HVAC News Roundup – August 13, 2018

| Last Updated: May 4, 2020

Geary Pacific just invested in a learning management system, and Alpine Mechanical Services chose its niche and can´t stop growing. Johnson Controls has sponsored the Make-A-Wish Metro New York “Power of a Wish” gala, and The Air Conditioning Contractors of America announced the release of a technical bulletin addressing challenges faced by technicians. It might be surprising, but ductless mini-split units, that you could only find in certain parts of America, are everywhere in the country now. Do you need to know how to fit an AC into a sliding window? We tell you how.

Distributor Geary Pacific Launches Learning Management System

Geary Pacific Corporation is a distributor of Bard heating and air conditioning equipment, parts, and service, and has invested in a learning management system (LMS) exclusively for Geary Pacific. Employees can choose from a catalog of 200 courses related to products and customer service.

2018 Commercial HVAC Contractor of Excellence: Alpine Mechanical Services

Alpine Mechanical Services, Sellersville, Pa., is a leading HVAC service and maintenance provider serving commercial and retail properties throughout the East Coast. They act in a specific segment and don´t stop growing. A niche market that has brought great success to entrepreneur Mark Barraclough and that employs more than 100 people.

Luxaire and Distributor ABCO HVACR Supply + Solutions Sponsor Make-A-Wish Gala

The Luxaire brand of Johnson Controls, in partnership with distributor ABCO HVACR Supply + Solutions, Long Island City, N.Y., recently sponsored the Make-A-Wish® Metro New York “Power of a Wish” gala. The annual event, that took place in New York City, raised $1.8 million.

Johnstone Supply Awards $85,000 in Scholarships

Johnstone Supply's John M. Shank Memorial Scholarship Fund started in 2004 to honor its founder John Shank. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the company has awarded 17 scholarships of $5,000 each to students who are employees or children of employees of Johnstone Supply.

ACCA Releases Flammable Refrigerant Technical Bulletin

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America has announced the release of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Using Flammable A3 Refrigerants, a technical bulletin addressing challenges faced by technicians. The bulletin addresses issues like safety, installation, start-up, maintenance, parts replacement, refrigerant leak checking, transportation of units, cleanliness, and decommissioning.

The Mini-Split Map is Bigger Now

You could only found ductless mini-split units in mild climates, but the engineering progress has taken ductless systems to places of America where a mini-split has never been used before. They are substituting outdated systems and bringing comfort to multiple rooms in a house.

The Best Sliding Window AC Units

A slider or casement is what you would look for if you need to fit an AC into a sliding window, but not every air conditioner is going to fit into a sliding window. The ones that fit have a vertical orientation and are longer than a traditional window air-conditioner. They come with pre cut inserts and fasteners that can hold the AC unit in the window frame, and eliminate the hassle of buying and installing styrofoam or plexiglass to block any open space. In this article, we give you a detailed explanation.

The Best Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

A mini-split system is designed for scenarios where a specific space needs to be heated or cooled. It’s one of the most efficient systems that you can install at home. We will take a look at the specifics of mini-split systems. Know the pros and cons of some popular mini-splits on the market, here!

Mini-Split Awareness is Growing

Yes, it is true. Awareness is Spreading. Contractors consider that consumer interest has grown. Today, buyers know exactly what they are looking for. Eric Knaak, vice president and general manager of Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning, that serves customers throughout upstate New York, says consumer awareness has evolved considerably in the last few years. Read more about it in this article.

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