Elitech Vacuum Pump – 2022 Complete Overview

| Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Are you looking for a vacuum pump that can recharge the refrigerant in your HVAC system?

The Elitech Vacuum Pump is one of the latest models to appear, with a more digital touch than conventional products.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth buying, read through our guide for the pros and cons, top features, and how to use and maintain it.

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  • Valve and motor can switch automatically for added safety
  • Intelligent prediction for operating time and leakage status
  • User-friendly design has mobile app for complete control
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Elitech Vacuum Pump


Power: 3/4 HP

Motor Speed: 1440 r/min

Flow Rate: 7 CFM

Frequency: 60 HZ

Voltage: 220 V

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Dimensions and Other Features

Before we discuss the Elitech Vacuum Pump, here are some specifications:

  • Dimensions: 20.47 x 16.93 x 14.96 inches

  • Weight: 37.4 lbs

  • Touch Screen: 4”

  • Data Logging: Mobile app

  • Ultimate Vacuum: 2 Pa

Main Features

The Elitech Vacuum Pump has plenty of unique features that make it stand apart from the competition.

Intelligent Control

One of the top features is that you can set the pump to automatically manage the solenoid valve and motor, letting it configure it as needed. It has a prediction model for assessing the capacity for the available vacuum data. This feature helps it evaluate how much refrigerant recharging is needed.

Graphical Representation of Vacuum Change

The graphical display lets you view the vacuum recharge as it takes place. You can predict how long the job will take, while also providing insight into the status of any leakage. When the vacuum change hits below 8,000 Pa, the display will automatically appear.

App Monitoring

Another excellent feature is the ability to monitor the device with an app. You can set desired units and log regular intervals. You won’t miss a beat during the entire vacuum-change process.

Data Logging

The app also assists with the storage and retrieval of data. You can view all the relevant stats over a specific time period, ensuring that everything is stable and running normally. You can also export the data to a file for later perusal.

Temperature Status of Components

The pump’s shell and oil need to run at specific temperatures to be effective and to avoid overheating. You can view the status of both, ensuring that no problems arise. The units display as high, normal, and low.

Leak Level Assessment

The device presents a number that represents the odds of a leak in the system. The number “0” means that there’s uncertainty regarding the status, which probably means it’s safe. Higher numbers represent greater possibilities. The closer it is to 100, the more you should check for potential leaks.


The pump has several functions and benefits, but there are a few pros we want to highlight. These are the items that reflect the top capabilities.

Automatic Start and Stop

The Intelligent Control Motor has several settings that help the pump determine when to start and stop. For instance, it will cease when it reaches the specified vacuum value. The same applies when the temperatures of the oil and shell exceed dangerous levels.

The solenoid valve also closes a second after the motor shuts down. This is to prevent oil from entering the vacuum sensor.

Temperature Alarms

Component temperatures are extremely significant to monitor, which is why it’s displayed at all times. If you’ve installed the mobile app from the Google Play Store, the pump will send you a notification via an alarm signal and vibration to let you know that it’s too high or low. It reflects high temperatures in red and low in blue, making it easy to identify.

Estimated Completion Times

You don’t want to wait around wondering how long the pump will take to complete its work. Fortunately, the display reveals the estimated completion times (ECTs), giving you peace of mind. The ECT also includes holding time so that you can have accurate predictions.

Touch-Screen Display

One aspect that stands out from other HVAC pumps is the touch-screen display. You can select various options simply by tapping on the screen while shifting between various settings. It also lets you set holding times so that the pump continues even if it returns a stale target value. 

One-Year Warranty

If components start failing within the first few months, you don’t want to search for stock or replacements, especially if you’re on a tight budget. There’s a one-year warranty on the Elitech Vacuum Pump if there’s a manufacturing default. It gives you peace of mind that the device will run smoothly for some time.


Of course, we also have to look at some disadvantages. Here are a few cons we discovered.

Requires Professional Installation

Due to the sophisticated design and setup, you may need someone to help you hook the pump up and get started. Few professional installers are trained for this kind of installation, so you may have a hard time finding someone with the required experience. However, once the pump is installed, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Relatively New on the Market

The Elitech Vacuum Pump is still relatively new, which is why you’ll struggle to find skilled installers. It has modern technology that makes it stand above the rest, so you can expect to pay more than usual. 

Since the pump is new, customer reviews are hard to come by. It will be difficult to determine if the pump is problematic or if it will suit your needs.

What Is the Elitech Vacuum Pump Best For?

While this product has numerous uses, there are a few that stand out from the rest. This list reflects ideal situations.

Vehicle Air Conditioners

Many automobiles today have air conditioning systems running in them. The Elitech Vacuum Pump can help you recharge your air conditioner or check for leaks. It’s also ideal for warning you if components are running warm while the aircon is on.

HVAC Systems

You can also use it on different types of air conditioners that have refrigerants within them, specifically in homes and workplaces. Once you have it set up, it’ll be easy to recharge so that you don’t need to worry about the gas running out. It’s extremely handy if you want to monitor the vacuum change while refilling.

Industrial Air Conditioning

Factories and warehouses have massive HVAC systems that require regular recharging. You can also use the pump on construction sites that require air conditioning. It will alert you if there are any issues in the system so that you can continue with your work without stressing about leaks, vacuum changes, or high temperatures.


One-year warranty

Temperature alarms

Touch-screen display

Automatic start and stop

Estimated completion times


Relatively new on the market

Requires professional installation

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying the Elitech Vacuum Pump?

The manufacturer lists several disclaimers in the operating manual, which isn’t something you’ll find readily available online or in customer reviews. Look at these disclaimers in case they’ll affect your operations.

Air Inlet Pressure

If the air inlet pressure is too high, it can cause severe damage to the sensor. The manufacturer indicates that the upper limit is 27.7 bar, which is something you should consider before buying this vacuum pump if you plan on using higher inlet pressure.


With a weight of 37.4 lbs, the Elitech Vacuum Pump is heavy and not easy to carry around. Besides personal safety, you’ll want to secure it on a surface that can handle that load. 


Using oil incorrectly can lead to vacuum pump damage. If you pour too much, it can clog the system, while too little can lead to overheating. The wrong type can also lead to problems. The manufacturer indicates you should only use 46 mechanical oil in the Elitech Vacuum Pump.

Suction Port Exposure

If suction ports are exposed to the atmosphere for too long, it can lead to critical damage due to exothermic reactions, contaminants, or heating. The Elitech Vacuum Pump can only handle this exposure for up to three minutes.

Exhaust Port

When the vacuum pump purges organics from the oil, it’s expelled via the exhaust port. The manufacturer warns against covering this section while the pump is running.

How to Use an Elitech Vacuum Pump

Before you can use the Elitech Vacuum Pump, there are specific conditions that need to be met. If you don’t, you risk causing damage to the internal components or the pump itself.

  1. Put the vacuum pump on a flat, sturdy surface that can support its weight.

  2. Assess the outlet to ensure that the frequency and voltage match the requirements of the pump.

  3. Check that the oil level is between the required minimum and maximum levels on the display.

  4. Remove the inlet pump, which is the 1/4 SAE fitting.

  5. Connect to the pump system while ensuring that the pipe fits snugly with the air inlet pump.

  6. Close the air inlet tightly while checking that the hose and system are sealed and that there are no leakages.

How to Maintain an Elitech Vacuum Pump

The Elitech Vacuum Pump’s manual provides a detailed section on how to maintain it, covering several aspects you need to consider. We’ll provide a concise overview of what’s required: 

  1. Ensure that the oil level is correct at all times to prevent it from depleting. 

  2. You may want to change the pump oil when you feel it’s reached its lifespan. Ensure that you run the pump for five minutes to warm the oil for easy removal.

  3. You need to drain the oil if you don’t plan on using the pump for a long period.

  4. Whether you’re running, storing, or transporting the Elitech Vacuum Pump, keep it clean at all times. Pollutants can enter and reduce its lifespan once it affects internal components.

  5. If you’re going to replace the pipe, remember to keep the diameter larger than the air inlet so that it can maintain the pumping speed.

  6. Always check the pipe connection tightness so that no leaks occur. You can apply vacuum grease and a clamp to assure it remains sealed.

  7. When pumping out gases, it should be free of high levels of metal corrosion, oxygen, and explosive gases. Conversely, make sure you don’t pump gases that have dense water vapor or react badly with the vacuum oil.

  8. You need to clean the catcher once every six months.


The Elitech Vacuum Pump is one of the latest to hit the HVAC market, ensuring that you keep devices recharged with refrigerant. With a detailed display and a mobile app to manage the top functions, you’ll have access to several features in the palm of your hands. We hope this review gave you excellent insight into its benefits and uses.

People Also Ask

Before you leave, you may want to look at some questions that people frequently ask. We’ve listed some FAQs from our readers and online, but feel free to contact us if you have any other queries.

Is the Elitech Vacuum Pump Worth it?

This vacuum pump may be more expensive than other models, but you’ll receive a return on your investment when it comes to the exceptional features. You’ll receive alerts if things go wrong, and you can watch the vacuum change graph from the comfort of your phone.

Who Makes the Elitech Vacuum Pump?

Elitech Technology Inc. manufactures the vacuum pump. They also produce other products, such as temperature data loggers, HVAC leak detector kits, digital manifolds, and more.

Is the Elitech Vacuum Pump Hard to Install?

Yes, as the device is heavy and there are several components involved. If you’re a professional vacuum installer, then it should be a piece of cake for you.

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