosion Resistance Ensures a Longer Life Span 
  • Advanced Technology Saves the Device From Icing Up as it May Affect Proper Functioning
  • A Sleek and Smart Design Not Only Provides the Best of Efficiency but Also Fits Right in With Modern Decor


  • The Device is Heavy and Not Ideal to Be Moved Around by One Person
  • Features a Remote Control Function But Not a Remote Controller (Must Be Bought Separately)

Our Review

Closing in behind hOmeLabs, we have this 90-pint dehumidifier by AlorAir which serves to be one of the most effective and efficient dehumidifiers money could buy. This device is designed to perform the best in every given situation and there is no way you could go wrong with this product for your garage.

What we absolutely love about this unit from AlorAir is its HGV system. This Hot Gas Valve system basically functions to defrost any ice that may have formed within the unit. Frosting up is a common issue with dehumidifiers, especially those used in lower temperatures. The HGV system protects the device from frosting and ensures continuous optimal performance of the unit.

Another outstanding, yet unique, feature of the unit is its internal corrosion protection. While the device works to protect your space from corrosion, the advanced technology within the device ensures only minimal, if any, corrosion and leakage. So your house and device are both protected and would last longer.

Bottom Line

This dehumidifier by AlorAir, with its 90-pint capacity is one of the most efficiently working units. The device features a number of options that make it ideal for your garage, and the only reason it comes second is due to the higher price. But given the features, we all would agree that the price is justified.

TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for Home, Basement, Bedroom or Bathroom - Super Quiet (Previous 70 Pint)


  • Includes Wheels and a Handle Which Make it Portable
  • Features Extremely Easy and Cost-Effective Maintenance With Filters That Can Simply Be Cleaned and Reused Instead of Having to be Replaced
  • Features an Energy Star Certification Which Allows the Unit to Work on Minimal Power Consumption, Making it an Environment-Friendly Unit That Goes Easy on Your Pocket, Too


  • Functions Over a Large Area and Isn’t Suitable for Those With a Smaller Pint Requirement
  • Features a Hose Insertion System Which May Prove to Be Tricky and Easily Break Off, Even With Slight Force

Our Review

You don't have to spend a large fortune on products to get the best of them. Investing smart is the key and that is exactly what you would be doing with this 70-pint dehumidifier by TOSOT, a brand known for its high-end dehumidifiers that simply fail to disappoint their users.

This is a nine-gallon dehumidifier that will kill up to 70 pints of moisture from all over your garage in just a day. TOSOT has designed this dehumidifier to ensure that your health and decor both are protected. You just need to place it in the garage, set the required level of humidity, and watch the magic happen.

Another feature we absolutely love is that TOSOT has equipped this unit with an internal pump. This pump greatly aids in the method of drainage as it allows water to be removed through a hose. This mode of drainage is a lot better because it will not only save you from the duty of emptying the tank but also allow the device to work without constant supervision.

Bottom Line

Forget spending all your budget on a device that gives you features you can get on a smaller budget. Invest in this dehumidifier by TOSOT and rest assured you won’t be disappointed. From the cost-effective functioning to the adaptable drainage system, there isn’t a feature of convenience this device doesn’t offer.

FRIGIDAIRE 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi Controls


  • A Year-Long Warranty Comes With the Unit and a Helpful Customer Service
  • Works Efficiently, Eliminating up to 70 Pints of Moisture From the Air in a Day
  • The Device Eliminates Bacteria Along With Moisture, Ensuring Your Best State of Health Possible
  • The 24-Hour Timer Function Ensures the Device Can Continue to Perform With All its Efficiency Without Constant Supervision


  • The Device Isn’t Designed to Be Durable and May Not Last as Long as You Expect

Our Review

In winter, the humidity levels don’t change much. What changes is the temperature, but not all humidifiers are capable of working in low temperatures. Given the fact that the garage is one of the coldest places of the house, finding a dehumidifier that will work efficiently in your garage, even in winter may be hard. But let us introduce you to this 70-pint dehumidifier that seems to be created for this job.

The device will filter out up to 70 pints of excessive moisture from the air, all in just a day. Isn’t that what we call great efficiency? The device, for this striking functioning, uses the standard 115-volt electrical outlet and features very quiet operation with a sound peak of only 51 decibels. Impressed already? These are not even all the features!

The device not only removes the extra moisture that has a harmful effect on the room and its contents, but also bacteria in the air that may pose a risk to your health. So while the device contributes to a better-maintained garage, it also does to a better standard of health.

Bottom Line

Winters are hard for all but are especifically hard on dehumidifiers, as they really mess up the functioning of these innocent units. But winter has absolutely nothing over this Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier, which will prove to be the best for your garage.

Keystone 35 Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls


  • Easy and Cost-Effective Maintenance of the Device
  • Ideal for Rooms as Big as 3000 Square Feet
  • Energy Star Compliant Unit, Allowing You to Save the Environment as Well as Your Pocket


  • Features a Continuous Drainage Option But No Hose Along With it (Has to Be Purchased Separately

Our Review

Last is not always the least desirable unit, and that is most certainly true in this case. This device, with its outstanding functioning, deserves an honorary mention in this list as this too, is a unit that would work ideally for your garage, lowering the levels of humidity to acceptable ones.

The device is Energy Star compliant, meaning it uses minimal power while functioning. This very feature makes the device as environment-friendly as pocket-friendly. A cost-effective functioning with reduced damage to the environment? That is an absolute win-win.

The maintenance for this device is also just as effective as its functioning. Just wash the filters every once in a while and use them again. You do not need to buy new ones and replace them.

Bottom Line

If you can find a hose to purchase separately, this device is as amazing as any other on this list. It will provide you with all the features you look for, along with the basic promise of a top-notch performance of dehumidification.


A dehumidifier for your garage is absolutely necessary. You need to keep all the items present in the vicinity safe from the harmful effects of excessive humidity and provide better breathing for yourself. The smartest thing to keep in mind are the aspects that need to be considered and pick the best dehumidifier right away!

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