April 2018 Highlights in HVAC News

April showers bring May flowers, right? Seemed like a lot of the country was still getting snow instead of showers, at least in the first half of the month, though! But the weather’s changing and HVAC techs are getting busier as we go through all the preparations for the coming summer are well underway.

And the news never stops! We’ve added a lot of new info on our site and the news from around the industry never ceasing! Here’s a quick summary of what’s been going on lately.


The world's becoming more connected all the time. Since 2014 Apple has been offering it's "HomeKit" app to help integrate iPhones and iPads with your home. GE becomes the second company to make a window air conditioning unit compatible with Apple's technology.

Arizona-State hvac schools


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It's an ongoing and time-consuming project, but we've return to doing articles about the top schools in various states. We don't have a completion date in mind, but we've been able to get a number of states 

inside climate news

Since the courts have said the federal EPA cannot regulate HFC, California has passed its own laws. The state will ban the production of new devices that use the climate-damaging chemical in an effort to lower production of ozone-depleting agents.

zone dampers

Is your HVAC tech talking about a bunch of things you don't understand? Find out what a "zone damper" is, how it works and how it can improve the comfort in your home while also lowering your energy bills!

technicalprogress logo

We've said it often here on our site - HVAC is always growing. The recent study cited in this article talks about the industry's world market continuing to grow and  how North America will continue to be the biggest consumer in terms of dollars. Amazing numbers here!

Learn about the differences between a register and a grille. These are functional pieces of your HVAC system but also decorative. Find out what they do and what to look for when picking yours!

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We wouldn't want to live without our Central Air. On the other hand, it's not exactly the most attractive feature in the yard. This article gives some great tips for how to landscape so that the unit's function isn't hindered while making it less of an eyesore.

types of hvac degrees

Want to learn what academic options are available to help further your career in HVAC? There's a lot, really. Learn about diploma, certificate and associate's degree programs for HVAC technicians and contractors. Also take a look at bachelor's degree and beyond if your bent is more toward the engineering side of the field.

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Smart devices make life easier, but can also save money. Techradar takes a look at smart thermostats. Automatic climate control is rapidly advancing and goes a long way to getting things just how we like them while avoiding waste.

Just need to take the chill off what's probably the smallest room in your house? No matter what aspect of personal care you're taking care of, you'd like the bathroom to at least be comfortable. Check out a variety of options both temporary and permanent!

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Geothermal is still new, so many people may be hesitant to install it. But slowly, the market is picking up steam. Learn about some tips and tricks to help to help make consumers more  aware of it.


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