2020 Buyers Guide: The Best Fireplace Grates

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Getting the most from your fireplace over the colder months relies on the circulation of air through your home. If you’re finding that your fire is burning unevenly or that your room fills with smoke, you may want to consider a fireplace grate. By lifting the fire off the chimney floor, a fireplace grate improves air circulation resulting in more even heating, better fuel efficiency, and cleaner air.

Check out this guide to know what to look for, while understanding where to start when choosing the right product for your requirements.

Best Fireplace Grate Comparison Guide


Heritage Products Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

  • 14-inch deep and 21-inch wide with tapered shape ideal for most fireplaces
  • All-steel heavy-duty construction makes it highly durable
  • Equipped with shorter support legs in the center to prevent sagging or rocking
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Uniflame, C-1546, 27 Hex Bar Grate

  • 27-inch bar grate provides increased airflow for wide fireplaces
  • Hexagon shape keeps the logs from rolling
  • Has a black finish that goes well with various decors
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Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch

  • Lift firewood off heart and chimney floor for better air circulation
  • 24-inch wrought iron grate made from square bar steel to last long
  • Wide bars provide more surface to safely hold coal and wood
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Hy-C Liberty Foundry G800-27 Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

  • Black finish makes it ideally fit in with different décor
  • One-piece, basket-style grate with cast-on legs and flat bottom
  • Keeps logs in place for efficient burning and improved circulation
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Pleasant Hearth - 3/4" Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grates, Black, 27-Inch

  • Seven bars to safely hold firewood, suitable for almost all fireplaces
  • Made with ¾-inch solid bars, ensuring heavy-duty construction
  • By lifting the firewood off the floor, it ensures better circulation
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Panacea Products Corp 18" Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Grate 15450Tv

  • Ideal for small fireplaces as it can hold small logs
  • Made of 18-inches black wrought iron with five bars
  • Solid and good quality construction that will last for years
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Heritage Products Heavy Duty Steel Grate

  • Used to lift firewood from the firebox’s bottom to improve airflow
  • Heavy-duty grates made from flat steel bars are built to last
  • All-steel construction outperforms other low-quality cast-iron grates
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What is a Fireplace Grate?

A fireplace grate is one of the most important safety features of a fire pit or a fireplace, as well as assisting with a more smooth operation. Helping to safeguard open fires, a fireplace grate gives a solid foundation for the fire to burn upon. You will find that the grate sits just over the ash pan.

Fireplace Grate in Use (Source)

One of its functions is to serve as a filter for the resulting ash. In doing this, it helps to keep the fire burning efficiently. This stops the fire from behaving unexpectedly, as well as saving money as fuel is more efficiently burnt. Equally, it raises the fire, allowing the fire to suck in oxygen. The improved airflow helps the fire burn evenly.

Choosing a Fireplace Grate

When choosing a fireplace grate, there are a few things to consider. First, there are two main types of fireplace grates: cast iron and steel bar grates. Consider your own fireplace and its fuel requirements and size.

Cast iron grates are designed to be more suitable for charcoal burning. They can be used for wood and logs, but not very heavy fuel.

Cast Iron Grate (Source)

Steel bar grates, however, are only suitable for burning wood. Visually, steel bar grates have heavy steel bars across them. The gaps between the bars are too big to hold coal, which would fall through. In this sense, they are designed to only to hold logs.

Sizing your fireplace grate is very important as something too small will fall down, while a fireplace grate that is too large, won’t fit correctly. Make sure you measure your fireplace (always measure thrice!) to make sure it fits. This is especially important when choosing a steel bar grate, as the number of bars is determined by the size of your fireplace or fire pit.

Lastly, try to look for something that has an easy-to-clean finish. Often fireplace grates can get clogged. The buildup of ash can cause fires and may damage the grate. If they are difficult to clean, they tend to have a shorter lifespan as it becomes harder to keep them in tip-top condition.

Benefits of a Fireplace Grate

Installing a fireplace grate brings about a few benefits. Firstly, fireplace grates provide good insulation. Made from solid metals, they help to encourage better energy efficiency. By holding the heat through thermal mass, they keep a room hotter longer, while ensuring the fire burns efficiently. They simultaneously help create radiant heat to warm the room faster and more evenly.

The filtering system of the grates, created by the closeness of the bars and grids, means that big lumps of ash are broken down before they hit the ash pan. This makes the ash pan much easier to clean. Not only is maintenance more simple, it also increases the life of your fireplace and ash pan.

Moreover, the improved airflow resulting from a fireplace grate means better air circulation throughout the area. In this sense, air flows more effortlessly up the chimney, which reduces the backflow of smoke into the room.

Quick Take: Best Fireplace Grate

Reviews of the Best Fireplace Grate

1. Heritage Products Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate - Made in The USA (21-Inch)

At 21 inches wide and 14 inches deep, this fireplace grate is made of heavy-duty steel. It is shaped to taper, allowing it to fit most fireplaces.


  • Suitable for Heavy Loads
  • Heavy Duty Steel for Durability
  • Tapered Design Fits Most Fireplaces
  • Ideal Height for Easy Loading and Excellent Airflow


  • Finish Peels Off Quite Easily
  • No Mesh Base Allowing Small Wood Pieces to Fall Through

Bottom Line

This is a great, versatile model that fits most homes. While it doesn’t have a mesh layer to catch smaller twigs, it can hold a large load and is very durable.

2. Uniflame, C-1546, 27 Hex Bar Grate

Uniflame, C-1546, 27 in. x 27 in. Hex Bar Grate

This black-finish model has a 27-inch hexagonal bar-style grate. The turned up edges stop the logs from rolling off, while the large size fits even wide fireplaces.


  • Good Air Circulation
  • Wide Shape Fits Large Fireplaces
  • Curled up Edges Safely Keep Logs Secure
  • Modern Look, Blends with Contemporary Aesthetics.


  • Very Heavy/Less Portable.
  • Packaging is Flimsy, Causing Damage While in Transit

Bottom Line

Designed for large fireplaces, this heavy steel model is considerably durable and holds logs well. It has a modern finish but is a little heavy to move around.

3. Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch

Amagabeli Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch Wide Heavy Duty Solid Steel Indoor Chimney Hearth 3/4 Bar Fire Grates for Outdoor Kindling Tools Pit Wrought Iron Wood Stove Firewood Burning Rack Holder Black

Measuring 22 inches by 11.25 inches x 7.5 inches, this model rises four inches above the ground for increased airflow. Made from thick steel, the structure is durable. The V-shape holds logs securely, while the device comes already assembled.


  • Thick, Durable Steel
  • V-shape Safely Secures Logs
  • Comes with a Three-Month Warranty
  • Easy to Install with No Assembly Required.


  • Paint Flecks off Easily
  • Not for Smaller Fireplaces due to Tapering

Bottom Line

This model is solidly designed with a secure way of holding the logs. It comes with a three-month warranty, but it is wider at the back than the front, so bear that in mind. It is easy to install but take caution not to hit it on anything as the finish is a little brittle.

4. Hy-C Liberty Foundry G800-27 Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

HY-C Liberty Foundry G800-27-BX Fire Grate, 27' W x 15' D x 7' H, Black

Formed into one solid piece, this basket style fireplace grate measures 15 inches deep, 27 inches at the front and 23 inches at the back. It has a grid style crate, making it suitable for coal, and is made from heavy-duty cast iron.


  • Basket Style Securely Cradles Logs
  • One Piece, Does Not Need Assembly
  • Grid Style Grate Enables Use with Charcoal
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron, Making it Very Sturdy and Durable.


  • Some Complaints about Uneven Legs and Wobbling
  • Short Legs Make it Difficult to use with Paper Starter

Bottom Line

Shorter than other models, this one-piece item has a basket style design to hold logs safely in place. The grid makes it suitable for coal, but be aware that sometimes it comes with wobbly legs.

5. Pleasant Hearth - 3/4" Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grates, Black, 27-Inch

Pleasant Hearth - 3/4' Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grates, Black, 27-Inch

With seven heavy-gauge steel bars, this solidly constructed fireplace grate turns up at the edges to stop logs from falling off. It has a heat-resistant finish and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Heat-Resistant Finish
  • Strong Steel for Durability
  • Lifetime Warranty that Stands Behind the Product


  • Very Heavy, Can’t be Moved Around Easily
  • Bars are Widely Spaced, Requiring Larger Logs

Bottom Line

A large model, this fireplace is heavy, yet very sturdy. It won’t lose its finish as it heats up, but you need to use relatively large logs with this fireplace grate.

6. Panacea Products Corp 18" Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Grate 15450Tv

Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10000 BTU 115-volt Slider/Casement Room Air Conditioner with Full-Function Remote Control

Designed for smaller fireplaces, this grate has four hexagonal bars and is 18 inches in length. The hexagonal bars hold the wood securely and are made from heavy cast iron.


  • Fits Smaller Fireplaces
  • Light and Easy to Move
  • Hexagonal Design Keeps Wood in Place


  • Can’t be Used with Heavier Fuel
  • Can Only be Used with Smaller Logs.

Bottom Line

For more lightweight use, this smaller model is great for both indoor and outdoor use. While you can’t place heavy logs on it, the hexagonal design ensures that smaller logs are held tightly to prevent them from falling off or through the grate.

7. Heritage Products Heavy Duty Steel Grate

SteelFreak Heavy Duty 13 x 10 Inch Steel Grate for Wood Stove & Fireplace - Made in The USA

Specially designed for small fireplaces, this 13-inch model is made of heavy duty steel. It is only ten inches wide and has curved up edges to hold logs in place.


  • Well Priced, High Quality for Cost
  • Wide Bars for Larger and Heavier Logs
  • Modern, Sleek Finish, Provides Great Aesthetic Appeal
  • Versatile model, Functions Well in Small and Large Spaces


  • Heavy Grate Reduces Portability
  • Can Warp in Extremely Hot Fires

Ideal for smaller applications, this model is sturdy and holds heavy, slow-burning logs. It is susceptible to warping if it gets too hot, but is perfect for smaller fires.


If you’re looking to help the circulation of air flow through your house while having a fire, a fireplace grate is a good place to start. Not only does it prevent backflow of smoke, keeping your home’s air cleaner, it also makes fireplace maintenance less of a chore. The filtered ash helps keep the ash pan in good knick, while the increased airflow allows for better heating and more even fuel usage.Remember to measure well and choose the model most suited to your fuel type.

People Also Ask

By now, you know that a fireplace grate can ensure the best circulation of air inside your house to keep it toasty and warm. However, you might still have some reservations. Check out these FAQs to clear any doubts you might have.

What Size Grate Do I Need for my Fireplace?

When choosing the ideal size for your fireplace grate, there are three measurements to take care of. Firstly, the grade must measure as wide as your fireplace’s back. Secondly, the front of the grate’s legs shouldn’t interfere with a structure in front of the firebox like a glass door frame or raised hearth. Lastly, your grate’s height should be such that there’s enough room for you to toss wood into the fire over the grate.

Why Use a Grate in the Fireplace?

Using a grate for your fireplace will ensure a good airflow, which will, in turn, allow the fire to burn more efficiently and evenly. Without a grate, the logs will rest directly on the floor and will not heat evenly.

Should I Use a Grate in my Wood Stove?

You should definitely avoid doing so. A wood stove is designed such that the wood burns directly over the fire bricks. Using a grate will lead to overheating and can even damage the firebox.

What Are Fireplace Grates Made of?

Fireplace grates are of two kinds. There are those made using steel bars that are only used for wood. Then there are those made using cast iron. Such grates are used for both coal and wood.

Why Does my Fireplace Grate Melt?

Heat tends to oxidize or, in simpler words, rust any metal that has been using steel, cast iron, or any other kind of iron. With time, repeatedly heating the grate will result in such a rusting process that will thin the metal so much that it can bend or sever easily.