State Water Heater Reviews: 2019 Guide

Priding itself on its technology and durability, State Water Heaters has a lot to offer to the water heating industry. For commercial or residential customers, State Water Heaters has more to give than its widespread reputation. They have an extensive and diverse range of products, with tools to help customers decide which device is better for them. Here is a little insight into State Water Heaters and why they make an excellent choice.

The Best of State Water Heaters

With an indisputably good reputation, State Water Heaters are known for being leaders in innovation. Here are a few reasons why:

State’s Product Selection Software 

One of the most integral things to find a water heater that is right for you is calculating the right size for your needs. This increases efficiency and ensures you have a comfortable and consistent experience.

State Water Heaters has integrated an online software ‘StateSize’ on its website that helps you calculate the right size you need, and to find the product that matches your requirements. Their PayBack Calculator also helps you to find a heater that will help you with energy savings.

In line with their focus towards customer service, this software is an easy way to choose something that’s right for you. Their PayBack Calculator also helps you to find a heater

State’s recirculating pump for condensing tankless heaters 

Tankless Water Heater Recirculating System (Source)

The new line of condensing tankless water heaters in State’s collection integrate a recirculation pump that connects easily to standard recirculation systems. This allows it to provide hot water instantly, even in large residential applications.

With an Energy Factor of 0.95, these devices are extremely energy efficient. So much so that they have been awarded the Energy Star rating.

Ideal for large applications, this tankless water heater can deliver 199,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour, while still complying with ultra-low NOx standards.

Extremely durable, these water heaters are made from marine-grade stainless steel and come with a 15-year warranty, demonstrating the confidence in their product.

State’s durability features

State Water Heaters make very durable products; something they pride themselves on. All their products, both in their residential and commercial ranges, are lined with Blue Diamond to protect them from corrosion. Blue Diamond lining is known to be the most effective corrosion protectant in the industry.

All residential models come with a self-cleaning system to reduce your maintenance time while keeping the water heater clean and free from damaging sediment and corrosive compounds. Equally, the anode rods used to protect from corrosion come with a stainless steel core; another extremely efficient method of protection. The drain valves are all made of brass to cut down on oxidation and help keep them secure for longer.

State’s energy star qualified products 

The Energy Star is a seal given to water heaters that perform exceedingly above the state’s energy efficiency requirements. State water heaters have proudly gained this rating due to their innovative ‘green’ design. By being more efficient, State’s water heaters save you money on your gas bills.

State Water Heaters employs ‘Green Choice’ gas burners into its products. These burners reduce NOx emissions by 30%, while also completing their combustion processes in a very efficient manner. This reduces the fuel used and the bad emissions, while also saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

State’s Dynaclean Diffuser Tube

The DynaClean diffuser tube installed in State’s water heaters is employed in the self-cleaning system. The special tip produces turbulence in the water, because of the water jets. Unlike other systems, this helps to breakdown sediment and limescale as it forms on the heaters.

By employing this diffuser tip, State Water Heaters are more durable than their counterparts. As it helps the system to clean automatically, State’s products tend to continue to work at high efficiency, unlike competitive products that become subject to limescale damage.

The tips themselves are made from PEX cross-linked polymer, which makes them extremely tough and durable. The material also ensures that they experience longevity as it doesn’t degrade quickly.

State’s ICOMM platform

State Water Heaters has developed an app which can be used with its products, as part of a smart home. Stepping into the future, ICOMM is an innovative way to control your water heaters remotely. This puts State’s products streaks ahead in terms of technology.

The app allows you to cross-reference the performance of your device with any of their devices and helps to make a personal product recommendation for your requirements.

If you have a State water heater, ICOMM allows you to connect to your device to have advanced control and management over its features. This helps you monitor and enhance its performance through the system’s capabilities.

A Major Drawback of State 

There is a common problem with State Water Heaters, however. They tend to clog up, especially if they are in the same room as the dryer. The dryer collects fabric and dust, which gets put out on to the ground and into the air when we do our laundry.

The problem blockage causes the pilot light to go out. This is a safety mechanism to prevent it from setting on fire. However, when we try to relight it, it will have problems. For this reason, if you’re thinking of investing in a water heater with a tank, it needs to have an area that is clutter-free and doesn’t coincide with your laundry room.

Overview of State Products

Here are some of State’s most popular products and a little guide about each of them:

ProLine Gas Water Heater

This model is a high-efficiency power direct vent water heater that can also be used for space heating. They incorporate 199,000 BTU gas burners with varying size tanks. With a thermal efficiency rate of 96%, this model is extremely energy efficient, which can save you money.

With a recovery rate of 253 gallons an hour, you have an enormous supply of hot water at your disposal, kept at a consistent temperature for comfortable use. The power direct vent design is very easy-to-install, and an easy-to-use touchscreen display which can diagnose issues and ensure temperature precision.

The burner complies with ultra-low NOx standards, while the spiral heat exchanger keeps hot combustion gases inside the tank for a longer period, for more even heat distribution.

ProLine Electric Water Heater

Decreasing water heating costs by up to 68% using their innovative heat pump design, the ProLine Electric Water Heater is a great choice for energy efficiency and cost-savings. Drawing the environmental heat from the atmosphere, while cooling and dehumidifying the ambient air, this technology creates an energy-saving device for heating water.

Additionally to the heat pump, this model has two heating elements which help to reduce the recovery time when the water heater is in high demand.

The easy-to-use interface enables users to control the precision of the temperature, select modes, and deal with diagnostics on performance. The operating modes also help to increase efficiency, giving you the choice of efficiency, hybrid, or electric mode, with the protective anode, that is made from super durable material to ensure it helps the tank’s longevity reach its full capacity.

Condensing Tankless Water Heater 

State’s Condensing Tankless Water Heater provides ‘on-demand’ instantaneous hot water. With a good Energy Star rating and 1.5 LEED points (a Green certificate with a maximum of 3 points), this model incorporates a recirculation pump that provides instant hot water when connected to a standard recirculation system. The easy-to-use digital interface enables you to manage the operation of the pump, to maximize the water heater efficiency. The tank can power up to 199,000 BTU an hour, which can supply more than enough hot water for a ¾ bath home.

The copper heat exchanger is far more resilient to corrosion and has 25 times the heat transfer capacity of stainless steel heating elements.

This model also incorporates some extra safety features such as air-fuel ratio sensor to protect it from produces noxious gases, and exhaust and water temperature safety control.

How to save on your next purchase of water heaters  

When you’re looking to purchase your next water heater, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to consider size as a means to understand which is the best fit for you. Think about size, if you have somewhere suitable to fit a tank in case that’s your preference or where can you place a tankless water heater.

Secondly, consider the size, the capacity of water it can heat. Tank water heaters will hold a lot of water but may heat it unnecessarily if your family that doesn’t need a lot. Think about your usage, the size of capacity you need.

With tankless water heaters, you need to look at the gallons per minute rate. This will tell you how much hot water it can produce a minute, giving you an idea of how much you’ll need to fulfill your household demand. With a tank water heater, consider the first-hour rating as much hot water it will produce.

When it comes to upfront costs, make sure to use some of the software apps for comparison. If you use State’s app, you’ll be able to see how other models compare to the ones they have to offer. This will help you choose one in your price range.


Energy efficiency will help a lot your cost savings. While the upfront cost is something to consider, the more energy efficient a model is, the less you spend on utility bills each month.

Moreover, energy efficient and ‘green’ models help to reduce the fuel consumed while reducing emissions into the atmosphere. These models also help with being a little more eco-friendly. As a general rule, tankless models are a far better fit.

Durability is also key to saving you money. Check out reviews from customers that give you an idea of longevity. State prides itself on durability, saving you money on costs and repairs in the future.

Don’t forget to look at the warranty. Make sure to thoroughly read what the warranty covers and always take it into consideration. While giving you something to fall back on, in case the product has an issue, longer warranties show the confidence a company has in its product longevity.

State Company History 

Founded by Herbert Lindahl, Sr, State Water Heaters was established in 1946. A small business at the time, State produced coal and wood burning stoves in Tennessee. By 1948, State had produced its very first electric water heater, showing their dynamic innovation. In 1954, they had expanded the range further to include a state-of-the-art gas-powered water heater, improving them to include galvanized steel tanks by 1956, shortly followed by porcelain lining the year after. This lining went on to be the standard industry method of corrosion protection, still used today.

As the years progressed, State stayed ahead as an innovator, introducing the Sandblaster commercial water heater design in 1979, which reduced sediment and limescale inside the tanks. At this time, they also introduced foam insulation to prevent against heat loss.


By 1996, State became the world’s largest manufacturer of water heaters, with nearly 3000 employees on the books and a daily production rate of 10,000 units.

Still leading the industry today, State Water Heaters still dedicates itself to dynamic thinking, staying ahead of technology and sourcing new materials to improve the quality and durability of the products.


Choosing a water heater made by State is likely to be a good fit. With a diverse range to meet everyone’s needs and innovative technology to help the daily running of the household, State has stayed ahead of the curve with its dynamic products. With excellent customer service and a great reputation, State helps you with the selection process all the way to installation. Just remember to consider your own needs before you make a choice!

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