Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Review – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: August 17, 2021

The Zero Breeze air conditioner started its journey back in 2016, as the manufacturer’s first product within the AC market. They pride themselves on starting from scratch, giving them the benefit of understanding what worked and what never had worked in the past.

The product is one of the only quality portable air conditioners on the market. By 2017, the demand was increasing and the manufacturer had to upgrade their operation by setting up a manufacturing plant in China. They plan on the second generation product being even colder and more effective.

Zero Breeze Air Conditioner


BTU (DOE): 1100

Coverage Area: 50 sq. ft.

Dimensions (in): 19x11x7.8″

Weight: 12.8 lbs.

Decibel Level: ≤68 dB

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Main Features

There are a few features that come with this product that are rare to those of the same compact design. The kit comes with a few things inside such as the main air conditioner, exhaust pipe, smart battery, power adaptor, and the instruction manual.

Smart Battery

The smart battery is included if you order it with the product and doesn’t come with the standard pack.


One of the most attractive features of this air conditioner is the ability to dehumidify the air around you as well as cool down the surrounding environment. The dehumidifier is such a big deal as there aren’t many air conditioners with the same compact and portable design with such a huge feature which is a great advantage for this product.

Additional Technology

The product is also has a ton of other features such as being a portable Bluetooth speaker, which can be used on the beach or any other adventures. If your phone starts to lose its battery after while using Bluetooth, you can charge up to two devices with the USB ports that are included on the AC.


It’s also great for kids scared of the dark or even if you’re doing some night time reading as it also acts as a nightlight which can also turn into an SOS signal with the red light.

Adjustable Fan Speed

You will have a variety of fan speeds to choose from, with a decibel rating between 55 – 65 dBA.


There are a variety of benefits that come with this product. The following section will discuss each advantage in detail and explain why it’s great for the air conditioner to have such a cool feature.

Battery Life

The battery life of your air conditioner is a huge deal. This particular AC can survive up to five hours on one battery charge. Five hours is a great period of time and way more than enough to regulate the temperature. However, you know that this isn’t just an air conditioner, it’s also a portable charger, dehumidifier, and Bluetooth speaker that can utilize the battery if it’s being constantly used. Another benefit of the battery is that it’s interchangeable, which means that you’ll be able to swap it out with a recently charged battery and continue whatever activity it was doing.


The dehumidifier, like we previously mentioned, is always a huge advantage for any air conditioner unit. It offers extra value and convenience for any customer. By extracting the warm, damp air within your environment, you’ll be left more comfortable and be able to breathe better when sleeping.

The product also has a continuous drain function that’ll allow you to keep the dehumidifier running for as long as it has battery power. The main reason why this benefit is such a big deal is mainly the fact that ACs with such a compact, lightweight, and portable design don’t usually offer much in the way of additional features, like the dehumidifying function.

Extra Features

One of the best aspects of this product is that it’s not just an effective air conditioner, it also comes with plenty of other features like a nightlight which for those little ones scared of the dark. The light even doubles as an SOS sign, which can be used in emergencies.

Another beneficial feature is that it can be used as a charging point with its two USB ports. Not only that, but it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker during those hot days on the beach.

All of these features are absent from other air conditioning units and are completely unique to this particular product. It’s got everything you need for those mini adventures during the summer.


Like all products, there are some faults or even just things they could improve on when creating updated models. The same idea goes for the Zero Breeze air conditioner. The following section will discuss these faults or improvements in detail and explain what makes them disadvantages.

Awkward Positioning

This is one of the main problems with this Zero Breeze air conditioner. If you’re using this product inside your tent or small RV, you’ll need to position it in such a way that the exhaust pipe can reach the outside in order to release any hot air created by the compressor.

This can be quite awkward if the exhaust pipe can’t reach an exit, which usually means you need to sacrifice some cool air. The same issue goes for the dehumidifier. If it can’t be drained at an exit you’ll need to have it draining into a bucket. Overall, this could become fairly messy as you might wake up to a hot, damp tent or RV.

What Is the Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Best For?

There are a few scenarios that would allow you to benefit greatly from the plethora of features offered by the Zero Breeze. The following section will discuss where you will most likely use your new Zero Breeze.

The Beach

One of the best places for your Zero Breeze would be at the beach. You’ll make use out of every feature, apart from the dehumidifier. If you need to charge your phones you can use the USB ports for a quick recharge.  You can even play your music to make the time even more relaxing. The fan can also be controlled to work at three different speeds, which will offer you a nice cool breeze for those warm days or a more powerful wind that will allow you to relax on those scorching hot summer days.

Tent Camping

Tent camping can be really fun, however, it would be even better with a Zero Breeze. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the dehumidifier and you’ll wake up without having that damp or heavy feeling within your tent There also won’t be pools of water lying near the edges of your tent. Sometimes, depending on how many people are living in one tent, it can get pretty warm, by using the air conditioner, you’ll be able to regulate the high temperatures created by the body heat.

RV Traveling

Another great use case would be traveling around in your RV. You could sit this device next to your window and have it blast some extra cool air into your RV. The benefit of this product is that it’s really compact and lightweight so it shouldn’t take up a lot of space when it’s time to store it. You could use all the features while traveling within your RV including the dehumidifier and Bluetooth speaker.


It can also be used wherever you might travel by foot during your daily adventures into the wilderness. There really are few places you wouldn’t benefit from having this portable AC along for the ride.

Bottom Line

The Zero Breeze is, without a doubt, a great product for those short family trips during the summer. Whether that’s in your RV, camping in a tent, or just a trip to the beach, you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

There are obviously some downsides, but, what great products don’t have a few improvements to make? The company is aware of these and is working on making the second generation even better than the first.

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