March 2018 Highlight in HVAC News

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Well, maybe not; the snowfall's been pretty consistent all month, and I just saw a friend post video of light snow back in Pennsylvania! But Spring is here, at least officially. It's a great time for HVAC maintenance and getting repairs and tuneups done for both AC and heating systems.

Let's have a look at some of the news in the world of HVAC from the past month!

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I'm not in the field as much as I once was, but this is a really interesting piece from Contracting Business about how expectations have shifted. It's great to see that they can present it as a win-win for the contractor and client as well. Diagnostics sure looks like the way to go!

hvac engineer guide

We look at the talents and training to become an HVAC engineer. Not everyone is cut out for the work of a technician, but literally being at the drawing board is a big part of the industry, too!

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On the one hand, this is really local news. But I stumbled across the local paper from Franklin County, Maine. It's great to see this story about local programs offering reasonably-priced introductions to the HVAC trade, and acknowledging the need for more people to join us as HVAC professionals! Kudos, Daily Bulldog, Spruce County Adult Education and Franklin County Adult Education!

Online HVAC Certification

We get a lot of questions about getting certification or licensing online. Despite nearly everything else being on the web, a large part of HVAC licensing still has to be done in person. But there are some aspects of EPA testing as well as specialty certificates are available with online courses.


Picking each others' brains or listening to the leaders in our field is always a great way to open ourselves to new and improved ideas. It's great to see some leaders in our trade participating in this webinar series that we can all avail of!

understanding SEER

SEER ratings are everywhere. But consumers might not really understand what it is. Our guide to this energy-efficiency rating can help you understand and make informed choices for your new AC system.

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Not going to get into politics. Now or ever. But ACHRNews presents this analysis of how new steel tariffs could have a rapid effect on our industry. It's important to be aware and be able to explain to customers if prices suddenly rise for materials.

hvac installer guide

Want to specialize as an HVAC tech? Learn more about the advantages of concentrating on installations!

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This is only peripherally industry-related, but it does effect Belimo, a major company related to HVAC parts. And since we're constantly looking for ways to be more environmentally-friendly (and to save money) this is something that can be of interest to us and to consumers as well.

tent air conditioners

Summer's coming along with warm weather! Thoughts of vacation are rolling around. If you like to rough it - but not too rough - an AC unit for your tent could help make your family's camping trip so much more comfortable!


As HVAC pros, we've dealth with all kinds of creepy-crawlies that have found their way inside HVAC systems. And that means our clients have as well. This article looks at what gets in and the damage that can be caused.

hvac ultrasonic meter

An ultrasonic flow meter isn't something most HVAC techs is going to use every day, but if you deal with large systems - usually on the industrial level - it could be for you. Check our reviews here.

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Nicole Krawcke over at ACHRNews brought together some tips from contractors about how to find the best employees. There's a lot of options these days, but it never seems to get an easier! This is a great start for looking in the right place.

coil cleaners

Cleaning your AC coils might make a great part of of spring cleaning. Check out some of the best chemicals for getting the coils cleaned and working well!

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Remember when computers were the size of the garage? Well, I guess I'm dating myself. But it's amazing the Dick Tracy-type smartwatches and the power of a cell phone. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is another amazing advance - and Contracting Business takes a great look at how it's starting to make climate control work better.

Getting an HVAC apprenticeship

Getting started in HVAC usually requires an apprenticeship. Learn more about what this means, how long it takes, and how to get started on the path of your career!

northwest herald

This local Illinois newspaper reminds consumers that it's more than just Murphy's Law. Of course HVAC systems break down more when the weather is at its hottest and colder. There's increased stress on the system, making it more prone to problems. Find some great tips here for avoiding problems!

Type1, 2, 3 Refrigerant Certifications

Learn all about EPA Section 608 Certification - who needs it and how to get it!

achr news logo

Great news out of Washington! Tax credits for geothermal upgrades are back in force after expiring last year. Good for the wallet and good for the pocket!

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