Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands

| Last Updated: July 28, 2021

Are you running out of ideas for decorating your living room in a tasteful way? Or, perhaps, you want to find a unique TV stand that doesn’t look out of place in a modern house, and also doubles as a classy heater.

An electric fireplace TV stand could be the answer to your needs since you can get one in the size, specifications, and design that best suits your living spaces. In this article, we’ll help you figure out what to look for in a good fireplace TV stand and suggest some top picks for you to get started.

Comparison of the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands

  • LED lights with 50,000 hours of life create a realistic effect
  • Fireplace also works as a TV stand for housing units up to 50 inches
  • Electric heater warms room as large as 400 sq. ft.
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  • Comes with tip-resistant hardware to prevent damage and accidents
  • With the easy-to-understand instructions and owner’s manual, it’s easy to assemble
  • With the easy-to-understand instructions and owner’s manual, it’s easy to assemble
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  • Firebox insert can provide heat to rooms of up to 400 sq. ft.
  • AltraFlame technology uses built-in reflectors to give logs a realistic flame effect
  • TV stand can house flat panel TVs of up to 60 inches
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  • Electric fireplace can accommodate TVs up to 68.25 inches and has bookcases for other items
  • Pulsating effect of dynamic embers gives a much more authentic look
  • Easily adjust the flames, logs, timer, and thermostat with remote control
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  • Electric fireplace TV stand can accommodate units up to 70 inches
  • Ideal for heating rooms up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Patent AltraFlame technology creates realistic effects with the built-in reflectors
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Shopping Guide to Finding the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

When shopping for Electric Fire TV Stands, keep an eye out for these features:

Heating Needs

Electric fireplaces can either be fan forced, directional air systems or infrared heating systems. Depending on the heater, it will evenly heat the room and keep it comfortable. By using fans, the hot air can be blown all over the room. Getting an IR (Infrared) system is advised as a more effective means for heating up larger rooms.

Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Storage Space and Shelves

Electric fireplaces often have storage shelves for convenient storage and organization of your cable box, media components, DVDs, CDs, books, etc. The shelves keep your items safe from the heat of the electric fireplace, while also adding a great aesthetic to your home. In case you need lots of storage space, consider a fireplace stand with several shelves.

Cabinet Space

Some fireplaces have cabinet space that keeps your items safe and stored out of sight. Whatever you keep in the cabinets will be safe from the heat of the fireplace and will help keep your space clutter-free. Look for cabinets with enough space for your storage needs, as well as the right finish for your room’s décor.

Firebox Options

The firebox is the component of the fireplace which projects the appearance of a fire. It can come in either traditional or contemporary designs and the firebox can have different styles of flame, such as a flickering or dancing flame.

Make your choice based on your décor and the appearance of the space where you will be installing the electric fireplace. You can select a firebox with a standard log set in the typical firebox, or a contemporary firebox with its glass ember bed for a modern look, or even one with interior faux bricks.

Remote Control

Most newer electric fireplaces models also come with a remote control that allows you to conveniently turn it on and off, change the flame appearance, and even control the heat settings without getting off your couch.

Reviews of the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands

When it comes to electric fireplaces and TV stands, not all products are the same. Some manufacturers skimp on construction materials or just don’t offer the features you’d like in such a central piece of furniture. We’ve narrowed down the field for you by selecting some top options that you will be sure to like.

Best Overall

Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 50 Inch, Replaceable Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, Realistic Log and Flame Effect, For Living Room or Bedroom, Natural

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The Ameriwood Home Chicago electric fireplace TV console makes use of LED technology to give you up to 50,000 hours of life. It can heat up rooms up to 400 square feet and provides plenty of storage for your cable box, gaming console, or other media.

The console can accommodate a 50” TV weighing up to 70 pounds and has easy-access storage behind two glass doors.

This TV stand has a beautiful look, with a light brown, woodgrain finish that will complement traditional décor. It is constructed of laminated particle board and MDF with a metal fireplace insert.

Bottom Line

This is a great looking, solid, and reliable TV stand that will warm up your living space and be a nice talking point when you have guests over.


Holds TVs up to 50’’

Plenty of Storage Space

Long Life LED Will Last 50,000 Hours

Warms Rooms up to 400 Square Feet


No Remote

Need to be Assembled but Can be Done in a Few Hours


Comfort Smart Wrangler Sliding Barn Door TV Stand

Pamari Sliding Barn Door TV Stand, Sargent Oak

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The Wrangler model from Comfort Smart is ideal for buyers looking for something to match the farmhouse and cottage inspired décor of their home. The cabinets are inspired by barn doors and each door slides to conceal and reveal the contents of the cabinet.

It has three open shelves for your DVD player and cable box and features two convenient side cabinets with adjustable shelves for additional storage. The stand accommodates televisions up to 60″ in size or 75 pounds and can even be utilized as a hall or accent table.

Bottom Line

This is a great-looking TV console that will warm up the TV lounge or living room while storing your media consoles and media.


Easy to Assemble

Smart Design with Farm Inspired Cabinet

Can Accommodate Large TVs up to 60 Inches

Integrated Cord Management Channels at Back of Cabinet


Not Made of Solid Wood

Some Customers Found it Wobbly

Best for the Money

Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Carver Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 60 Inch, Replaceable Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, Remote Control, Timer, Realistic Log and Flame Effect, For Living Room or Bedroom, Black

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This TV Stand has a simple design but offers great features. It’s 23-inch metal, electric fireplace can warm up an area up to a 400 square foot area. The flames can be turned on independent of the heat, while the touch panel, remote control, and LED bulbs allow you to customize the settings to attain the perfect mood and temperature.

The Carver Fireplace and TV Stand has a beautiful black finish and two tempered glass cabinet doors. It also has storage shelves to keep your media players and consoles organized.

Each shelf is equipped with wire management cutouts for neatly organizing your cords. The stand measures 31.3”h x 54.1”w x 19.8”d and accommodates most 60-inch flat panel TVs with a maximum weight of 95pounds.

The laminated particleboard and MDF build, in addition to clear glass doors and a metal firebox insert make this unit not only better for your wallet, but also very classy and stylish! The Carver TV Stand requires two adults for assembly.

Bottom Line

While this is a stylish and functional TV stand with an electric fireplace, it does have occasional quality issues, so keep this in mind when ordering.


Remote Control

Elegant, Yet Simple Look

Heats up to 400 Square Feet

Touch Panel for Custom Settings


Assembly Can be Difficult

Some Customers Reported Quality Issues

Honorable Mention

Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace

SEI Furniture Tennyson Electric Bookcases Fireplace, 70.25' W x 14' D x 42.25' H, Ivory

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The Tennyson is a beautiful, electric fireplace with an ivory finish and a classic floral design that looks great in any room. A bookcase on either side of the fireplace provides storage space for your favorite books, media, and home décor accessories.

The firebox has lifelike glowing embers with an interior brick design and realistic, multicolor flickering flames to enhance the ambiance of any room.

This electric fireplace features energy efficient LED lighting and requires no professional installation, as well as an optional down light illumination. The remote control can be used for 4-way adjustability of the thermostat, timer, logs, and flames separately.

This unit features glass that remains cool to the touch and an automatic shutoff (self-regulating heater safely shuts off when the desired temperature is met). This excellent stand offers extra heat for a room up to 400 square feet.

Bottom Line

With an elegant look and finish, this TV stand will both warm up your living space and accommodate your TV and media consoles. The assembly is not for the faint of heart, so consider getting help with assembly if you need it.


Remote Control

Elegant, Yet Simple Look

Heats up to 400 Square Feet

Touch Panel for Custom Settings


Bookcases are Quite Small

Assembly Can be Challenging

Needs Airing for a Few Days Due to Formaldehyde Presence

Editor’s Pick

Altra Furniture Ameriwood Home Manchester Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Manchester Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70 Inch, Replaceable Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, Remote Control, Timer, Realistic Log and Flame Effect, For Living Room, Black

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The Ameriwood Home Manchester electric fireplace stand can accommodate TVs up to 70” wide weighing a maximum of 135 pounds. The console has four shelves for storing your cable box and other accessories.

The 23” electric fireplace insert will warm up a room up to 400 square feet, or if you prefer, you can enjoy the flame feature without the heat too.

Bottom Line

This stand offers a remote control, adjustable heat, timer, and long life LED tech. While it packs quite a few features into a compact package, this TV stand has some reliability issues with the heating element.


4,700 BTU Heats a room up to 400 square feet

LED Light Source has up to 50,000 Hours of Life

Sleek Black finish with Decorative Molding Details

Four Touch Panel Settings for Power, Flame, Heat, and Timer

Remote Control Makes it Easy to Adjust from Anywhere in the Room


Not Very Sturdy

Longevity Issues with the Heating Element

Southern Enterprises Antebellum Infrared Electric Fireplace TV Stand

No products found.

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The Antebellum Infrared Electric Fireplace stand has a farmhouse style aesthetic but with a contemporary twist. The cabinet has louvered doors with plenty of storage, while the broad shelf can hold your entertainment equipment. Cable management is easy with the two cord management openings.

The infrared heating spreads the heat evenly throughout the room and retains humidity, while the two-tone black and warm walnut finish adds a touch of style to your living room.

The stand has a remote control for adjusting heat, flames, logs, and downlight. The LED flames have five levels and can be turned off for heat without the fire. For safety, the stand has an automatic shutoff, child safety lock, and a cool glass front.

Bottom Line

This TV stand is solid, reliable, and functional, so you won’t have any complaints about it. It gets the job done and looks good doing it while providing plenty of heat.


Cost-Effective Energy Saver

Warms an Area up to 1,000 Square Feet

Five-way Adjustability: Lighting, Flame, Log, Heat, Keypad Sound

Infrared Heat Maintains Humidity for Warmth and Even Distribution of Heat



What’s Unique About Electric Fireplace TV Stands? 

You might be pondering the most unique or exciting ways to liven up your TV lounge or living room. Well, an electric fireplace stand will work well with almost any kind of décor and also provide a stylish focal point to your room.

You can curl up in front of a warm fireplace, while enjoying your favorite TV show with your friends and family, or even enjoy a crackling fire without any heat if you prefer. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about wood, gas, or smoke since the fireplace is entirely electric and has no emissions.

Plus, you’ll be able to store your media accessories, video game consoles, reading materials, and DVD players in the ample, built-in storage facilities that also play the role of an entertainment center.

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Benefits of Having an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

There are many advantages to having an electric fireplace TV stand in your home over more conventional TV stands. One of the main benefits is the easy installation. Just place them wherever you want, then plug in the cord into any standard power outlet. That’s it – you’re all done!

Another advantage is their low running costs, as they use highly efficient LED technology, which is low maintenance and uses less energy.

Also, they emit enough heat to keep you and your family warm during cold evenings while watching TV but don’t make any noise to distract you from your viewing pleasure. You can even enjoy just the LED display of a fireplace without turning on the heat.

Unlike traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces, there are no vents, no chimneys, and no wood to be chopped up for fuel. With no ash and soot to be cleaned up, you’re free from the hassle of regular maintenance, and will just need to change the light bulb after a couple of years.

Safety is another great feature of these systems, as they are cool to the touch and some even have an auto-shutoff feature.


An Electric Fireplace TV stand can lend a touch of class and sophistication to your living room or lounge. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and offer space for both your media centers and entertainment devices, as well as media such as CDs and DVDs.

When selecting a unit for your home, keep in mind the space you need to heat, the features offered, and the color and finish of the TV stand, as well as the storage options offered. Most of the top picks we suggested above offer plenty of storage space, visual appeal, and useful features like remote controls and customization options.

People Also Ask

Electric fireplace TV stands are gaining popularity rather quickly. However, since they’re relatively new, people often have questions regarding them. The following questions can help you find answers to your queries too.

Are Electric Fireplace TV Stands Safe for TVs?

Since the stand itself doesn’t heat up, an electric fireplace TV stand is not only safe to touch but your devices, including your TV, will also be safe if it’s put on top of it. Also, it’s possible to just switch in the faux fireplace and not switch on the heating function.

How Much Will an Electric Fireplace Raise My Electric Bill?

Generally, electric fireplaces use roughly 1500 watts when it’s running on high heat along with the flame effect. This means that it can cost roughly around $0.18 per hour, depending on how much electricity costs in your area. Meanwhile, if you use the electric fireplace just for decorative purposes, like if there’s no heat and only flames, then the operational cost can be between 0.003 and 3 cents per hour.  

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