Best Commercial Dehumidifiers of 2020 – Read Before Buying

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If you happen to be running a business, you should be offering yourself as well as your employees and customers a comfortable environment. No one likes humidity issues. And if your workspace isn’t comfortable, it can lead to productivity issues down the line. Humidity problems due to poor ventilation can also make spaces vulnerable to mold growth, and we don’t want that, right?

Investing in a commercial dehumidifier can aid in creating comfortable surroundings for everyone. Take note, a commercial dehumidifier can also be used in houses, too.

In this well-researched dehumidifier-centric article, we are going to tell you everything there is to know about the best commercial dehumidifiers out there. From the best dehumidifier models to the benefits you will experience, we have it all covered!

Comparison of the Best Commercial Dehumidifier

  • Best Overall Commercial Dehumidifier
  • Offers area coverage of up to 2,300 square feet.
  • Has been designed for flood and water damage restoration.
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  • Runner-up commercial dehumidifier
  • Dehumidifies up to 125 pints of moisture in a day.
  • Durable shock-absorbing semi-pneumatic wheels.
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  • Best budget dehumidifier.
  • Very convenient digital pad for control.
  • Can get rid of 142 pints of moisture in a day.
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  • Best dehumidifier with a pump.
  • Features a Hot Gas Bypass System.
  • Is able to absorb 145 pints of moisture a day.
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  • Energy Star certified.
  • Best dehumidifier by Honeywell.
  • Can remove 90 pints of moisture in a day.
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  • Has Internal Corrosion Protection
  • Best dehumidifier for crawl spaces
  • Features a Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System
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  • Most portable dehumidifier
  • Features a self-monitoring system.
  • Features Advanced Crossflow Technology for maximum efficiency
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How Do Commercial Dehumidifiers Compare to Other Models?

As the name states, commercial dehumidifiers are meant for commercial use. You can see them operating in offices, shops, warehouses, spas, etc. Compared to dehumidifiers intended for homes, commercial units are generally more powerful and even bulkier in size.

This list we have created showcases a number of commercial dehumidifiers. You will get to see how they differ from other (household) models in terms of size and the amount of moisture they eliminate.  

AlorAir Dehumidifier 85 Pint

Commercial dehumidifiers also typically offer more area coverage compared to household units. Furthermore, commercial units can lower humidity levels to below 30%, especially when it comes to models meant for quickly dealing with water damage due to heavy rainfall or floods.

They also tend to have a Hot Gas Bypass System which enables them to continue operating in lower temperatures. Such a feature is very useful when a dehumidifier is being used in spaces with lower temperatures, like warehouses, for example.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before you go ahead and buy the first commercial dehumidifier you see in the market, you need to do your research. Not all dehumidifiers will be able to cater to your needs. So, here are some aspects to consider before buying a commercial dehumidifier.

Area of Coverage

You need a dehumidifier that is perfect for the amount of space you have. That is why it is vital you check the area of coverage being offered by a commercial dehumidifier before you purchase it. Some models are able to cover spaces up to 10000 cubic feet. Some can go even higher. Buying a unit that isn't able to handle the commercial space you have won't do anyone any good. So, measure the space you have and then compare it to what a dehumidifier can offer.

Built-In Pump

We recommended that you opt for a unit with a built-in pump. Such a model will increase the overall convenience. A built-in pump can automatically expel collected water (via a hose). Such a pump does away with the need for you to manually drain the water container when full.

Noise Level

Noisy machines can quickly grow annoying. You don’t want a noisy dehumidifier distracting you during businesses meetings, right? Always check the noise level of a unit before buying one. A model producing noise near 50 decibels or lower is recommended.


Buying a portable dehumidifier is a bonus. There are models with handles and wheels, allowing you to place them anywhere you want with ease.

XPOWER XD-125 has wheels for easy transport from one place to another.


Go for a unit which offers a reliable warranty. With a warranty, you know the company that created the dehumidifier has your back if an issue arises.

Auto Restart

A dehumidifier with an auto restart feature is great if your business is in an area that faces power failures. Such a unit will restart on its own when the power comes back.

Built-In Humidistat

Having a built-in humidistat means the unit will provide you real-time humidity and temperature readings.

Low-Temperature Operation

Warehouses tend to have low temperatures, especially during winter. So, if you work in such a space, opt for a dehumidifier that can operate effectively in low temperatures.

Quick Take: Best Commercial Dehumidifiers

These are our recommendations for the best commercial dehumidifiers:

  1. AlorAir Dehumidifier 85 Pint
  2. XPOWER XD-125
  3. Perfect Aire 1PACD150

Review of the Best Commercial Dehumidifiers 

Now that you are more informed about what features to look for when buying a commercial dehumidifier, let’s move on to our review list.

ALORAIR Commercial Water Damage Restoration Dehumidifier 85 Pint Flood Repair


  • Coils are epoxy coated
  • Hot Gas Defrosting System
  • Compact size for portability
  • Can be used during low temperatures
  • You can use it outside due to a waterproof shell


  • Some might think 2,300 square feet coverage might be too small for commercial spaces

Our Review

The first model on our review list is the AlorAir Dehumidifier 85 Pint. This is a great choice if you are looking for something that is reliable. It has been designed to deal with flood or water damage in buildings. It is recommended for buildings that are tough to dehumidify after heavy rainfall or an unfortunate flood.

This unit can pack a lot of dehumidifying power while being present in a compact design. The size of this model allows it to be easily transported anywhere you want, even if your business area is on the top floors of a building.

It has a Hot Gas Defrosting system. This means you can use this unit during cold weather, too. The defroster makes sure to get rid of any ice from the unit’s coil. You can easily use this model during temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The coils present in this unit are industry-leading epoxy coated ones. Such a build ensures the coils continue to keep working longer due to being protected from corrosion.

This unit is able to draw approximately 85 pints of humidity and covers 2,300 square feet of space. You can even use it outside due to it being accompanied by a waterproof shell. The built-in pump makes water drainage easier.

Bottom Line

The AlorAir Dehumidifier 85 Pint offers a lot for the price point. With this model, you have a dehumidifier that is able to work in low temperatures. It has an in-built pump for convenience. It is also quite easy to use and doesn't produce a lot of noise.


XPOWER XD-125 Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier Dry basements, Large Rooms, Work Sites, Storage Facilities - Flood Damage Treatment, Moisture, and Prevent Mold and Mildew- 125-Pints/15-Gallons a Day


  • Very durable construction
  • Highly portable dehumidifier
  • Built-in pump for automatic water drainage
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of noise while operating
  • Can effectively operate in cold and hot weather


  • Has a 1-year warranty only

Our Review

Our runner-up on this list is the XPOWER XD-125 Dehumidifier. This is another reliable unit you should be aware of. It is able to dehumidify up to 125 pints of moisture per day. It has a built-in pump to make things easier for you. The shock absorbing semi-pneumatic tires offer a lot of portability. It has a 25-foot long power cord as well as a 20-foot long drain hose.

This is another dehumidifying unit meant for areas recovering from flooding or heavy rainfall. It is a model (up to 2,000 square feet coverage) you can rely on to ensure your workspace remains comfortable after unfortunate weather.

This is a powerful unit, which can dehumidify an area quickly. It has an innovative recessed digital control panel. Such a panel is easy to control. All you are required to do is set the desired humidity level and let this unit do its work. When the water tank is full, it will drain all of it on its own.

The XPOWER dehumidifier can operate in a variety of temperatures. Whether it is cold or hot, you can count on this model because of the effective rotary compressor. The overall build is durable so it can continue to be used for years to come.

The shock-absorbing semi-pneumatic wheels allow this unit to be very portable. You can easily move this dehumidifier to any space that needs its humidity to be controlled. The wheels also ensure the unit doesn’t get damaged during transport.

Bottom Line

Even though this XPOWER dehumidifier comes with a 1-year warranty, it is still a reliable dehumidifying unit, which can work in hot and cold conditions. The wheels allow it to be very portable. The overall construction is durable for longevity.

Best for the Money:
Perfect Aire 1PACD150

Perfect Aire Damp2Dry 65 Liter/150 Pint Dehumidifier Commercial Dehum, 150 19 Gallon, Blue


  • Overall construction is durable
  • Can work in a variety of temperatures
  • Offers a lot of portability due to wheels
  • Features a washable filter for better air quality
  • Features a Hot Gas Bypass System for automatic defrosting


  • The company doesn’t offer the best customer service

Our Review

For those wondering about our selection in the “Best for the Money” category, we have the Perfect Aire 1PACD150 dehumidifier. This unit is able to handle 142 pints of moisture in an environment. You will also be glad to know can automatically defrost because of the Hot Gas Bypass system feature. It is easy to use and happens to be a reliable unit for commercial spaces.

Trying to control humidity levels in a workplace can be quite a chore, especially after heavy rain or flooding. However, there's no need for you to worry about any of that if you have this unit to use. Due to its ability to extract 142 pints of moisture, it is able to quickly give you the humidity level you desire.

You can control this unit using its digital control pad. Now, don’t feel anxious about using digital controls. This is a very user-friendly pad; compared to other digital units, the Perfect Aire is relatively simple to adjust.

Furthermore, it also has semi-pneumatic wheels, offering you a lot of portability and thus convenience. The wheels absorb shock, ensuring the device isn’t damaged while it is being taken somewhere. From stairs to the elevator, this unit can handle it all. The Hot Gas Bypass System is there to aid in automatic defrosting whenever required.

This unit can operate in a variety of temperatures. Moreover, it has a timer which makes it capable of knowing when not to run unnecessarily. There is also a washable filter to further increase the quality of air being produced.

Bottom Line

The Perfect Aire 1PACD150 is our top budget selection due to the tons of features it provides. This power unit can get rid of 142 pints of moisture (daily). It is very easy to use. This model works in numerous temperatures, so you get the humidity levels you need.

Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump, Industrial, Durable, Compact, Portable, Blue, F203-A, Up to 18 Gallon Water Removal per Day


  • Digital controls are user-friendly
  • Durable wheels offer high portability
  • Can operate during hot and cold weather
  • Two similar units can be stacked to save space
  • Features a Hot Gas Bypass System for automatic defrosting


  • Up to 500 square feet of area coverage might not be enough for some

Our Review

As mentioned in our buying guide, having a built-in pump featured in a commercial dehumidifier is essential. The Dri-Eaz 1200 unit is our favorite dehumidifier with a pump. We say this because this model's pump plays a role in making this dehumidifier one of the fastest on the list.

It has semi-pneumatic wheels for increased portability. Whether you have humidity issues in the office kitchen, the bathroom, a damp basement, the garage, or the main hall, this unit can easily be taken to any space in need. Being able to quickly dehumidify an area protects it from mildew and mold growth.

It also does away with certain odors. With the ability to absorb 145 pints of moisture a day (and a 12,000 cubic feet coverage), you can rely on this unit to offer you great benefits.

The digital controls are easy to understand. They can be made to display multiple languages (German, Spanish, English, and French) as well as maintenance codes.

The built-in pump will automatically drain the collected water once the tank is full. So, you won't have to worry the slightest bit about any extra work for you to do manually. The Hot Gas Bypass system allows for a fast defrost process. This unit is able to operate in a temperature range of 33 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bottom Line

The Dri-Eaz 1200 Dehumidifier is a reliable option for those looking for an accessible unit with an effective built-in pump. It will automatically drain the stored water when the tank is full and you will have the humidity level you want in no time.

Best by Honeywell:
Honeywell DR90A2000

Honeywell DR90A2000 Truedry DR90 Whole House Dehumidifier


  • Very easy to use
  • Energy Star certified dehumidifier
  • Features an adjustable humidistat
  • MERV 11 Air Filter offers cleaner air
  • Unit will cycle On and Off automatically (depending on settings)


  • Doesn’t have wheels or handles
  • Overall design might not be appealing to some
  • Up to 2000 square feet coverage might not be enough for some

Our Review

When you are searching for dehumidifiers to buy, Honeywell is a name you should be familiar with. The company has been creating reliable dehumidifiers for years. That is why we had to add our best Honeywell selection to this list. Not only is this is an Energy Star certified unit, it happens to be one of the most energy-efficient units out there.

The design of this model is compact, meaning you can place it in cramped spaces if need be. It has been built to operate through the ducting of an area's air-conditioning or ventilation system. However, you can use it on its own if you need to adjust the humidity level of your basement. This unit can operate in low temperatures.

It has an adjustable humidistat. When you set this model at the required level, the humidistat is in charge of measuring when there is excessive moisture in the air. This dehumidifier cycles between “On” and “Off” to ensure proper humidity in the space it has been placed in.

The controls are easy to use. The built-in pump will automatically drain the collected water, meaning you won't have to worry about there being a need for you to leave a meeting to perform this task manually. This unit features a MERV 11 air filter, which captures particles from the air for healthier breathing for everyone.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in a commercial dehumidifier from Honeywell, then the DR90A2000 is a good choice. The MERV 11 Air Filter aids in giving you fresher air to breathe. This unit can get rid of 90 pints of moisture a day to quickly control humidity levels.

Best for Crawl Spaces:
AlorAir Crawl Space Dehumidifier

ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120 PPD (Saturation) 55 PPD (AHAM), 5 Years Warranty, Auto Defrosting, cETL, Epoxy Coating, up to 1,300 Sq. Ft, Remote Control (optional)


  • User-friendly unit
  • Designed for crawl spaces
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Coils are Epoxy coated for protection
  • Remote control allows for convenience
  • Can get rid of 55 pints of moisture a day


  • The 1,300 square feet area coverage might be too small for some in business spaces

Our Review

We have another AlorAir entry on this list. If you are looking for a commercial dehumidifier which can be used for crawl spaces, this one is for you. This unit can work in low and high temperatures. As crawl spaces tend to have low temperatures, this model can help you out with ensuring comfortable humidity levels as well as preventing mold growth.

It can do so because of its Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System or the HGV. This model will remain effective even in temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It continues to keep this unit operating without any periodic pauses during the required defrosting process.

Furthermore, the Internal Corrosion Protection feature of this model ensures longevity. Advanced technology has been used to reduce corrosion as well as Freon leakage. You should know that dehumidification devices can produce oxide, sulfide, or hydroxide. Production of such elements cause the coils to corrode and the Freon to leak. However, this unit's coils have an Epoxy coating for protection against corrosion.

This dehumidifier gives you an area coverage of up to 1,300 square feet. The size allows it to be used in crawl spaces, especially the ones in basements, cellars, garages, and storage areas. Such a unit will help keep your workspace safe from mold growth, which is caused by bad humidity levels. It can remove 55 pints of moisture a day. It is accompanied by a remote control for easy usage.

Bottom Line

Getting rid of humidity from crawl spaces in important. Due to the numerous features, it has to offer, the AlorAir Crawl Space Dehumidifier is our selection when it comes to units being used in crawl spaces. It can get rid of 55 pints of moisture a day and is very easy to use.

Most Portable Model:
Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi Commercial & Portable Dehumidifier with Pump - Up to 111 L water removal per day


  • User-friendly model
  • You can monitor humidity levels
  • Can get rid of 130 pints of moisture a day
  • Highly portable because of the wheels, handles, and design


  • 870 square foot area coverage might not be enough for some workspaces

Our Review

As the final unit on our Best Commercial Dehumidifiers Review list, we have the Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi. This reliable unit makes use of Advanced Crossflow technology. This type of technology allows this device to maximize overall efficiency.

The effectiveness of this unit won't be lost even when being used in low grain environments. It also has a Self-monitoring system. This means the built-in sensors of this model can monitor performance parameters and then automatically adjust the fan speed.

This unit has been built for portability. You will notice wheels and a handle. Furthermore, the construction is such that this model can withstand numerous bumps. It is also stackable to make storage easier. You can easily roll it over to any space that requires humidity control. Whether it is meant for flooded spaces or to prevent humidity-caused damage, this model is one you can rely on.

With an area coverage of up to 870 square feet, this dehumidifier can be used in a variety of spaces. The Onboard humidistat, as well as the digital control panel, give you the power to use this model to the max. The built-in pump will automatically get rid of the water. It also has an Automatic restart feature, which works well when power outages are experienced. It can get rid of 130 pints of moisture in a day.

Bottom Line

If you want an incredibly portable dehumidifier, then the Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi is for you. It is able to capture 130 pints of moisture in the air, allowing this device to quickly give you the humidity levels you want. You can easily transport it to any space where it is needed without hassle.

Types of Commercial Dehumidifiers

While we are on the topic of commercial dehumidifiers, it is a good idea to know about the various types of commercial dehumidifiers you might come across.

In short, as far as working is concerned, these are classified as the ‘Desiccant Type' or the ‘Refrigerant Type.' When it comes to usage, we have the ‘Portable Type' and the ‘Industrial-Type.'

Portable Dehumidifier

A portable unit, as the name states, can be easily moved around. These are generally made for office use. The design is also normally appealing. They also have fan speeds and control panels.

Industrial Dehumidifier

These dehumidifiers intended for industrial use; while they can be portable, they are typically fitted on walls or the floor. They are quite bulky in design.

Pool Dehumidifier

Such units are used in spaces with heated indoor pools or Jacuzzis. You might even see them in spas.

Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Refrigerant dehumidifiers are also known as condensation or mechanical dehumidifiers. They make use of the refrigeration cycle to reduce an area’s humidity levels. They have a fan which pulls in humid air to the evaporator. The captured air is then chilled to condense into water. The resulting water is collected in a tank.

Desiccant Dehumidifier

Such models have a rotating desiccant wheel. The fan brings the air to the wheel, and dry air is released. Dry air passes through the system to keep the wheel from remaining wet.

How to Clean a Commercial Dehumidifier

Knowing how to maintain your commercial dehumidifier properly is essential if you want it to remain working effectively down the line. Due to how these models work, they collect mold, bacteria, dust, and other particulates from the air. You should consider cleaning a dehumidifier at least twice a month, primarily if it is used frequently.

Many of the dehumidifiers mentioned in our review list have the same mechanism. So, following the steps below should enable you to clean a unit properly.

  1. Unplug the unit: To clean your dehumidifier, the first thing you will need to do is unplug the unit (after turning it Off).

  2. Clean the exterior: You should clean the outside of the dehumidifier while you’re at it. Using cleaning solvents isn’t recommended.

  3. Clean out the reservoir: Even though a built-in pump does drain water, the collecting tank can get dirty. So, clean it up.

  4. Rinse the air filter: The air filter being used is a vital part of a dehumidifier. The filter will collect mold, dust, and other nasty stuff. After taking out the filter, wash it gently with soapy water and a sponge. Remember to let the filter dry before reinstalling it.

Cleaning Tips

  • After opening the dehumidifier, using a vacuum to clean the insides is a good idea. You can also use a vacuum to clean the air filter.
  • Ensure that dust or debris isn’t being collected on the coils of the dehumidifier.
  • You should always consult the manual before beginning the cleaning process.

Do make sure to check out this informative video to see the cleaning process and the importance of keeping the air filter and coils as clean as possible.


Buying a reliable commercial dehumidifier is a great way to ensure your workplace has the humidity levels you prefer. Moreover, such a unit is able to protect spaces from mold growth and other humidity-related issues.

We hope our Best Commercial Dehumidifier Review list helps you to make an informed decision. Go ahead and check out the models we recommended to see which works best for you.

People Also Ask

Before we let you go, we would like to answer a few frequently asked questions pertaining to commercial dehumidifiers.

What is the Optimal Humidity Level that Should Be Maintained in a Hotel, Supermarket, and Other Commercial Places?

If you ask us, we would advise you to maintain humidity levels below 60%. We say this because lower than 60% helps prevent mold growth and mildew spawning. Furthermore, lowering it below 50% can aid with preventing dust mite proliferation. Unless a commercial space has water damage that needs to be quickly dealt with, there’s no reason for you to go lower than 40% or 30%.  

Can I Use a Commercial or Industrial Dehumidifier in My Home?

You certainly can use a commercial or industrial dehumidifier in your house. The models we have mentioned in our review list can easily be used at home. The humidistat featuring units will ensure the preferred humidity levels are maintained in your house. However, do keep in mind most commercial models aren’t the most visually appealing. So, they might not always go well with your home décor.

How Much Water Will a Commercial Dehumidifier Remove?

The answer to this question depends on the Commercial Dehumidifier model you opt for. There are units which are able to remove 55 pints of water while others remove 160 pints a day. It all depends on how much moisture you want to be removed and how quickly you want it to be gone from a space.